otto and the moog’s Great British CakeWatch
35: Looking a Backstop in the Mouth
Dec 12 • 95 min
A throwback to the early days of the podcast in which Steve and Chris wind each other up into a state of high-pitched sweary indignation as they survey the carnage wrought by Brexit. Specifically, the importance of accuracy and honesty on the Remain side,…
34: Dog’s Brexit
Dec 6 • 81 min
The unorthodox structure of this week's podcast is not so much down to avant garde editing as technical snafu, but we start at the beginning with Chris and Laura putting the world to rights over kebabs and prosecco, and end in the middle of things as we…
33: Baskets Case
Nov 29 • 55 min
The Centre for European Reform is the UK's foremost think tank on matters European, and Ian Bond is its Director of Foreign Policy, so Chris is in his element this week discussing how Brexit might affect both UK and EU foreign policy. Featuring not one,…
32: Hostile Environment Lady
Nov 21 • 73 min
Nick Crosby joins Chris to wonder whether and how the House of Commons might yet find a way to reject the Withdrawal Agreement and #StopBrexit. Also Hostile Environment Lady jumps the Lie of the Week queue.Special Guest: Nick Crosby.
31: Not the Foggiest
Nov 14 • 71 min
Steve is back and vaping hard (sorry for the background noises) while he outlines options for amending the bill to pass the Withdrawal Agreement and Chris listens in increasing bewilderment. We also discuss whether the UK has really been the disruptive…
30: damned if we do, damned if we don’t
Nov 6 • 96 min
Alas poor Steve, he's still poorly, so Chris is hosting solo this week and joined by special guest Garvan Walshe (yes we know he was already on Remainiacs grrr) for a chat about the so-called Irish backstop, Jeremy Hunt's brass-necked cakeism, and whether…
29: Blood in the Water
Oct 30 • 90 min
Steve Analyst is back and promoted to stand-in co-host covering for Steve B. What do Chris and Steve A do while Steve B is away? Get stuck in to some proper trade nerdery, that's what. We discuss how the UK can realise its global trade ambitions, whether…
28: Cross Party Parly Party
Oct 17 • 69 min
We leave the podcast dungeon and lug our recording equipment to a meeting room in the European Parliament where we chat with not one, not two, not three, but four MEPs about the Brexit endgame! This was a cracking conversation with political heavyweights…
Brexit: What Next? Special Bonus Podcast
Oct 14 • 112 min
Our friends at the Nottingham European Movement asked us if they could use our podcast to share a recording of their 'Brexit: What Next?' event with our listeners, and we bit their arm off! Enjoy this hour and a half panel discussion with these stone-cold…
27: Fight Brexit with Beer
Oct 12 • 71 min
We were going to have a theme this week but we ran out of time before we could start on one. Plenty of follow-up, looking ahead to next week's European Council showdown, wondering where it's all heading, and looking at the In Limbo book that was launched…
26: Tanja drops the C-bomb
Oct 4 • 106 min
Warning: this episode includes very strong language (I mean, read the title) - listener discretion is advised (not one for teatime with the kids) Awesome citizen rights campaigner Tanja Bueltmann co-hosts this week's episode as we talk about her work on…
25: Starmer Stormer
Sep 26 • 77 min
A bit of follow-up on Armenian regulatory competences trade nerds, then it's straight into Salzburg OMG she didn't did she she did! and then Labour Conference and the thrill we felt when Starmer said what he said and the Conference did what it did.…
24: Peoples Vote and trade geekery
Sep 19 • 96 min
A bit of a long one this week, in which we explore how a Peoples Vote might happen, and ask what a successful campaign might look like. And we take Cakewatch to a sunny Place Lux for lunch with David Henig, he of #TwitterTrade fame. Lie of the Week…
23: From Project Fear to Project Death Star
Sep 13 • 71 min
We talk about the European Research Group and its unpublished policy proposals which, apparently, have significant flaws and, so we hear, may be widely mocked. Keep listening for an Easter Egg including a contribution from a very special guest.…
22: By the Pricking of my Thumbs
Sep 10 • 72 min
Sorry about the sound quality in this one, there was a technical hitch in recording and the sound engineer has been given a serious thrashing so he won't do it again. We welcome Nicky James of Final Say For All to talk about the impact of Brexit on…
21: When the Hurly-Burly’s Done
Aug 16 • 83 min
Chris is back, and so is Steve Analyst! We're still in holiday mode, but got together by the magic of skype to record our feelings on where we think Brexit is currently heading and trying to untangle the threads of this mess. Bonus points to listeners…
20: The One With Steve Analyst
Aug 3 • 103 min
We were beaten to it by Dan Snow's history podcast but better late than never: legendary Twitter threader Steve Analyst joins Cakewatch in the special guest slot to talk about well we'll give you three guesses… yes it's Brexit.Special Guest: Steve Analyst.
19: Chequers Pyjama Party
Jul 11 • 66 min
We interrupt our summer mental health break to bring you episode 19, co-hosted by Chris and guest host Nick Crosby of Pro Europa. Steve's still on his break but we have too much to talk about so here we are: Chequers pyjama party, Cabinet resignations,…
We’re All Going On A Summer Mental Health Break
Jul 6 • 4 min
In the words of soft rock legends Chicago, everybody needs a little time away. Just a quick one this week to let our listeners know that we're taking a bit of a break from podcasting over the summer to recover our mojos, reconnect with the world outside…
18: Micturating on your Frites
Jun 27 • 64 min
Steve's article in Prospect on freedom of movement Intro/outro music: “Going up the Wrong Way” by Bai Kamara Jr, from his album "The Mystical Survivors and Some Rare Earthlings". Available Fnac, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.
17: A Very Brexit Coup
Jun 14 • 75 min
Listeners are advised that this podcast contains very strong language from the very start, including scenes of an adult nature. Listener discretion is advised. A hell of a week in Brexitland. We skim over it all before getting stuck into the way in which…
16: Citizens’ Rights
Jun 6 • 80 min
Laura's Twitter thread about the democratic failings of the referendum, the exclusion of those most affected, and Leave's lies about the Vienna Convention. The reality of Freedom of Movement: Dave's story British in Europe (all staff are volunteers -…
15: The Blame Game
May 31 • 80 min
This week we're looking at background briefings by senior EU sources to UK media, and what those mean for the state of withdrawal negotiations (spoiler: nothing good). There's also a spot of Soft Brexit follow-up, and some huge whopping lies of the week.…
14: Shy Weans Get No Sweeties
May 24 • 69 min
Alyn Smith MEP Alyn's page on the European Parliament's website Scotland in Europe Chris' 2015 blogpost on how progressive politics and civic engagement in the UK could - should - have been given a new lease of life by the EU referendum…
13: EEA No Way
May 16 • 86 min
Directive 1999/56/EC adapting to technical progress Council Directive 78/933/EEC relating to the installation of lighting and light-signalling devices on wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors - Ottolights! Jonathan Meades on Belgium Culture Corner:…
12: Europe Day Special
May 9 • 122 min
The Schuman Declaration Taking a break from our usual format, we spend this week talking about the things we love about Europe. A lot of it is quite personal and, well… self-indulgent, so feel free to skip this one if it's not your cup of tea (yes that…
11: Schadenfreude Schpecial
May 3 • 55 min
The Overton window Chris Grey's Brexit Blog on how Brexiters would have been happier if they had lost the referendum. Catherine Bearder's tweet on the rumour that UKIP have been asking about their European Parliament offices during transition Sponsored by…
10: The Where Is Labour? Episode
Apr 26 • 69 min
Ahead of next week's local elections in England, Steve and Chris wonder why Labour isn't doing better in the polls, what Labour's Brexit policy really is, and what Labour's strategists are smoking? Also: civic engagement, plastic toffs, and Lie(s) of the…
9: Overrated Eurotrash
Apr 19 • 60 min
Steve’s 'keep the flame alive' article in the Guardian The Institute for Government's report on "Voting for Brexit: Parliament's consideration of the withdrawal deal and future framework" Chris' blog piece on what is a eurosceptic "Accidental"…
8: The Easter F-word Special
Apr 12 • 65 min
Chris' blog post on the West Lothian Question and UK federalism (or lack of). John Pinder's obituary Altiero Spinelli The Ventotene Manifesto Guy Verhofstadt and Dany Cohn-Bendit's manifesto "There Is No Alternative To A Federal Europe" Chris' table…
7: Fishcake and Winklepicking
Mar 29 • 53 min
Laura Shields' (@mediawhizz) thread exposing the lie about citizen rights being protected by the Vienna Convention The Smart Border 2.0 study commissioned by the European Parliament Analysis of the Withdrawal Agreement and transition arrangements by Steve…
6: she gave him the toy steering wheel
Mar 15 • 64 min
Speech by Dany Cohn Bendit in the European Parliament - featuring le beurre et l'argent du beurre but not le cul de la cremière Speech by Alyn Smith in the European Parliament The most mendacious video of all time courtesy of Leave.EU Steve's article in…
5: Explicit in Welsh
Mar 7 • 61 min
Jean-Claude Piris' Twitter thread critiquing Theresa May's speech Cherrypicking: Report of Stefaan de Rynck's LSE lecture Roger Helmer LOL Sponsored this week by Join us on Thursday 22 March, The Grapevine, Place Luxembourg, Brussels,…
4a: Bonus Material *screams into abyss*
Mar 3 • 10 min
Steve and Chris list their Lies of the Week and respond to listener questions including: does divide and rule work? and screams into the abyss Intro music: “Certainty" by the Drønes ’72 (@drones72band), from their debut EP, ‘Whispers Never Stop vol.1’.
4: Stand Firm on Fudge
Mar 3 • 57 min
Follow up: the international language of cakeism Steve's thread on the difference between THE Customs Union and A customs union, with the Single Market thrown in for good measure. Sponsored by! We are looking for sponsors - but we don’t want…
3: the 40 watt amplifier
Feb 24 • 58 min
Steve Peers' blog post with a post mortem on Boris Johnson's and Theresa May's speeches Garreth Hayes' brilliant thread on complexity "The best Brexit tweet ever" #GreatLeapBackwards This episode was recorded in the evening, Belgian beer is involved, and…
3a: Bonus: Ask Cakewatch 3a
Feb 24 • 17 min
Bonus material! After Episode 3, this is episode 3a (or will that get us into another numbering nightmare?) - dedicated to #AskCakewatch. Steve and Chris respond to listener questions including: what's your favourite thing about Article 2 of the EU…
2: He got the EU lurgie
Feb 14 • 58 min
Sponsored (for free) by Best for Britain - donate here and FIGHT BREXIT! The EU's position paper on transition David Allen Green's Twitter thread on transition JC Piris on Twitter - the former head of the EU Council's Legal Service Chris' blog post on…
1: The Pilot. “Very rarely are people dicks”
Feb 6 • 43 min
Steve on the job Steve being accused of misogyny by Nadine Dorries Chris having a go at the BBC and their coverage of the Customs Union Steve tweeting on what the HELL is going on with this timewasting Twitter user @Jim_Cornelius taking Nadine Dorries…