Awful Waffle

Awful Waffle
Join three friends as they embark on a cinematic safari in search of the great white buffalo of film
5: Movies about the Movie Business
Feb 19 • 52 min
Forrest reviewed Adaptation (2002) staring Awful Waffle favorite Nic Cage, Ben reviewed Sunset Boulevard (1950) staring William Holden and Gloria Swanson, and Dan reviewed The Disaster Artist (2017) staring the Francos.Links:Adaptation. (2002) -…
4: Akira Kurosawa
Feb 12 • 65 min
This week we compared Akira Kurosawa and Kurosawa-inspired films. Dan compared Hidden Fortress (1958) to Star Wars (1977), Forrest compared Rashomon (1950) to Vantage Point (2008), and Ben compared Yojimbo (1961) to Last Man Standing (1996).Links:The…
3: The Chronicles of Reddick
Feb 5 • 38 min
This week we watched films with Lance Reddick of The Wire fame. Ben reviewed Faults (2014) with Leland Orser and Lance Reddick, Dan reviewed John Wick (2014) with Keanu Reeves and Lance Reddick, and Forrest reviewed the Spike Lee remake of Old Boy (2013)…
2: Oscar Winners in Non-Oscar Winning Performance
Jan 29 • 53 min
This week we watched non-Oscar winning films with Oscar winning actors. Forrest reviewed The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas, Ben reviewed Shelter (2014) with Jennifer Connelly, and Dan reviewed Murder on the Orient Express (2017) with too many leads to…
1: Thrillers
Jan 22 • 44 min
This week we watched thrillers. Dan reviewed Rememory (2017) with Peter Dinklage, Forrest reviewed Das Experiment (2001) with Moritz Bleibtreu, and Ben reviewed I.T. (2016) with Pierce Brosnan.Links:Rememory (2017) - IMDbThe Experiment (2001) - IMDbI.T.…