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Start it @KBC Podcast
Podcast about entrepreneurship and startup life. …
Start it @KBC podcast #9: Crowdfunding
Nov 5 • 25 min
A good start is half the battle, so the saying goes. But many entrepreneurs will agree that’s easier said than done. One way to give your company a good start, is by setting up a crowdfunding campaign. We invited Jeroen Spitaels to our podcast studio, who…
Podcast #8: Selling to Corporates
Oct 15 • 30 min
In episode 8 of the Start it @KBC podcast, we unravel the secrets of successfully selling to corporates. How should startups approach large companies and what’s the key to closing a deal? Our community manager Magali invited two entrepreneurs who know all…
Start it @KBC Podcast #7: Funding
Sep 7 • 16 min
In this episode, Start it @KBC community manager Magali De Reu explores the impact of capital funding on a startup with two experts. What happens next? What are the new challenges and pitfalls? Magali asked Koen Schrever and Peter-Jan Brone. Koen combines…
Start it @KBC Podcast #6: Digital Marketing
Aug 16 • 37 min
In this episode of the Start it @KBC podcast, we’re going to talk about digital marketing for startups. We invited two entrepreneurs: Bert Van Wassenhove, managing partner of The CoFoundry and founder of Think with People, and Anneleen Hansen, marketing…
Start it @KBC Podcast #5: Chestnote
Jul 25 • 50 min
In the fifth episode of the Start it @KBC podcast, we’ll be listening to a remarkable startup story. The entrepreneur we invited today is Peter Wellens, ceo of the contextual messaging app Chestnote. Peter joined Start it @KBC two years ago, right after…
Start it @KBC podcast #4: PRIVACY
Jun 28 • 41 min
In this episode, we’re talking about the importance of data privacy. A lot has been said about this hot topic lately, with the implementation of the GDPR in May. We asked data privacy experts Dimitri Verhelst and Tom Van de Putte to join us today and…
Apr 18 • 50 min
In this first episode of our Start It podcast, we’d like you to meet the online recruiting company Sympl! Co-founder Steven Pyck talks about his bumpy road to startup success. Read more here,
Apr 18 • 52 min
In this monthly podcast, we put a few of our many startups together in one room, to talk about their road to business success. In this episode, we focus on technology with two tech-entrepreneurs: Johan Vos, co-founder and CTO of Gluon, and Hilde Van…
Apr 18 • 36 min
Elke maand kijken we met enkele Start it @KBC startups hoe ze de sprong maakten van een ijzersterk idee naar een goed draaiend bedrijf. Deze keer brachten we drie inspirerende entrepreneurs samen, om het te hebben over een thema dat op iedere werkvloer…