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Key Radio - Mike and Heather in the Morning
Why should people be afraid to talk about God? Join Mike and Heather as they invite local pastors and other special guests in to talk about God, the Bible, the Christian life, and other topics that affect all of us. If you’re looking for highfalutin jibber-jabber, don’t bother subscribing. The conversations are candid, lively, and sometimes silly, but always grounded in the Truth. Mike and Heather in the Morning is a ministry of Key Radio located in Provo, Utah.

How Do I Get To Heaven?
Sep 21 • 4 min
A simple, yet wonderful message of hope!
Broadcasting Now!
Sep 21
Jesus Christ Superstar
Sep 11 • 40 min
Maybe you’ve seen it – hype teams, red carpet entrances, autograph sessions, designer clothes, and paparazzi. The world loves a star, and so does the church. There is a growing trend of celebrity believers, celebrity worship leaders and celebrity pastors.…
The Youth Obsession
Sep 10 • 48 min
In the Western world, the younger generation has fled the religious scene in droves, and for decades, Christian churches have gone to great lengths to lure them back. They’ve tried everything from playing the top Christian hits, installing coffee bars,…
Timeless Relevance
Sep 9 • 50 min
“I’ve searched the world over and found that religion is not for me.” This is the sentiment of many enlightened people who have returned from their quest for purpose. Specifically, when looking into Christianity, they find it dull. Close-minded.…
It’s the Experience
Sep 8 • 46 min
“It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights!” If the Muppet Show theme song is stuck in your head now, you’re welcome! Christian churches are aware for the need to be welcoming, and work hard to do so by having greeters at the door,…
Give It Away - No Keep It
Sep 1 • 41 min
Are we enjoying the world of biblical paradoxes? Throughout this series we are discovering that context is king when we trip over seeming contradictions. Now it’s just getting fun. Today we discover the give-and-takes of generosity and stewardship – or we…
The Most Valuable Worthless Servant
Aug 31 • 42 min
It’s a conundrum – in one respect, Christians are to serve the Lord, yes, and at the end of the day, say, “Hey, no thanks needed. It’s just my job.” Yet when a believer serves, we also desire the praises of “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Which…
Playing the Fool
Aug 27 • 42 min
Today’s paradox is not that hard to trip over – it’s like God isn’t even trying to hide it! In dealing wisely with fools, we often look to the book of Proverbs for guidance and we encounter a real head-scratcher. We are to answer a fool – and then again,…
Can We Get a Little Peace Around Here?
Aug 26 • 40 min
“Peace on Earth, good will to man.” “I’ve got peace like a river.” “Let the peace of God reign.” You could name a hundred worship songs about the peace of Christ. So you get this image in your mind of a soft, guru-like Jesus running around in sandals…
It’s a Love-Hate Thing
Aug 25 • 41 min
Relationships are messy anyway, so when we read in the Bible to love people we aren’t too fond of, to say it nicely, we throw up our arms to the impossibility of it all. Then Jesus gets on the scene and tells us to hate those we love? Not only does this…
Gaining and Losing
Aug 24 • 43 min
Most people misunderstand paradoxes, which they think are synonymous with contradictions. But by definition, paradoxes are seemingly absurd or contradictory statements or propositions which, when investigated, may prove to be well-founded or true. (Oxford…
Spiritual Discernment
Aug 21 • 38 min
Wayne Grudem, in his Systematic Theology stated, “…if Scripture gives us a true account of the world as it really is, then we must take seriously its portrayal of intense demonic involvement in human society.” There’s a lot we don’t know about the…
The Truth About Demons
Aug 20 • 44 min
This conversation is going to be heavy. We are continuing our discussion about the angelic realm, and generally, angels are viewed as the spiritual “good guys,” but demons are angels, too. There’s certainly great fascination about demons, and Tinseltown…
Angel Basics
Aug 19 • 41 min
There is a lot of confusion, misinformation, and intrigue concerning the spiritual realm. Many people are informed by TV shows like “Touched by an Angel” or “Highway to Heaven.” Others know all they need to know about the demonic through “The Exorcist.”…
Wrap It Up
Aug 18 • 42 min
There are so many other questions we have about miracles, that don’t always fit so nicely in any one category or topic. Today is an open discussion about miracles and recap of what we learned.
The Forces of Evil
Aug 17 • 45 min
Apart from raising the dead to life, Jesus’s power over the demonic realm is one wrought with curiosity and intrigue. There are four recorded instances where Jesus cast demons out of man (five if you count Mary Magdalene), which leads to more questions…
Freshen Up!
Aug 14 • 52 min
First if you have come this far in your journey to read the bible every day for a year (remember those pesky new years resolutions we made in January?) then great job. Some of us have bibles that dice up readings for each day. But then you stumble on…
It’s Only Natural
Aug 13 • 38 min
Some of the more astounding miracles performed by Jesus were those that defied nature. He unofficially kicked off his ministry by turning water into wine, calmed a raging storm by a verbal command, and brought the dead to life. This wasn’t a sensational…
You are Healed!
Aug 12 • 45 min
The human body is a wondrous thing. If you scratch your arm, a number of systems automatically activate, coagulating blood, creating scabs, and rebuilding the cellular structures. But then there are the healings that aren’t “normal.” Jesus showed great…
Loaves and Fishes
Aug 11 • 35 min
When Jesus provided it was never in the way people expected. In feeding the 5000, his disciples were perplexed – they were too far away from any city, they had no food trucks, no money to feed the mass of people, but Jesus insisted that they extend…
Turn, Turn, Turn
Aug 10 • 43 min
Any lunatic or megalomaniac can claim to be god, and many genuinely believe that they can become a god in the hereafter. Jesus was no lunatic and hardly a megalomaniac and he proved it by performing signs and wonders. Make no mistake however! These signs…
Soli Deo Gloria
Aug 7 • 38 min
“Why does God even care at all about me, that he should pay for my sins?” The answer is simple. When an artist paints a beautiful piece, it’s the artist – not the canvas or even the picture – that gets the accolades. God is the author and finisher of our…
Solus Christus
Aug 6 • 46 min
Christians are small-minded, exclusive, judgmental people. How dare they say that only their Jesus can offer heaven! Yes, there is a heaven, but who’s the one who makes the rules about who can and cannot go there? All of a sudden, what we believe about…
Sola Gratia
Aug 5 • 51 min
It’s not a get out of jail free card. It’s not fire insurance. And it’s certainly not permission to live loosely. Grace is a gift – a beautiful, precious, expensive gift that should never be trampled on. During the Reformation, Protestants boldly asserted…
Sola Fide
Aug 4 • 55 min
The Reformation was a tumultuous time. People were oppressed by greedy land barons and a greedy church. Not only were they heavily burdened socially and economically, they were burdened with the impossible task of working for their salvation. What’s more,…
Sola Scriptura
Aug 3 • 49 min
“Thus saith the Lord!” Many authors, speakers, even prophets proclaim they speak for God, but do they? Over the centuries, there have been many-a-claim of so-called new revelation and enlightened interpretation. Is the Bible really enough? 16th century…
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Jul 29 • 44 min
Playing the devil’s advocate might be okay in some situations, but certainly not in the church. Some folks feel it’s their duty to keep leadership humble, which is fine until it isn’t.
Of Mice and Men
Jul 28 • 40 min
Of all the people on the planet, it’s the Christian that should be the boldest, most courageous, and unworried. Yet oftentimes churches find themselves dealing with disunity that is caused by stress, fear, and anxiety. Be strong! Be courageous! Here’s why.
If You Can’t Say Something Nice…
Jul 27 • 42 min
It’s probably not a coincidence that gossip and lying are listed among the sins that God despises. And yet, believers in Jesus can easily fall into these traps through what seems well-meaning concerns for others – “would you pray for so-and-so because…”…
“I will call him George!”
Jul 24 • 47 min
In an episode of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck is captured by a big white abominable snowman that mistakes him for a rabbit. The white monster rocks Daffy in his arms and vows to “hug him and pet him and squeeze him” and keep him for his very own. It’s cute…
Jul 23 • 41 min
Charles Dickens authored a redemption story featuring Ebeneezer Scrooge, a pitiful man who was rich and yet had nothing. Generations who read the story or watched the movie applaud the reformed Ebeneezer who turned from his evil ways and learned to love…
No Complaints Here
Jul 22 • 47 min
Nobody likes to hear it, but everyone does it! There are even whole departments committed to addressing them! We’re talking about complaints. There may be a lot to complain about, but Christians have no business griping. Author and blogger Tim Challies…
Grudge Match
Jul 21 • 48 min
It seems fashionable to make people pay for an offense they have committed against you, even virtuous! If someone’s offended you, Christian, what are you going to do about it?
Get Up!
Jul 20 • 45 min
Christians can’t be lazy, because there’s simply not enough time! Only God knows the number of days He has ordained for us. It would be a shame to waste them. Author and blogger Tim Challies wrote a compelling piece entitled, “Things Christians just don’t…
Jul 17 • 47 min
God does answer prayers, and many times the answer is a resounding yes. But those yeses look vastly different – and unexpected. Today we dive into the affirmatives and learn that there’s even a proper response for those, too!
Negatory, Mi Amore
Jul 16 • 45 min
Nobody likes hearing the word, “no,” and often God says no to our most earnest and generous prayers. Prayers for health, for salvation, for world peace! How are we to respond to God when he deflects our requests?
I Can’t Hear You!
Jul 15 • 42 min
We get it: Prayer is a conversation with God. We talk, we listen. We ask, He answers. But often, God doesn’t say anything! How are we to respond to a God who is silent?
Rudy’s Encounter with God
Jul 14 • 44 min
We never tire hearing of saving encounters with God. Today, we speak with Pastor Rudy Rodriguez, who shares his story of salvation.
Shut Up and Listen
Jul 13 • 40 min
Make no mistake – there is power in prayer. Prayer is so vital to a believer’s life that Jesus assumes we pray when he instructs us, “When you pray…” in Matthew 6. But if there’s a lot of talk on our side and no listening, it’s really no conversation at…
Heart Check
Jul 10 • 49 min
The question: How do you trust God when you’re afraid? So far, we’ve learned that our understanding is faulty, that we need to acknowledge God in all we do, that we have to be humble before God, shun evil, pursue good, and make God number one in our…
Who’s Number One?
Jul 9 • 45 min
There is a way to fight off fear, as we are learning. In a word? Submission. If God is your focus, your priority, there’s really no reason to fear.
Don’t Believe Your Own Press
Jul 8 • 47 min
Something went wrong. We stopped debating ideas and started villainizing others with different opinions. We state our opinion, as brilliant as it is, and then, when someone presses back, we push back harder or vow never to engage in the marketplace of…
Every Day is a Winding Road
Jul 7 • 46 min
How do we mitigate the stress and fear that we are experiencing? The world is a dangerous place and seems to only get more violent with each passing day. To address the issue, we’ve already discussed the necessity of trusting God, after all, He’s in…
You Don’t Know Nothin’
Jul 6 • 46 min
It seems foolish to trust a God who secured eternity for us at such an exorbitant price, and be controlled by the fear we have in our relationships and circumstances. Using Proverbs 3:5 as a launching pad, we’ll learn that leaning on our own understanding…
Building Defenses
Jun 23 • 45 min
What can we learn from a list of names in Nehemiah? Way more than you would think. Learn why names in a book are extremely important, and why it’s imperative that you find your name in God’s book of life!
What About Dad?
Jun 22 • 45 min
Father’s day is over but we’re not done talking about the importance of dads. The statistics are staggering - the absence of fathers has thrown our nation into a tailspin. Let’s discuss God’s design for the family.
What Could Go Wrong?
Jun 19 • 50 min
Life is full of unknowns and this cannot stop us from moving forward. We trust that God will provide and we have His word in hand, but how bad could things go. What if our time will resembles a train accident? Should we be prepared for, and expect the…
Game Plan
Jun 18 • 51 min
We are convinced/convicted that we should open ourselves up to lead a Bible study, we have the basics on how to prepare from Tuesday, we talked about the people that we are going to invite, or invite ourselves to, yesterday. Now today, it’s time to put…
Study Buddies
Jun 17 • 50 min
Sometimes God brings people into our lives, other times we have to go look for them. But the world is chock-filled with people who need to hear the truth of God’s life-altering word. But how do we find them and how do we invite them? I’m feeling…
Bible Study
Jun 16 • 54 min
Today we look at the process of preparing for a Bible study – from beginning to having the work written out. Now this process can be applied to your personal study as well as preparing for leading a group study. And to lead this conversation we have the…
Service Outside of Sunday
Jun 15 • 50 min
In general, Christians talk a lot about growing in our relationship with the Lord, we talk about the importance of belonging to a local church, many of us listen to hours of great Bible teaching on the radio, but are we called to take this all beyond…
Jun 12 • 41 min
Oh, boy. This is a mixed up world. On one hand, we are told that we are all accidents of nature. That there is no creator God and no real moral standard. On the other hand, we protest and riot when we perceive injustice and abuse because it’s immoral.
Self-control and Steadfastness
Jun 10 • 45 min
People have a way of pressing our buttons, and tempt us to lose our cool, and finally to give up on engaging altogether. This is why we need supernatural steadfastness and self-control.
Jun 9 • 46 min
It’s been said that it’s not what you know – it’s who you know, and this is never more true than in the Christian Faith. When we supplement our faith in Jesus with an intimate and accurate knowledge of him, we can process the strange world circumstances…
Faith and Virtue
Jun 8 • 44 min
We are dealing with having a proper Christian walk - we cannot teach and we cannot lead in the church according to I Timothy and Titus if we do not live our lives in the way that God designed and desires us to live. We may be called hypocrites as…
The Pursuit of God
Jun 5 • 42 min
The Christian life isn’t about owning 12 Bibles and knowing the lyrics to every Chris Tomlin song. It is characterized as a pursuit of Truth – a pursuit of Jesus. Many stalwarts in the Bible doubted God, and yet they are listed in Hebrew’s hall of Faith –…
Are Their Concerns Really Unanswered?
Jun 4 • 41 min
There’s a common thread among the people who have “disbelieved” God – questions about the meaning and purpose of life – questions that everyone should ask! Yet answers often elude them because they are either too afraid to ask, or don’t commit the time to…
What Are They Believing In?
Jun 3 • 45 min
There can be some strange and often disturbing trends in Christian culture. Today we dive into those trends, to determine if they stand on the Firm Foundation, or if they crumble at the first sign of trouble.
Did They Ever Really Believe?
Jun 2 • 45 min
After hearing about a high-profile Christian walking away from the faith, a very legitimate question is raised – did they really believe? It may sound accusatory, but at its root, we are also asking the question of ourselves. If someone who seems to have…
Losing Faith
May 29 • 46 min
What do we do with our doubts?
A Hope-filled Conclusion
May 26 • 44 min
Dr. Stuart Scott walks us through the reasons we don’t kill our sin habits, and the answers aren’t very pretty. The good news is that through Christ all things are possible.
Ready for the Kill
May 25 • 40 min
It’s time to wage war on sin. To kill a sin habit requires radical measures because Christ’s sacrifice was radical. Today we discuss factors that may indicate that we love our sin more than we love God.
For My Good
May 22 • 44 min
As we look at the characteristics of our God, we see that He is all-knowing and all-powerful, He is also love. He loved us enough to die for us, and He will complete His work in us.
New Life
May 21 • 35 min
We are new creatures in Christ, bought with a price and united with Him.
May 20 • 50 min
We can have victory over sin. Not in our power, but in God’s. But do we believe this? Do we trust that God is powerful, and that he will give us the power to overcome habitual sin? Walking in faith means to act on those beliefs. In order to do so, we must…
The Wages of Sin
May 19 • 51 min
Yesterday we took an in-depth look at sin, the victory that Christ has over this sin, and how it applies to us today. Over the next few days we will be looking at 11 truths that we can put to our mind and keep in our mind so that we can overcome our…
May 18 • 55 min
On this side of salvation, nobody really likes talking about their current sin. Even when people are not referring to us, we still flinch when somebody brings up our particular sin issue. We minimize, avoid, and apply many other skills to justify our…
Real Life Applications
May 15 • 43 min
Throughout this series we identified the different types of psalms (hymns, laments, kingship, thanksgiving, remembrance, confidence, wisdom), how to approach them, and even how to pray through them. The question remains, how can we make them a part of our…
The Owners Manual
May 14 • 34 min
New parents wish that babies came with owner’s manuals, like their toasters! The good news is that we all do! God’s wisdom drips from the pages of the Bible and it’s there for the taking!
The Power of Positive Thinking?
May 13 • 37 min
In the famous TV musical, The Sound of Music, nun-turned-governess Maria calms her nerves by singing the words, “So, let them bring on all their problems, I’ll do better than my best. I have confidence they’ll put me to the test! But I’ll make them see I…
Short-term Memories
May 12 • 28 min
“Do you remember when?” That’s a question that is often followed by a funny or outlandish story. In the Bible, though, this question is a call of faith in God’s proven redemption.
May 11
Believers in Jesus have much to be thankful for, and reflecting on God’s goodness isn’t reserved for “mountaintop experiences.” Living a life marked by gratitude may not be easy for some – the world can be brutal – which is why studying the Psalms is…
Long Live the King!
May 8 • 42 min
A Psalm genre that we don’t often think about is the Kingship or Royal psalm. Now the average Christian might ask, “aren’t we to only worship Christ?” Well, yes! And since there are about 10 Psalms categorized as such, it deserves closer scrutiny.
Bummer Poetry
May 7 • 44 min
Psalms of lament are so relatable and completely uncomfortable all at the same time. What makes these difficult for the modern Christian is the oftentimes violent curses on enemies – aren’t we supposed to extend grace? Today we learn that because laments…
Praise with Purpose
May 5 • 43 min
There are 150 psalms in the book of Psalms, and many more throughout the Bible. Today we look at a favorite of Christians, the “Hymn Psalms.” Using Psalm 8 as a starting point, we’ll learn about God’s character and why he’s so worthy to be praised!
Storms for Encouragement
May 1 • 42 min
You’ve had enough. You do your best to honor the Lord, but you get nothing but ridicule, broken relationships, and criticism. Is it all worth it to be faithful? Elijah endured the same thing. Feeling all alone in the world, exhausted, and despairing even…
Storms for Obedience
Apr 30 • 42 min
God is merciful and patient, especially to those whom he calls his own. All the more so when his children, who ought to know better, openly disobey him. God’s plans will never be thwarted just because his kids are rebellious. As a kind father disciplines…
Storms of Judgment
Apr 29 • 43 min
Noah – The first, and the fiercest storm ever recorded is in the book of Genesis. Never in the history of man has a bigger storm ever raged like the one Noah had to endure.
Storms of Purpose
Apr 28 • 32 min
The only thing more unpredictable than the uncertainty of life is the weather across the Adriatic Sea. The apostle Paul was under arrest, heading to Rome, but God had one more assignment for him– and it was a storm that guided him to his new mission…
Revealing Jesus
Apr 27 • 36 min
Storms out in sea can be most terrifying – the wind howl, waves thunder, and the lightning strikes violently. Are you paying attention? Sometimes God allows storms just to reveal that he exists and he’s in control.
Blessings of Listening
Jan 31 • 32 min
By now, you should get the idea that listening to God is a tremendous honor. Listening to what He says, trusting in His word, and doing what He commands isn’t just some pious religious exercise. God wants what’s best for you, and the believer who listens…
Active Listening
Jan 29 • 38 min
Listening to God is an all-in, active pursuit.
Discerning God’s Voice
Jan 28 • 38 min
How does God get our attention, and how can we identify God’s voice?
Listen Up Intro
Jan 27 • 37 min
How do we listen to God?
Excuses, Excuses
Oct 31, 2019 • 26 min
Pastor Chris Dodson and his wife Katie of New Hope Bible Church in Highland Utah lead us on a journey that’s going to change our lives. Today’s focus: We all have reasons (excuses) NOT to be hospitable…
The Untouchables
Oct 31, 2019 • 36 min
Pastor Chris Dodson and his wife Katie of New Hope Bible Church in Highland Utah lead us on a journey that’s going to change our lives. Today’s focus: We all have THOSE people in our lives…
What’s My Motivation?
Oct 29, 2019 • 45 min
We all have reasons why not… Pastor Chris Dodson and his wife Katie of New Hope Bible Church in Highland Utah lead us on a journey that’s going to change our lives. Today’s focus: Be hospitable? But why?
Hospitality Part 1
Oct 28, 2019 • 35 min
A new series and one that’s going to bruise us all just a little. It’s the subject of hospitality, and frankly, Americans have become very bad at this. Pastor Chris Dodson and his wife Katie of New Hope Bible Church in Highland Utah lead us on a journey…
All About Learning
Jun 21, 2019 • 36 min
Learning can be tough, but so are you! There’s a certain discipline required when you’re trying to be a life-long learner. Good thing we have Timothy O’Day with us in studio to show us how it’s done!
Jun 20, 2019 • 35 min
You’re awfully busy. How would you like to get some rest? Learn why silence and solitude are vital for the health of the Christian, and why Jesus beckons us to come, all who are heavy, and He will give us rest.
Serve Where You’re At
Jun 19, 2019 • 39 min
Don’t get this confused - first, relationship with Jesus, THEN serving him. The whole goal of this conversation wasn’t to guilt you into putting more on your plate, it was to encourage the believer to serve God where he’s already placed you. It’s good…
Jun 18, 2019 • 37 min
We’re all given 1,440 minutes every day. How will you spend yours? Will you be a good steward of the time God has given you or will you squander it on yourself?
Not So Fast!
Jun 17, 2019 • 41 min
Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of fasting! Pastor Steve Pierson takes us directly to scripture to explain what fasting is, and what motivates the heart to scorn the stomach. LOVED this convo!
Focused Worship
Jun 14, 2019 • 34 min
Worship isn’t about praise songs and hymns; Biblical worship is about holding your mind captive to who God is, and responding to His goodness and love. Pastor Jeremy Howard asserts that humans worship constantly. What or who are you worshiping right now?
Tapping In
Jun 13, 2019 • 38 min
Communication is important in all relationships or they cease being relationships. Today, Pastor Steve Pierson, and Pastor Tony Waller explain why tapping into God, communicating through prayer, is crucial to the Christian walk.
Fill Your Mind
Jun 12, 2019 • 42 min
Today give our brains a rigorous workout through memorization, meditation, and application. Heavy lifting to be sure. Hard work? Yes! The the payoff makes it all worthwhile.
Hear It, Read It, Learn It
Jun 11, 2019 • 32 min
Russ Robinson and Ed Romaine challenge us to roll up our sleeves and get working! Spiritual discipline number one is Bible reading and study. This is so helpful, especially for the new Christian!
Let’s Get Started!
Jun 10, 2019 • 38 min
Spiritual Disciplines. Sounds painful, full of drudgery, and legalistic, but life with Jesus is quite the opposite! Getting to know him, spend time with him, and worshiping him certainly brings joy, but it also strengthens us to press into his grace.