Talking Maiden

Talking Maiden
The Podcast of the Beast
011 - Iron Maiden - Dance of Death - Part 1
Feb 16 • 52 min
The guys go over the first half of Iron Maiden's Dance of Death track by track.
010 - Top 10 Iron Maiden Album Closers
Feb 9 • 47 min
The guys discuss some Iron Maiden news, the doomsday clock hysteria, and list their top 10 Iron Maiden album closers.
009 - A Matter of Life and Death - Part 2
Feb 2 • 66 min
The guys discuss the second half of A Matter of Life and Death, WWII, Eating "Puff Pigs", and discover the origins of Benjamin Breeg.
008 - A Matter of Life and Death - Part 1
Jan 26 • 73 min
The guys finally get some decent microphones for an audio upgrade. They discuss the underrated A Matter of Life and Death album, argue about KISS, and Josh unleashes his hatred for Sharon Osbourne.
007 - Somewhere in Time - Side B
Jan 10 • 49 min
The guys tackle Side B of Somewhere in Time, the 1986 singles, B-Sides, and take time out to scorn the Beatles.
006 - Somewhere in Time - Side A
Jan 6 • 38 min
The guys head to the cabin for a clip filled episode the night before a moose hunt. Ignore the crackle of the woodstove in the first few minutes and listen as we cover Side A of Somewhere in Time.
005 - Top 10 Album Openers
Jan 5 • 37 min
The guys discuss some Maiden news, list their top 10 Album Track Ones and bicker about Blaze Bayley… Again.
004 - Top 5 Iron Maiden Album Covers
Jan 4 • 38 min
The guys go over Iron Maiden’s album covers and rank their top 5 favorite cover art.
003 - Maiden Playlist for Non-Maiden Fans
Jan 3 • 47 min
The guys go over a playlist that introduces Bruce’s Solo catalogue and reveal their Top Ten songs to hook new Maiden Fans.
002 - Intro Episode
Jan 2 • 27 min
The guys discuss some Bruce Solo news, argue about Blaze Bayley and talk more about the future of the podcast. We remembered to plug in the mic this time!
001 - Preview Episode
Jan 1 • 22 min
The guys introduce the podcast, explain their history as maiden fans, and explain why they decided to start the Podcast of the Beast.