Parent Driven Development

Parent Driven Development
A podcast about parenting in tech
Screen Time
Apr 18 • 48 min
Parent Driven Development Episode 006: Screen Time 00:17 Today topic: Screen Time 03:10 Screen time limits How do we set limits for our children and their devices 06:59 Other people's screen time policies Negotiating our screen time policies versus other…
Net Neutrality with Jonathan Wallace
Mar 21 • 41 min
00:32 Meet our guest Jonathan Wallace He is a mentor, speaker, organizer, developer and open source contributor. Married with three kids and a dog. He's also been a Georgia state legislator since January. 01:07 Net neutrality We start off talking about…
Managing Multiples
Mar 7 • 50 min
00:19 - Dave Bock - Multiples! Dave has been a software engineer since 1991, with several forays into management, and even ran a small consulting firm with a couple of friends for 8 years. He’s currently the DevOps Service Area Lead at Excella Consulting,…
Internet Privacy and Kids
Feb 21 • 44 min
0:31 First Guest! Heidi Waterhouse - Parent of two. Developer evangelist for LaunchDarkly. Volunteers teaching sex ed to teenagers. She likes to sew her own conference dresses and ride her bike. 1:00 Internet privacy and safety and how it is adaptable to…
Travel Guilt, Playing Hooky, and Getting Judged as Parents
Feb 7 • 47 min
00:34 - Combating Burnout Mandy was on “vacation” and has to make an appearance at another conference. Her daughter doesn’t want her to go and Mandy feels really bad about it. She’s been on the road a lot the past six months and is feeling overwhelmed and…
Greetings & Salutations
Jan 25 • 59 min
01:40 - Allison Intro Allison talks a bit about kids being curious, asking questions, and how they somehow sneakily get past some safety measures we try to put in place. The older ones blatantly just write us notes and leave the house. 04:53 - Andy Intro…