Beyond Users

Beyond Users
Understand business. Become a better designer.
9- Ben Burns: Teaching designers how to run a creative business
May 9 • 56 min
Ben Burns is an award-winning designer, a digital director at Blind, brand strategy design consultancy, and COO at The Futur (business education for designers). Ben has a fascinating story that took him from charging 50$ a logo to 100$ an hour and that…
8- Kate Rutter: How to measure and quantify design
Apr 17 • 59 min
Kate Rutter is an adjunct professor at California College of the Arts. She is a phenomenal UX designer with a strong background in arts and painting, so she sometimes refers to herself as a sketchnoter and graphic recorder. But she also combines her…
7- Steve Vassallo: Empathy is killing your product
Apr 3 • 48 min
Steve Vassallo is a general partner at Foundation Capital (VC firm that invested in Pocket, Netflix, Uber etc.). Prior to that, he worked as a lead designer at IDEO where he worked on a famous Cisco’s 7900 series VoIP phone. He recently published a book…
6- Dr. Sudy Majd: How to do user research rooted in business II
Mar 20 • 50 min
Sudy Mejd is a customer experience research lead at Candid Co. In the fifth episode, I spoke with Bobby, a colleague of Sudy, and we talked a lot about the way they do user research at Candid Co so it only made sense to dive deeper into these topics with…
5- Bobby Ghoshal: How to do user research that is rooted in business
Mar 6 • 51 min
Bobby Ghoshal is a co-host of a famous podcast High Resolution and a co-founder of a startup Candid Co. He has more than 15 years of experience in the design world and is a big proponent of bringing design closer to business.
4- Marc Hemeon: Design is not art
Feb 28 • 83 min
Marc Hemeon has a truly impressive CV. He has lead design at YouTube, Google Ventures, Oakley, Digg, Design Inc, Fflick and lately Ease Central. He has been designing since 1996 and is a true veteran in the design community.
3- Joel Califa: Business, yes. But users first.
Feb 20 • 55 min
Joel Califa is a senior product designer at GitHub. He recently wrote a very interesting and popular blog post Subverted Design, which describes what happens if designers forget that their first responsibility is still the user. You can read the full…
2- Joe Gerber: Business thinking creates more opportunities, not less
Feb 13 • 50 min
Joe Gerber is a business designer and a managing director of IDEO CoLAB. After studying biology, taking an MBA, and working as a product manager, he joined IDEO as the first business designer in the New York office.
1- Trent Huon: Not thinking about business is bad design
Jan 29 • 61 min
Trent Huon is a business design director at IDEO Munich. After finishing his MBA, he first worked as a management consultant. As he never went through official design training, he had to learn design on the job when he joined IDEO. We talk about his…