The Undesirables

The Undesirables
Modern romance done wrong.
Season 1 Trailer
Nov 28 • 0 min
The Undesirables are coming back for season 2 on Valentine’s Day 2019! Catch up on season 1 now.
13: The opposite of peaked
May 30 • 68 min
Season one is over so Tucker and Tom take a hot minute to reflect on all the mistakes they made along the way.
12: Lucy Sweetkill
May 9 • 80 min
Special guest and professional dominatrix Lucy Sweetkill teaches Tucker how to choke someone sexually without totally murdering them and tells Tom exactly what kind of bottom he is.
11: You get away with words
Apr 25 • 20 min
Tucker breaks up with New York for the weekend while Tom perfects the art of not getting dates.
10: You Up?
Apr 18 • 44 min
Tucker and Tom sit down with the developers of a new late night dating app to ask a very important question… You Up?
9: The only item on my to-do list was “kill self”
Apr 11 • 48 min
Tucker and Tom swap stories to figure out who breaks up with people the worst. Is it too close to call? Let us know.
8: One of us is gonna have to agree to kill ourselves
Apr 4 • 60 min
Not even 10 episodes in, Tom finally replaces Tucker.
7: Generalizations about women
Mar 28 • 60 min
Tom reveals the results of his human experiments while Tucker and special guest Rachel pat each other on the back for leading on romantic interests.
6: The heat death of the universe
Mar 21 • 50 min
Tom sabotages his chances at finding love by being too cheap again. Tucker has an anxiety attack LIVE ON AIR.
5: Listen man, give it to me harder
Mar 14 • 59 min
Tom sees the sunrise. Tucker sees only guilt.
4: You don’t know what debauchery I get into
Mar 7 • 50 min
Tom’s got big news and Tucker pulls defeat from the jaws of success.
3: Uncomfortable places, uncomfortable spaces
Feb 28 • 48 min
Tucker and Tom both score dates and immediately find themselves in over their heads.
2: Having sex with a real human being for a change
Feb 21 • 25 min
In a desperate quest for intimacy, Tom finds himself with a fresh perspective on the hookup app Pure.
1: Oh god, what are we doing?
Feb 14 • 25 min
Your introduction to Tucker and Tom, two guys just trying their best.