No, You Go

No, You Go
The show about sticking together
How to Draw a Scientist with Allison Crimmins
Feb 20 • 50 min
It’s no secret that 2017 was a trash year, and 2018 hasn’t been…easy. But somehow, we’re still here, making it work—and even finding inspiration, joy, and success. We want to talk about how we’re coping during even the most trying political and cultural…
You Should Run with Elizabeth Fiedler
Feb 13 • 57 min
On Episode 5, we cure our political fatigue with an interview with Elizabeth Fiedler, a progressive Democrat running for a seat in the PA House. We also chat about wage equity laws, salary negotiations, and why you—yes, you—should run for office. If…
Frands Forever with Alisha Ramos
Feb 6 • 39 min
HI FRANDS. We’re all BFFs now, right?…Right? In this episode, we talk about how we make new friends as busy adults, how we sustain relationships beyond grabbing lunch or drinks, and how we build the kinds of communities that give us LIFE. We’re also…
Cool Adults with Sara Chipps
Jan 30 • 34 min
Today’s show is all about getting started: taking the steps to turn new ideas into living, breathing (and sometimes even money-making) projects. Our guest this week is the totally rad Sara Chipps—the co-founder of Girl Develop It, and now the CEO of…
Pocket Rabbits with Eileen Webb
Jan 19 • 47 min
We made it to Episode 2—and hey, so did you! High five! This week, we’re all about TIME: how we make it, how we use it, and how we think about it. We’re also joined by our very first guest, Eileen Webb, who straight-up blew our minds with her take on…
Fancy, via South Philadelphia (Bonus!)
Jan 19 • 26 min
Hey look, it’s a bonus-ode! We sent our demo to a bunch of friends, and they sent us back, like, a zillion questions. So we thought we’d answer a few on air—and then ask you a question of our own. Does it alienate potential clients if I’m tweeting a lot…
Unapologetic Women
Jan 17 • 56 min
It’s the very first episode of No, You Go! Jenn, Katel, and Sara get together to talk about the itch to get out of a professional rut and start something new—whether that’s changing jobs, launching a company, building a side gig, or maybe…