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The Processor Journey of Bootstrapping to Raising Money
Nov 19 • 57 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Periodic Effects The hardest part of running a successful cannabis company is the constantly shifting landscape. What worked last year might not work this year. Our guests are Carrie Solomon & Jody Ake, Co-Founders of…
Analyzing Global Cannabis Prices
Nov 18 • 35 min
Shout out to the team at Cannabis Science Podcast for today’s episode! Today our resident prosumer, Kimit Sekhon, lends us some of his direct hands-on expertise together with Dr. Ricardo Rivera in order to help make sense of the economics of retail…
Who Is Jacqui Childs? An Inside Look!
Nov 15 • 24 min
Cannabis Update Podcast drops today’s interview with Jacqui Childs. Live from Hempfest Calgary, Michael & Jacqui talk about life, media & of course cannabis! This one’s easy going & lots of fun. Enjoy!
Reefer MEDness - Outside the tent; inside the lab
Nov 14 • 39 min
Join Kirk and Trevor as they reach from the shelf to bring three stories to you. the first two stories come from Nanaimo when Kirk was visiting a pop-up safe injection site; a tent actually set up in the mayor ‘s Parking lot. We meet Danielle Jackson…
Sessions by The H(e)rblife - Take the Reigns Ladies
Nov 13 • 31 min
This episode you’ll be hearing from sister duo Zia and Tamu Stolbie, who perfectly encapsulate the ‘hustle’ mentality we all hear about in the cannabis space. The Stolbie sisters, as their known in the local industry, have several businesses in operation,…
Cannabis Science Podcast - Extracting Cannabis with Ethanol – Good Idea or Drunk on Fumes
Nov 12 • 41 min
Alcohol (aka ethanol) is one of the most popular recreational drugs on the planet. Ethanol is also widely used as an industrial solvent in a huge amount of processes, including cannabis extraction. In the second part of our cannabis extraction suite, the…
Flower Hour Pod Se02 Ep03
Nov 8 • 41 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by the boys at Flower Hour Podcast! Murder We Wrote Tim and Nic return with an episode where they talk about Murder She Wrote, HBO’s The Deuce, Jaws 2, Feed Us a Fetus and Anderson Paak. Do not fear that just because we…
Converting Digital Traffic to Foot Traffic
Nov 7 • 60 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Periodic Effects :) With Cannabis marketing being so restrictive, how do brands get creative and gain exposure? Our guest is Kirk Evans, Co-Founder of Sherpa, a digital marketing agency. We discuss insights for…
The Creator of The Cannabis Show & Royal Ascension talks Canna-Media!
Nov 6 • 12 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Michael @cannupdatepod Amy Lafleche might be a bit of a mystery woman, however her work is anything but. Amy’s the founder & creator of the trail blazing web series “The Cannabis Show” & now co-founder of the…
The Cannabinoid Soup - Cannabis Science Podcast
Nov 5 • 42 min
Today’s episode is brought to you by the Cannabis Science Podcast :) Cannabis is an incredibly dynamic plant with hundreds of chemical compounds within it. Despite the well-known THC and CBD molecules everyone talks about, few people really know or…
Small Town Alberta - Reefer MEDness
Nov 4 • 45 min
Kirk travels back to familiar territory. The master of the cold-call finds opportunity to bring listeners a couple Cannabis stories while visiting his Alberta family. Canadian listeners will remember how the hamlet of Lac La Biche helped the citizens of…
Healing and Truth Were Foundational to Making Cannabis Legal
Nov 1 • 44 min
Today’s Podcast is brought to you buy Sessions from The Herblife his episode we welcome two passionate cannabis advocates and industry professionals, Emerald Asuncion and Abi Sampson. Tune in to listen to Emerald and Abi as they discuss their experiences…
Flower Hour Podcast - A Travolta In Time and Space S1 E2
Oct 31 • 42 min
Thanks to Nic & Tim for today’s podcast contribution! A Travolta In Time and Space S1 E2 Tim and Nic are back talking about Scientology, Units of Measure, Kidney Stones and laser penises. Then Windsor/Essex Cannabis Activist and entrepeneur Leo Lucier…
Effects-Based Retail & Merchandising of Cannabis
Oct 30 • 62 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Periodic Effects Cannabis Retailers are battling oversaturation with multiple competitors in walking distance. When consumers have so many shops to choose from, how does a Retailer stand out? Some are starting to…
Insights on Retail Cannabis, An Interview with Ryan Roch of Lakecity Cannabis
Oct 29 • 30 min
Today’s podcast is contributed by Michael with Cannabis Update :) This is another interview recorded at Hempfest in Calgary (Thanks to them!) Ryan is a well known cannabis influencer, reviewer & legal shop owner. Ryan knows the business from the retail…
Cannabis Landraces: What are they really?
Oct 28 • 38 min
Proud to published our first podcast by The Cannabis Science Podcast, hope you enjoy! Many people have been talking about the importance of landraces long before the rise of the modern cannabis industry. Yet, it seems very few people actually know what…
Sessions Podcast - We’ve Seen Regulation Create An Environmental Predator Out of the Cannabis Industry
Oct 25 • 31 min
Today’s podcast is by The H(e)rblife :) This Session you’ll hear from Andrea and Jeremy of The Village Bloomery, in Vancouver BC. The Village opened its doors back in 2015, where they operated for four years as a grey market retail store. As of August of…
Merging Cannabis Science & Technology for Mainstream Adoption
Oct 24 • 69 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Periodic Effects. How is science different from technology? And why are these merging around cannabis to usher in the new frontier? Our guest is Ruth Fisher, Ph.D., Author of “The Medical Cannabis Primer” and…
Craft Cannabis Start Up, What it takes. Int w Kieley Beaudry
Oct 21 • 35 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by @cannupdatepod There are many ways to try to make a living in the cannabis space but it’s not always just about money. Kieley Beaudry is the co-founder of craft cannabis start up Parkland Flower & she joined me on this…
Crohn’s Disease drives Scientist to start Cannabis Company
Oct 18 • 46 min
Today’s podcast is provided by Periodic Effects. To find out more about Wayne & his podcasts, check out A lot covered in today’s cannabis podcast. Will CBD be regulated like a drug under the FDA, like alcohol under the ATF…
Flower Hour Podcast Ep01 - The first Episode Ever!
Oct 16 • 79 min
Thanks to Flower Hour Podcast for joining the collective :) Nic & Tim talk about the biz & speak with Blue from The Cannablysts. In the first ever episode of The Flower Hour Podcast Tim and Nic talk to Craig Wiggins from The Cannalysts about their earth…
Sessions Podcast - We Have Been Really Good With the ‘Now What’
Oct 15 • 30 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by The H(e)rb Life’s Sessions Podcast :) This episode is a gem for anyone just starting off in the cannabis industry or hoping to pursue a career in the space. Our guests have have made a career out of advising people on…
Hempfest Cannabis Cup this Weekend - Interview w The Cannabis Sommelier
Oct 11 • 46 min
The Cannabis Sommelier is a cool cat. Knows his wine, his food & of course his weed. Michael speaks to Andrew Freedman about his life & the Cannabis Cup taking place this weekend in Calgary. Enjoy.
There’s No Way To Go But Up! - Sessions Podcast by The H(e)rblife
Oct 10 • 42 min
Today’s podcast was contributed by the team at :) This episode we welcome Laura Doell and Candice Johnson from Sundial Cannabis who discuss everything from Integrated Crop Management (ICM), to the challenges and triumphs of women…
Periodic Effects Podcast - Are Cannabis Values Trumped UP?
Oct 9 • 59 min
Today’s collective podcast is produced by Wayne from Periodic Effects. This is the Collective’s only US-based production, hope you enjoy! Should you invest in cannabis? If so, where in the industry? Or if you’re trying to raise money or sell your…
Why Mexico May Be The Next Cannabis Green Rush
Oct 8 • 39 min
Today’s podcast is by Cannabis Update :) There are some people you follow online & never meet, but you just know they’d be an amazing person to interview sometime if given the opportunity. A while back, I did an interview with Jorge Rubio about the hemp…
Reefer MEDness - Hempfest the 4th Potpourri
Oct 7 • 29 min
We are looking back on the Summer of 2019. One of Kirk and Trevor’s highlites was going to HempFest in Saskatoon. We talked to Jodi McDonald of Keystone Labs. Jodi’s company will sell you a “Key Box” to allow you to get lab quality analysis of your home…
Periodics Effects Podcast - Cannabis Industry BS Detector w Kristen Yoder
Oct 1 • 67 min
PE’s host Wayne speaks with industry player Kristen Yoder in today’s Collective offering! The cannabis industry is moving quickly and the perspective from legacy operators can provide many insights on a proper path forward. Our guest is Kristen Yoder,…
Current Perspective on Cannabis Investing
Sep 30 • 34 min
Steven Feldman is a seasoned investor & has kept his finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry for quite some time. Steven is also the host of a radio show that discusses the cannabis business, so his perspective runs deep. In this interview, Steven…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - High-climbin’ Gaimon and The Worst Retirement Ever
Sep 25 • 42 min
Do you know any professional athletes using Cannabis? It is difficult finding one willing to talk about it on the record. Phil Gaimon, once within the top fifty world’s best professional road racing cyclists, graciously chats with Kirk on how he uses…
Periodic Effects Podcast - Vaping Pt 2
Sep 23 • 48 min
Wayne from Periodic Effects Podcast speaks with Emma Chasen about vaporizers in part 2 of this series. We further expand on recent reportings of vaping illnesses and deaths by discussing what consumers should look out for, considerations for processors,…
CUP - Int w Brad Martin AKA PanCakeNap, product analyst & designated grower
Sep 19 • 24 min
Super happy to be sharing this one into the collective. Many people know Brad as @pancakenap420 on Twitter. He posts review videos & articles online very regularly & is quickly attracting a huge & loyal following. When Brad does a review or gives his…
Periodic Effects - Vaping Part 01
Sep 18 • 49 min
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Wayne @ Periodic Effects, this is a 2 part podcast discussing vaping, enjoy :) Numbers for illnesses and deaths possibly caused by vaping are increasing. Why this is happening has yet to be fully discovered. Our guest…
“The Haze” Podcast - Int. w Jessica Moran of Strainprint
Sep 17 • 41 min
In this episode of The Haze Podcast, Peter talks to Jessica Moran, Director of Marketing and Communications at Strainprint Technologies Inc. With 17 years of experience in marketing and public relations, Jessica ran her own consultancy prior to coming on…
Treating Tourette’s Syndrome w Cannabis - Int w Freedom of Green’s Ryan Treadwell
Sep 12 • 18 min
Today’s podcast is presented by Cannabis Update (CUP) Turette’s Syndrome is probably something that most of us don’t know a lot. Ryan Treadwell, co-founder of Freedom of Green Movement spoke about his experience with Turette’s and his life-long struggle…
Periodic Effects - How Nurses & Family Doctors can Suggest Cannabis
Sep 10 • 71 min
Cannabis is being used for many different ailments and new studies are constantly coming out! However, how Nurses and Family Doctors can recommend cannabis is a grey area as it’s still federally illegal. Our guest is Barbara Blaser, R.N. and Clinical…
The Haze Podcast by Cannabiz Social - Int w Stephanie Ostrander
Sep 9 • 32 min
Today’s podcast is by Peter from Cannabiz Social! The cannabis marketing environment is restrictive and challenging. The Haze uncovers best practices, winning strategies and favourite tactics for building successful and enduring cannabis brands. If you…
Cannabis Update - Hemp Shoes, An Int w Dope Kicks
Sep 6 • 17 min
Michael from Cannabis Update offers today’s Podcast! Michael sat down with Bernardo Carreira who is the CEO of a Hemp made shoe company called Dope Kicks. Now these shoes really are “dope”, if you check out their website, you’ll see what I mean!! Bernardo…
Profiles by Cannabiz Social - Int. w Trina Fraser
Sep 4 • 37 min
This pre-legalization interview is by Peter with Cannabiz Social. Peter spoke with Trina Fraser. She is a partner with Brazeau Seller Law, specializing in Business Transfer and Acquisitions, Cannabis Law, Corporate and Commercial Low, Intellectual…
Why Strain Names Might Not Matter
Sep 3 • 63 min
Periodic Effects delivers today’s podcast :) Another episode focused on cannabis flower and growing. Discover why and when a strain name might not be reliable. Learn about different cultivation practices and how the plant’s development is not only…
Reefer MEDness - Sex And Pharmacy w Kieley Beaudry
Aug 29 • 62 min
Kieley Beaudry has so many facets to her cannabis knowledge, including Co-Founder of Parkland Flower Inc, President of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association, and parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis (who uses cannabis). But Kieley agreed to…
CUP - Int. w Pot Leaf News
Aug 28 • 32 min
Michael from Cannabis Update drops his latest for today’s podcast :) Michael speaks with Calgary-based Russell Dee & Sean Simpson about their business, how it works & of course, get’s lots of perspective on cannabis & legalization. If you’re interested,…
Periodic Effects - How Terpenes Fight Anxiety
Aug 27 • 19 min
Today’s podcast is by Wayne at Periodic Effects. This is part of his Cannabis Business & Science series for budtenders & people in the retail side of the industry. Short & sweet, not to be missed! For more info:
CUP - Mexico Update w Jorge Rubio
Aug 22 • 21 min
Today’s podcast is presented by Cannabis Update! When it comes to legalizing cannabis, everybody seems to be watching Canada these days. Most countries probably won’t want to miss out on potential tax revenue streams from cannabis & hemp, Mexico is no…
Reefer MEDness - Liver Let Die? A CBD Story
Aug 21 • 37 min
The boys from Reefer MEDness are today’s podcast contributors! “Marijuana Study Finds CBD Can Cause Liver Damage”. This article in Forbes by Mike Adams blew up on Cannabis Twitter. What is the truth? Does the ubiquitous CBD beat up on the poor defenceless…
Periodic Effects Podcast - How you Consume Cannabis Matters
Aug 20 • 73 min
Today’s podcast is presented by Periodic Effects! “We’ve talked a lot about the science of cannabis and predicting effects, cannabinoids and terpenes matter, but how cannabis is consumed also greatly influences the effects you experience. Our guest is…
Cannabis Update Podcast - Int. w Mark Spear of Wildfire Collective
Aug 19 • 25 min
Today’s podcast is by Cannabis Update Podcast! Michael speaks with Wildfire Collective CEO Mark Spear! Mark Spear is leading a movement towards outdoor-organic cannabis in Canada. His company Wildfire Collective, already has 3 farms involved in the group…
Common Ground Through CBD - Int w God’s Greenery
Aug 16 • 33 min
Today’s podcast is presented by CUP (@cannupdatepod) Michael speaks with Natalie Gillespie about her organization called God’s Greenery. They are a Christian movement that are embracing the potential healing properties of CBD. Michael asks her obvious…
International Research on Cannabis
Aug 14 • 84 min
Today’s Podcast is by Periodic Effects! Research on the Science of Cannabis is expanding quickly. While new discoveries are being made faster than ever, how these new findings will be integrated into commercial cannabis products is a new frontier. We…
Extracted Podcast - Int w Nick Jikomes pt 2
Aug 12 • 38 min
Today’s podcast is presented by Extracted! This is part two of our chat with Leafly’s Principal Research Scientist, Nick Jikomes. Nick goes into more detail about strain classification, providing a glimpse into Leafly’s future plans for organizing…
CUP Ep126 - Int w Canna-Media Rock Star Gill Polard!
Aug 9 • 21 min
Today’s podcast is presented by CUP (Cannabis Update Podcast)! Happy Friday :) Continuing on my with my summer canna-media theme, I sat down with Gill Polard in what might be the most beautiful place that I’ve ever recorded a podcast. As we sat on the…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Hempfest Part 03 Potpourri
Aug 8 • 26 min
Today’s podcast is by the boys at Reefer MEDness :) Listen as Trevor and Kirk walk through the displays at Hempfest Canada Saskatoon’s expo. We hear from a Lawyer, Insurance Broker, Master Grower, and a Horticulturist. Can you refuse a roadside alcohol…
The Cannabis Act - Int w Dana Larsen & More!
Aug 7 • 80 min
Today’s podcast is by The Cannabis Act! “In this episode Jon and Nic are gearing up to go to Grow Up Niagara, they talk about eating raw cannabis, migrant workers in the cannabis industry, Cannabis curbing binge drinking, and Cannabis Activist, Author,…
Cannabiz Social Podcast - Int w Victoria Dekker of Organigram
Aug 6 • 29 min
Today’s podcast is by Cannabiz Social! Peter speaks with Victoria Dekker. Victoria is the Communications Manager with Organigram, Atlantic Canada’s original licensed producer of high-quality medical cannabis. Victoria’s passion for cannabis started when…
Extracted Podcast - Science Strains w Nick Jikomes Part 01
Aug 5 • 26 min
Today’s collective contribution is by Chris & Kayla from Extracted! In this two-parter, we welcome Leafly’s Principal Research Scientist, Nick Jikomes. Nick takes us for a tour inside the endocannabinoid system and drops game-changing knowledge about…
Extracted Podcast - Growing Organic w David Bernard-Perron
Aug 1 • 37 min
What does it take to grow organic cannabis? There’s no better person to ask than this week’s guest, David Bernard-Perron. David is the VP of Growing Operations at The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) and a brilliant source of knowledge for all things…
Periodic Effects Podcast - The Future of International Cannabis & Finance
Jul 31 • 67 min
Today’s podcast is presented by Periodic Effects! The cannabis industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever! What does that mean for individual States and Countries outside the US? And how does a business position itself for the best chance to succeed?…
Reefer MEDness- Int. w Lyme Warrior Sue Letwin
Jul 30 • 28 min
Today’s podcast is presented by Reefer MEDness! Kirk and Trevor are live on stage at HempFest Saskatoon for a second time! This time Trevor talks with Sue Letwin(@LetwinSue). Sue has Lyme Disease. She explains how this misunderstood condition effects her…
Cannabis Update Podcast Ep125 - Int w Hart Steinfeld
Jul 29 • 36 min
Today’s Interview is presented by Cannabis Update Podcast! Michael interviews Hart Steinfeld. Hart’s a well known figure in the Cannabis media scene as well as a respected representative for leading cannabis companies. He’s been one of the key players on…
Extracted Podcast - Finance, FOMO & More!
Jul 26 • 33 min
Today’s Podcast is by Extracted!! In this finance focused episode, we’re joined by active advisor and thought leader Aaron Salz, founder of Stoic Advisory Inc. We get into the nuts and bolts of the cannabis capital markets, and why FOMO isn’t exactly a…
The Cannabis Act - A Lost Friend and more
Jul 25 • 66 min
Today’s Podcast is presented by the boys at The Cannabis Act. “Jon and Nic talk Doug Ford, they commiserate the loss of a friend and mentor, they talk NCLS and their marketing faux pas and Matthew Watters from CBD Therapeutics calls in from sunny Victoria…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Int w Jacqui Childs @ Hempfest
Jul 24 • 32 min
Kirk and Trevor were live on stage at HempFest Canada in Saskatoon in June 2019 with Jacqui Childs (@JacquiChilds). Jacqui talks about her journey with Cannabis helping her with Crohn’s, anxiety and depression. Now that Cannabis has helped her, Jacqui…
Cannabiz Social Podcast - Int. with Kieley Beaudry of Parkland Flower
Jul 23 • 27 min
Today’s podcast is by Cannabiz Social - Haze Podcast! This week on the Haze, Peter Pilarski speaks with Kieley Beaudry, co-founder of Parkland Flower. Kieley has been a consumer of cannabis for most of her life and cannabis use has become integrated…
Periodic Effects Podcast Ep102 Cannabis Science, Merchandising & Best in Class Budtenders
Jul 22 • 71 min
Happy Monday! Today’s podcast is by Periodic Effects! How do Dispensaries take the leading cannabis science and connect it to merchandising and sales? How can Budtenders communicate the science to consumers for the best experience possible? What…
The Cannabis Act Podcast - Cannabis Etiquette & More!
Jul 19 • 69 min
The Cannabis Act Podcast drop today’s episode! In the episode Nic and Jon talk about Cannabis Etiquette, B.C farmers being slapped with new regulations which meant to stop cannabis grows, Health Canada’s 2.3% extra tax on LP revenues and we chat with…
Cannabis Update Podcast Ep124 - Medical Cannabis in Hawaii
Jul 18 • 20 min
Today’s podcast features Michael & Cannabis Update Podcast! In this interview, Michael had a chance to sit down with medical cannabis advocate Teri Gorman from Maui Grown Therapies. Teri discusses the current state of medical cannabis in Hawaii, gives a…
Extracted Podcast - The View from Europe with George McBride
Jul 17 • 36 min
Today’s Collective Contribution is by Extracted Podcast! Extracted goes international! We’re joined from across the pond by George McBride, Co-founder of Cannabis Europa and Hanway Associates. We get George’s take on cannabis in the UK, the broader…
Cannabiz Social “The Haze Podcast” - Ryan Roch of Lakecity Cannabis
Jul 16 • 34 min
This weeks collective contribution is from Cannabis Social & their new format “The Haze”! Enjoy This week on the Haze, Peter speaks with Ryan Roch from Lake City Cannabis. Ryan previously led a successful career in the telecommunications industry and…
Periodic Effects Podcast Ep100 - Highlights from the first 100 episodes!
Jul 15 • 74 min
Introducing Periodic Effects Podcast. These guys represent the first US-based podcast to join the collective. Don’t forget that if you like this podcast, please go directly to the Periodic Effects website & subscribe there as well!…
CUP Ep123 - Interview with Media Guru Rachel Colic
Jul 12 • 46 min
today’s Podcast was produced by Michael from. Cannabis Update Podcast Michael speaks with Rachel Colic, who is someone who has been very active in the cannabis space for a number of years. She brings a background in marketing & media into a very…
The Cannabis Act Podcast - The Willy Wonka of Weed!
Jul 10 • 89 min
In today’s collective contribution, the Boys from The Cannabis Act are staying warm as Windsor gets their first blast of Winter. They get conspiratorial with Bill Hicks, Alex Jones and Doug Ford. They talk about Windsor City Council making the right…
The Future of Cannabis in Canada with Chris Fair
Jul 9 • 33 min
In this podcast, Chris & Kayla discuss the findings from the Future of Cannabis in Canada Report – a new research study from Resonance Consultancy and Valens. How do Canadians feel about cannabis since legalization? Where are we going next? We’re joined…
Cannabiz Social Podcast - Interview with Terry Lake
Jul 8 • 32 min
Dr. Terry Lake brings sixteen years of political experience and a dedication to best practice in public health policy to his role as Vice-President of Corporate and Social Responsibility. During his tenure as a member of the British Columbia legislature…
CUP Ep122 - Int w Hilary Black, CAO of Canopy Growth
Jul 5 • 36 min
Today’s collective podcast is by Cannabis Update Podcast. Michael speaks with cannabis advocate, legend & now Canopy’s Chief Advocacy Officer Hilary Black. Hilary has been a soldier in the fight for cannabis legalization and medical consumption since the…
Driving Law Podcast - BC’s New Cannabis Impaired Driving Laws
Jul 4 • 39 min
Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko discuss new 90-day administrative driving prohibitions for drug-impaired driving which are due to come into effect next month. They also talk about the constitutionality of the reverse onus provisions of the IRP scheme and the…
The Cannabis Act Podcast - Waffles on my Mind
Jul 2 • 47 min
In this episode, Nic & Jon once again deliver quality banter and perspective on the ever changing world of legal cannabis & more!
CUP Ep120 Interview with Pot/Pop Culture Geek Sarah Hanlon!
Jun 28 • 23 min
Cannabis Update Podcast (CUP) drops today’s offering! Michael interviews Sarah Hanlon! These days, Sarah seems like she’s everywhere, from TV, social media, podcasts and beyond.. Sarah’s unique perspective on the cannabis industry & her involvement in it…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Garden Variety
Jun 27 • 58 min
What should you expect when shopping for cannabis in Manitoba? Do you need your ID? Can you order ahead? Will your Cannabis be delivered? Is the staff educated on product? Kirk visits a friendly place prepared to assist you with discovering Cannabis. We…
Driving Law Podcast - Cannabis & Driving Study
Jun 26 • 48 min
In the podcast, Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko examine the findings of a scientific paper called “Cannabis use as a risk factor for causing motor vehicle crashes: a prospective study”. It found no evidence of significantly increased crash risk in drivers…
Cannabis Act - The Magic Johnson of Episodes!
Jun 25 • 48 min
The Magic Johnson of Episodes Ep 32 The Boys return for 2019 and check in after the holidays. Nic has come up with titles for a cannabis heist movie but no actual plot, they talk Nobody Cannabis, universities growing cannabis for research, the AGCO…
Extracted Podcast - Interview with Tantalus Labs’ Dan Sutton
Jun 24 • 33 min
In this interview, Chris & Kayla speak with CEO Dan Sutton & CFO Luke Jenkins from Tantalus Labs in the studio! The talk quality, supply and demand, and what true transparency means. Plus, hear more about their sungrown process and why they believe…
We’ve moved! Listen for details!
Jun 21 • 0 min
Not really a big deal, but if you listen to the Cannabis Media Collective on SoundCloud, you’ll have to switch.. Otherwise, you won’t even notice the change! Here’s where you can find us now!! iTunes: Anchor: Spotify:…
Extracted Podcast - Featuring Portland’s Emma Chasen
Jun 18 • 41 min
Cannabis educator extraordinaire, Emma Chasen calls in from Portland to drop some science and knowledge. Listen to her discuss terpenes, cannabinoids, and the importance of cannabis education for the industry and the people. Find out why Emma calls…
Cannabis Act Podcast featuring Dr. Jenna Valleriani
Jun 17 • 36 min
Jenna Valleriani is the CEO of NICHE & the Executive Director of Hope for Health Canada. Dr. Valleriani has a vast history working within the legal cannabis space & the boys from The Cannabis Act had a chance to sit down with her to talk cannabis. Enjoy.
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Addictions & Economics
Jun 14 • 80 min
Today’s podcast is by the boys at Reefer MEDness :) Are we addicted to taxes? Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Jason Childs. He is an economist who says whether you want to reduce harm from cannabis or increase government coffers then keep taxes on cannabis…
Extracted Podcast - Extraction 101 w. Vitalis
Jun 13 • 34 min
In this interview, Kayla & Chris caught up with Vitalis co-founders Joel Sherlock and James Seabrook to talk all things extraction. Follow the process from plant to oil, learn all about Supercritical CO2, and so much more. This is extraction, explained.…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep120 Int w Seed Technology CEO Matthew Cutone
Jun 12 • 25 min
The legal cannabis marketplace is full of entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, looking for new & unique ways of innovating this new space. Matthew Cutone is one of those entrepreneurs, taking technology that he’s successfully implemented in other industries &…
Cannabis Act Podcast - Mega-Podcast w the Cannalysts!
Jun 6 • 63 min
In the spirit of the podcast mashup taking place this weekend in Toronto, we’re publishing the first mashup with was done with The Cannalysts along with special guests! This one’s not to be missed!
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep119 - Int w Supreme CEO Navdeep Dhaliwal
Jun 4 • 21 min
Today’s podcast is by Canadian Cannabis Update! Supreme Cannabis may not have the physical size of some of the other Licensed Producers in Canada, but they certainly have one of the biggest & most respected brands. In this interview, Michael spoke with…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Pastors, Pot, And Prophets
May 31 • 65 min
Today’s podcast is by the boys @ Reefer MEDness! First up we meet the founding member of Christian Cannabis, Craig Gross. Once known as the “Porn Pastor,” Gross has a new message for Christian leaders. We learn how cannabis facilitated his personal…
Thursday Throwback! CanCannUpdate “Sports & Cannabis”, June 2018
May 30 • 54 min
This one was recorded last year & featured Ryan Roch from LakeCityCannabis. The topic was cannabis & sport.. Does it enhance one’s ability to perform or reduce it. This one is full of clips, tests, perspective & laughs.. It’s also a neat way to hear…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep118 - Intro to CFAMM & Ex. Dir Search!
May 29 • 15 min
In this podcast, Michael speaks to Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana AKA CFAMM are, as you might expect an organization that fights for the rights of medical cannabis patients across Canada & beyond. In this interview, Michael had a chance to…
The Dopist Podcast - Words of Wisdom (Healing with Montel Williams)
May 28 • 24 min
Montel Williams speaks with guest host Nicolle Hodges about his healing journey, his advocacy work, and business ventures with medicinal cannabis. The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you navigate and enjoy the cannabis landscape in Canada. Host Zoe…
Lake City Cannabis Review - Broken Coast’s Gabriola
May 27 • 7 min
In this podcast, Ryan reviews Gabriola from Broken Coast. It’s been described as a frost monster and did not disappoint. One of the better offerings he’s have seen on the Canadian legal cannabis recreation market. Even with the significant difference in…
Cannabis Act Podcast - Game of Drones
May 24 • 99 min
Game of Drones Ep 48 Jon and Nic return to ruin Game of Thrones, they talk about Wecann West, Edibles and Beverage. Then GoBlue returned for his 4th time on The Cannabis Act to talk about the #CannabisPodcastMashup which is happening in Toronto on June…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep117 Interview w RNMKR Agency’s Corey Herscu
May 23 • 18 min
Today’s podcast is by Canadian Cannabis Update! Everyone seems to have a business in the Cannabis space these days! Whether you’re big or small, we all need to define ourselves in a world full of competition & change. Corey is the founder of RNMKR Agency,…
The Dopist Podcast - Not Your Treats (Pets with Enid)
May 22 • 14 min
This Dopist podcast episode features Kate Valley. In this episode, Kate speaks with enid stiles who discuss how to keep your pet safe from cannabis toxicity. Enjoy!
Driving Law Podcast - Insights on the Draeger Drug Test 5000
May 21 • 24 min
Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko discuss testing of the federal government-approved roadside drug screening device, the Draeger DrugTest 5000, which made headlines this week. Follow Kyla Lee on Twitter: Follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter:…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Cannabis is for Kids
May 17 • 42 min
You don’t give cannabis products to children, right? Or what about that Charolette’s Web stuff for seizures? Dr. Robert Sealey is a physician from Victoria with extensive cannabis experience. He see children and has recommended cannabis for some of them.…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep116 Spirit Leaf CEO Darren Bondar
May 16 • 19 min
Inner Spirit Holdings / Spirit Leaf CEO Darren Bondar took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his vision for the recreational cannabis market place in Canada. Darren reveals his life leading up to Spirit Leaf, the company’s current status & his…
Canada Pot Talks - Business & Weekly News & Investment Updates
May 15 • 51 min
In this episode of #CanadaPotTalks, Steven talked with Royal Air Force Vet & patient advocate David ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson - Hutch became an unlikely spokesperson for patients in need of medical cannabis as a result of illness in his family losing both his…
The Cannabis Act Podcast - Anything Butt Hobo Ep 42
May 14 • 109 min
IJon and Nic are back with a podcast that last longer than a Terrance Malik movie. They boys riff on real life Verp article Hobo Dispensary, a gift of suppository, and all kinds of news from concussion to constipation. Then friend of the pod and Canadian…
The Dopist Podcast - Alarm & The System/Henry Rollins Interview
May 13 • 23 min
Henry Rollins speaks with Host Zoe Brownstone about his work as an advocate for legalization in America, ahead of his keynote at the O’Cannabiz Conference. The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you navigate and enjoy the cannabis landscape in Canada.…
Canadian Cannabis Update - Interview w HEXO’s Adam Miron
May 10 • 19 min
In today’s podcast, Michael from Canadian Cannabis Update interviews Hexo’s Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder Adam Miron. Adam provided details on the direction that HEXO is heading in 2019 & beyond. Enjoy! #HEXO
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Business & Investing Updates
May 9 • 51 min
In this podcast Steve discusses the latest legalization news & issues with Barinder Rasode CEOGrow Tech Labs Guests include Clever Real Estate’s Tommy O’Shaughnessy & Paul Pedersen CEO NextLeaf $OILS.c Follow Steven on Twitter at: @CanadaPotstocks
The Cannabis Act Podcast - Darth Cupcake’s Hemperial March
May 8 • 96 min
Darth Cupcake’s Hemperial March Ep 41 The Boys are back and they are talking Health Canada’s rules against LPs sponsoring charity events, Cannabis confiscation at the Canadian Boarder,The Great PEI Pot Heist, and then they are joined by Windsor Chef Kayla…
Lake city Cannabis Review - Shishkaberry from Canaca
May 7 • 8 min
In this review, Ryan jumped into Shiskaberry from Canaca. There has been a lot of talk about Shiskaberry from the Canadian recreational Cannabis market. Can it live up to the hype? We changed up the recipe a bit and are testing with both a bong and…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Tax Grab
May 6 • 39 min
Did you know medical cannabis is taxed? That is weirder than you might think. All other blood pressure pills, diabetes pills and depression pills that go through a pharmacy are not taxed. Yet medical cannabis, prescribed by a doctor or other health care…
The Dopist Podcast - Vibrations & Meditations
May 3 • 24 min
Alexandra-Jo Hastings speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about her healing practice, and how she uses cannabis to channel wisdom. — The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you navigate and enjoy the cannabis landscape in Canada. Host Zoe Brownstone talks to…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep114 - Cannabis Themed Weddings
May 2 • 12 min
Getting married? Love cannabis? Mary J Brides is a company that specializes in cannabis themed wedding planning & consulting. I sat down with Founder Laureen to talk about the business & why it just might make an impact on the neo-wedding scene :) Enjoy!…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - This Week’s Business Updates & Interviews
May 1 • 45 min
On this weeks #CanadaPotTalks , Barinder Rasode, CEO Grow Tech Labs joins the show to talk about all the latest news this week in Cannabis. Guests include Jeffery Mascio, CEO of Cannabis One. Cannabis One is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and…
Lake City Cannabis Review - Tangerine Dream from San Rafael
Apr 30 • 6 min
Ryan from Lake City Cannabis reviews the fruity and floral Tangerine Dream from San Rafael. This strain has received a lot of love from the Canadian Cannabis recreational Market. To see the original video review, click here: To shop…
Session Podcast by The Her(b)life - Some Meetings Would Be Better If I Were a Little Bit Stoned
Apr 29 • 50 min
If you’re into cannabis you’ve likely heard of BC Bud. Revered the world over, from the US to Australia, British Columbia is known as the birthplace of some of the worlds highest quality cannabis. So how do BC based producers live up to this gold…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Healing Communities Part 2
Apr 26 • 41 min
In Part 2 Kirk leaves Vancouver Island and visits Gimli, Manitoba. He discovers how a family doctor becomes a Cannabis consultant. Dr. Shelley Turner (@TheShelleyT) discusses how a deep interest in addictions directed her practice toward Cannabis. Her new…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep113 - Int. w Content Producer Matthew Lunde
Apr 25 • 34 min
If you try to keep up with cannabis related news & information, you’ll likely have come upon something that Matthew has published. Matthew is a full-time professional content producer & marketer with Harvest Medicine. Matthew has a wide ranging set of…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - This Week’s Business & Investment Updates
Apr 24 • 41 min
On this #CanadaPotTalks #420 special, Barinder Rasode, CEO Grow Tech Labs joins the show to talk about all the latest news this week in Cannabis. Guests include Khurram Malik CEO of BIOME, a vertically integrated Canadian cannabis producer growing through…
The Dopist Podcast - Cannabis Advertising with Rebecca Brown
Apr 23 • 32 min
Rebecca Brown, founder of Crowns Agency speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about her path to founding a cannabis advertising agency, and shares her perspective on cannabis marketing on the eve of legal retail. The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep112 - An Interview with #1, Ian Power!
Apr 22 • 29 min
On October 17th 2018, recreational cannabis was legalized across Canada. At midnight, Ian Power stood outside in the cold at a legal shop in St. John’s Newfoundland, waiting to buy the first legal gram of cannabis. Ian tells the whole story in this…
An Inside look at Abi Roach! Happy “Almost” 420 :)
Apr 19 • 32 min
In this podcast, we revisit an interview originally produced Nov 2018. Abi tells her story & gives perspective on this crazy industry. Happy Friday :)
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - This week’s News & Views!
Apr 18 • 51 min
This week, host Stephen Feldman talks about 420 Vancouver, Cannabis investing & more. Enjoy
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep111 - 420 Vancouver Review
Apr 17 • 10 min
Dana Larsen explains what you can expect at this year’s 420 Vancouver event! Enjoy :)
The Dopist Podcast - CBD & Recovery (Fitness with Lorilynn)
Apr 16 • 23 min
Lorilynn McCorrister, co-founder of Weedbox speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about coaching Cross Fit, and how cannabis can be a useful tool in a fitness routine for rest and recovery. —- The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you navigate and enjoy the…
Sessions Podcast - Cannabis is Going From Stigmatized to Sophisticated
Apr 15 • 43 min
Cannabis is one of the oldest plant medicines used by humankind, yet with the help of state-of-the-art technology we’re continuing to develop new ways of harnessing the plants many beneficial properties.This session we welcome Nicolle Hodges, founder of…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Healing Communities Part 1
Apr 12 • 67 min
Travel with Kirk and Trevor beyond simple harm reduction strategies. Kirk brings us stories from Vancouver Island to Gimli, showing us how the Cannabis Culture helps people be well. In Part 1, we meet Kevin Donnelly from Newleaf Outreach…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep110 - 420 Toronto Preview
Apr 11 • 10 min
420 Toronto is just around the corner! Promoter Mark Harrison explains what you can expect at the event. Mark’s an awesome guy & seems like lots of fun. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this! Enjoy.
The Dopist podcast- Authentikush (Genetic Verification with Blockstrain)
Apr 10 • 39 min
Robert Galarza and Tommy Stephenson, CEO and CTO of Blockstrain, speak with host Zoe Brownstone about their plan to revolutionize strain verification, and help pave the way to creating the ‘new normal’. The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you navigate…
Sessions Podcast - We Are People Who Work and Want To Be High All Day!
Apr 9 • 29 min
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a creative agency in the cannabis industry? According to Harlee Case, Creative Director of Ladies of Paradise, it’s the best job in the world. This episode of Sessions is hosted by Jade Daniels and…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep109 - 420 Music & Arts Festival Calgary Preview
Apr 8 • 45 min
Celestia & CC, Organizers of Calgary’s 420 Music & Arts Festival joined Michael for an interview about this event and some thoughts on cannabis & legalization in general. Find out what the festival is all about & be entertained by some fun canna-friendly…
Canadian Cannabis Update - Int. with “The Man” - Mike Zmuda
Apr 5 • 29 min
I was finally able to pin this mystery man down! MIke Zmuda, well know in the Twitter universe is a cannabis advocate, writer, industry worker & just a solid dude! Hear his story, get his perspective and more! Enjoy.
Sessions Podcast - We Can’t Just Be Consumers to Get the Full Benefit of the Plant
Apr 4 • 31 min
On this episode of Sessions we discuss cannabis as a spiritual ally, an aspect of the plant that is often glossed over in the mainstream conversation. Spirituality is a concept that differs from from person to person, what is deemed spiritual for a person…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Latest Business & Investment Insights
Apr 3 • 49 min
Steven speaks with Barinder Rasode, CEO of Gro Tech Labs, Naveep Daliwal, CEO of Supreme Cannabis & Ryan Brown of Northbud Farms. Enjoy!
The Dopist Podcast - Too High? Relaxation with Zoe Brownstone
Apr 2 • 8 min
Host Zoe Brownstone leads a guided relaxation, and shares some happy truths about the world. This episode is designed for those who have over-consumed cannabis, but can be enjoyed by anyone with headphones for full stereo-sound. The Dopist is a weekly…
Scott Trades Podcast - Pot Stock Investment Insights
Apr 1 • 15 min
Scott Trades is back with another pot stock review. Get his thoughts on the industry & more in our latest podcast :) Original video here: **This podcast is Scott’s opinion only and not investment advice. Please do your own research…
Lake City Cannabis Review - Galiano by Broken Coast
Mar 28 • 6 min
In this Youtube review (reformatted for podcast) Ryan examine Galiano by the LP Broken Coast. Sit back, relax & enjoy :) Original video:
Sessions Podcast - Featuring Barinder Rasode & Julie Domingo
Mar 27 • 54 min
“Sometimes You Have to Make Things Up, Be Super Creative and See What Sticks” Canada is on the world stage, and the future of the global cannabis industry relies on us getting legalisations right. Barinder Rasode and Julie Domingo host this weeks Session…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep106 - Introducing Dana Larsen!
Mar 26 • 43 min
I can’t deny that before this interview, I was a little nervous! What do you ask a guy who’s been in the public eye for 3 decades? Cannabis & drug policy of course, but beyond that, I wanted to know who Dana is once the cameras are off & the people have…
The Dopist Podcast - Raid! (Dispensary work with”Brett”)
Mar 25 • 25 min
Host Zoe Brownstone speaks with dispensary worker ‘Brett’. They discuss his path to becoming a cannabis connoisseur and budtender, his work at an illegal dispensary, and the experience of being raided and arrested in Fall 2018. The Dopist is a weekly…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep 105 Introducing Deepak Anand!
Mar 22 • 25 min
If you’ve been anywhere near the legal cannabis scene in Canada over the last few years, you make think you already know who Materia CEO Deepak Anand is. Well, most of us have heard him speak, watched him on Youtube or follow him on Twitter, but does…
Sessions Podcast - A Conversation with Dr Jenna Valleriani & Sarah Hanlon
Mar 21 • 40 min
Do you know what methods inform cannabis policy? Or who is making these decisions? How the factors which guide the regulation around distribution, price, access and education? These are just some of the questions highlighted in this weeks episode with Dr…
The Dopist Podcast - Eat Your Greens! Cooking with Ronnie Fishman
Mar 20 • 18 min
Ronnie Fishman of Hempster and Her Highness speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about her process for creating new cannabis-infused dishes, and vision for the future of edibles. The Dopist is a weekly podcast helping you navigate and enjoy the cannabis…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Latest Business & Investment News
Mar 19 • 48 min
This week, Steven speaks with Barinder Rasode & David Sutton from NanoSphere Health. Enjoy.
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep104 - Mendocino Generations
Mar 18 • 42 min
Chiah Rodriguez & Jamie Beatty are not your typical legacy growers. In the “business” for many years now, upon migrating into this new world of regulations, they realized that they were living a real-life David & Goliath story. They soon formed the craft…
Lake City Cannabis Review - Tantalus Labs Blue Dream
Mar 16 • 7 min
In this podcast, Ryan reviews the strain Blue Dream by Tantalus Labs. Find out if he likes it & wait till the end to hear his score!
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Cause Agnostic
Mar 15 • 55 min
Kirk and Trevor talk to PJ Barclay CEO of DriveABLE (@DriveABLE). DriveABLE has tools that look a impairment and cognition. But the impairment can be from opioid pain medication, muscle relaxant, lack of sleep, alcohol or cannabis. Legalization of…
The Dopist Podcast - Judge A Kush By It’s Cover
Mar 14 • 24 min
Amy Weinstein of 48 North, cannabis advocate and marketer, speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about product design and marketing in the cannabis industry. Amy compares her experiences with legalization in California and Canada, and discusses the packaging of…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep103- Int. w Canndora Club & Marigold PR Founders
Mar 13 • 21 min
Michael speaks with Bridget Hoffer & Katie Pringle about starting their companies Marigold PR & Canndora Club. Marigold PR helps companies navigate the complicated world of cannabis marketing, while Canndora Club provides female-focused cannabis…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Business & Investing News (09 Mar 2019)
Mar 12 • 50 min
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Business & Investing News (09 Mar 2019) by DISTINCT MEDIA
Sessions Podcast -There is No Such Thing As Your Own Lane, We Are Better Together
Mar 11 • 44 min
This Session features two wise women, Ashley Kingsley and Aliza Sherman, founders of Ellementa, the first global cannabis wellness network for women. They talk cannabis shop, the tech boom and how their shared experience of miscarriage planted the seed…
The Dopist Podcast - Vaporizers with Lisa Harun
Mar 8 • 34 min
Lisa Harun, co-founder and CMO of Vapium speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about the Toronto-based companies story, and how vaporizers can fit into an active lifestyle. Ep20: ReleasedMar 06, 2019
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Cannabis Business & News
Mar 7 • 28 min
Steven once again welcomes Barinder Rasode from Niche Canada & Grow Tech Labs to get you up to speed on the recent world of cannabis news & events. He than speaks with Actavist Dana Larsen & Sugerbud Craft Growers CFO Jeff Swainson. Enjoy!
The Medical Marijuana Podcast - Interview with Psychiatrist Dr. David L Nathan
Mar 6 • 28 min
In this podcast, Host Michael Pedersen speaks to MD & Psychiatrist Dr. David L Nathan, based out of New Jersey. Dr. Nathan discusses some potential breakthroughs, as well as how he believes the cannabis plant may be utilized to benefit one’s health. Dr.…
Sessions Podcast by the HE(R)BLIFE - Ep01
Mar 5 • 47 min
Episode is called “We know so much & we know so little” What do we know about cannabis and it’s role in the treatment of cancer? A lot and a little at the same time apparently. For this session we are joined by Vancouver based holistic nutritionist,…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - CannaCurious
Mar 4 • 55 min
Are you CannaCurious? What cannabis strain works best for a 47 year old woman in Manitoba for MS related spasticity? There’s an app for that! Kirk and Trevor talk to long time podcast sponsor, Strainprint ( about their app and the many,…
The Dopist Podcast - Cannabis Branding with Alice Greenberg
Mar 1 • 33 min
Alice Greenberg, strategic lead at Jacknife speaks with host Zoe Brownstone about how marketers are navigating the current restrictions on cannabis advertising, the importance of educating consumers and looking forward to how regulations may change in the…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep102 - Interview with Blockstrain CEO Robert Galarza
Feb 28 • 40 min
Blockstrain is a company that may change the way consumers look at their products. Based out of Vancouver, Blockstrain’s CEO Robert Galarza talks about the need for a company like his in this new and evolving industry. Enjoy :)
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Business & Investment Talk
Feb 27 • 49 min
In this podcast, Steven interviews Barinder Rasode, CEO of Growtech Labs, Chris Damas from the BCMI Cannabis Report & insights from Steve Gutterman President Harvest Health and Rec. Enjoy!
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep101 - Unionizing Cannabis Workers
Feb 26 • 19 min
UFCW’s National Representative Kevin Shimmin believes that it’s time to organize cannabis workers in Canada. Kevin discusses the UFCW’s successes in some U.S. states & their plan to represent & support Canadian workers the same way in the future. Enjoy.
Scott Trades Podcast - Trading Updates 24 Feb 2019
Feb 25 • 11 min
Scottrades published this YouTube video on Sunday with the latest updates from the world of Pot Stock Trading!! Enjoy! To watch the original, check out his page: This video is Scott’s opinion only and not investment advice. Please…
C-45 Quality Summit - Event Information
Feb 22 • 8 min
The C-45 Quality Summit is in Winnipeg from 23-25 April 2019. Stephanie Ostrander discusses the event, outlines the schedule & speaks about some of the speakers who will be presenting at the event. For more information:…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep100 BC Micro Growers Coop w. David Hurford
Feb 21 • 37 min
What can I say? Sometimes you anticipate an interesting interview & you are treated to something so much better! David Hurford, a long time cannabis & drug policy expert is leading a BC-based cooperative that just might change the game in the legal…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep99 Dr David L Nathan Interview
Feb 19 • 42 min
This is a wide-ranging & insightful interview by a man who is not just an advocate for cannabis legalization, but is also an MD & psychiatrist with an incredible perspective on medical marijuana. If you don’t know who Dr. David L. Nathan is yet, you’ll…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Team Wellness
Feb 18 • 68 min
Kirk talks to Nurse Practitioner Erin O’Shaughnessy about her practice. Erin works for Nalanda Health ( and prescribes cannabis for clients in need of help. Trevor talks to Carl Byrne a pharmacist at Nalanda Health who acts as a cannabis…
Lake City Cannabis Podcast - Joint vs Joint Review!
Feb 15 • 8 min
In this podcast (originally from YouTube), Ryan from Lake City Cannabis compares 2 different pre-rolls from 2 different companies. SYNR.G the Fantasy Island vs. Soleo, Gather To watch the original video, click here:
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep98 High Values with Erin Gratton
Feb 13 • 27 min
Erin Gratton has a long history of working in HR, recruitment & policy creation. Like many, she’s also an entrepreneur & she’s taking her knowledge to the cannabis space with her company called “High Values”. Erin talks about her experiences, gives…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Business Updates & Chat
Feb 12 • 46 min
In this episode, Steven speaks with: SpiritLeaf, Ryan Lee - Founder Chimera Genetic Resource Management & Barinder Rasode - Founder of NICHE
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep97 MNP Q&A - Calgary
Feb 11 • 28 min
There was a panel Q&A put on by MNP and moderated by Scott Laluk from MNP Calgary. There was a rockstar panel of guests including: Tony Loria - Principal Managing Director & Head of Investment Banking of Eight Capital. Trevor Fencott - CEO of Fire &…
Driving Law Podcast - Interview with Scott MacDonald
Feb 8 • 46 min
In this interview, Kyla speaks to Scott MacDonald, the author of Cannabis Crashes: Myths and Truths. They discuss the book’s topics, including the scientific evidence between cannabis use and traffic collisions and the validity of biological drug tests to…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep96 Cannabis in Mexico w Jorge Rubio
Feb 7 • 19 min
Jorge Rubio moved to Canada from Mexico to study our policies & witness first hand how legalization is rolling out. Eventually, Jorge plans to return to Mexico with enough knowledge & first-hand experience to assist Governments there with legalization.…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Business News / 02 Feb 2019
Feb 5 • 48 min
This week Steven speaks with Barinder Rasode about the state of the cannabis business industry, as well as Jesse Mcconnell from Rubicon Organics & David Purcell from Kwantlen University. Enjoy :)
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep95 An Interview with StrainPrint CEO Andrew Muroff
Feb 4 • 23 min
Andrew Muroff, (AKA @rockstart_inc on Twitter) is not your typical CEO & neither is the company that he runs. Strainprint stands alone in a world filled with companies trying to find success in the cannabis space. Andrew starts off by telling his story,…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Cannabis Business Update
Feb 1 • 52 min
In this episode of Canada Pot Talks, Steven speaks with Barinder Rasode, Deepak Anand & John McMullan about the current state of the Canadian cannabis business World, investments & more. Enjoy :)
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep94 Toronto Toke Tours Interiview
Jan 31 • 16 min
In this interview, we speak with Ed from Toronto Toke Tours who has started a company that gives locals and tourists an opportunity to explore Toronto, while enjoying cannabis. Enjoy For more info:
Lake City Cannabis Podcast -Aurora’s MK Ultra Review
Jan 30 • 6 min
Ryan from Lake City Cannabis (@lakecitycanna) reviews the MK Ultra Strain from Aurora Cannabis. It’s a mix of OG Kush and G13. It’s a solid review with a few laughs mixed in for good measure too! Check out the original video & subscribe to his YouTube…
Scott Trades Podcast - Trading Updates 27 Jan 2019
Jan 29 • 9 min
Scottrades published this YouTube video on Sunday with the latest updates from the world of Pot Stock Trading!! Enjoy! To watch the original, check out his page:
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep93 Advertising on Facebook
Jan 28 • 18 min
I had a chance to get a Facebook “Marketing Expert” on the phone to talk about marketing my podcasts in a World where cannabis related posts are not allowed! It was a good conversation with lots of tips & tricks on things to try! Hopefully, I won’t land…
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Boss Ladies
Jan 25 • 49 min
Kirk and Trevor talk to “Boss Ladies” about how they got into the Cannabis Space and why it is attracting so many female entrepreneurs. Then they shamelessly pick the brains of these Cannabis Business Experts for pearls on running and marketing a podcast.…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep92 The Botanical Brownie Interview
Jan 24 • 28 min
The Botanical Brownie is a Calgary-based edibles start up. Jennifer & Danya discuss their business vision, some of their challenges & victories! This interview proves that “if you can dream it, you can do it”, and Danya & Jennifer are quickly putting the…
Canada Pot Talks Podcast - Solomon Israel, Lisa Campbell & More!
Jan 23 • 46 min
In this podcast, Steven speaks with Barinder Rasode about the state of the legal cannabis space & Interviews Solomon Israel (The Leaf News) & Lisa Campbell, CEO of Lifford Cannabis. Enjoy!
Reefer MEDness Podcast - Hemp Hemp Hooray
Jan 22 • 52 min
-What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? -What’s up with all these “hemp derived CBD’s”? Kirk and Trevor talk to hemp pioneer Martin Moravcik, and hemp farmers Don Dewar and Chris Federowich. Martin has been a hemp promoter since the early…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep91 The Cannabis Sommelier Interview
Jan 21 • 37 min
Andrew Freedman is a a wine & cannabis expert, and he’s made it his mission to share his knowledge with the World. You can watch his daily videos on YouTube where he dives deep into the qualities of cannabis & wine as well as reviews countless legal…
Scott Trades Podcast - Pot Stock Update 19 Jan 2019
Jan 19 • 10 min
Scottrades is back with another cannabis investment update. To watch the original, subscribe to Scott’s YouTube Channel: Follow Scott on Twitter as well: Enjoy :)
Driving Law Podcast - Interview with Dana Larsen
Jan 18 • 49 min
In this podcast, Kyla speaks with cannabis activist & author Dana Larsen about cannabis-impaired driving as well as cannabis legalization in general. Cannabis-impaired driving legislation does not just impact driving law, it has an effect on wider issues…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep90 MediPharm Labs Update with Keith Strachan
Jan 17 • 27 min
Get the latest update on Medipharm Labs & the extraction business! Co-Founder Keith Strachan walks us through his world, provides perspective & tells the story of MediPharm’s humble beginnings. He’s a solid guy & a great communicator. I hope you enjoy :)
Lake City Cannabis - Chocolate Fondue Strain Review
Jan 15 • 6 min
In this podcast, reviews the beautiful Sativa strain Chocolate Fondue from DNA Genetics. Listen til the end for his rating & if you want to find out more about Lake City, him out at: Insta: @lakecitycannabis Twitter: @LakeCityCanna Facebook:…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep89 - Elevated Signals
Jan 14 • 31 min
Amar Singh, CEO of Elevated Signals is a bit of a super human! Not only does he have more academic credentials than most people on the planet, he also runs a company that makes business possible for Canadian LPs. Oh, did I mentioned he’s also a father & a…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep88 Interview with CannaMatch’s Glenn Wells
Jan 12 • 14 min
These days, many adults have tried online dating websites, Glenn Wells did too but decided that he wanted more. That’s how he came up with the idea to create CannaMatch, an online dating website that caters to cannabis friendly Canadians. In this…
Scott Trades Podcast - Pot Stock Recap for Jan 10
Jan 11 • 9 min
Scott Trades is back with another recap on the world of pot stock trading. This podcast was converted over from his Youtube page, if you like him, make sure you head there and subscribe :) **Originally published on Jan 10 2019
Reefer MEDness Podcast - The Endocannabinoid Researcher
Jan 10 • 33 min
What is the endocannabinoid system? Did you have that friend in high school with the hemp shirt who told you, “The body was designed to smoke pot, man!” That is not as crazy as it sounds. Trevor and Kirk talk to Dr. Robert Laprairie. He is a…
Lake City Cannabis Review -Jean Guy from 7ACRES
Jan 8 • 7 min
In this podcast, Ryan reviews the highly rated, much raved about cannabis strain Jean Guy from 7ACRES. This Hybrid has had much fanfare in the recreational market, and we are excited to start 2019 off with it.
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep87 - Interview with Activist Ted Smith
Jan 7 • 48 min
Ted Smith is a man who’s gone to war for the rights of cannabis users and medical patients for decades. He talks about his life, he tells some crazy stories, he discusses his loves & his dreams. It was my last interview of 2018 & I couldn’t think of a…
Driving Law w Kyla Lee - Int. w Mike Farnworth about Cannabis & Driving
Jan 5 • 44 min
Mike Farnworth, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General for British Columbia joins Kyla Lee for a wide-ranging discussion about the future of cannabis-impaired driving in the province. There’s an update on what’s happening with the 90-day…
Reefer Medness Podcast - Growing Cannabis legally at Home
Jan 4 • 65 min
In this episode, Kirk interviews an ACMPR legal grower from the grow space in his basement. The grower (Paul) is very environmentally conscious with his worm compost soil, no solvent resins and deep knowledge and respect for the cannabis plant. Plus he is…
Scott Trades - Pot Stock Updates for 02 January 2019
Jan 3 • 8 min
The first Scott Trades video in 2019 & the first published as an audio podcast in the Cannabis Media Collective :)Enjoy! *This podcast is Scott’s opinion only and not investment advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions.…
Canada Pot Talks - Featuring Nick from Lift & Co, Barinder Rasode & more
Jan 2 • 49 min
In this episode, Steven speaks with Barinder Rasode of NICHE Canada & Grow Tech Labs about the state of the industry, Nick Pateras from Lift & Co talks about their upcoming Vancouver event & gift giving as well as Hemp FX from the US in on the show to…
Canadian Cannabis Update Ep86 - An Interview with Cannabis At Work
Jan 1 • 24 min
The first podcast of 2019 & the new Cannabis Media Collective is up :) This one features Alison McMahon, CEO of the Cannabis at Work. If you’re looking for a job in the cannabis space, this interview is not to be missed.
Introducing Cannabis Media Collective!
Dec 31, 2018 • 2 min
2019 will be an amazing year and we’re excited to announce the launch of the Cannabis Media Collective. For more information, visit
Ep85 VIVO Cannabis - An Interview with CSO Shekhar Parmar
Dec 21, 2018 • 35 min
This is a detailed conversation with VIVO Cannabis’ CSO Shekhar Parmar about the company. There are so many things happening & this podcast will help you get up speed with VIVO’s history, where there are now and where they’re headed in the future. A…
Ep84 Earn Startup Capital - An Interview with Leaf Forward
Dec 19, 2018 • 16 min
Alex Blumenstein, CEO of Leaf Forward talks about his company’s system of identifying intelligent start ups, then backing them financially. Leaf Forward wants to find the next cannabis space entrepreneur to invest capital into. Could it be you?
Ep01 Introduction to Medical Marijuana - Interview with Dr. Richa Love, Founder of CannU
Dec 14, 2018 • 32 min
Welcome to our brand new podcast series called “The Medical Marijuana Podcast - A Search for Answers” featuring Dr. Richa Love of Harvest Medicine & Founder of CannU. Michael & Dr. Love talk about using cannabis as medicine from a very basic and inclusive…
Ep83 Aquaponics Explained - An Interview with Warren Bravo of Green Relief
Dec 10, 2018 • 25 min
Warren Bravo has a dream: to grow the best medical cannabis & to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner. Green Relief is the first company to grow cannabis on a large scale using a system called Aquaponics. Warren explains how it works, why it’s a…
Ep82 Cooking with Cannabis - An Interview with T H Sea Creations
Dec 7, 2018 • 20 min
Neil is a self described Chef & THC connoisseur. Neil founded T H Sea Creations, which is a company dedicated to teaching others how to cook wholesome meals infused with THC. Learn how he works & what his vision is for the future of home-made edibles in…
Ep81 Canadian Cannabis Awards - A Look Inside
Dec 3, 2018 • 21 min
I attended the Canadian Cannabis Awards on November 29th, produced by Lift & Co. This is an inside look at the event with perspective provided by many of attendants. Enjoy.
Ep80 Vitalis Extraction Technology - Interview with Founder Joel Sherlock
Nov 30, 2018 • 13 min
Joel Sherlock is the founder of a company called Vitalis Extractions Technology, a company that builds large-scale extraction devices that many of the biggest cannabis companies in the world rely on. Joel recognized a need in the industry and built a…
Ep79 Cannabis Impaired Driving - An interview with Lawyer Kyla Lee
Nov 26, 2018 • 21 min
Vancouver-based Defence Lawyer Kyla Lee is a very busy person these days. Her practice specializes in cannabis impaired driving, perhaps a new area of law, but area that is destined to require a lot of work. Kyla brings us up to speed what’s happening in…
Ep78 Rolling Papers - An Interview with Canadian Lumber’s Beau Cleeton
Nov 23, 2018 • 14 min
Beau Cleeton is a self described artist, marketer and entrepreneur. With cannabis legalization nearing, Beau recognized a need for a high end rolling paper product that Canadians could be proud of. This is the story of a start-up business with big dreams…
Ep77 Treating MS with Cannabis - An Interview with 3 Carbon Extracts CEO Phil Kwong
Nov 21, 2018 • 19 min
Philip Kwong is a pioneer of sorts. When diagnosed with MS, he began his search for a way to treat his symptoms using cannabis. This lead to opening his extraction company (3 Carbon Extractions) and becoming a leader in both the MS and cannabis space.…
Ep76 Cannabis for Mental Health - An Interview with Ryan Purvis
Nov 18, 2018 • 18 min
Ryan Purvis was a dedicated hockey player with aspirations of going pro. When that didn’t happen, Ryan found it difficult to adjust. That’s when Ryan realized that his struggles might actually be due to his mental health. Ryan is now an advocate for…
Ep75 Lift & Co Explored - An Interview with CEO Matei Olaru
Nov 14, 2018 • 14 min
Matei Olaru was already successful business person & lawyer, when he decided to change course and become the CEO of Lift & Co. The company is currently involved in the cannabis space in a growing number of ways and is well positioned to have a bright…
Ep74 Blockchain Tech. In Cannabis - An Interview with Rubikon’s Joel Semczyszyn
Nov 12, 2018 • 22 min
Rubikon’s Joel Semczyszyn might be a bit of a maverick. While most people are just trying to figure out a way to survive in this new legal cannabis space, Joel is already defining new ways of enhancing it using blockchain technology. If you don’t know…
Ep73 Cannabis Biz Security - An Interview with Barry Davidson
Nov 9, 2018 • 33 min
Barry Davidson from David Hyde & Associates is a bit of a security expert. Not only has he worked at over 100 cannabis related sites in Alberta alone, he’s been in the security business for decades. Barry explains what it takes to apply for business…
Ep72 James West - An Inside Look at The Midas Letter
Nov 7, 2018 • 28 min
Most of us watch industry giants with admiration, James West sits down with them & has fun! If you watch his shows, you’ll know that while they can be funny, they are always full of rock-solid intel. In this interview, James answers questions with honesty…
Ep71 Her Story - An Interview with Abi Roach
Nov 4, 2018 • 32 min
Imagine trying to fit all of the water from Lake Ontario into a single pop can, that’s what it’s like trying to fit everything Abi Roach has to say into a single podcast! Abi’s a bit of a legend and if you look for her, she’s everywhere. While…
Ep70 The Science of Cannabis - An Interview with Keystone Labs
Nov 1, 2018 • 22 min
Jodi McDonald is an amazing person, period. A “science geek” who has taken her passion and made it her life. President of Keystone Labs, a facility that tests not just cannabis but also pharmaceutical products, Jodi leads a team of dedicated professionals…
Ep69 Access for All! - An Interview with Save The Drive
Oct 28, 2018 • 8 min
Chanel Graham, CEO of Save The Drive, talks about her business vision to help those with mobility issues. It’s a neat concept and one that’s already taking off in California. Enjoy :)
Ep68 Branding without Advertising - An Interview with Cult Collective
Oct 25, 2018 • 18 min
Owen Reader, Chief Engagement Officer at Cult Collective talks about his marketing ideas in the legal cannabis space. Cult Collective is an audience engagement firm that is focused on helping their clients achieve a “cult following” in their respective…
Ep67 Medical Cannabis Options - An Interview with Jesse Bartlett
Oct 23, 2018 • 10 min
A pro boxer discovers CBD for pain relief and it changes his life. This is the story of Jesse Bartlett who is now the CEO of Herbal Relief Centre, a medical clinic focus on patient care and service. Jesse’s story is unique in so many ways, but becoming…
Ep66 Cannabis Investing - An Interview with Scott Trades
Oct 21, 2018 • 30 min
In this interview, recorded live at Hempfest Calgary, Scott Trades walks us through his perspective on trading in the cannabis space. Scott had a lot to say & if investing in cannabis is your thing, there’s lots to learn in this one :) Enjoy. *Original…
Ep65 Calgary Cannabis Club - Their Story
Oct 19, 2018 • 40 min
Recorded at Hempfest Calgary, Jo & Pat from the Calgary Cannabis Club speak candidly about the club’s role in advocacy, culture and education. Jo & Pat show us why they’re leaders in this young & energetic club :) *Original video recording of this…
Ep64 Cannabis Media Explored - An Interview with The Cannabis Show
Oct 18, 2018 • 21 min
Hart Steinfeld & Basil Kelly, 2 members of The Cannabis Show team sat down & spoke frankly about being in cannabis media. They discuss their show’s vision and approach, while providing a lot of solid advice for someone who may want to get into the…
Ep63 David vs Goliath(s) - An Interview with LakeCity Cannabis
Oct 16, 2018 • 19 min
The Second interview in our Hempfest series, recorded over Oct 13&14 2018. Ryan Roch, hopeful licensed dispensary owner and YouTube Vlogger talks about trying to get into “the game” in Alberta. What does it take for a “Mom & Pop” applicant to survive in a…
Ep62 Cannabis Media for Women - An interview w Gill Pollard
Oct 15, 2018 • 17 min
The first interview in our Hempfest series, recorded over Oct 13&14 2018. Gill Pollard, who runs the cannabis media company The Her(b) Life was kind enough to join me & talk about what it’s like to be in the media biz in the cannabis space, specifically…
Ep61 California Legalization in Perspective - An interview with Justin Marshall
Oct 11, 2018 • 15 min
Does anyone know what to expect on Oct 17th? To get some perspective, I spoke with Justin Marshall, a dual citizen living in California. Justin speaks at length about what it was like in California and what Canadians might experience when recreational…
Ep60 Perspective on Medical Dispensaries - An Interview with Jamie Shaw
Oct 6, 2018 • 23 min
Jamie Shaw from Groundwork Consulting (And about 10 other organizations!) is one of the best communicators in the cannabis space. We started off by discussing medical dispensaries in Canada, then our conversation took on a grander scope with perspective…
Ep59 The Extraction Business - An Interview with Pat McCutcheon CEO of MediPharm Labs
Oct 1, 2018 • 21 min
Pat McCutcheon, Ceo of MediPharm Labs speaks candidly about his company and their impending IPO on Oct 3rd 2018. Extractions are expected to be the second wave in cannabis legalization, find out why Pat claims MediPharm Labs is positioned to lead the…
Ep58 Edibles As Entrees - An Interview with Adam Osborne from Earth’s Edibles
Sep 29, 2018 • 18 min
Adam Osborne, President and Founder of Earth’s Edibles explains his approach to preparing foods with THC and CBD. Earth’s Edibles is taking a slightly different approach to the edible arena and they might just know what it takes to be successful. Enjoy :)
Ep57 Namaste Technologies Explained - An Interview with Kory Zelickson
Sep 27, 2018 • 27 min
Kory Zelickson, Co-Founder of Namaste Technologies talks about his company, what they do and why he feels you should invest in it. We discuss the company’s history & the direction they’re going upon legalization. There’s also a chance to learn about about…
Ep56 The Little Book of Cannabis - An Interview with Author Amanda Siebert
Sep 23, 2018 • 17 min
Respected Cannabis Journalist Amanda Siebert talks about her new book called “The Little Book of Cannabis - How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life”. Learn about Amanda herself, the book & find out what her plans are for the future. She’s an amazing woman and…
Ep55 Denver’s Legal Vape Lounge - An Interview with the Coffee Joint
Sep 19, 2018 • 18 min
Rita Tsalyuk, Owner of Denver’s “The Coffee Joint” speaks frankly about her experience getting a licensed consumption lounge & trying to make a go of it. This is a great conversation with perspective on the realities of actually owning and operating a…
Ep28 Terpenes for Beginners - An Interview with Alex Samuelsson
Sep 18, 2018 • 14 min
Originally recorded on May 07th 2018, this interview covers terpenes. What are they? How are they used and how they contribute to your overall experience. Alex graciously walks us through the topic and adds his own unique perspective on the industry as…
Ep54 Home Cultivation Basics - An Interview with Danny Danko
Sep 16, 2018 • 30 min
Danny Danko… Need I say more? Danny was kind enough to speak about his new book, his life & tips on how to get into home cannabis cultivation. Danny is a true superstar & I was honoured to interview him. 100% amazing interview, not to be missed :)
Ep53 Perspective on Starting an Ancillary Cannabis Business - An Interview with Simon Greganis
Sep 14, 2018 • 19 min
CEO of BRNT Designs, Simon Greganis speaks about his experiences starting a legal cannabis focused business. Still in his 20’s, Simon has already proven to be an industry leader and innovator. This podcast illustrates what it takes to make it in the…
Ep52 Pot Stock Summer Recap & More - An Interview with Scott Trades
Sep 8, 2018 • 20 min
Scott Trades joins us to talk about cannabis trading in 2018. We explore a little past-present-future in the space, plus Scott gives a lot of great tips for new investors. Not to be missed :)
Ep51 Cannabis Legalization - One Municipality’s Story
Sep 3, 2018 • 27 min
Hundreds of municipalities across Canada are getting ready for cannabis legalization, each in their own way. In this podcast, I spoke with two employees in charge of preparing the City of Airdrie, Alberta. It’s likely that something this big will happen…
Ep50 Medical Marijuana Basics - An Interview with Harvest Medicine
Aug 28, 2018 • 32 min
Shekhar Parmar, CEO of Harvest Medicine in Calgary explains how the Medical Marijuana system in Canada works. Whether you are already a patient, or just want to know more, this #podcast is for you :) Enjoy
Ep49 Cannabis Education Options - An Interview with Deepak Anand
Aug 25, 2018 • 13 min
Deepak Anand (Cannabis Compliance) might be the busiest man in the Canadian cannabis scene, he has a wealth of knowledge and has written University courses for the legal cannabis arena. In this podcast, Deepak discusses higher learning option in the…
Ep48 Pot Stock Investing for Beginners with Steven Feldman
Aug 17, 2018 • 24 min
This podcast features a conversation with Steven Feldman AKA @CanadaPotStocks who is a seasoned investor, Social Media Guru & Broadcaster about what it means to invest in the Canadian cannabis space. Steven provides an overall pictures of the industry,…
Ep47 CBD for Pets - An Interview with Brad Pattison
Aug 14, 2018 • 21 min
Curious about using CBD for your pet? This interview discusses many of the questions and observations that pet owners have when it comes to considering CBD use. Brad Pattison discusses pet wellness from his perspective and his experiences with a variety…
Ep46 Making Cannabis-Infused Drinks
Aug 8, 2018 • 16 min
In this episode, I spoke with Karen Hamilton from Lagunitas Brewery in California. They make a cannabis infused beverage called “HIFI”!! If you want a sneak peak into what might be appearing in Canadians shops in the near future, this podcast is for you!…
Ep45 A Conversation with MADD CEO Andy Murie
Aug 2, 2018 • 25 min
In this podcast, we speak to MADD Canada about their concerns of driving while under the influence of cannabis. With legalization around the corner, MADD CEO Andy Murie speaks frankly about the situation.
Ep44 Cannabis Legalization - The Basics
Jul 25, 2018 • 9 min
This podcast is for anyone who just wants to know what the heck is going to happen once cannabis is legalized. Who will buy it? How will drivers be protected? Will people smoke it in public? Many more of the basic questions are answered in this podcast!…
Ep43 Women in Cannabis - An Interview with Ellementa CEO Aliza Sherman
Jul 17, 2018 • 18 min
If you’re a woman & interested in the cannabis space, this interview is for you. Aliza Sherman discusses women in the cannabis business, cannabis resources for women and explains some of the challenges women have in business generally. Aliza is also an…
Ep42 Vaporizers - A Discussion with Green Tank Technologies
Jul 6, 2018 • 17 min
In this podcast, I sit down with one of Canada’s leaders in vaporizer technology, Corey Koffler of Green Tank Technologies to discuss the facts about oil-based vapes, their growing popularity and what the future will likely hold once cannabis is legalized…
Ep41 - Modern Leaf - An interview with Preston Drummond
Jul 1, 2018 • 20 min
On this podcast, we spoke with Preston Drummond who is the founder and Executive Chairman of Modern Leaf. Preston talks about his company, their vision and aspirations. Preston is a great communicator and was quite inspiring. Enjoy :)
Ep40 Industry Perspective - An interview with Barinder Rasode
Jun 28, 2018 • 20 min
This podcast is a real treat! I had the pleasure of sitting down with a very buy Barinder Rasode, CEO of NICHE Canada to ask about her perspective on the cannabis space, predictions, insight and a bit about herself personally. Listen carefully, this ones…
Ep38 Cannabis & Sports - What’s the Link?
Jun 21, 2018 • 54 min
In this podcast, we discuss our own experiences with cannabis & running, as well as how cannabis is used in professional sports. This one has a lot of clips featuring a lot of perspective from a wide range of experts and athletes. Enjoy:)
Ep35 Pot-Stock Investments - An Interview with Scott Trades
Jun 1, 2018 • 27 min
Today’s Podcast is a special interview with Scott Trades. Scott is a Cannabis Investment, YouTube Vlogger and quite active on Twitter with his thoughts on the Cannabis sector as well. We talk about some of the craziness that happened in May as well as a…
Ep26 Scott Trades Interview - Cannabis Investment Vlogger :)
Apr 25, 2018 • 15 min
Today’s Canadian Cannabis Update is a special interview with Youtube Vlogger & cannabis investor Scott Trades. You can also find him on Instagram & Twitter @scotttrades. Enjoy :)
Ep01 Virginity lost, let’s do this :)
Jan 5, 2018 • 5 min
Weekly cannabis update for 02 January 2018