Insurance Happy Hour

Insurance Happy Hour
It’s happy hour, and we’re talking insurance.
Episode 24: Something Funnier
Oct 19 • 37 min
Special guest Justin Costa is back in our second episode from InsureTech Connect! We talk to him about his take on this industry event and revisit a previous topic on people as brands.Special Guest: Justin Costa.
Not Your Normal InsureTech Happy Hour
Oct 12 • 34 min
On the road at InsureTech Connect 2018 in Las Vegas. We discuss the conference, insuretech trends, and our takeaways from this massive industry event.
When Disaster Strikes
Sep 28 • 34 min
Disasters are a great time for insurance agents to show their value by helping their clients. We talk about how agents can do that. Also, we talk about how the insurance industry is great for a long-term career. 7 Ways to Help Clients Survive Hurricanes…
Millennials & Insurance: Part 2
Aug 31 • 54 min
Millennials will eclipse the baby boomers as the largest living generation. The insurance industry needs to start changing to meet the needs of this group. In this second part, we discuss the key findings of the white paper from Cake & Arrow on values and…
Millennials & Insurance: Part 1
Aug 24 • 40 min
Millennials will eclipse the baby boomers as the largest living generation. The insurance industry needs to start changing to meet the needs of this group. In the first episode of two about millennials and insurance, we discuss millennial myths and how…
Can a Person Be a Brand?
Aug 17 • 32 min
Can a person be a brand? We have opinions. In other #InsuranceHappyHour news, we're now on Spotify!
Episode 18: The Privacy of Your DNA
Aug 10 • 39 min
When you submit your DNA to a genetic-testing company, should the data remain private? Or, should those companies be allowed to share your data with insurance companies, employers or government agencies? Concerns Mount over Data Privacy Guidelines Set by…
The Scary World of Cybersecurity
Aug 3 • 39 min
Sixty-two percent of agencies are concerned or very concerned about cybersecurity. In this episode, we talk about the cybersecurity portion of the Insurance Digital Transformation survey. Plus, we discuss the top insurance brands according to YouGov's…
The Digital Transformation
Jul 13 • 41 min
According to a recent survey, 95 percent of agents see technology as important or very important to their success. In this episode, we unpack some of the findings of the Insurance Digital Transformation survey. Plus, we talk more about 'find your passion'…
Lemonade’s Policy 2.0 (with our first guest Joey Giangola!)
Jul 6 • 41 min
We discuss Lemonade's Policy 2.0 with our first special guest Joey Giangola. Plus, we talk to Joey more about #Elevate18 and he shares his thoughts on #InsuranceHappyHour. Lemonade Proposes Open Source Insurance Policy for All to Change, AdoptSpecial…
On the Road at #Elevate18
Jun 29 • 42 min
We were on the road this week and recorded at Agency Nation/'s conference Elevate. Also, we discuss how marketing is an investment and what to do instead of cutting marketing when money gets tight. Elevate
Signs an InsureTech Will Fail
Jun 22 • 42 min
We discuss the signs of why an insuretech startup might fail and how they can succeed. Hey InsurTechs: Here's why you will likely fail Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup Will you be at Elevate 2018? Let us know (@lrixford or…
Having the Right, Ethical Focus
Jun 15 • 43 min
We need to remember as an industry who we're serving. It's the clients. It's the clients who have and want choice. We discuss ethics in the industry and how consumers should be the only group we as an industry serve. That plus, do you find a job to fit…
Getting Our Groove Back
Jun 8 • 40 min
In this week's episode, Becky and Laird discuss ITC's major equity investment from the private equity firm Accel-KKR and what has us excited about ITC's future. We also discuss the industry's opportunity for change. ITC Receives Majority Equity Investment…
Is Insurance Ready for Virtual Reality? Is the World?
Mar 23 • 38 min
With the release of Ready Player One upcoming, Justin and Laird talk about how virtual reality could impact the insurance industry. If at all. Follow down the rabbit hole as we take a multi-generational view of technology now and into the future. Ready…
Did Beyoncé Give Lemonade the Business?
Mar 16 • 30 min
Joining the Insurance Industry as a Millennial
Mar 9 • 30 min
How does a millennial even get a start in the insurance industry? Join Laird and guest host Heather Cherry as they discuss how one millennial got their start in insurance, email marketing, office pet peeves, and ASMR. Special Guest: Heather Cherry.
Why We Started a Podcast
Mar 2 • 32 min
"People don't buy gadgets. People buy beliefs." We discuss this Elon Musk quote and dive deeper into why we started the Insurance Happy Hour podcast. We buy belief in our own human potential gapingvoid Some of the gapingvoid prints in the ITC office:
Open Access to Data is Critical
Feb 23 • 30 min
What's going to happen with agents in 2018? We discuss five predictions for agents this year and whether we agree or not. 2018: 5 Predictions for Agents
Working in the Insurance Industry
Feb 16 • 31 min
Considering that the average age of an insurance agent is 59 and that only 4% of millennials see the insurance industry as a career option, we have work to do to promote the benefits of working in the insurance industry. Drunk driving suspect on Bay…
Trusting Autonomous Cars
Feb 9 • 21 min
Would you trust an autonomous car? In this episode we talk about autonomous cars and Laird's "research" project. Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse -…
Insurance is About Data
Feb 2 • 31 min
In this episode, we talk about insurance carriers, data, and how they can use it better. Plus, find out what visionary Laird admires most and how Becky became an independent insurance agent customer. Bot playing Mario Bros Why AI Will Eat Insurance and…
Crushing It Is Relative
Jan 26 • 30 min
What were the insuretech companies doing in 2017? Laird talks about independent insurance agents and the insuretech movement. Plus, what agents shouldn't see as a lifeboat from rising insuretech competition and what Becky is excited about for 2018.…
Five Auto Insurance Trends to Watch in 2018
Jan 19 • 29 min
In the pilot episode of Insurance Happy Hour, we talk about five trends to watch in auto insurance this year. Plus, what Laird doesn’t want his auto insurance company to know and what trend Becky thinks will have the biggest impact on auto insurance.…