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optimize your schedule | ep 44
Aug 6 • 4 min
Today we talk about how to stay ahead of the game and make your schedule. Thanks for watching!
You don’t need to be an expert
Jul 30 • 4 min
Part 4 of our Idea series. Its your idea that matters, you don’t need to be an expert!
Keeping up with your Network | EP43
Jul 29 • 3 min
Today we talk about some tip for keeping up with your network. Thanks for watching!
Passion over talent | The Idea Part 3
Jul 20 • 10 min
Today we discuss the role of your passion when formulating your ideas.
How to rank #1 on Google | EP 41
Jul 19 • 4 min
Today we talk about top SEO techniques to help you reach the #1 on google.
The Idea - Write Them Down | Part 2
Jul 18 • 10 min
Today we talk about the importance of every idea you have and writing them down.
What is new on Instagram | EP 40
Jul 17 • 3 min
Today we talk about what is new on Instagram!
The Idea | Part 1
Jul 16 • 4 min
Starting a business is comprised of many parts. We will start with the idea. Enjoy this mini series on business building.
A.R in our lives | EP 38
Jul 13 • 6 min
Today we talk about A.R
Edgybees first response Interview | TechCrunch Tel Aviv 2018
Jul 12 • 4 min
Techcrunch in tel aviv had a lot of really cool tech being showcased. One that stood out to us was Edgybees. Using A.R. and DJI drones as a first response assistant. Hope you enjoy the quick interview.
How to be awesome | EP 37
Jul 11 • 1 min
Hey entrepreneurs. Today we talk about being awesome and not sucking.
Our Journey | EP 36
Jul 10 • 6 min
Today we talk about our journey and how we decided to become entrepreneurs.
How to start a Podcast | EP 35
Jul 9 • 3 min
What are you waiting for? Podcasting has never been as easy to do as it is now. Today we talk about some tips on how to get started on your very own podcast.
The Billionaire Space Race | EP 34
Jul 8 • 5 min
Happy Sunday! Today we talk about the billionaire space race. Space X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic.
Network like a boss | EP 33
Jul 6 • 3 min
Today we talk about the importance of networking.
how to start a youtube channel | EP 32
Jul 5 • 8 min
Today we talked about how to start a youtube channel.
The VR Revolution | EP 31
Jul 4 • 8 min
Today we talk about what VR is and why it is important now a days..
The Test of Consistency | Ep 30
Jul 3 • 7 min
Latest episode of Jerusalem Hub
Embrace the lifestyle | EP 29
Jul 2 • 3 min
You gotta chill sometimes, but not too much.
5 Tips to be better on Linkedin | EP 28
Jul 1 • 4 min
Today we talk about 5 ways to improve your linkedin profile and make it pro. Have more tips?
Fintech conference and meeting great people | EP 27
Jun 29 • 7 min
Today we talk about the fintech conference ealier this week. What is fintech exactly and what it means for banking and money in the future.
5 Tips for a better Instagram | Ep 26
Jun 28 • 5 min
Today we talk about 5 ways to better your instagram game. Thanks for listening in!
Changing our marketing approach | Ep 25
Jun 27 • 3 min
Today we talk about how we are pivoting our content to smaller and more digestible content. This is a content marketing strategy we should have been doing all along, but hopefully you will learn from our mistake and start running small pieces of daily…
How to market a product or service | EP 24
Jun 19 • 54 min
This week we get to part 5 in our business development series. We talk in depth all about marketing and what it accomplishes.
All you need to know about product development | EP 23
Jun 15 • 50 min
This week we go into the next step of our series in business development.
How to plan and execute your business | EP 22
Jun 5 • 50 min
One of the most important parts of your business is the ability to take action. This week we discuss how that can be done, staying in the game and how to avoid the pitfalls that will prevent you from taking action to grow and build your business.
Why Market Research is important | EP 21
May 29 • 42 min
This week is part 2 of our series on business development. We discuss the mechanics of market research and why it is crucial as part of your business plan. Introduction [0:18] We are doing a series on how to start a business: [0:50] Motivational quote…
What is the big idea? EP 20
May 22 • 40 min
This week on the Jerusalem Hub Podcast, We begin our business building series. We discuss all about the idea. That spark of initial thought that will ignite your business. Introduction [00:22] Let’s reflect on 20 episodes for a bit [1:12] The biz…
How to crush it at a business conference | Ep 19
May 14 • 45 min
This week we talk about the right practices, and strategies to be successful and totally crush it at your next business conference. Intro (1:28) How do you prepare for a business conference? (1:56) What are the goals you want from the conference? (3:06)…
The Value of Creativity and Resourcefulness | EP 18
May 9 • 64 min
This week we go into depth about creativity innovation and what it means to be resourceful. Introduction- 1:00 What does it take to be creative?- 2:00 Change travel-3:09 History of airplanes- 4:20 What does it mean to be creative- 5:40 Do think that is…
Is todays education system outdated? | EP 17
May 1 • 54 min
This week we discuss the current education system. How it affects us, and its practicality.
What does it take to be a Leader | EP 16
Apr 24 • 59 min
This week we discuss about what it takes to be a leader. The innovation revolution and starting a business idea. Keeping your mindset right and a special challenge. 0:36 intro 1:46 the importance of leadership 3:50 Hockey and leadership 16:23 How…
The Passion & Warfare of an Entrepreneur | EP 15
Apr 18 • 70 min
This week we talk about the passion it takes to keep hustling as an entrepreneur. The wars and battles entrepreneurs and businesses face and conquer. And we talk about our awesome interview with Ofer Berkovitch, the up and coming Mayor of Jerusalem. Intro…
Remove the lens, drop out of college, and Nike | EP 14
Apr 11 • 77 min
This week we dig deep, talk about getting real with yourself and building businesses. Intro [0:45] The purpose of the podcast [0:55] This week [1:20] As far as this week is concerned we are 10xing it all Grinding in a big way Getting prepared for the next…
Google Accelerator Program & More Big Moves | Ep 13
Apr 4 • 51 min
Latest episode of Jerusalem Hub
Interns, Scent Tech, & LOA | EP 12
Mar 28 • 59 min
This week we introduce our first intern. We talk about new emerging technology, and exploring the law of attraction. Intro music [0:12] Shalom introduces [0:43] Guest interview [1:20] Our guest is number 5 of the Jhub team Gary Waller 3 months since this…
Conquering fear, Real Estate & the art of getting NO | EP 11
Mar 22 • 66 min
intro [0:30] The purpose of the podcast [0:48] We have two new team members Jhub welcomes [1:30] Yehuda - blogging/content writer Gary waller- web developer Web of income [4:28] We are implementing the 4 hour work week Optimization [6:00] As far as our…
Alexa Skills, Meditation & Tech Hubs | EP X
Mar 14 • 61 min
This week episode X (10) We discuss our new Alexa Skill, how meditation can help you, and other fun updates in the world of tech.
Digging Deep & Optimizing a Business | EP 9
Mar 8 • 55 min
In this weeks episode we dig deep into our own business and motives. We get personal and discuss what is working and what is not working. Intro 0:30 The purpose of the podcast 1:00 What we’ve been up too: 1:30 We are on a lot of hush hush behind the…
Jerusalem Hub episode 1
Mar 1 • 41 min
Successes & Failures | Ep 8
Feb 28 • 41 min
Latest episode of Jerusalem Hub
Cyber Security & Megaprojects
Feb 22 • 33 min
This week we are live from Mike’s Place in Jerusalem talking about cyber security, chinese mega projects and more. With special guests.
VCs, SpaceX and Motivation EP6
Feb 14 • 60 min
This weeks episode we discuss how to conduct a meeting with a VC, current affairs and some good motivation.
Finance and VR | Ep 5
Feb 6 • 53 min
Recap of the Ourcrowd summit, a little about investing and VR. Ourcrowd summit - 1:46 Sat with over 10 companies - 13:46 Upcoming interviews - 17:30 VR - 21:18 System of accountability -23:23 Event at mikes place - 29:27 Current affairs - 32:00 Books…
The Art of Marketing & Growth
Jan 30 • 59 min
The spirit walk that gave us clarity The Herzliya biz conference Ourcrowd global investor summit (coming right up) Made in JLM contacted us! Stand with us (our secret project) Our upcoming meeting with Mati (small business association) What’s happening…
Startups, blockchain and more
Jan 23 • 51 min
In this weeks episode of the Jerusalem Hub audio experience we discuss: Jerusalem Hub’s first Power networking event at power coffee works. How we are going to market ourselves at the Ourcrowd investor summit Our SEO growth strategy The beginnings of the…
Jerusalem Hub podcast ep 2
Jan 17 • 41 min
Another great meeting with Jerusalem Hub. Learn how to conduct productive meetings by listening into ours!