The SIA Business Show

The SIA Business Show
This is a no-nonsense show where your host Syed Irfan Ajmal will be revealing success secrets as well as massive mistakes of tech entrepreneurs, digital marketers, speakers, writers, creatives and more from all around the globe. This isn’t about working 16 hours a day. This isn’t about being unproductive or having unhealthy obsessions while ignoring other important parts of your life. This is about keeping it real and balanced while still growing a business venture that you love so that you have a life that you can be content with.
Elvin Zhang on 6 Figure Exits, Pitching to VCs, & Startup Mistakes [S01E04]
Jul 31 • 68 min
Elvin Zhan is a Singapore based polymath and startup founder with his interests ranging from Quantum Physics to Blockchain and Fintech. He also has won an award for playing a unique Chinese musical instrument. In this episode he speaks about: • why his…
Lisa Zahran on Million Dollar Campaigns, Copywriting, & Email Marketing [PODCAST S01E03]
Jun 6 • 60 min
From being a biotechnologist in New Zealand to an entrepreneurial and “spiritual” copywriter in Malaysia, Lisa Zahran has a pretty interesting story. 
Listen to her speak about: • The first million dollar campaign she helped launch at Mindvalley •…
Liam Martin on Productivity, Remote Employee Management, and Fighting the Distraction Economy [PODCAST S01E02]
Apr 27 • 58 min
A shocking failure led Liam to ditch his PhD, and he then went on to create and Time Doctor both of which improve productivity. Managing 80 employees working remotely from 27 countries, Liam has spent the last 10 years working measuring &…
1. Peter Gould on Design Thinking, Branding, and Productivity
Feb 11 • 47 min
From designing kids apps to games, and from creating a clothing range to multiple online creative platforms to getting an award from the ruler of Dubai, Aussie entrepreneur Peter Gould has done it all. His Islamic Design Thinking company has worked with…