Parallel Passion

Parallel Passion
Discover parallel passions of people who like working with computers.
009: Rayta van Rijswijk
Jul 5 • 60 min
Show Notes Kickboxing Raspberry Pi Homebridge Coding bootcamp Rubber duck programming Rails Girls Amsterdam.rb ROSS Conf exercism Homebrew Slovenia Ruby User Group TEDxAmsterdamWomen Social credit ranking system in China Recommendations The Cost of Sugar…
008: Primož Cigler
Jun 21 • 56 min
Show Notes ProteusThemes Ultimate win: spinning out ProteusPay Windsurfing Astrophotography Light pollution La Palma Observatory Tim Ferris: Two E-Mail Autoresponses That Work Digital nomad The story how I was depressed and what helped me get back on…
007: Ajda Pretnar
May 24 • 60 min
Show Notes Orange - Data Mining Fruitful & Fun Faculty of Computer and Information Science CodeCatz Parlameter Curling Boules (Balinanje) Ice technicians are the secret stars of the Winter Olympics Trubarjeva Hiša Literature Impro Liga Kuli Muli improv…
006: Jonan Scheffler
May 10 • 60 min
Show Notes Heroku Rails Israel Speaker Interview Series RailsConf Twitch Streams Coderetreat Conway's Game of Life Razer Kiyo - Worlds First In-Built Ring Light LiveU - Live Video Transmission & Video Streaming Solution Gatherer: The Magicking Lobe -…
005: Tomaž Zaman
Apr 26 • 56 min
Show Notes Codeable Codeable’s 5th Birthday Tandem skydiving Formation skydiving Paragliding Hike and Fly Cessna Tomaž on Strava Ketogenic Diet Paleo Diet Scott Jurek - North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail Gigi D'Agostino Couch to 5K…
004: John Chidgey
Apr 12 • 77 min
Show Notes The Engineered Network Pragmatic Causality Analytical What is Wire Wrap Wire Wrap Gun Storming Mortal 017 with John Chidgey Pragmatic 11: Cause And Effect Causality 20: Stava Dam Causality 3: Fukushima Vic Hudson Pragmatic 30: Coffee with Marco…
003: Jure Žove
Mar 29 • 61 min
Show Notes Jure on Twitter Jure on Instagram Jure on YouTube Top Gear: Patagonia Special E92 M3 Attacking the Großglockner High Alpine Road Cars and Coffee The kind of coffee we drink Chris Harris: Ice Driving in 911 Rally Cars When Jure bought a racecar…
002: Swizec Teller
Mar 15 • 60 min
Show Notes Swizec on Twitter Swizec on Instagram Swizec Blog React+D3v4 Why Programmers Work at Night Boosted Boards Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blog Post Karl the Fog Citroën Berlingo Recommendations Altered Carbon The Alchemist How To Win Friends and Influence…
001: Lloyd Burgess
Mar 1 • 61 min
Show Notes The Coffee Roasters Lloyd with Ramsey Coffee bags. Lots of coffee bags. Miha's Coffee story The BIG list of UK coffee roasters Legnano bike restored Stelvio Pass Entrepreneurial Spark Book recommendations Water For Coffee White Space Revisited:…
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