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David Levine on Market Cycles, Geopolitics and Long-term Optimism [Episode 31]
Dec 11 • 58 min
Follow David: ParanoidBull account David’s personal account Odin River on Medium Other References: Peter Thiel debate Thread on David’s views about Bitcoin Support Bottomshelf Bitcoin
Dan Held on Interchange and PoW Efficiency [Episode 30]
Oct 9 • 37 min
Dan Held talks with me about Interchange, a project that Picks & Shovels is working on as well as his recent article on how Proof of Work is actually efficient. Follow Dan: Twitter Medium PoW is Efficient Picks and Shovels: Main site Twitter Harmony CSV…
Austin Storms talks Bitcoin mining [Episode 29]
Sep 18 • 87 min
Austin Storms talks to me about mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We talked about the progression of mining hardware and the nature of mining in various regulatory environments. Follow Austin Twitter Stories Quebec changes stance on Bitcoin…
Vortex on Bitcoin education and CryptoCast Network [Episode 28]
Sep 4 • 67 min
Vortex joins me to talk about his new channel CryptoCast Network, as well as his project Programming with Bitcoin, a C# workshop focused on how to work with Bitcoin. Follow Vortex Twitter CryptoCast Network CryptoCast main site Twitter…
Jameson Lopp on OpSec in the physical world [Episode 27]
Aug 28 • 55 min
Jameson Lopp joins me to talk about OpSec and making yourself a hard target. We also discussed his work with CasaHodl. Follow Lopp Twitter Mastodon Github Medium Earn Lopp’s Projects Physical Bitcoin attacks CasaHODL Stories…
Dhruv Bansal [Episode 26]
Aug 22 • 71 min
Dhruv Bansal of Unchained Capital comes on the show to talk about how hodlers can turn long term investments into short term opportunities via cryptoasset-backed lending. Follow Dhruv
Adam Gibson on UTXOs and Fungibility [Episode 25]
Aug 14 • 96 min
Follow Adam Gibson Twitter Mastodon Github Blog JoinMarket JoinMarket JoinMarket on Github Fungibility Tech Greg Maxwell on CoinJoin CoinJoin Samourai Wallet Wasabi Wallet HD Wallets Coin Shuffle from Tim Ruffing Greg Maxwell on Confidential…
Pierre Rochard on governance and social signaling [Episode 24]
Aug 7 • 65 min
Pierre Rochard comes on the show to talk Bitcoin governance, social signaling, Schelling points, and institutional money. Pierre Pierre on Twitter Debt jubilee tweet Pierre on Medium Bitcoin Governance Bitcoin Acks Bitcoin Advisory Noded Bitcoin Podcast…
Lightning Network Reference Rates with Nik Bhatia [Episode 23]
Aug 1 • 63 min
Nik Bhatia comes on to talk about his ideas on the Lightning Network Reference Rate and Bitcoin-native finance. We also touched on the blockchain credit ratings and the CFA Charterholder’s exam including cryptocurrencies. I also gave a little speech on…
Ethereum Centralization with StopAndDecrypt [Episode 22]
Jul 10 • 60 min
StopAndDecrypt joins me to discuss the trend towards centralization in the Ethereum network, and the importance of full validation. We also reveal that his is not in fact WhalePanda. StopAndDecrypt @stopanddecrypt StopAndDecrypt on Medium on Reddit…