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Midnight Snack 13: Sunny-F
May 19
Is it bad for you? Probably.
25c 14: Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?
May 14
We’ve been playing Star Wars Pinball, Untitled Goose Game, Legend of the Skyfish 2, The Other Side, and Hearthstone. And so we talk about those games - and more!
Way Too Seriously 108: Disney Showdown Minisode: Frozen 2 VS Robin Hood
May 11
In this Disney Showdown minisode we’re pitting Frozen 2 against Robin Hood and things get contentious!
The @U2 Podcast 105: Love To Walk Those Movie Sets - U2 In The Movies
May 11
How has U2’s music been used cinematically? Film critics Collin Souter and David Fowlie run down U2’s entire history of music as it pertains to usage in movies and television, as well as staring roles, cameos and U2-based storylines.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 43: S03:E14 - “L4A”
May 11
Starting to think maybe there is such a thing as society.
Midnight Snack 12: Sour Patch Wine
May 4
This show is, somehow, still about food.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 42: S03:E13 - “Keith Truthers”
May 4
Fast-talking pundits of the world: we’re coming for you!
Way Too Seriously 107: Disney Showdown Minisode: The Little Mermaid VS Moana
May 4
In this special episode of WTS Moana and The Little Mermaid go head to head, and only one can emerge victorious! Which will it be? You have to listen to find out!
25c 13: SimLife, A Fold Apart, Skyfish 2, and Tokaido
Apr 24
Nick tries a whole bunch of Arcade games, Chris has a confession to make.
Midnight Snack 11: PB&J&Vomit
Apr 23
Work your body, Work your body. Work your body, Work your body. Work your body, Work your body. Work your body, Work your body. Work your body, Work your body. Work your body, Work your body.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 41: S03:E12 - “Glitchified”
Apr 21
Let the great brain smoothening begin!
Way Too Seriously 106: Disney Showdown Minisode: Sleeping Beauty vs Aladdin
Apr 20
It’s another Disney Showdown minisode! On this episode Sleeping Beauty goes toe to toe with Aladdin. Which will come out victorious? Listen to see!
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 40: S03:E11 - “LilUziUSPS”
Apr 14
Thinking maybe universal services are good and we should keep them.
Way Too Seriously 105: WTS Minisode: Pocahontas vs Frozen
Apr 13
Hello Patrons! Welcome to a new WTS Disney showdown bracket minisode. This time we’re talking Pocahontas vs Frozen, and only one will advance to the next round! We’ve given our children codenames (or rather, they’ve chosen codenames for themselves):…
25c 12: Conducting Together Resisting Animal Crossing
Apr 9
We’re taking a break from playing one specific game and just talking about the games we’re playing as we isolate in home with kids and family. And definitely not buying Animal Crossing.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 39: S03:E10 - “The Very Smallest of Bags”
Apr 8
There’s no time like the present catastrophe.
The @U2 Podcast 104: PART 2: E+I - Live In Berlin Commentary Track
Apr 2
Part 2 of a downloadable commentary track to be played alongside the U2: Experience + Innocence - Live in Berlin concert video, available to subscribers of Cue the video up to the 58:00 minute mark.
The @U2 Podcast 103: PART 1: U2 E+I - Live In Berlin Commentary Track
Apr 2
Part 1 of a downloadable commentary track to be played alongside the U2: Experience + Innocence: Live In Berlin concert video, available to subscribers of
Daily(ish) 261: This Is My First Pandemic
Mar 30
We are just finishing our 14 day self-isolation and now joining the rest of our city in self isolation. Same same, but different?
Way Too Seriously 104: Disney Showdown Minisode: Mulan Vs Emperor’s New Groove
Mar 30
This is the first in a series of quarantine-inspired minisodes! We’ve invited our kids on to WTS to join is in a Disney Movie Bracket showdown. This week it’s Mulan Vs The Emperor’s New Groove, and only one will move on to the next round!
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 38: S03:E09 - “Thique”
Mar 26
The takes are really marinating.
25c 11: Failure to Load While Working From Home
Mar 26
Life is crazy right now but we still have video games. What have we been playing while we’re under quarantine and isolation?
Way Too Seriously 103: Frozen 2: This Time It’s Frozener
Mar 23
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Frozen 2! We talk about women-led movies, queer-baiting, and the future of colonialism.
Midnight Snack 10: Are You Yummy or Are You Kenny?
Mar 22
Umm… Our midnight snacks are a little smaller this week… I don’t know.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 37: S03:E08 - “Aspirational Beans”
Mar 20
Our Covid-19 action plan
Daily(ish) 260: This Is Surreal
Mar 18
Some thoughts from day 3 of a self isolated quarantine while 3 kids have a nerf gun war in the background.
Midnight Snack 9: Munch Madness
Mar 16
Bracket Busters: It’s time to make your case for your Fast Food Final Four 🏀
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 36: S03:E07 - “Cap’n Trade”
Mar 9
Not doing grievance progressivism today, sorry folks.
Midnight Snack 8: What’s the Next Way to Eat a Pizza?
Mar 8
Join us for our Pizza Cereal brainstorm session as we make vodka hand sanitizer, order ice cream McSandwiches, and drink our way through the Cantina.
Midnight Snack 7: Mayonnaise Kingdom
Mar 1
Create a Jif of my bagelrito getting dipped on Leap Day, but try it with green tea or unlimited coffee before you add a slice of mayo to your sack of bacon.
Way Too Seriously 102: Introduction to Poplar Opinion: A Call the Midwife Podcast
Feb 28
Hello everyone! This is an introductory episode of Poplar Opinion: A Call the Midwife Podcast! We are very excited about this new podcast, and we hope you will like it too!
25c 10: Over the Alps, Treat Yo Self to a Switch
Feb 26
We - well not all of the we - review Over the Alps, and Kids Corner officially gets a Switch added to it.
Clockworks 61: Introduction to Poplar Opinion: A Call the Midwife Podcast
Feb 26
Hello everyone! This is an introductory episode of Poplar Opinion: A Call the Midwife Podcast! We are very excited about this new podcast, and we hope you will like it too!
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 35: S03:E06 - “The Bloomberg Method”
Feb 25
Mike Bloomberg Is The Only Democrat
Midnight Snack 6: The Mold King
Feb 23
Burn some burger candles in secret with s’more hot cheez balls to go with Kenny’s favorite new donut food & Kyle is chowing on Oreos, animal cookies, and Twinkie chapbalm.
Midnight Snack 5: A Rocket Full of Bananas
Feb 18
Cheese-pull on your burger slip-ons for an Easter’s worth of space candy and Hot Peeps to take to Long John Silver’s Crossword Puzzle Party.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 34: S03:E05 - “Meet Depressed”
Feb 17
Welcome to Escabeche Talk
Way Too Seriously 101: Pixar Shorts Three: What if Clouds Had Feelings?
Feb 14
This is another in our occasional series about Pixar Shorts. In this episode we talk about One Man Band, Lifted, Presto, Partly Cloudy, and Day & Night.
25c 9: Our Experience as a Pilgrim in Pilgrims
Feb 13
We review Pilgrims from Amanita Design, publisher of other popular games like Machinarium, & Samorost. Grindstone gets a gore update, Nick’s progress in Enchanted Worlds, and preview the game we’re playing next.
Midnight Snack 4: Frankenstein’s Pizza
Feb 9
The Super Bowl commercials dunked some mug cakes into the Old Bay, but we’re Lucky enough to get our garlic bread pizza out of the ATM.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 33: S03:E04 - “Potato Challenge Coins”
Feb 8
Thinking about maybe not voting blue no matter who.
25c 8: Grindstone
Feb 6
We’re reviewing Grindstone - a game that Nick calls a near perfect mobile game.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 32: S03:E03 - “Bernard Brethren”
Feb 4
Midnight Snack 3: Falcon Macaron Caramel
Feb 2
We got trends! We got dips! We got cheese! We got hair!
25c 7: The Enchanted World
Jan 30
We review Enchanted World, talk about a Mac mini gaming TV, and preview next episode’s game.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 31: S03:E02 - “Just Build Train”
Jan 27
Strap in: we’re going to explain Dummy Chum and Nutpicking.
The @U2 Podcast 102: The State of - Maybe They Can Put It On Laserdisc
Jan 27
Sherry, Ian and Collin discuss the state of the fanclub and look back at previous incarnations and fan club gifts.
Midnight Snack 2: Chrissy Teigen’s Night Terrors
Jan 26
Eat a Night Egg - But don’t share it! Put your mini tacos in your Millennium Falcon and eat the Impossibly Most Stuf’d Oreo with Don Cheadle.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 30: S03:E01 - “Bongs, Pads, Bens, and Levs”
Jan 21
We regret to inform you that season 3 has begun.
Midnight Snack 1: Shrimp Dirt
Jan 19
Kyle and Kenny are back with a new show! Justin Bieber’s restaurant menu, Gushers are back, sandwiches are salads, the Burger King is a sith lord, and Jolly Rancher Cereal Milk.
25c 6: Is It Doomsday (Vault) for the Podcast?
Jan 17
Was it doomsday for Doomsday Vault? What are we playing next week? Do we mention Dear Reader… again?
Clockworks 60: Series Wrap-Up
Jan 15
On this last episode of Clockworks we take one last look back at the whole series. I hope you like it.
25c 5: What the Golf Switch?
Jan 3
We return from a holiday break and catch up on What the Golf, a new Switch, city building games, and tracking kids screen time.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 29: 2019 Holiday Special
Jan 2
Yes, we released our 2019 special in 2020.
The @U2 Podcast 101: Tour wrap-up - It’s Nice To Hear Something Nice About A Gallagher
Dec 22, 2019
Amy Pflughaupt joins Collin Souter to talk about her adventures in New Zealand and Australia while seeing all the JT19 shows down under.
25c 4: Nick and Chris are Ultimate Rivals on The Rink
Dec 18, 2019
We’re reviewing Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, Apple announces annual subscription option, Dear Reader updates, and the game we’re playing over the holidays.
25c 3: Lego Brawling Our Way Into the Lava
Dec 17, 2019
We’re reviewing Lego Brawls, a Smash Bros style game set in the Lego universe, talk a bit about genres and styles for kids in Apple Arcade, and preview next episode’s game.
25c 2: Inmost, Fortnite, and Screen Time
Dec 16, 2019
We’re reviewing Inmost, talking family screen time restrictions, Fortnite, and what to do with weirdos playing with your kids.
25c 1: Hello World - Who Are We? What Have We Played?
Dec 15, 2019
Nicolas and Chris talk about the Apple Arcade games they’ve tried, what isn’t working, and what they’re playing next.
3G3Q 159: S11:E08 - “iSores”
Dec 11, 2019
This episode is all about clout.
The @U2 Podcast 100: Stuck in a Moment Between the Best Before and Use By Date
Nov 20, 2019
Chris talks with Scott, Paul, and Ails from December about their single, The Refugee, and the decision to stop doing U2 songs.
Clockworks 59: Season 3 Wrap Up Vol. 2: Themes and Favourites
Nov 18, 2019
The second part to our wrap up of Season 3.
3G3Q 158: S11:E07 - “Hear The Hair Science”
Nov 12, 2019
This episode is all about beauty.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 28: S02:E14 - “Rich Computer Man”
Nov 12, 2019
Announcement: you’re not crazy and it’s not your fault.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 27: S02:E13 - “Berlin Wall Special”
Nov 12, 2019
Andrew tells us all about the Berlin Wall.
The @U2 Podcast 99: JT19 Opening Night Re-cap: “I Did Not Pet Any Sheep”
Nov 12, 2019
Amy Pflughaupt talks with Collin Souter about her experience seeing the Opening Night show of the Joshua Tree 2019 Tour in Auckland, New Zealand.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 26: S02:E12 - “Okay Boomer”
Nov 4, 2019
California is cancelled, apparently.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 25: S02:E11 - “Serotonin Fast”
Oct 30, 2019
Introducing our direct-to-consumer humidity-as-a-service!
The @U2 Podcast 98: Happy U2 Halloween
Oct 30, 2019
Collin, PJ and Marylinn celebrate Halloween by talking MacPhisto, the dark side of U2’s music and celebrating Larry Mullen Jr’s birthday.
Morning Show 411: The 15 Layer Burrito
Oct 28, 2019
It’s like beans and cheese and beans and cheese and beans and cheese and beans and mac and cheese and beans and cheese and beans and cheese and beans and cheese.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 24: S02:E10 - “Use of Onion”
Oct 22, 2019
Just harpin’ some boont
3G3Q 157: S11:E06 - “Hot Eyes”
Oct 8, 2019
This episode is all about Star Trek
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 23: S02:E09 - “#SendUsYourSoups”
Oct 7, 2019
You can pry our undershirts from our cold, dead hands!
The @U2 Podcast 97: Painting U2 and Achtoons with Kelly Eddington
Oct 2, 2019
Chris Enns talks with Kelly Eddington about the Achtoon Baby cartoons she’s painted over the years.
Clockworks 58: Season 3 Wrap Up Vol 1: The Characters
Oct 1, 2019
We chat about each character in Legion season 3 and promise to return with more soon!
3G3Q 156: S11:E05 - “TikTok Boomer”
Sep 30, 2019
This episode is all about cringe.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 22: S02:E08 - “Sneaking Vegetables”
Sep 30, 2019
Deciding to maybe show solidarity with the rich
The @U2 Podcast 96: The End is Near A Discussion of The Little Things That Give You Away
Sep 23, 2019
Collin, Chris Endrinal, and Ian discuss the little things they enjoy and appreciate about U2’s The Little Things that Give You Away.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 21: S02:E07 - “Grosperity Pospel”
Sep 23, 2019
We need private jets„,for our work!
3G3Q 155: S11:E04 - “Gangs Everywhere”
Sep 17, 2019
This episode is all about gangs
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 20: S02:E06 - “Hard Workers”
Sep 16, 2019
As hard workers, we…
Clockworks 57: Chapter 27: You’ll Always Be a Baby To Me
Sep 16, 2019
This is the last episode of Legion. In this episode Charles and David have a showdown against Farouk and Farouk and … it does not end exactly how you might expect. I hope you enjoy this episode of Clockworks! We’ll be back for two more episodes, one…
Morning Show 410: Cotton Candy Wine
Sep 13, 2019
It’s like we have a million dollars and we’d buy you a house and buy you furniture for your house.
Clockworks 56: Chapter 26: Contact
Sep 9, 2019
We’re talking about the penultimate episode of Legion! Season 3 episode 7 On this episode of Legion, David meets up with Charles at Farouk’s house and Syd uses her new upbringing to advise Gabrielle.
The @U2 Podcast 95: In The Groove of U2 Vinyl
Sep 4, 2019
Join Aaron Govern, Brian Betteridge, and Eric Gifford as they chat about U2 vinyl. In this episode, they’ll discuss equipment, rare releases, the new colored vinyl editions, and take questions from fans on social media.
3G3Q 154: S11:E03 - “How Fast is Their Internet?”
Sep 4, 2019
This episode is all about success
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 19: S02:E05 - “#RebrandMen”
Sep 3, 2019
The #99rules for #NewMans
Clockworks 55: Chapter 25: Cinnamon Girl
Sep 2, 2019
Hi everyone! Life forced an unexpected and unwelcome hiatus on us, but we’re back until the end of the season, which is also the end of the series! Let’s bring this home! We’re talking about season 3 episode 6 this week. On this episode of Legion Oliver…
3G3Q 153: S11:E02 - “Leghorn and Angel at Law”
Aug 28, 2019
This episode is all about magic
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 18: S02:E04 - “That’s A Big Bowl of Pasta”
Aug 26, 2019
It’s The Official Podcast Day because Conan hath declared it
The @U2 Podcast 94: Drunk Guardian Angel
Aug 21, 2019
A conversation with Jill Marino about trying to get home from a U2 concert.
Morning Show 409: Compechicken
Aug 20, 2019
It’s like we’re an Apple TV+ The Morning Show fancast and are just now realizing it.
3G3Q 152: S11:E01 - “Because Mountain”
Aug 20, 2019
This episode is all about sweets!
3G3Q 151: S11:E00 - “We’re Back”
Aug 20, 2019
Introducing season 11
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 17: S02:E03 - “NULL”
Aug 19, 2019
Realizing it’s our fault for the problems we are dealing with, and not Amazon’s
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 16: S02:E02 - “E-People”
Aug 12, 2019
Turns out the “E” stands for electronics, not efficiency.
Morning Show 408: Omakase Chipotle Experience
Aug 9, 2019
It’s like the show is probably only about food now and we want to know if we’ve made a terrible missed steak.
Way Too Seriously 100: WTS 100!
Aug 9, 2019
We took an unexpected hiatus, but here it is, our one hundredth episode! Yay! On this celebratory 100th episode of WTS we look back, answer some listener questions, and think a bit about our future. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you like it!
Clockworks 54: Chapter 24: Peace Love and Understanding
Aug 5, 2019
On this episode of Legion David goes to war. We talk about Farouk’s plan, the limits of David’s powers, and what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding. I hope you like it!
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 15: S02:E01 - “Ketchup EDC”
Aug 5, 2019
Starting to think “disruption” is an excuse for not treating people great, tbqh
Morning Show 407: Flesh & Bread
Aug 2, 2019
It’s like yesterday, the last episode was so far away, now it looks as though we’re here to stay, Oh, I believe it’s Morning Show.
Clockworks 53: Chapter 23: Can’t Get There From Here
Jul 30, 2019
We’re talking about Legion season 3 episode 4 this week. On this episode of Legion there are time demons, David meets his mother, Syd meets herself, and Lenny meets her daughter.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 14: S01:E14 “De-contemptification”
Jul 29, 2019
Thinking maybe we should stop being jealous of other people having it easy.
Clockworks 52: Chapter 22: She Comes in Colours … Again
Jul 24, 2019
We’re talking about Season 3 episode 3 of Legion this time. On this episode of Legion, David’s parents Charles and Gabrielle meet and fall in love, and David tries to change things.
The @U2 Podcast 93: Finding A Rare Dandelion In The Market
Jul 16, 2019
A conversation with Aaron Govern about Finding a Rare Dandelion in the market.
Clockworks 51: Chapter 21: Charlie Brown
Jul 12, 2019
Here’s our episode about the Legion Chapter 21! In this episode of Legion Syd and David talk about the past, and David and Switch make plans to change it.
Clockworks 50: Chapter 20: 2000 Light Years From Home
Jul 11, 2019
It’s here at last! This is our episode about the premiere of season 3 of Legion! In this episode we meet a new viewpoint character, and time keeps slipping away.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 13: S01:E13 “Young Grandpa”
Jul 1, 2019
Okay, fine, we’ll talk about the debates.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 12: S01:E12 “Put Noodles In Your Salad”
Jun 24, 2019
As of publishing this we are not at war with Iran, but who knows 🤷‍♂️
Way Too Seriously 99: Detective Pikachu: The Ten Cutest Pokemon
Jun 21, 2019
In this episode we’re talking about Detective Pikachu! We talk about the Bechdel Test, Japanese imports, and whether Pokemon are edible. Enjoy! This is our 99th episode. That means that our next episode will be our 100th! We’d love to read and respond to…
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 11: S01:E11 “Maybe They’re Just Poor”
Jun 17, 2019
Behold! The great squaring is upon us! Repent and cease your worship of The Consumerist Mindset and learn to live, laugh, and love.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 10: S01:E10 “Wooloo Coin”
Jun 10, 2019
This world is traumatizing, including coins (of which Q is a part). Good thing there’s Wooloo.
Way Too Seriously 98: Howl’s Moving Castle: Take Care, Turniphead!
Jun 7, 2019
On this episode of WTS we talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. We cover old age, pacifism, and storytelling conventions. This is our 98th episode. That means that in just two episodes we’ll be at 100! We’d love to read and respond to feedback…
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 9: S01:E09 “Big Dog and The Strivers”
Jun 3, 2019
Sorry if it offends you, but BIG DOGS don’t get jealous of others’ success!
Way Too Seriously 97: The Lego Movie 2: You’re Still Not Special
May 24, 2019
On this episode we talk about The Lego Movie 2, adolescence, good parenting, and whether people can change. I hope you like it!
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 8: S01:E08 “Butt Stevens”
May 20, 2019
Boy, Chet Beefums sure has lots of opinions about Kids These Days.
Way Too Seriously 96: The Kid Who Would Be King: The Sword in the Cement?
May 17, 2019
On this episode we talk about King Arthur, protecting the innocent, and Brexit. Enjoy!
baseline 14: Johann Sebastian Balk
May 16, 2019
This week: Giants News, Bingo-related Follow Up, more Weird Baseball Things, and the Minor League Team of the Week.
Morning Show 406: Wasabi Toothpaste
May 15, 2019
It’s like you bought a Pixel 3A and the “A” stands for Apple because Kenny just can’t stay away.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 7: S01:E07 “Sci-Fi Fraternity”
May 13, 2019
Before leaving social media for real, please #GiveAaronTheVaderMask
Way Too Seriously 95: Pixar Shorts 2: What if Old People Had Feelings?
May 10, 2019
On this episode we talk about our second batch of Pixar Shorts. We’re talking Geri’s Game, For the Birds, Mike’s New Car, Boundin’, and Jack Jack Attack. We talk about whether senility is funny, body shapes, how to care for babies, and why comedy depends…
baseline 13: Is a Hot Dog a Mammal?
May 9, 2019
This week, we discuss breaking slumps, BEES, and minor league team hats. Then, Kyle challenges Andrew to a game about baseball food.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 6: S01:E06 “This Book is Good”
May 6, 2019
Pals, we talk about an essential tool for interpreting the world, and also wonder how much groveling is the right amount of groveling.
Way Too Seriously 94: Labyrinth: The Bog Of Eternal Podcasts
May 3, 2019
We’re back from our break, and this week we’re talking about Labyrinth! We’re talking about adolescence, adventures for girls, and tight-fitting pants on rock stars. I hope you like it!
baseline 12: Mr. Shucks
May 2, 2019
This week, more weird baseball things, stealing bases: how does it work?, and Mr. Shucks.
Morning Show 405: Night Pepsi
Apr 30, 2019
It’s like drinking the soda in the sky with 33 different baseball delicacies.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 5: S01:E05 “…for who?”
Apr 29, 2019
Tactical framing is making us stupider, even if some of us are Masters of Science.
baseline 11: Don’t “Dude Perfect” My MLB
Apr 25, 2019
Kyle went to a minor league game. Also, we discuss Weird Baseball Things that have happened lately.
Morning Show 404: We Found It
Apr 22, 2019
It’s like we entered a time vortex in 2018 and have finally emerged!
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 4: S01:E04 “SWEAT Pledge”
Apr 22, 2019
Look—just because we drink fizzy water doesn’t mean our work isn’t valuable and shouldn’t provide a decent living.
baseline 10: The Futility Mark
Apr 18, 2019
This one’s a short one, because we respect your time, dear listener. Discussed: the futility mark and baseball fights.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 3: S01:E03 “Tech Bro President”
Apr 15, 2019
I mean, we talk about salad and IKEA— but mostly this is about Mayor Pete.
Way Too Seriously 93: Pixar Shorts 1: What if Lamps Had Feelings?
Apr 12, 2019
On this episode we are talking about The Adventures of André & Wally B, Luxo Jr., Red’s Dream, Tin Toy, and Knick-Knack. We talk about whether bad people can make good art, whether women are objects, and why humans are so creepy.
baseline 9: Kyle Expects Nachos
Apr 11, 2019
We talk about Opening Day, the results of our Twitter poll for the first film for _Letterboxd Score_, and ballpark food. Mostly ballpark food, to be honest.
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 2: S01:E02 “Lying Is The Point”
Apr 8, 2019
You’re not crazy— the world is truly “having a moment”. In this episode we suss out how to avoid the pitfalls of workism, Russia delirium (three kinds), & conferences of conservative political action varietals.
Way Too Seriously 92: The Lego Movie: You’re Not Special
Apr 5, 2019
On this episode we talk about Strong Female Characters, what the generic person looks like, and mainstream consumerism. I hope you like it!
baseline 8: Mascot Simulator 2019
Apr 4, 2019
Or, A Very Muscular Horse. We wrap up spring training and look forward to Opening Day. We also listen to a game and talk through it. #WholeSquadReady
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing 1: S01:E01 “Jackbooted Tots”
Apr 2, 2019
We really explore the space— shop for sofas and learn about kitchen gadgets, then discuss how the finance world and hegemonic leaders are gonna’ get away with letting the earth burn because, “woah, turns out the unedited version of this video changes…
Way Too Seriously 91: Spider-Jan: Into the Spiderverse
Mar 29, 2019
On this episode we talk about racial stereotypes, and Aunt May and Doc Ock’s romantic history, and what it means to adapt to fit the world. I hope this is the universe where you enjoy it!
baseline 7: Big Ball Chunky Time
Mar 28, 2019
Folks… you’ve been waiting. It’s finally here. It’s Big Ball Chunky Time. Also, we’re streaming MLB The Show 19 on March 28th at 7:05 PM EDT for Opening Day! Please tune in. [Here’s the info.](
Show Me Your Mic 131: CodePen Radio and Podcasting
Mar 28, 2019
This is a rebroadcast of Chris’ guest appearance on CodePen Radio #215 with host Marie Mosley talking about how CodePen uses their podcast for marketing and brand support.
baseline 6: Watching a Spring Training Game in Arizona
Mar 21, 2019
Kyle recaps his experience watching spring training games in Arizona. Andrew gets his hat.
Way Too Seriously 90: Fern Gully: Are There Australians in Australia?
Mar 15, 2019
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about ecological propaganda, colonialisms, and unattractive love interests.
baseline 5: Watching a Game
Mar 14, 2019
In this episode of Baseline, Kyle and Andrew discuss the spring training games they watched. And also hats.
Way Too Seriously 89: Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle: Where Flirting is Mandatory
Mar 8, 2019
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about archetypes of teen girls, the jungle as a site of colonialist imagination, and respect for endangered animals.
baseline 4: Spring Training
Mar 7, 2019
In this episode, Kyle and Andrew discuss Spring Training, as well as some updates to the movie list, and debut the new Team of the Week segment.
Show Me Your Mic 130: Luminating on the Luminary Announcement
Mar 7, 2019
Kyle and Chris talk about Kyle’s new podcast introducing people (and Andrew) to basebll, Baseline. Then they get into the recent Luminary announcement and what they think it means for podcasting.
Way Too Seriously 88: Mulan: Let’s Get Down to Business
Mar 1, 2019
On this episode we talk about representing systemic misogyny, yellow-eyed villains, and liking what you see in the mirror.
baseline 3: Choosing a Team
Feb 28, 2019
Andrew and Kyle reveal the MLB teams they will be following during the 2019 season and Andrew explains how he made the decision to become a fan of the team.
The @U2 Podcast 92: 10th Anniversary of No Line on the Horizon
Feb 27, 2019
Aaron, Becky, Christopher, and Chris got on their boots to talk about U2’s 2009 album No Line on the Horizon. How does it hold up? What about the 360 tour? Are we still going crazy if we don’t go crazy tonight? Listen and find out!
Way Too Seriously 87: Hockey Isn’t a Movie. Is it?
Feb 22, 2019
On this WTS we are stepping away from our bread and butter and talking about a hockey game instead of a movie. We cover toxic masculinity, ritualized aggression, and overpaid coaches.
baseline 2: Our Baseball History
Feb 21, 2019
Andrew and Kyle dive deep into their personal histories with baseball, baseball video games, baseball movies, and baseball on TV and radio.
baseline 1: This is Baseline
Feb 21, 2019
This is the trailer for Baseline, a podcast about baseball by people who know nothing about baseball!
Clockworks 49: Russian Doll
Feb 19, 2019
On this episode of Clockworks we’re talking about the first season of the Netflix series “Russian Doll.” If you’ve seen it, we bet you liked it as much as we did, and if you haven’t than we highly recommend it.
Show Me Your Mic 129: Three Requests for SMYM Listeners
Feb 19, 2019
A quick episode in your ear and out your brain with 3 things I want you to know - two are related to how I’d love to be able to help you and one is how you can join me on a journey to try something new.
Clockworks 48: Legion News
Feb 18, 2019
On this brief Clockworks episode we check in with some news about season three of Legion.
Way Too Seriously 86: The Sword in the Stone: Too Many Arthurs!
Feb 15, 2019
We’re talking about The Sword in the Stone on this episode of WTS. We cover American accents and why solitaire is for witches, and we ask who will speak on behalf of the wolves.
Way Too Seriously 85: Storks: Where Do Podcasts Come From?
Feb 8, 2019
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Storks. We cover why all babies are not alike, a woman’s role, and where babies come from.
Show Me Your Mic 128: Create Your Podcast Go Bag - Spotify Buys Gimlet and Anchor
Feb 8, 2019
We’re talking Spotify of course, along with Gimlet and Anchor. Kyle and Chris have their lukewarm takes along with other Thursday thoughts on podcasting.
Daily(ish) 259: This Is Insanity
Feb 6, 2019
Important update today.
Show Me Your Mic 127: Growing Your Podcast in 2019 with Justin Jackson
Feb 1, 2019
Justin Jackson stops by to talk about Chris’ new podcasters community, Castaways.Club, as well as the outlook for podcasting in 2019 from a marketing and product owner’s standpoint.
Way Too Seriously 84: Smallfoot: Common is Stonekeeper
Feb 1, 2019
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Smallfoot. We cover strawman religions, violent humans, and whether ignorance actually is bliss.
Way Too Seriously 83: Mary Poppins Returns: ‘Allo ‘Allo ‘Allo!
Jan 25, 2019
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Mary Poppins Returns. We touch on racist stereotypes, economic irresponsibility, and whether Mary Poppins is actually good at the job on her business card.
Way Too Seriously 82: Christopher Robin: The House on Boo Corner
Jan 18, 2019
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Christopher Robin. We talk about people of colour in the past, childhood, and difficult choices.
Show Me Your Mic 126: The Goodstuff 2019 Line-Up
Jan 11, 2019
Chris marvels at improved stream quality, Kyle updates us on Today’s Special, and we talk about reading wikipedia articles as episodes, the state of Goodstuff shows in 2019, and an update on Castaways Club.
Way Too Seriously 81: The Princess Diaries: Abolish the Monarchy!
Jan 11, 2019
In this episode we talk about makeovers, rivalries between girls, and abolishing the monarchy.
Way Too Seriously 80: E.T.: Never Work With Children or Aliens
Jan 4, 2019
In this episode we talk about mediocre parenting, emotion and reason, and retroactively sanitizing the past.
Show Me Your Mic 125: Green Screens, Anchor, and Podcasting Predictions for 2019
Dec 21, 2018
We’re chatting Chris’ new Green Screen, Kyle’s debate between starting a new podcast or reviving an old one, and talking through Pacific Content’s predictions for podcast in 2019.
Way Too Seriously 79: How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966): The True Meaning of Grinchmas
Dec 21, 2018
In this episode of WTS we’re talking about How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We talk about ancient stories, empathising with the Grinch, and the true meaning of Christmas.
Show Me Your Mic 124: Castaways and Morning Shows
Dec 14, 2018
Kyle and Chris talk about when and why to stop a podcast, ignoring the advice of internet weirdos, and creating a podcast community for everyone else.
Way Too Seriously 78: A Charlie Brown Christmas: Podcasting Help 5¢
Dec 14, 2018
In this episode of WTS we’re talking about A Charlie Brown Christmas. We talk about who therapy is supposed to benefit, perfect imperfections, and the true meaning of Christmas.
Morning Show 403: Holiday Special
Dec 13, 2018
It’s like it might be the last episode of The Goodstuff Morning Show for a while because Kenny is having a beautiful bouncing baby.
The @U2 Podcast 91: U2’s 2018 Year in Review
Dec 13, 2018
Matt and Chris run down the top events from 2018 as far as U2 is concerned: from Tulsa to Berlin and (almost) everything in between.
Way Too Seriously 77: The Princess Switch Or The Princess Witch?
Dec 7, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about the Netflix original movie, The Princess Switch. We talk about love, romance, and the abolition of the monarchy.
Show Me Your Mic 123: Can Podcasting Go Windows? - Dave Rupert
Dec 7, 2018
Dave Rupert stop by the show to talk about ShopTalk Show, Aside Quest, and figuring out the format for your podcast and sticking to it.
Way Too Seriously 76: Ralph Breaks the Internet: This Time It’s Personal Growth
Nov 30, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Ralph Breaks the Internet. We talk about solving problems through emotional maturity, fixing things in the sequel, and crushes.
Show Me Your Mic 122: Motoring Your Way to Success - An Interview with Andrew Clews
Nov 23, 2018
Andrew Clews hosts The Motoring Podcast and Rear View, podcasts all about the motoring industry. We chat about the gear he uses to record, how he edits, publishes, and markets his podcast, Patreon, and building a community for podcasters.
Way Too Seriously 75: The Last Unicorn: A Melancholy Fever Dream
Nov 23, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about The Last Unicorn. We talk about emotional depth in art for children, stories with a conscience, and whether women’s eyes are for seeing or for being seen in.
Morning Show 402: Holobuns
Nov 19, 2018
It’s like Gloppy’s final form is a mix of Kit Kat, Thanksgiving Pringles, and roast beef and gets dispensed onto the gameboard through a Keurig.
Show Me Your Mic 121: WoW’ing Your Way Through a Podcast - An Interview with Jonathan Bloom
Nov 16, 2018
Jonathan Bloom is on the show to talk about his World of Warcraft podcast, Frazlcast. We talk about why he started a WoW podcast, the gear he’s using, and he also patiently explains WoW to Chris.
Way Too Seriously 74: Tangled: For When You”re Not As Mean And Vicious As You Seem
Nov 16, 2018
On this episode we talk about whether ruffians should be allowed to dream of something more, the insidious classism of Disney princesses, and how raising children is like locking them in a tower.
The @U2 Podcast 90: It’s Not Over, They Didn’t Play 40!
Nov 15, 2018
Sherry, Chris, and Caroline are on the show to talk U2’s tour stops in Dublin as well as the final Experience + Innocence show in Berlin.
Show Me Your Mic 120: No One Podcast Ever Really Dies - An Interview With Stephen Penny
Nov 9, 2018
We’ve got a conversation with Stephen Penny, host of The Otherz podcast. We talk about music/fan podcasts and the opportunities they present, using advertising to promote your show, and of course the gear and software Stephen uses to record.
Way Too Seriously 73: Next Gen: Robots vs Robots with Robots
Nov 9, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about the Netflix original film “Next Gen.” We talk about the value of human life, whether bad memories are worth it to maintain your identity, and bad robots.
Clockworks 47: Bonus Episode: Deadpool 2
Nov 5, 2018
On this episode of Clockworks we’re having a fully spoiled conversation about Deadpool 2, and especially about the parts of it that connect to or remind us of Legion!
Way Too Seriously 72: Hocus Pocus: The 90s Were a Magical Time
Nov 2, 2018
In this episode of WTS, we’re talking about Halloween favourite Hocus Pocus! That’s right, it’s a Halloween episode only a few days late! We talk about virginity, witches and virgin witches.
The @U2 Podcast 89: The Sorry, Not Sorry Tour
Nov 2, 2018
Jill, Matt, and Chris talk about U2’s changes to their E+I setlist for Europe.
Show Me Your Mic 119: New Apple Gear + New CMS Software for Our Podcast Network
Oct 31, 2018
Kyle’s coming on a low-definition connection so it’s just Chris’ face on this one. We talk about Apple’s new hardware and how it might work for podcasters, the software we’re using to publish our podcast network’s website, and other fun stuff around…
Morning Show 401: Death House
Oct 30, 2018
It’s time for our Halloween Special! This time we’re joined by Aaron LM Goodwin of 3 Guys 3 Questions, Andrew Huster, and Harold Kachelmyer! This is the first part of our playthrough of the Curse of Strahd dungeon called “Death House.”
Way Too Seriously 71: Spider-Man: Homecoming: The Washington Monument is not a Metaphor
Oct 26, 2018
In this episode, we talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming! We discuss whether this counts as a kids movie, what constitutes bad language and how old the aunt of a 15 year old should be.
Way Too Seriously 70: Wreck-It Ralph: The Medal Was Not A Metaphor
Oct 19, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Wreck-It Ralph. We talk about the importance of representation in both movies and video games, about accepting the role society assigns for you, and about whether girls should reject being princesses.
The @U2 Podcast 88: A Nipple Chafing Celebration of U2’s Rattle and Hum
Oct 18, 2018
It’s a musical journey and we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of that journey U2 took on Rattle and Hum - the movie and the album. Matt, Collin, and Chris are your guides for this discussion of U2’s trip into the heartland of America.
Icebreaker 14: The Season Has Started, and Carolina is… Good?
Oct 17, 2018
The new season is upon us! We talk about the hot starts of some teams, the horrible starts of others, what Dubas should do with Nylander, and also… is Carolina good?
Icebreaker 14: The Season Has Started, and Carolina is… Good?
Oct 17, 2018
The new season is upon us! We talk about the hot starts of some teams, the horrible starts of others, what Dubas should do with Nylander, and also… is Carolina good?
Morning Show 400: Toilet TV
Oct 16, 2018
It’s like you froze all your pizzas and then melted them with 400 episodes of a molten hot podcast.
Clockworks 46: Maniac
Oct 15, 2018
On this episode of Clockworks we’re talking about the Netflix limited series “Maniac.” The first half of this episode is unspoiled, and we’ll warn you before we start talking spoilery things, so you can listen even if you haven’t seen “Maniac” yet!
Way Too Seriously 69: Annie: Who’s Your Daddy Warbucks?
Oct 12, 2018
On this episode of Way Too Seriously we are talking about 1982’s Annie. We talk about undifferentiated otherness, the calcification of gender roles and whether capitalism can be redeemed.
Morning Show 399: Cardboard Go-GURT
Oct 7, 2018
It’s like we had two new hosts from another podcast on while hating cold pizza and looking for stallions on the internet.
Way Too Seriously 68: Yellow Submarine: All Together Now
Oct 5, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” We talk about art education for children, drugs and rock and roll, and whether it’s actually true that all you need is love. We also stray from our central premise a little to…
Show Me Your Mic 118: The Muggles of Podcasting
Oct 3, 2018
Kyle and Chris talk about what goes into putting on a live podcast recording - tips, gear advice, and how it feels to record live from a conference.
Clockworks 45: X-Men Legacy: Legion Vol 4: For We Are Many
Oct 1, 2018
This is the third of our bonus episodes talking about the X-Men Legacy: Legion comic books written by Simon Spurrier, and we’re talking this time about the fourth and final volume.
Morning Show 398: Drive-Thru Buffet
Sep 30, 2018
It’s like being pregnant with Taco Bell food that was heated in your Alexa-microwave for longer than it takes to play 300 new words in Urban Dictionary Scrabble.
Way Too Seriously 67: The Breadwinner: Beauty and Suffering
Sep 28, 2018
In this episode we talk about war, socially constructed gender roles, and whether animated kids’ movies are less valuable as serious art than grown-up movies.
Way Too Seriously 66: Early Man: Wait. Is This a Secret Sports Movie?
Sep 21, 2018
In this episode of WTS we’re talking about Early Man. We talk about all-male sports teams, compulsory heterosexuality, whether England is a caveman country compared to the advanced bronze age of Europe, and whether a solid pun justifies gendered language.
Clockworks 44: X-Men Legacy: Legion Vol 3
Sep 17, 2018
This episode of Clockworks focuses on the source material. That’s right, we’re back to the comics, focusing on volume 3 of the 2014 X-Men series “X-Men Legacy: Legion.”
Way Too Seriously 65: Holes: No Good Dirty Rotten Podcast Stealing Great Great Grandfather
Sep 14, 2018
In this episode of WTS we talk about gypsies, chain gangs, and boy stories.
Icebreaker 13: 2019 Season Preview!
Sep 10, 2018
The NHL season is nearly upon us! Matt and Spencer dive into each division, talk about what they think will change, and who will make/miss playoffs this year based on last year’s standings, plus the moves they’ve made this off season. It feels good to be…
Way Too Seriously 64: Muppets Most Wanted: Hey, a Sequel!
Sep 7, 2018
In this episode of WTS we talk about flattening difference, myopic worldviews, and why all the female characters are in love with a frog.
Show Me Your Mic 117: Paul Kafasis Talks Rogue Amoeba
Sep 7, 2018
Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba is our guest and we talk about their apps (Audio Hijack, Loopback, Fission, and Farrago), the business reasons why certain features and apps get built out and others don’t, and what’s coming to their apps in the future.
Morning Show 397: Jail.exe
Sep 3, 2018
It’s like we moved and hired 5 new audio engineers and fed them nothing but pumpkin spiced foods.
Clockworks 43: X-Men Legacy: Legion Vol 2
Sep 3, 2018
We promised we would do this, and we are at last! This is the first of three episodes focusing on issues of the 2014 X-Men series “X-Men Legacy: Legion.” We previously did an episode about this last year, it was Clockworks episode 23.
Way Too Seriously 63: Teen Titans Go: Everybody Gets a Movie!
Aug 31, 2018
In this episode of WTS we talk about representations of femininity, representations of masculinity, and men in disguise dressed as women. We also gush about the pre-movie short that featured Batgirl!
Show Me Your Mic 116: Run, Jump, and Stomp Your Way to Community
Aug 31, 2018
An interview with Nintendo Switch Craft host, Bill, who talks through his gear and production routine as well as gives some great advice on community building around a podcast.
The @U2 Podcast 87: Stuck in a Moment For the European Tour
Aug 30, 2018
Aaron, Kenny, and Chris preview the upcoming European start of the Experience + Innocence tour.
3G3Q 150: S10:E11 - “The End”
Aug 29, 2018
Broken vases, mass emails, and bazinga cessation
Way Too Seriously 62: The Greatest Showman: There’s a Podcaster Born Every Minute
Aug 24, 2018
In this episode we talk about The Greatest Showman, flattering biopics, women scorned, and women as instruments of class conflict.
Clockworks 42: Update
Aug 22, 2018
This episode of Clockworks is just an update on what to expect from Clockworks in the next little while. We’re still here, and we’ll be back in your ears soon!
Show Me Your Mic 115: Inspiration Shower
Aug 21, 2018
We talk about the various ways to get financial support from listeners and Chris’ desire to build a community for fellow podcasters.
Morning Show 396: Quadruple Meat, Please
Aug 18, 2018
It’s like putting bacon on your iPad and drinking some protein Surge, all while autonomously driving some chilled ramen and chicken tenders with Juicy J and Double-Double.
Way Too Seriously 61: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: Care for Some Turkish Delight?
Aug 17, 2018
On this episode of WTS we talk about allegory, casual sexism in both the book and the movie, and who exactly the main character of this story is.
Today’s Special 53: Vanilla Custard
Aug 17, 2018
Friday Autocomplete featuring dogs!
Today’s Special 52: Bratwurst
Aug 16, 2018
We only brat you the best for this episode. We promise.
The @U2 Podcast 86: There’s Always a Bigger U2 Fan Than You
Aug 15, 2018
Eric, Marylinn, Matt, and Chris convene to talk about the final songs of U2’s albums - which ones we loved, which we hated, and which ones we thought could’ve worked better elsewhere. Lots of fun listener comments on this topic as well.
Today’s Special 51: Lemon Meringue Pie
Aug 15, 2018
*ring* *ring* *ring* Hello?
3G3Q 149: S10:E10 - “Know The Protocol”
Aug 15, 2018
Condiment bandoleer, socialist rants, & pickup problems
Daily(ish) 258: New Podcast - Who Dis?
Aug 14, 2018
Just barely making it under the one month wire, there’s a video version for Patreon supporters and plain old audio for the rest of ya’ll.
Today’s Special 50: Creamsicle
Aug 14, 2018
It’s just a 6 foot snake on a 2x4
Today’s Special 49: Filet Mignon
Aug 13, 2018
Way Too Seriously 60: Everything That I Need: Muppets 2011.
Aug 10, 2018
In this episode, we talk about 2011’s Muppets. Not to be confused with the Muppet Movie. We talk about whether the Smurfette Principle should actually be called the Miss Piggy Principle, racialized muppets and women who are relentlessly positive.
Today’s Special 48: S’mores
Aug 10, 2018
Ready for s’more opinions?
Today’s Special 47: Rice Pudding
Aug 9, 2018
Hot or cold but nowhere in between!
Today’s Special 46: Zucchini
Aug 8, 2018
I’m Kyle Roderick and I’m Zuccenny Roderick
Today’s Special 45: Raspberries and Cream
Aug 7, 2018
Wait a second… or 129 seconds.
Today’s Special 44: Root Beer Float
Aug 6, 2018
Alright, already, root beer float on…
Non Breaking Space Show 144: CSS in Depth — Keith J. Grant
Aug 5, 2018
Keith J. Grant stops by to talk with Christopher about his new book, CSS in Depth, and what he’s discovered about the design language of the web during the writing process.
Morning Show 395: Poutine in the Dark
Aug 4, 2018
It’s like being worth a trillion apples only in certain rooms watching Star Wars, but is it Fair or Not or is it going to make you sick between two buns at the movie theater.
Today’s Special 43: Watermelon
Aug 3, 2018
Pour one out for Watermelon!
Today’s Special 42: Ice Cream Sandwich
Aug 2, 2018
Why not fill a baguette full of ice cream scoops?
3G3Q 148: S10:E09 “Night Shower”
Aug 1, 2018
This episode is all about daily routines.
Today’s Special 41: Raspberry Cream Pie
Aug 1, 2018
So many berries for your pies!
Non Breaking Space Show 143: Comic-Con, Scutoids, and Burnt Out Millennials
Jul 31, 2018
Simon St. Laurent stops by the show to discuss with Christopher the winners of Comic-Con San Diego, the finding of a new shape, and the bittersweet tanking of social media companies Twitter and Facebook failing to grow revenue off our data.
Today’s Special 40: Cotton Candy
Jul 31, 2018
It’s like fiberglass for your mouth!
Today’s Special 39: Cheesecake
Jul 30, 2018
Cheese for dessert!
Morning Show 394: Five Stars, Trash Bags
Jul 27, 2018
It’s like we’re piloting a new show where we read ideas from people and talk about them!
Today’s Special 38: Scotch
Jul 27, 2018
It’s Autocomplete Friday! We look at the top 10 results for “Scotch” on Google.
Today’s Special 37: Coffee Milkshake
Jul 26, 2018
Not that Vienna Blend!
Today’s Special 36: Hot Fudge Sundae
Jul 25, 2018
Seize the dae! And go grab a piping hot boat of fudge on your favorite ice cream flavor.
Today’s Special 35: Tequila
Jul 24, 2018
Today’s Special 34: Vanilla Ice Cream
Jul 23, 2018
It’s the water of ice cream!
Show Me Your Mic 114: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in That Chicken
Jul 20, 2018
We answer your questions about using Twitch for streaming, talk about the best podcasts of 2018, debate Anchor’s future, and discuss the randomness of success in podcasting.
Way Too Seriously 59: Babies: Wah.
Jul 20, 2018
This week we’re talking about a documentary: 2010’s “Babies.” We talk about truth in documentary film, misery tourism, and body positivity. We hope you enjoy!
Today’s Special 33: Fortune Cookie
Jul 20, 2018
All the troubles you have will pass away very quickly. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Good things are on their way.
Today’s Special 32: Daiquiri
Jul 19, 2018
Straight-up, blended with ice, or melted in a cup! This Daiquiri is *mine*, not yours!
Morning Show 393: Sugar Muffin, I’ve Shrunken the Children
Jul 19, 2018
It’s like you went to the movies alone to see someone play Fortnite in VR on a water slide with a bag of deep dish pizza.
3G3Q 147: S10:E08 - “Grammar Judge Dredd”
Jul 18, 2018
Conspiracy Theories, chip imperialism, & cart problems.
Today’s Special 31: Caviar
Jul 18, 2018
They’re like Dippin Dots, but fish flavored!
Today’s Special 30: Peach Ice Cream
Jul 17, 2018
Who needs the internet anymore? We read Google Results for Peach Ice Cream!
Daily(ish) 257: Social Media Jealousy
Jul 16, 2018
I have some thoughts on the way Instagram makes me feel and what I might need to do about it. Also - iOS 12’s Screen Time is hopefully going to change things.
Today’s Special 29: Corn Fritter
Jul 16, 2018
Are they cookies? Are they not? Are they round? What is a corn fritter?
Show Me Your Mic 113: Asking Questions and Being on the Show
Jul 13, 2018
You’ve got questions and we’ve got ways for you to ask them. Also - how to be on a future episode!
Way Too Seriously 58: The Incredibles 2: This Time it’s Personal
Jul 13, 2018
In this episode of WTS, we talk about Incredibles 2. We break down the world of parenting, villiony and stretchiness.
Morning Show 392: Sausage Frappuccino
Jul 13, 2018
It’s like the new Mac Book announcement is more important than donut-shaped chicken or french fries! But it’s not! And we’ll tell you why… on THE NUMBER ONE MAC NEWS POD ON EARTH
Today’s Special 28: French Fry
Jul 13, 2018
How do you feel about french fries? Which variation is your favorite? Is “FryDay” stuck in your head now too?
Today’s Special 27: Pecan Pie
Jul 12, 2018
Bugs can be food too!
3G3Q 146: S10:E07 - “Oops, I Lost My Lasers”
Jul 11, 2018
This episode is all about space!
Today’s Special 26: Blueberry Muffin
Jul 11, 2018
We once had a cat named Blueberry.
Clockworks 41: Season 2 Wrap-up, Part 2: Characters, Favourites and Speculation
Jul 10, 2018
In this episode we talk about the characters’ journeys this season, our favourite moments, our wild speculation about season 3 and what to expect to see in your feed in the between-season.
Today’s Special 25: Piña Colada
Jul 10, 2018
If you like them, take them and come up with your own song!
Today’s Special 24: Sugar Cookie
Jul 9, 2018
It’s not like you can just forget to put ingredients in a thing and call it a sugar cookie. OR CAN YOU…?
Way Too Seriously 57: Ferdinand: A Bunch of Bull
Jul 6, 2018
In this episode of WTS, we discuss Ferdinand, we talk about toxic masculinity, animal rights and lots of other bull.
Show Me Your Mic 112: Audio Hijack Your RSS Feed for Profit
Jul 6, 2018
What’s going to happen if the walled garden closes in around podcasting? And what do Chris and Kyle think about sponsorship, getting sponsors, and making money at podcasting. They also discuss Rogue Amoeba’s update to Audio Hijack and how it might help…
The @U2 Podcast 85: Bono’s Used Up His Words for 2018
Jul 5, 2018
Sherry, Collin, Mason, and Chris recap U2’s North American leg of Experience + Innocence, Sherry beach house show with Bono and Edge, and other U2 happenings in June.
Morning Show 391: Soggy Microwave
Jul 4, 2018
It’s like you warped through space and time and tours to arrive right back at the same place you know and love: Morning Show’s Fair or Not Game featuring the Minnesota State Fair.
Clockworks 40: Season 2 Wrap-up: Themes and Motifs
Jul 2, 2018
In this episode we talk about the Jon Hamm Narrator sections, about the motifs and imagery that grabbed our attention this season, and about the themes that we see in the season. We’ll be back in a week with part two, where we’ll talk about the…
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 39: These Are My Heist Friends
Jun 29, 2018
Brook and Kari talk about adult female friendships, meeting Internet friends, friends when you’re married, the work of being a friend, the friends at work, lessons from Oceans 8, how friendships awkwardly dissipate.
Way Too Seriously 56: Coco: The Cactus is also Me
Jun 29, 2018
In this episode of WTS we’re covering Coco. We talk about bilingualism, appropriation, erasure of disability, and the inevitability of both death and of being forgotten.
3G3Q 145: S10:E06 - “Oh No, My Podcast!”
Jun 27, 2018
Party Shirts, Hip Hop, & Proven Science
Daily(ish) 256: Way Too Villainiously
Jun 27, 2018
Spoiler-ish episode if you’re planning on seeing The Incredibles 2. A mini-review of the movie that leads to my version of Way Too Seriously.
Icebreaker 12: Draft Recap, Free Agency, Canucks, and more!
Jun 26, 2018
Boy, when we start talking about free agents, we just go and go! This week’s episode contains a draft recap, trade recaps, free agency preview, a look back at some random years of the Canucks, and of course, goalie talk.
Way Too Seriously 55: Kiki’s Delivery Service: Childhood is Magical
Jun 22, 2018
In this episode of WTS we’re talking about Kiki’s Delivery Service. We touch on coming of age, why it’s easy to do a queer reading of Kiki’s Delivery Service, and whether kids these days are spoiled and ungrateful.
Show Me Your Mic 111: We’re the Peanut Butter of Podcasting
Jun 22, 2018
Kyle and Chris talk the past week in podcasting, streaming, and creative web topics. Anchor’s new iPad app, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, YouTube Music, Instagram TV, and Adobe Rush.
Non Breaking Space Show 142: Erika Hall — Conversational Design
Jun 21, 2018
Co-founder of Mule Design, Erika Hall, joins Christopher to talk about her new book, Conversational Design, and also about how Mule Design works with teams to communicate and design better and more collaboratively.
3G3Q 144: S10:E05 “Stress-ball Skee-ball”
Jun 20, 2018
To-do’s, adhesive sticks, and dual monitors
Clockworks 39: Chapter 19: Behind Blue Eyes
Jun 19, 2018
This is our episode about the finale of season 2 of Legion. In this episode everyone is re-examining who is the hero and who is the villain.
Way Too Seriously 54: Wonder: Punch your Problems Away!
Jun 15, 2018
In this episode of WTS we talk about emotionally present fathers, disability inspiration porn, and solving problems with violence.
Icebreaker 11: Everything is coming up John (Tavares + Carlson)!
Jun 15, 2018
Oh thank heavens, it’s episode 11. We look back (quickly) at the Stanley Cup Finals, look towards the Draft, and explore possible signing/trade scenarios for Tavares, Carlson, the Islanders, Coyotes, Penguins… almost every team actually.
Show Me Your Mic 110: Podcasting Into the Void: The State of and also Fortnite
Jun 15, 2018
Kyle and Chris have a state of the Goodstuff union. We talk about our recent switch from FeedPress to, streaming on Twitch, editing podcasts as a job, and the chat room invents a new term: voidcasting.
Daily(ish) 255: This is a Test of the Goodstuff Broadcasting System
Jun 14, 2018
3 quick things: WWDC, new Goodstuff show, and World Cup 2018
The @U2 Podcast 84: Edge’s Calves Probably Aren’t Hurting Like This Today
Jun 14, 2018
Chris reviews U2’s 2 show stop in Montreal, Tassoula covers U2 at The Apollo, and Matt tries to get a word in between.
3G3Q 143: S10:E04 - “Giant Steel Rocket”
Jun 13, 2018
Smooth trunks, weenie roasts, & sega tents
Clockworks 38: Chapter 18: Down the Rabbit Hole
Jun 11, 2018
On this episode of Legion Syd and Melanie have a long conversation, and so do David and Oliver.
Way Too Seriously 53: Toy Story 3: A Potato’s Soul
Jun 8, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Toy Story 3. We discuss Barbie’s political philosophy, Ken’s girly handwriting, and the metaphysics of identity as it applies to Mr. Potato Head.
Daily(ish) 254: A Review of Our U2 Experience in Montreal
Jun 6, 2018
Sue joins me again to talk about our experience watching December, Acrobat, and a little Irish band called U2 live in Montreal.
3G3Q 142: S10:E03 - “Butt Blaster Through the Universe”
Jun 6, 2018
This episode is all about saying “excelsior”.
Daily(ish) 253: Preshowing December, Acrobat, and U2
Jun 5, 2018
Ever wonder what the thoughts of a U2 fan’s spouse are? Wonder no more - Sue joins me again to talk about life as a U2 fan spouse in advance of this week’s U2 concerts in Montreal.
Clockworks 37: Chapter 17: Cornflake Girl
Jun 4, 2018
On this episode of Legion we find out what Melanie has been up to, and what Cary, Kerry, and Lenny are up to now.
Daily(ish) 252: Discussing the Digital Divide
Jun 4, 2018
My wife Sue joins me on this episode to talk about the digital divide that exists in my head, in our social circles, and in our lives.
Way Too Seriously 52: Toy Story: The Toys Are Alive!
Jun 1, 2018
On this episode of WTS we talk about male whiteness as the standard, whether it was a different time, and the semiotic meaning of pop tarts.
The @U2 Podcast 83: Maybe You’re Not Sleeping With the Right Person - An AMA About U2 with Caroline
May 31, 2018
Caroline van Oosten de Boer joins Chris to talk about where she got started with U2 and she also helps Chris answer a bunch of questions about U2’s current tour and more.
3G3Q 141: S10:E02 - “Old Internet”
May 30, 2018
* * * * * [LOADING]
Non Breaking Space Show 141: Simon St. Laurent — GDPR n’ Roses
May 30, 2018
Simon St. Laurent joins Christopher Schmitt to discuss Amazon recording personal conversations, Uber closing self-driving operations, the rise of GDPR, the new “Solo” Star Wars movie, and Twitter mixing it up with politics.
Morning Show 390: Pasta Car
May 29, 2018
It’s like doing a cannon ball right into a N64 game while trying to squeeze Rob Zombie onto a cartridge while discussing food opinions and slipping on all the wet gum on the ground.
Clockworks 36: Chapter 16: The Cave
May 28, 2018
On this episode of Legion David sets out to the desert to find Farouk’s body, but Farouk seems to be ahead of him.
Morning Show 389: A Four Michelin Tire Restaurant
May 27, 2018
It’s like we drove into a restaurant, ordered a bunch of old segments, and ate it all shamefully in the car.
Way Too Seriously 51: WALL-E: Bleep Bloop
May 25, 2018
In this episode of WTS we talk about romance between robots, messages of individuality from soulless multinational corporations, and whether environmental movies need to stop pulling their punches.
Icebreaker 10: Stanley Cup Final preview, Kane, Dubas, and more!
May 24, 2018
What a milestone! 10 episodes! We look back at the Conference Finals, look towards the Stanley Cup finals, and chat about Evander Kane, Kyle Dubas, and John Tavares!
The @U2 Podcast 82: Woo or Whatever - U2 Plays in Chicago and Our Podcast Opens For Them… Kinda
May 24, 2018
We talk U2’s #U2eiTour stop in Chicago, Bono and Edge on Ellen, and your questions about set lists, Joshua Tree 2017 tour video, Pop remasters, and where to go for drinks in Nashville.
3G3Q 140: S10:E01 - “Teen Court”
May 23, 2018
Sauce estimation, depression, and tarps.
Daily(ish) 251: Podcast Editing and Consulting Work Is My Meat and Potatoes
May 23, 2018
For folks who only listen to my podcast and don’t know what I actually do, here’s an episode explaining a bit about what I do in exchange for money which I use to buy meat and potatoes.
Clockworks 35: Chapter 15: Bad Eggs
May 21, 2018
In this episode of Legion David plans to find Farouk’s body and burn it, and the Division 3 team is infected by bad ideas.
Morning Show 388: Youtube Pluremium
May 19, 2018
It’s like we didn’t record a show for two months and then recorded in-person while eating snacks from Japan.
Way Too Seriously 50: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: When Werewolves Attack
May 18, 2018
On this episode we talk about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In this episode of WTS we talk about shrunken heads, fat shaming, and whether checking out your hair from the back is sexist.
Clockworks 34: Chapter 14: I am Superman
May 14, 2018
In this episode of Legion David explores multiple realities, and then returns to where he started.
Way Too Seriously 49: Beauty and the Beast 2017: There Must Be More Than This Podcasting Life
May 11, 2018
On this episode we talk about the 2017 live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. We talk about Disney’s First Openly Gay Character™, whether cross-dressing is hilarious, and whether the serving classes are morally responsible for their masters.
Icebreaker 9: Round 2 Review, and Round 3 Preview!
May 11, 2018
Taking a look back at round 2, and looking ahead to round 3! Who are the goalies that are good, and who’s garbage?
Daily(ish) 250: Moving from Todoist to TickTick
May 9, 2018
Answering a listener question on why I switched from Todoist to TickTick for managing my todo items in life and work.
The @U2 Podcast 81: Just End the Show: A Review of U2’s E+I Tour (So Far)
May 9, 2018
On this episode Chris gets Tassoula & Matt to open up about their experience at U2’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE. Also - we get some help from the livestream audience on what’s going on with that One video.
Clockworks 33: Chapter 13: Don’t Come Around Here No More
May 7, 2018
In this episode of Legion Clark, Ptonomy, and David each interrogate Lenny and everybody wonders whose body she’s in, and Oliver hints at his plans to kill the Shadow King.
Non Breaking Space Show 140: Simon St. Laurent — The Last Infinity Jedi Avengers (Deleted Scenes)
May 7, 2018
Christopher Schmitt and Simon St. Laurent talk about your cousin’s DNA and the legal system, Apple getting out of routers, Avengers Infinity War, getting off Google Analytics and Facebook, and Flickr getting bought by Smugmug.
Daily(ish) 249: Quitting Achievement Unlocked and Fortnite
May 7, 2018
I talk about whether I should quit just because I failed. And a bit about Fortnite.
Way Too Seriously 48: The Incredibles: Equality is Villainous
May 4, 2018
On this episode we talk about The Incredibles. We cover married people who like each other, whether it’s bad to reward mediocrity, the damselling of Mr. Incredible, and why it’s Supergirl, not Superwoman.
Clockworks 32: Chapter 12: Burning Down the House
Apr 30, 2018
In this episode of Legion David and Syd are trapped in a loop of Syd’s life. Watch it again.
Daily(ish) 248: Tax Time So Let’s Talk TV
Apr 30, 2018
Avoiding your taxes is an important part of being an adult.
Way Too Seriously 47: Aladdin: Magic Ions
Apr 27, 2018
On this episode we talk about Disney’s Aladdin. We also talk about fetishized exoticisation of Arabia, whether women are prizes to be won, and whether it’s acceptable to transform a monkey into an elephant without his consent.
Icebreaker 8: Round 1 Analysis, and Round 2 Preview!
Apr 26, 2018
We’ve finished the first round of the 2018 NHL Playoffs, so its time to look back, while also looking ahead. Hear our predictions for round 2, and see how far off we were in round 1.
Daily(ish) 247: Quitting
Apr 25, 2018
Knowing when to fold something, walk away, and run.
The @U2 Podcast 80: A Bad U2 Fan Would Not Want to Hear That - SPOILERS!
Apr 25, 2018
SPOILERS AHEAD! Matt, Mason, Collin, and Chris are talking about U2’s Experience and Innocence tour that’s starting in 7 days and we’re talking spoilers all over the place.
Clockworks 31: Chapter 11: The Maze
Apr 23, 2018
In this episode there is a cow. What is the deal with that cow? David rescues Ptonomy and Melanie from their mental mazes, and we get some answers about the Migo Monk.
Daily(ish) 246: Descript Transcriptions on the Mac
Apr 23, 2018
A little bit about Descript, a Mac app for automagical transcriptions of audio, and a little bit about waiting for an adult to come and tell me what I’m doing wrong.
Daily(ish) 245: Reminder To Myself - I Love Creating Podcasts and Videos
Apr 20, 2018
Just a reminder to myself as much as any of you - I love doing this.
Way Too Seriously 46: Zootopia - A Podcast That Makes the World a Better Place
Apr 20, 2018
In this episode we’re talking about Zootopia, so obviously things get a little heated. We talk about pop stars, why the patriarchy hurts everyone, nature vs nurture, and racial profiling.this very movie!
Clockworks 30: Live from SFotR
Apr 18, 2018
This bonus episode of Clockworks was recorded live at the Sci-Fi On the Rock convention in St. John’s Newfoundland. We talk about the nature of surreal and psychedelic art, about some symbolic aspects of Legion, and we take some questions from the…
Daily(ish) 244: It’s So Sad There’s Other Podcasts in the World
Apr 18, 2018
Comparing myself to others I haven’t even met is kind of silly.
Clockworks 29: Chapter 10: Swing on a Star
Apr 16, 2018
In this episode everyone wonders if they can trust David, we wonder if we can trust future!Syd, and David wrestles with Amahl Farouk.
Daily(ish) 243: There’s a Cold Moving In
Apr 16, 2018
Recovering from a cold, I bravely soldier on and record an episode of the podcast for you.
Way Too Seriously 45: A Wrinkle in Time: The Flying Lettuce Leaf
Apr 13, 2018
In this episode we talk about kicking your characters when they are down, why mediocre movies are important, and optimism. We also talk about the “racial Bechdel test”, which we both forgot is called the DuVernay test, after Ava DuVernay, the director of…
Daily(ish) 242: Scheduling Myself
Apr 13, 2018
This episode I talk about how I, a grown 40-something year old manbaby, have figured out scheduling and unlocked the key to productivity. At least for this week.
The @U2 Podcast 79: I’ve Caught Myself a Bono Instead of a Pokemon
Apr 12, 2018
We’re back and talking about all that we left behind over the last 3 months since we last recorded.
Daily(ish) 241: Focus Chris. Focus.
Apr 11, 2018
Sometimes I dive into too many projects and then have to spend time pulling back from things.
Daily(ish) 240: Sympathy for the Tanned
Apr 10, 2018
I’m back in the land of ice and snow and it all feels like a 25C fever dream.
Clockworks 28: Chapter 9: White Rabbit
Apr 9, 2018
In this episode of Legion David returns from the orb and nothing is as simple as it seems. We are invited into madness, there are hexagons, there are dance numbers, there are stories, and it’s the future. Or is it? We’re honestly asking, that was not…
Icebreaker 7: Holland, Vigneault, the Sedins, and a full playoff preview!
Apr 8, 2018
The playoffs are (nearly) here! We touch on Ken Holland’s extension, Vigneault’s firing, the Sedins retiring, and we do a breakdown of each playoff series, and give our predictions! You heard them here first from 2 (non) experts.
Way Too Seriously 44: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Room of Hushy Hush
Apr 6, 2018
This episode of WTS is all about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We talk about why nobody feels bad for Moaning Myrtle, why Hermione has nicer hair in this movie, and whether we should care about House Elf rights.
Icebreaker 6: Is Yakupov done in the NHL? Who will benefit most from the rising Cap?
Apr 1, 2018
Happy Easter, everyone! It’s Episode 6, and we talk Yakupov, Scott Foster, the rising Cap, and who it benefits most. Plus, we play our first ever game on the podcast!
Way Too Seriously 43: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Slytherin was Robbed
Mar 30, 2018
This episode of WTS is all about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We’re focusing only on the movie, and trying our darndest not to turn this into an episode about the book(s). We talk about why the chosen one is a boy, the ethics fat shaming, and…
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 38: Enunciate the syllables
Mar 28, 2018
Brook and Kari talk about conferences: going to them, enjoying yourself, getting your money’s worth, doing a talk, understanding the code of conduct.
Morning Show 387: Best of Morning Show Vol. 1
Mar 27, 2018
It’s like Kenny forgot to tell Kyle until after the show last time that he wouldn’t be able to record our next episode live, so Kyle made a collection of dumb segments from other episodes.
Icebreaker 5: Flames, William Karlsson, and checking in with trade deadline players.
Mar 25, 2018
WE LIVE WITH EPISODE FIVE! Break into a jive. Okay, enough rhyming. Will the Flames make a big trade for a 1st round pick? What’s William Karlsson’s next contract going to look like? We also check in on the players acquired at the deadline.
Way Too Seriously 42: Despicable Me: Miss Hattie is the Real Villain
Mar 23, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Despicable Me. The first one. We talk about orphanages, child-endangerment, easily flattered women, and why Bee Gees dance parties are monstrous.
Morning Show 386: STEVE!
Mar 20, 2018
It’s like you’re visiting your sky-friend, Steve, who only eats nacho flavored jelly beans, but you still love him.
Daily(ish) 239: Working Remotely
Mar 19, 2018
How green is the grass on the side of working from anywhere? Sometimes it’s a bit of tile, concrete, and salty water and the grass doesn’t actually grow.
Icebreaker 4: Goalie fatigue, the next Carolina GM, THN’s Top 100 Prospects
Mar 18, 2018
Are starting goalies playing too much? Who’s going to be Carolina’s next GM? We also take a look at The Hockey News’ new list of the Top 100 NHL Prospects.
Way Too Seriously 41: Despicable Me 2: Let’s Go To The Mall, Everybody!
Mar 16, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Despicable Me 2. That’s right, it was 3 last week and 2 this week. We’re doing this in backwards order. We talk about stereotypes as a villain’s gimmick, the idea of macho, and why this movie missed an…
Morning Show 385: Hot Liquid Lava
Mar 13, 2018
It’s like a trip to the arctic where the only thing keeping you warm is the food you ate the day before.
Daily(ish) 238: Mexican Podcasting is Spicy
Mar 13, 2018
First podcast recording from Mexico.
Icebreaker 3: What is the deal with Carolina, and who is the next backup turned starter in the NHL?
Mar 11, 2018
Every team who doesn’t draft a future starter, tries to find the next starter who is currently another team’s back up. Who is that for the 2018-2019 season?
Way Too Seriously 40: Despicable Me 3: This time it’s Despicabler
Mar 9, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Despicable Me 3. We talk about whether all women are naturally destined for motherhood, the male gaze, wacky ignorant foreigners, and whether child-marriage is funny.
Clockworks 27: Bonus Minisode: Season 2 Trailer
Mar 8, 2018
In this episode of Clockworks we can barely contain our excitement for season 2 of Legion. It’s coming so soon! We spend a (relatively) short minisode reacting to and speculating about the recently released trailer for Legion season 2.
Morning Show 384: Ye Olde Beste Potato Chip
Mar 6, 2018
It’s like you moved to escape the bear, but ended up in Fairbanks, AK where there are plenty of bears.
Daily(ish) 237: March Roars in Like a Lion
Mar 6, 2018
I’m going Patreon only for the month of March. It’s not you, it’s me.
Icebreaker 2: Goalies, Goalies, Goalies!
Mar 5, 2018
Hockey goalies are the most confusing of all athletes, but we try and take a stab at figuring them out! We talk Mrazek, Elliot, Niemi, Bishop, and more!
Way Too Seriously 39: The Boxtrolls: Say Cheese!
Mar 2, 2018
On this episode of WTS we’re talking about Boxtrolls. We cover Laika’s race problem, cheese as a metaphor for social privilege, and whether everything would be better for everyone if Mr. Snatcher could just be a drag queen.
Morning Show 383: Strawberry Butts Forever
Feb 27, 2018
It’s like you watched all of the flavors nominated for the next Coca Cola flavor, but they all tasted like beaver’s butt gland at a ballpark.
Icebreaker 1: 2018 Trade Deadline
Feb 26, 2018
Our very first episode! We dive into the moves made at the deadline, and look towards playoffs to see who can ultimately take home the Stanley Cup.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 37: Dom Jorts
Feb 26, 2018
Brook and Kari chat about recent movies we’ve seen, books read, and podcasts listened to. 50 Shades spoilers. Tolkien white guys. Superhero movies. Writers writing about experiences they don’t have.
Way Too Seriously 38: The Secret of Kells: A Podcast That Will Turn Darkness Into Light
Feb 23, 2018
In this episode we talk about people of colour in the middle ages, whether Vikings should count as humans, and what that great big tall tower in Kells reminds us of.
Morning Show 382: Everybody Loves a Millionaire
Feb 21, 2018
It’s like you told the story of winning a million dollars, but all you did was buy a Wendy’s and live across the street from your parents.
Daily(ish) 236: Heil PR40 vs ATR2100 Mic Comparison
Feb 20, 2018
A quick comparison of two microphones - a Heil PR40 recorded into my Focusrite USB mixer vs the ATR2100 recording into my iPad Pro. Can you tell the difference? Price is certainly a difference!
Way Too Seriously 37: Paddington 2: They’re Listening To Our Podcast!
Feb 16, 2018
Hi everyone! In this episode we discuss 2018’s Paddington 2! We get way too serious about judicial reform, maternal bravery and perfect sequels.
Daily(ish) 235: Happy Tired Entrepreneurial Day
Feb 14, 2018
Social media is wonderful for data nerds like me. But also awful for data nerds like me.
Morning Show 381: Love Apples
Feb 13, 2018
It’s like it’s your birthday! We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday! We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday! And you know we don’t give a ****, it’s still your birthday!
Way Too Seriously 36: Babe 2: Pig in the City - What Did I Just Watch?
Feb 9, 2018
Hi everyone! We’re talking about Babe: Pig in the City this week. In this sequel to last week’s episode we talk about the surrealness of Babe: Pig in the City, Mrs Hoggett’s new accent, city life vs country life and the ethics of monkeys in wigs.
Daily(ish) 234: Trying Not to Listen to the Voices In or Out of My Head
Feb 9, 2018
Patreon Lens, Instagram Course sales, and talking to the voices inside and outside of my head.
3G3Q 139: S09:E10 - “Newt Hole”
Feb 7, 2018
Bards, Sunday sleepovers, & The Chive
Morning Show 380: Olive Gordon
Feb 6, 2018
It’s like talking really slowly about $1 fusion nacho fries fried in cold marinara sauce that regrows french fry hair.
Way Too Seriously 35: Babe: That’ll Do
Feb 2, 2018
In this episode we talk about “Babe.” We cover animal husbandry, the assumption of male as default, and whether it’s ok to eat an animal as long as you’ve never actually heard it talk.
Daily(ish) 233: Going All In on iPad
Feb 2, 2018
I’m doing an experiment where I try out an iPad Pro to see if I can do most, if not all, of my work from iOS.
3G3Q 138: S09:E09 - Next Day Ned’s
Feb 2, 2018
Exploring the woods, cold pizza, & dolphin tunnels.
Way Too Seriously 34: Ballerina/Leap!: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching Except Your Teacher Who Will Judge You
Jan 26, 2018
In this episode we’re talking about a movie that was called Leap! in the United States but Ballerina everywhere else! We talk about how just because someone kisses you that doesn’t mean she’s your girlfriend, VICTOR. We also cover competitive female…
Morning Show 379: Here Comes the Death
Jan 25, 2018
It’s like you can’t get your car started so you just sit there and listen to this episode.
The @U2 Podcast 78: A Few Songs of Experience, Theoretically Speaking
Jan 25, 2018
Chris Endrinal joins Chris to talk about the musical theory behind 4 songs from Songs of Experience - Red Flag Day, Little Things, American Soul, and You’re the Best Thing About Me.
3G3Q 137: S09:E08 - “The Goldener Rule”
Jan 24, 2018
Sports drinks, impeachment, & kindness
Morning Show 378: I Use Someone Else’s Netflix Account
Jan 23, 2018
It’s like we have no idea what we’re doing after producing a show for four years.
Way Too Seriously 33: Totoro: Hey, Let’s Go!
Jan 19, 2018
This episode of WTS is all about the Studio Ghibli classic: Totoro! In this episode we talk about environmentalism, ignoring the rules of narrative structure, and why Granny should not be your childcare role model.
Daily(ish) 232: Thoughts on YouTube’s Partner Program Changes
Jan 18, 2018
My comments on what YouTube’s changes to their partner program mean for the indie creators out there.
Way Too Seriously 32: Calvin and Hobbes: Scientific Podcast Goes Boink
Jan 17, 2018
In this episode we temporarily turn away from movies and talk about Calvin and Hobbes. We also talk about Beethoven, Cersei Lannister, and why you shouldn’t tell a little girl that a little boy is picking on her because he likes her.
Morning Show 377: Potpourri Cereal
Jan 12, 2018
It’s like 2019. Inside your fridge, you have frozen cereal, frozen egg balls, lettuce cups, old poke from a delivery driver, and hot baby food.
Way Too Seriously 31: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Oompa loompa doompa dee don’t
Jan 12, 2018
On this episode we talk about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That’s the 2005 version with Freddie Highmore as Charlie, not the 1971 one with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, which isn’t called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at all, it’s called Willy…
Daily(ish) 231: A New View on Work Life
Jan 11, 2018
I reorganized my office and figure I should show the Patreon folks how it looks.
Daily(ish) 230: This is Us With Internet Stage Fright
Jan 10, 2018
Hello 2018. Let’s get this thing over with.
Morning Show 376: It’s in My Smart Toilet
Jan 9, 2018
It’s like getting down with the sickness. You know, getting up and getting down with the sickness? Come on, just get down with the sickness. *cough* *cough*
Way Too Seriously 30: Paddington: It’s just Peru
Jan 5, 2018
On this episode we talk about 2015’s Paddington. We cover the man-in-a-dress trope, immigration and the whether Paddington is more popular than Winnie the Pooh.
Morning Show 375: Pyramid Cake
Dec 27, 2017
It’s like a robot is reading lines for Mickey while eating the world’s heaviest ancient Egyptian fruit cake from the other Antarctica.
Way Too Seriously 29: Mailbag
Dec 22, 2017
On this episode we don’t talk about any movie! Or maybe we talk about all of them! We’re reading your feedback!
The @U2 Podcast 77: 2017: The Year Of The Kimono
Dec 21, 2017
Join Tassoula, Matt, and Chris as we countdown the year that was for U2. From the Joshua Tree tour announcement up to the Live at the BBC concert, we cover the highlights of 2017 for U2.
3G3Q 136: S09:E07 - “Bible Fanfic”
Dec 20, 2017
Spruce needles, baubles, & popcorn on a string
Clockworks 26: Bonus Episode: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Dec 19, 2017
In our first episode of Clockworks we said that Legion reminded us of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We’re exploring that connection in more depth in this bonus episode of Clockworks!
Morning Show 374: The Italian Muffia
Dec 19, 2017
It’s like spending the whole weekend eating Froot Loops, oatmeal muffins, and fake Taco Bell items at their brand new location, but getting served from the drive through.
The @U2 Podcast 76: Return of the Songs of Experience - The Trilogy is Complete
Dec 19, 2017
Aaron, Kenny, Mason, and Chris complete the atU2 trilogy of discussions around U2’s Songs of Experience
Daily(ish) 229: An Introduction to Overwatch with Special Guest Dave Rupert
Dec 19, 2017
Dave Rupert joins me to discuss the fun of Overwatch and give some tips for anyone thinking of starting out on their Overwatch journey. (⚠️ This one goes a *bit* longer than the usual 10m Daily(ish) episode.)
Way Too Seriously 28: The Muppet Christmas Carol: Beaker Flips the Bird
Dec 15, 2017
On this episode we talk about the horror of Victorian poorhouses, whether it counts as passing the Bechdel test when the “woman” is a pig voiced by a man, and why if Tiny Tim doesn’t make you cry you’re a monster that’s right I said it.
Daily(ish) 228: A Test of the Patreon Broadcasting System
Dec 15, 2017
I’m testing out posting to Patreon first, and the regular feed for everyone else a day later. Will it work? I don’t know. I think I screwed up the date already in the audio of the episode.
The @U2 Podcast 75: We’ll See You at the Rave - A Discussion of Songs of Experience
Dec 14, 2017
Sherry, Ian, and a bit of Chris are back discussing Songs of Experience. Conspiracy theories, lyric dissections, and a whole lot more.
3G3Q 135: S09:E06 - “Outsiders Hair”
Dec 13, 2017
A very special winter episode
Daily(ish) 227: Patreon Hits the Undo Button
Dec 13, 2017
Except they’re not undoing the money and trust lost. At least not right away.
Morning Show 373: How to Eat an Entire Advent Calendar in One Day
Dec 12, 2017
It’s like eating an entire advent calendar of chocolate in one sitting with your brother while doing Home Alone trivia.
Way Too Seriously 27: The Peanuts Movie: Anybody Want a Peanut?
Dec 8, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously we’re talking The Peanuts Movie. We talk about nostalgia, Strong Female Characters,™ Peanuts’ race problem, and why Charlie Brown should remain a loser.
The @U2 Podcast 74: What If This Was the Best Option They Thought Of? - A Discussion of Songs of Experience
Dec 6, 2017
Tassoula, OMG Chris, Collin, and Chris break down Songs of Experience song by song and get into all the love and hate we could handle of U2’s latest.
Morning Show 372: Can I Get My Taters Squished?
Dec 5, 2017
It’s like you got stopped by the Fritter Police after you got your taters smothered, covered, scattered, smashed, and loved.
The @U2 Podcast 73: B-Side: You Get What You Pay For
Dec 1, 2017
Ian, Matt, and Chris get together for a quick chat to review Songs of Experience having heard the album a few times.
Way Too Seriously 26: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Agree to Disagree
Dec 1, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously we’re talking about The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jan and Paul don’t quite see eye to eye about this movie. We disagree about whether this is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie, whether Oogie Boogie is…
Daily(ish) 226: Experiencing U2’s Songs of Experience
Dec 1, 2017
A quick chat about U2’s new album, Songs of Experience, that was released today.
3G3Q 134: S09:E05 - “Linksplain”
Nov 30, 2017
Actually, Link is the princess
The @U2 Podcast 72: Songs of Experience Eve - How Are You Going to Listen to the New U2 Album?
Nov 29, 2017
Matt and Chris talk about the various ways people listen to a new U2 album when it’s first released.
Daily(ish) 225: Infinity Until Friday
Nov 29, 2017
There’s only 2 things happening this week in the world of media that mattered. jk.
Non Breaking Space Show 139: Dr. Sean Brennan and Paul Schmitt — The Technology & Ethics of Self-Autonomous Vehicles
Nov 28, 2017
Joined with Simon St. Laurent in talking with Dr. Sean Brannon and Paul Schmitt. Dr. Brannon is Professor from the Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University; affiliated faculty to the Thomas D. Larson Transportation…
Daily(ish) 224: Two Person Toilet Bowl Plunge
Nov 28, 2017
Cashing in on your Cyber Monday coupons.
Morning Show 371: Hamburger Horn
Nov 28, 2017
It’s like deep frying a turkey in Dr. Pepper while playing the Jumanji infinite runner, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon GO while drinking HUGE BUBBLES and buying Kyle gifts.
Daily(ish) 223: Cyber Your Monday Up
Nov 27, 2017
This episode is full of cyber monday coupon codes that will improve your cyber Monday by at least 50% if you use coupon code CYBERMYMONDAYISH.
Way Too Seriously 25: Captain Underpants: Insert Poop Joke Here
Nov 24, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously we’re talking Captain Underpants. We cover “boy books,” toxic masculinity, and whether Lunch Lady is an identity.
Morning Show 370: Model 3 Frozen Burrito
Nov 21, 2017
It’s like a eating full meal of Pringles, grilled cheese, Tesla burritos, and fake fast food secret menu items in a theater.
Clockworks 25: Bonus Episode: Moonrise Kingdom
Nov 21, 2017
In our first episode of Clockworks we said that Legion reminded us of Wes Anderson. We’re exploring that a little more in this bonus episode all about Moonrise Kingdom!
Non Breaking Space Show 138: Brenda Storer — Practical CSS Grids
Nov 21, 2017
Brenda Storer returns! Brenda is a Front End Developer and Designer at thoughtbot. She recently won Best Presentation at CSS Dev Conf 2017 New Orleans. Her talk focused on the topic of practical CSS grid layouts.
Way Too Seriously 24: Kubo and the Two Strings: Play that Shamisen Music (White Boy)
Nov 16, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously we talk about the Studio Laika movie Kubo and the Two Strings. We especially talk about cultural appropriation, the Smurfette Principle, cultural appropriation, fear and bullying, and cultural appropriation.
Daily(ish) 222: Blame it on the Snow
Nov 14, 2017
A bit of a catchup (ketchup?) episode on what I’ve been up to lately.
The @U2 Podcast 71: Answering FAQ’s About Presale Tickets for U2’s Experience and Innocence Tour
Nov 13, 2017
We’re joined by special guest Big Wave from the Zootopia forum to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about U2’s Experience and Innocence Tour pre-sale and general ticket sales.
Way Too Seriously 23: The Book of Life: No Bull
Nov 10, 2017
In this episode we talk about The Book of Life. In particular, we talk about the importance of representation, whether women are prizes to be won, and tomato sauce.
Morning Show 369: It’s a Bed on Wheels
Nov 9, 2017
It’s like paying $30 to go to Disneyland and shake your phone at a self-driving car after driving all the way from Oregon with the Beatles.
Clockworks 24: Bonus Episode: Pushing Daisies
Nov 7, 2017
In this bonus episode we talk about the Bryan Fuller tv series “Pushing Daisies”! Remember in our very first episode we said that Legion reminded us of Pushing Daises? Well we did. And now we’re going to talk about it!
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 36: What We Did On Our Vacation
Nov 6, 2017
Brook and Kari talk about what we’ve been up to, since we haven’t been podcasting a whole lot. Some really good book, movie, TV, and podcast recommendations here. I (Kari) can’t believe I didn’t mention I listened to S-Town. Plus, we talk about gender…
Non Breaking Space Show 137: Rachel Andrew — The New CSS Layout Technologies
Nov 6, 2017
Rachel Andrew returns! Rachel is a sought out expert on web design layout technologies like CSS Grid and Flexbox, an invited expert to CSS Working Group, and author of several books. Her latest book, *The New CSS Layout*, is out now from A Book Apart.
Way Too Seriously 22: The Lion King: The Circle of Know Your Place
Nov 3, 2017
In this episode, about The Lion King, we talk about the divine right of kings, why there are so many white American voice actors in this movie about Africa, and whether male lions are lazy freeloaders or important members of the pride.
The @U2 Podcast 70: Songs of Experiencing a Fun Way to Buy U2 Concert Tickets
Nov 2, 2017
Tassoula, Sherry, Matt, and Chris are here to chat about Experience and Innocence Tour ticketing issues as well as Songs of Experience songs we’ve heard so far.
Non Breaking Space Show 136: Aral Balkan — Certain Unalienable Cyborg Rights
Oct 31, 2017
Joined with Simon St. Laurent in talking with Aral Balkan. Aral is a cyborg rights activist and one-third of, a small non-profit organization working for social justice in the digital age. At, he works on Better, a privacy tool that stops…
Morning Show 368: Halloween Special
Oct 29, 2017
Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Morning Show. I am your cohost, your ghost cohost. Kindly put those earbuds all the way in please, and get comfortable. There’s no turning back now.
The @U2 Podcast 69: The Joshua Tree is a Speed Bump on the Road to Experience
Oct 27, 2017
Matt and Chris are joined by Sherry, Tassoula, and Mason who call in to give their thoughts on the recently wrapped up Joshua Tree Tour 2017.
Way Too Seriously 21: Hotel Transylvania 2: Undie Harder
Oct 27, 2017
In this second Halloween-themed episode of WTS Paul and Jan talk about Hotel Transylvania 2. We talk about infantilized women, incompetent men, and loving children for who they are.
Way Too Seriously 20: Bonus Trivia: Paranorman
Oct 26, 2017
Every week we make a short bonus trivia challenge episode inspired by each episode of WTS. This is the episode we recorded to go with Paranorman, we’ve decided to share it with you all! If you like the sound of this, you can one just like it for every…
Clockworks 23: X-Men Legacy: Legion Vol. 1
Oct 24, 2017
In this bonus episode we talk about David Haller in X-Men comics! We’re talking about issues 1-6 of X-Men Legacy: Legion. These six issues together make up Vol. 1 of X-Men Legacy: Legion.
Daily(ish) 221: Pick a Course, Any Course
Oct 24, 2017
Help me decide what to do next with a little bit of social pressure.
Morning Show 367: Morning Show Mini: That’s it? That’s it. That’s it!
Oct 23, 2017
It’s like accidentally ordering a Grand Slam while waiting in line at Nationals Ballpark and then just receiving a hot dog. Like, just a hot dog with nothing on it.
Non Breaking Space Show 135: Jason Pamental — Variable Fonts & The Future of Web Typography
Oct 23, 2017
Jason Pamental is the author of *Responsive Typography* from O’Reilly Media. He recently won one of the Best Of awards for his web typography talk at the annual CSS Dev Conference 2017.
Way Too Seriously 19: Paranorman: When Puritans Attack!
Oct 20, 2017
In this Halloween-adjacent episode of WTS Paul and Jan talk about Paranorman. Our conversation touches on the Bechdel Test and the Smurfette Principle (again!), the relationship of bullying to zombieism, and what speaking to the dead has to do with being…
Daily(ish) 220: Practicing in Public
Oct 20, 2017
Get that monkey off your back by whatever means necessary.
Non Breaking Space Show 134: Best of NBSPtv — Volume 2
Oct 19, 2017
The Internet’s Christopher Schmitt is out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Best of Non Breaking Space Show. In this volume, hear about Matt Griffen landing Tim Berners-Lee as a guest star in his web documentary, What Comes Next is the Future;…
Daily(ish) 219: Proudest Monkey
Oct 19, 2017
Working through a conversation with a monkey I have nearly every day.
Daily(ish) 218: From Thin and Wicked Prairie Winds Come In
Oct 18, 2017
Gord Downie died today. And I wanted to pay tribute to him in a small way on my podcast. I wish I could sing because I’d much rather cover his songs but my rambling will have to do instead.
3G3Q 133: S09:E04 - “Redpilled”
Oct 18, 2017
Profiles, I.T., & mourning rituals
Morning Show 366: Morning Show Mini: The Pursuit of Happy Meals
Oct 16, 2017
It’s like eating only saltine crackers for a week while a robot draws your blood to decide how many more saltines it should feed you at Beignet Fest.
Way Too Seriously 18: Moana: Know Who You Are
Oct 13, 2017
In this episode of WTS Paul and Jan talk about Moana. We talk about how trauma affects identity, whether Maui should have been a skinny guy, and why the best romantic subplot is no romantic subplot.
The @U2 Podcast 68: Pain is What We Salve with Art - A Conversation with Neil McCormick
Oct 11, 2017
Neil McCormick joins the show to talk about his new book, #Zero, which he is crowdfunding support for. Neil talks about what kind of pop star Zero is, his decision to go the crowdfunding route, the state of book publishing in 2017, and what the heck is…
Non Breaking Space Show 133: Simon St. Laurent — Discovery doesn’t get Star Trek, iPhone X’s Notch, Jeff Koons in Snapchat
Oct 11, 2017
Discovery doesn’t get Star Trek or maybe it’s the biggest con since Star Trek II? Meanwhile, iPhone X’s Notch changes how we view web design and more in this week’s Top (n+1) News Stories of the Week!
Clockworks 22: Bonus Minisode: The Gifted
Oct 10, 2017
In this quick mini-episode we share our initial reactions to Fox’s new X-Men show “The Gifted.”
Clockworks 21: Bonus Episode: Fargo Series Thoughts
Oct 10, 2017
In this final bonus episode about Fargo we talk about the whole series. We talk about predators, toxic masculinity, and supernatural evil.
Morning Show 365: Morning Show Mini: Shrimptopia
Oct 10, 2017
It’s like boxing up your old phone in a pizza box to get enough money to go to Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp cooked by Gordon Ramsay without any ingredients.
Way Too Seriously 17: The Little Prince: Essential Viewing
Oct 5, 2017
In this extra long episode of WTS Paul and Jan talk about The Little Prince. This movie is based on a book which was a beloved childhood favourite for Paul, so in this episode we talk about the relationship of the movie to the book. We also talk about why…
Daily(ish) 217: BFFs with a Job Interviewer
Oct 5, 2017
Coming down from a job interview, I record an episode with a bit of nervous energy. Hilarity may not have ensued but I feel much better now.
3G3Q 132: S09:E03 - “Faddlecack”
Oct 3, 2017
New slang, soda, & marsupials
Morning Show 364: Warm Coke Experience
Oct 3, 2017
It’s like watching just Will Smith movies with a warm soda and pumpkin spiced popcorn with a beagle on your lap for the next two months.
Way Too Seriously 16: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2: This Time It’s Personal
Sep 29, 2017
In this episode of WTS Paul and Jan talk about Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. We also talk about the evils of hero worship, why it matters if you confuse an ape for a monkey, the moral argument for veganism, and why the workers must seize the means…
3G3Q 131: S09:E02 - “Savage Compote”
Sep 28, 2017
AI, awful waffles, & bed diets
The @U2 Podcast 67: You’ve Said What You Came to Say - An Interview with December
Sep 28, 2017
Matt and Chris are joined by the band December to talk about their new album 33 which contains 10 U2 songs that they’ve reinterpreted as an ode to U2.
Clockworks 20: Bonus Episode: Fargo Season Three
Sep 26, 2017
This is the third in our series of bonus episodes about Fargo! Paul and Jan talk about Fargo season three, paying special attention to bodies, coincidences, stories, and truth.
Non Breaking Space Show 132: Best of NBSPtv — Volume 1
Sep 26, 2017
Christopher Schmitt is out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time Nicole Sullivan talked about how she read W3C specs for fun, Lou Rosenfeld trying not to start a war between IA vs. UX, and how Jessica Hische became a success.
Way Too Seriously 15: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Don’t @ Us
Sep 22, 2017
In this episode, all about Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, we talk about adapting picture books to movies, why a girl can’t be both cute and smart, and why fat people in movies are evil.
3G3Q 130: S09:E01 - “Brainerd, MN”
Sep 20, 2017
Maladies, biopics, & factoids
Way Too Seriously 14: Song of the Sea: Come Away, Oh Human Child
Sep 15, 2017
In this episode we talk about why it’s good to feel your feelings, whether fairy tales are colonialist by nature, and how overprotective parenting can harm children.
Clockworks 19: Bonus Episode: Fargo Season Two
Sep 12, 2017
In this second super-stuffed bonus episode of Clockworks Jan and Paul take a look at the second season of Fargo. There’s a lot to talk about, so dig in!
Daily(ish) 216: Say Hello to Fall Mode
Sep 12, 2017
Fall has arrived. And along with it the smoke monster.
Way Too Seriously 13: Muppets From Space: Why Are There So Many Movies With Muppets?
Sep 8, 2017
In this week’s WTS Paul and Jan talk about Muppets From Space! We talk about loving the Muppets, why accepting weirdos is good, and why your story matters even if you don’t know it. And Paul goes on a long rant about his least favourite Muppet.
The @U2 Podcast 66: Larry Lies Awake at Night Worrying About Wrinkles on His Face
Sep 7, 2017
The Blackout is over and we’re back to talk about “You’re The Best Thing About Me” with Matt, Sherry, Collin, and Chris.
Morning Show 363: A Bushel of Pizza, Please
Sep 5, 2017
It’s like waking up from a fever dream in which you’re stuck smelling pizza and farts from the top of a roller coaster before a 96º drop to your death.
Morning Show 362: Easy Peasy Quesadillsy
Sep 1, 2017
It’s like filling out your dating profile with your most hated food, your ideal chip flavor, your ideal water flavor, and hot chicken.
Way Too Seriously 12: UP!: This is not a Children’s Movie
Sep 1, 2017
In this week’s WTS Paul and Jan talk about UP! We talk about why it’s sadder when old people die, the value of letting go of the past, and we wonder how if all the doggies are boy doggies there are ever more doggies.
Non Breaking Space Show 131: Rachel Nabors — Web Animations API Tools
Aug 31, 2017
Rachel Nabors has worked with Mozilla, the W3C, and Salesforce. Currently, Rachel is a Program Manager on the Microsoft Edge Team representing Web design and animation communities.
Non Breaking Space Show 130: Nathan Curtis — Deep Foundations of Design Systems
Aug 30, 2017
Nathan Curtis co-founded EightShapes in 2006 and is passionate about interaction design, information architecture, and front-end development. He specializes in design systems consulting for teams large and small, regularly writing about and speaking at…
Clockworks 18: Bonus Episode: Fargo Season One
Aug 29, 2017
In this bonus episode of Clockworks Jan and Paul take a look at season one of Fargo, a tv show made by many of the same people who make Legion. This episode is extra-long, so maybe plan to listen to it in parts?
Way Too Seriously 11: Hook: Peter Pan is Not Batman
Aug 25, 2017
In this week’s WTS Paul and Jan talk about Hook, representation, why every female character wants to kiss Peter Pan, and food fights!
The @U2 Podcast 65: It Gave Me The Tingles All Over Again
Aug 24, 2017
The U2 machine is rumbling again! Not only is the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 about to resume, but U2 fans are getting strange letters promoting a new song and it looks like an album announcement could be coming soon. Sherry, Becky, Mason and Matt talk about…
Non Breaking Space Show 129: Laura Kalbag — Accessibility for Everyone
Aug 22, 2017
Laura Kalbag is a designer from the UK. She’s one-third of, a tiny social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age. At, Laura works on a web privacy tool called Better. Her first book, *Accessibility for Everyone*, is…
Morning Show 361: Big Ken’s Bacon Weekend
Aug 22, 2017
It’s like you popped and you can’t stop wearing a VR headset in the Kitchen while eating oreos, 6 egg tacos, and 24 Jack in the Box tacos.
High Contrast 10: Making Burgers or K*****p
Aug 21, 2017
Streaming video, launching Allo on the web, cat whiskers, meetchalata, California is the center of the USA, spider twitter, and the best way to eat sloppy buns.
Way Too Seriously 10: The Great Mouse Detective: Featuring Very Busty Mice
Aug 18, 2017
In this week’s WTS Paul and Jan are talking about a Disney classic neither of them have nostalgia for: The Great Mouse Detective! We talk about Vincent Price, damsel mice, and systemic anti-rat bias.
Morning Show 360: Put Me in a Microwave
Aug 15, 2017
It’s like eating a large chicken with your mutant aunt while watching the eclipse in VR at a baseball stadium.
Non Breaking Space Show 128: Peter Nowell — SVG Sketch Workflows
Aug 15, 2017
Peter Nowell is an independent designer, whose clients include Apple, Flinto, and Juice Shop. Peter is also the creator of Sketch Master, a set of online video courses for learning Sketch app.
High Contrast 9: Internet Residue or Giving Up on Twitter
Aug 14, 2017
Audio Hijacking, putting an Airpod into a cat, ketchup catch up, picking food you don’t like, iPhone 8 punditry, C.A.T.S. follow up, holograms, and force-quitting Twitter.
Way Too Seriously 9: Walking With the Dinosaurs 3D: “Hey Look! A Full Moon!”
Aug 11, 2017
Jan and Paul are watching a movie this week that they didn’t choose. You don’t have to have seen this movie to listen to the episode: we’re talking about Walking With the Dinosaurs 3D. We talk about mating habits of anthropomorphized animals, whether a…
Clockworks 17: What’s Up Next for Clockworks?
Aug 8, 2017
Paul and Jan are checking back in with you to let you know what our plans are for the inter-season break of Legion.
Morning Show 359: United Sandwiches of America
Aug 8, 2017
It’s like looking directly into the sun after trying Everything chips at the Iowa State Fair and paying too much for a burger.
Way Too Seriously 8: Inside Out: What if Even Doublemint Gum Can’t Make You Smile?
Aug 4, 2017
Jan and Paul return to Pixar to talk about Inside Out. We talk about depression, explaining theories of mind to children, and whether it’s possible for a bus driver to be a complete human being.
The @U2 Podcast 64: B-Side: Why’d U2 Shoot Two Live Performance Videos?
Aug 2, 2017
Matt, Ian and Sherry are back to discuss the rumors surrounding Songs of Experience and the two videos the band recently filmed.
Morning Show 358: Livin’ Velveeta Loca
Aug 1, 2017
It’s like only paying $3 for U2 bread, a processed spreadable cheese, and glorious everything bagel potato chips from the back seat of a car in a drive thru.
High Contrast 8: Home Screens or Show Me Your Salad
Jul 31, 2017
How the farmer sausage is made, a true hatred of tomatoes, and a deep dive into every single icon on our home screens.
Non Breaking Space Show 127: Dan Denney — JavaScript Developer Training
Jul 31, 2017
Since 2008, Dan Denney has worked closely with designers and writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He also founded the Front End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. After working as a front-end developer at Code School, Dan is currently unemployed so as…
Way Too Seriously 7: Prince of Egypt: The American Guy is Always the Hero
Jul 28, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously, Jan and Paul talk about Prince of Egypt. We talk about how nice it is to hear Patrick Stewart in anything, about whether it’s all cool to give women as gifts (spoiler: it’s not), about white actors playing African…
High Contrast 7: Coffee or Smacking My Boiler
Jul 25, 2017
Headphones bleeding, Mace Windu in your Finder, safe-word followup, and a tour through our coffee-drinking history and current brewing setups.
Morning Show 357: Kenny Breaks Kyle’s NDA
Jul 24, 2017
It’s like trying to relax on a weekend by watching a trailer for a movie where a bear races to get the first FastPass from every ride at Disneyland.
Way Too Seriously 6: Toy Story 2: All Collectors Are Evil
Jul 21, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously, Jan and Paul talk about Toy Story 2, even though they’ve never talked about Toy Story. Oh well. We talk about why holding on to your childhood is tempting but futile, whether toy dinosaurs can be girls, and whether…
Daily(ish) 215: Say Hello to Summer Mode
Jul 20, 2017
Summer mode has arrived and I’m stressed about it. Just make sure you drink lots of water and stay hydrated out there.
Non Breaking Space Show 126: Jina Anne and Micah Godbolt — The State of Design Systems
Jul 19, 2017
Jina Anne and Michah Godbolt are back on the show, but together for the first time, to talk about design systems, how they are using design systems at their respective jobs, and what is the state of design systems.
Morning Show 356: Is a Lobster a Bug?
Jul 18, 2017
It’s like getting a pre-portioned meal with cheese, caviar, breakfast ketchup, and a burger with pizza buns delivered to your door via waterslide.
High Contrast 6: Backups or The Great Dongle War of 2021
Jul 17, 2017
A bit of video game follow up from previous episodes, headphones and leakage, and how we back up our digital lives.
Way Too Seriously 5: The Wizard of Oz: Of Blizzards, Lizards, and Gizzards
Jul 14, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously, Jan and Paul talk about The Wizard of Oz, how passing the Bechdel test really should be easy, whether Munchkins are better than Hobbits, and whether it’s better to be a friend of Dorothy than to actually BE Dorothy.
Morning Show 355: It’s Not Pickle Sweat
Jul 12, 2017
It’s like adding Top Ramen Pringles, the NutZoom, a grape slicer, boozy ice cream, and a second thumb to your Amazon cart while driving.
Non Breaking Space Show 125: Kirupa Chinnathambi — Animating the Web
Jul 11, 2017
Kirupa Chinnathambi works as a Program Manager in the Web Platform team at Microsoft. His latest book, *Creating Web Animations* published by O’Reilly Media, examines how animations are made in today’s user interfaces.
High Contrast 5: Podcast Listening or Hot Wind from the Desert
Jul 10, 2017
Comparing and contrasting our humidity, opening the kimono all the way, playing a live game of Clash Royale, and how we listen to podcasts.
Way Too Seriously 4: Megamind: Everybody Loves Roxie
Jul 7, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously, Jan and Paul talk about Megamind. We express our sympathy with Dreamworks for always being the runner-up, this time to Despicable Me. We also talk about why Roxie is a love interest for every male character in the…
The @U2 Podcast 63: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Part 3
Jul 6, 2017
Geoff, Collin, Tassoula, and Chris are back to discuss the end of leg one of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.
Daily(ish) 214: Lost and Lemon Reunion
Jul 5, 2017
Catching up with Chris on how Lost Wax is doing. And some lemons.
Non Breaking Space Show 124: Lara Hogan — Public Speaking Training
Jul 4, 2017
Lara Hogan is an engineering director at Etsy and the author of *Designing for Performance* and the coauthor of *Building a Device Lab*. Her latest book, *Demystifying Public Speaking*, tackles every step involved in taking the podium and delivering the…
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 35: United By Queerness
Jul 3, 2017
Brook and Kari talk about Pride month, celebrations, marches, mainstreaming, commodification, rainbow-washing, chanting, mourning, abstaining, and showing up for the actual work the rest of the year. Should you go? Yes.
High Contrast 4: Video Games or No Cartridge to Blow Into
Jul 3, 2017
Forgetting to pay your GST in Canada, location checking as an alibi, Leisure Suit Larry education, and a history of Chris and Kyle’s video game life.
Way Too Seriously 3: Lego Batman: Joker Loves Batman
Jun 30, 2017
In this episode of Way Too Seriously, Jan and Paul talk about Lego Batman, and Jan mentions Krypto the Wonder Dog at least twice. We also talk about whether Batgirl is a Smurfette, the homoerotic subtext of Batman and Joker, and DC’s race problem.
The @U2 Podcast 62: Designing U2
Jun 28, 2017
Kelly, Beth, Ian, and Chris go all the way back to Larry’s first U2 logo on a shirt and talk through the U2’s history of design. What we love, what we hate, and the little things that we notice along the way.
Non Breaking Space Show 123: Simon St. Laurent — Amazon’s Best Week Ever, Apple’s Self-Driving Cars, and Boeing’s Self-Flying Planes
Jun 28, 2017
Amazon has the best week ever. Meanwhile, we’re not good enough for Apple Maps, so Apple’s making self-driving cars? What could go wrong and more in this week’s Top (n+1) News Stories of the Week!
Daily(ish) 213: Hey Twitter, What Do You Want to Know?
Jun 28, 2017
Answering some tweets about music, Costco, and summer.
Morning Show 354: GAK™ Alley
Jun 27, 2017
It’s like playing Donkey Kong Country while drinking Spicy Watermelon Lemonade on Spinsanity eating a Porkle with Breakfast Salsa.
High Contrast 3: Notifications or Frying Pans Can Act as Armor on Your Butt
Jun 26, 2017
Parents adopting new tech, dental relationship status, IFTTT recipes for dinner, notification analysis paralysis, and Kyle explains PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS to Chris.
Way Too Seriously 2: Hotel Transylvania: “Zing” is Not a Thing
Jun 23, 2017
In this first full episode of Way Too Seriously, Jan and Paul talk about Hotel Transylvania, the insidious idea of fathers owning their daughters, how love at first sight is a terrible concept, and why disability is not monstrous.
Morning Show 353: Chocolate Newton
Jun 23, 2017
It’s like telling your stomachist that you’ve eaten fig newtons, cashews with glass, and 50,000 lbs of Charlie the Chicken while sailing on the Hydrogen Iodide seas.
Non Breaking Space Show 122: Dan Mall — What is Your Hourly Rate?
Jun 21, 2017
Dan Mall returns! Dan is the director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative, and author of a new book about the approaches professionals can take to valuing their project rates called _Pricing Design_, which published by A Book Apart.
Daily(ish) 212: New Shows and Bedtime Conversations
Jun 21, 2017
Two things I’m excited about plus conversations with my kids.
Way Too Seriously 1: Introduction to Way Too Seriously
Jun 20, 2017
In this intro episode to Way Too Seriously Paul and Jan introduce themselves and the idea for this show. See you next Friday for our first full episode!
Morning Show 352: Jellopeño™
Jun 20, 2017
It’s like getting back from vacation after barfing up a mile-long pizza all over a boat, a building, and a plane.
Clockworks 16: Interview with MastersFX
Jun 20, 2017
In this final episode of Clockworks season 1 Paul interviewed Todd Masters, Lori Sandnes, Sarah Pickersgill and Yukiyo Okajima, four members of the team that created the special effects makeup for Legion. We talked about the design for the Devil with…
Clockworks 15: Wrap Up Part 3: Favourites
Jun 13, 2017
In this episode of Clockworks Paul and Jan let their feelings run away with them and gush about their favourite episodes, characters, performances, directors, writers, musical numbers, manifestations of the Shadow King, and moments of season 1 of Legion.…
Non Breaking Space Show 121: Harry Roberts — The Tools of a CSS Front-end Architect
Jun 13, 2017
Harry Roberts is an award-winning Consultant Front-end Architect, writer, and speaker from the UK. Roberts is often asked for his advice by web teams to help make their CSS better organized and more efficient.
Daily(ish) 211: Air quotes The Husband End air quotes
Jun 13, 2017
Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became the guy who hadn’t recorded an episode for nearly a month.
The @U2 Podcast 61: Bigwave needs a Kimono
Jun 7, 2017
We’re back for another discussion of The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour with Aaron, Sherry, Sienna, and Chris. We’re also joined by Bigwave from the moderator crew to help answer questions from listeners.
High Contrast 2: Media or PerPlexed by Streaming
Jun 7, 2017
Comparing our Letterboxd diaries leads to a discussion of how we watch streaming media in 2017.
Clockworks 14: Interview with Craig Wrobleski
Jun 6, 2017
Paul and Jan talk to cinematographer Craig Wrobleski about his work making Legion look so darn good.
High Contrast 1: Note-Taking or Renting Goodstuff From the Cats
May 31, 2017
Kyle and Chris discuss cats vs. kids, Costco runs, and the various methods of note taking the’ve tried over the years.
Non Breaking Space Show 120: Dan Brown — UX Design Consultant
May 31, 2017
Dan Brown is co-founder of EightShapes, a UX design discovery shop that serves clients in healthcare, education, not-for-profit and high-tech. He’s recently written a book called, *Practical Design Discovery,* published by A Book Apart.
Clockworks 13: Season One Wrap-up: The Themes
May 30, 2017
In this episode of Clockworks we look back over season one of Legion and talk about the big ideas we think this season has been about.
Morning Show 351: National Milk Julep Day
May 30, 2017
It’s like carrying a bunch of boxes of candy through the bridge of the Enterprise in VR to the bow of the Enterprise and hoping to not get sea sick.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 34: Don’t Ghost Your Parents
May 29, 2017
Brook and Kari discuss chosen families, constructing family units, friends that stick, healthy boundaries for adults, rules for showing up for your friends.
The @U2 Podcast 60: What’s Under Adam’s Kimono?
May 25, 2017
Matt, Mason, Tim, and Chris convene to discuss our thoughts on U2’s first 6 shows of The Joshua Tree 2017 tour.
Clockworks 12: Interview with Jeff Russo
May 23, 2017
Jeff Russo wrote the score for Legion, and he agreed to sit down with us and talk about the music of Legion, his approach to writing music for a tv series, his love of Pink Floyd, and more.
Morning Show 350: Lunchtime Hustle
May 23, 2017
It’s like eating stale twister fries covered in contaminated cheese before getting on the Wave Breaker™ and listening to the Golden Eye OST.
Daily(ish) 210: Getting Stuck in A Moment I Can’t Get Out Of
May 19, 2017
This isn’t the one where I talk about seeing U2 but it still kind of ends up being that.
The @U2 Podcast 59: Ultraviolet: Opening Night of the Joshua Tree Tour 2017
May 18, 2017
Tassoula, Sherry, Becky, Jill, and Michelle are on the special atU2 Periscope couch after the opening night of The Joshua Tree Tour in Vancouver to debrief their thoughts on the start of this incredible tour.
Clockworks 11: Interview with Dennie Gordon
May 16, 2017
Dennie Gordon directed fan favourite episode 7 of Legion, and we’re thrilled that she agreed to sit down with Paul and chat about that episode, and about Legion in general.
Non Breaking Space Show 119: Sarah Drasner — The Guide to Designing SVG Animations
May 16, 2017
Sarah Drasner is an award-winning speaker, consultant, and staff writer at CSS-Tricks. Sarah is also the co-founder of Web Animation Workshops, with Val Head. She’s given a Frontend Masters Workshop on Advanced SVG Animations and is the author of SVG…
Morning Show 349: The Incredible Journey
May 16, 2017
It’s like trying to find your way back home with a sassy cat while eating charcoal-flavored sliders while plunging 125ft into a hot and spicy soup.
Daily(ish) 209: Kicking My Brain into Traveling Gear
May 11, 2017
How I get my brain to move on from subconscious worry to getting things done.
Morning Show 348: Mac N Cheese Twister
May 9, 2017
It’s like stabbing yourself over and over with a knife made of french fries while playing a game of Mac N Cheese Twister in a hotel room outside the Apple Tree Headquarters.
Clockworks 10: Season One Wrap-up: The Characters
May 9, 2017
In this episode of Clockworks we look back and talk about the major characters and their development throughout this first season.
Non Breaking Space Show 118: Nicole Hallberg and Martin Schneider — Sexism in the Tech Industry
May 8, 2017
Nicole Hallberg and Martin Schneider swapped email address for a couple of weeks. Guess what happened? Join Nicole and Martin as they to talk about their experiences in dealing with and recognizing sexism in the tech workplace and suggestions for what can…
The @U2 Podcast 58: B-Side: Bjorn and the Bouncing Lemons
May 4, 2017
Matt, Tassoula, Sherry, and Chris chat about yesterday’s rehearsals for The Joshua Tree as well as today’s fan club announcement.
Non Breaking Space Show 117: J.M. DeMatteis — Burying Spider-Man, Building Worlds
May 3, 2017
J.M. DeMatteis is an Eisner award-winning writer and editor with more than thirty years experience in comic books, graphic novels, television, film, and prose. He stops by the show to talk about his process, how things have changed in comics over the…
Clockworks 9: Chapter 8: If I Ruled the World
May 2, 2017
In the season finale of Legion Division 3 reappears, the Summerland team try to get rid of the Shadow King for good, David flies, and Jermaine Clement sings!
Morning Show 347: Blacklight Mozzarella
May 1, 2017
It’s like Alexa screaming a nacho recipe at you while you drive to New York to get an ice-cold ketchup drink with thrice-fried chicken on top that glows in the dark.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 33: A Man with a Bowler Hat and Rolled Up Sleeves
Apr 29, 2017
Brook and Kari discuss drinks, from breastfeeding and tap water, to aquavit and bourbon, to weird sodas. Our favorite cocktail recipes and our basic go-to comfort drinks. Mnemonic rhymes aren’t as helpful as just not drinking too much.
Daily(ish) 208: Friday Ear Worm That You Shouldn’t Listen To
Apr 28, 2017
You shouldn’t listen to this. Really.
The @U2 Podcast 57: The Dalton Brothers
Apr 27, 2017
Sherry, Matt, and Chris gather round the fire to swap stories of a band that only plays two kinds of music: country and western
Non Breaking Space Show 116: Oliver Lindberg — Editing the Web Industry
Apr 27, 2017
Oliver Lindberg is a freelance editor and content consultant, founder of the new Pixel Pioneers conference, co-founder and curator of Generate Conference, and former editor of Net magazine.
Daily(ish) 207: The One About Kyle
Apr 26, 2017
A quick interview with Lucy about Kyle along with some thoughts about S Town. Awkward segue? Yes.
Morning Show 346: Donkey Kong Baseball 64
Apr 26, 2017
It’s like jumping over a catcher with golf balls in your mouth wearing VR goggles at the Grand Canyon into a pan of paella.
Clockworks 8: Chapter 7: The Monster Appears
Apr 25, 2017
In the seventh episode of Legion, everything is completely bonkers, and we get more answers. David meets his rational mind and draws some pictures on a chalkboard, Lenny is a silent movie star, and we say goodbye to Walter.
The @U2 Podcast 56: B-Side: Joshua Tree Stage Being Built in Houston
Apr 21, 2017
Matt, Becky, and Chris take a few minutes to chat about the leaked photos and videos of what seems to be U2’s Joshua Tree tour stage.
Daily(ish) 206: Beware: The Hot Water Bottle Attacks
Apr 19, 2017
The one where a hot water bottle attacks me.
Clockworks 7: Chapter 6: It’s A New Day
Apr 19, 2017
In the sixth episode of Legion, we’re back in a mental hospital, Lenny tips her hand to David and expresses herself through dance.
Morning Show 345: I Am the Mayonnaise Phoenix
Apr 19, 2017
It’s like getting to skip school to ride the train in a closet with only your high school friends to a rice ball shop covered in hot cheeto dust.
Non Breaking Space Show 115: Simon St. Laurent — The Last Jedi Trailer, Burger King Hacking, Life in Space, and More
Apr 18, 2017
The state of Angular, Apple’s self-driving vehicles, parking spaces in space, American Dream is stuck in a rut, and The Last Jedi teaser trailer reaching over 20 million views.
Clockworks 6: Chapter 5: What’s On The Other Side?
Apr 11, 2017
David is acting completely out of character in the fifth episode of Legion. He visits Division 3, and we come full circle, back to where it all began.
Non Breaking Space Show 114: Whitney Quesenbery — Design as a Civic Responsibility
Apr 11, 2017
Whitney is Co-Director of Civic Design and is an expert in user research, user experience, and usability, with a passion for clear communication. She’s the author of three books: *A Web for Everyone*, *Storytelling in User Experience*, and *Global UX*.
Morning Show 344: Who Wants to Hug a Pirate?
Apr 11, 2017
It’s like a one-way ticket to Disneyland to hug a warm robot made of fast-food vape juice and ballpark food.
Non Breaking Space Show 113: Val Head — Designing Interface Animation
Apr 10, 2017
Val Head is a web animation expert and author with a talent for getting designers and developers alike excited about the power of animation. She’s the author of *Designing Interface Animation* and teaches CSS Animation on
Daily(ish) 205: My Podcasting Inspiration
Apr 6, 2017
I was asked what inspired me to become a podcaster. This my answer.
The @U2 Podcast 55: Jiffy Pop Or Rain - A Discussion of Passengers
Apr 5, 2017
Is Passengers an actual U2 album? Is it rain or jiffy pop at the start of that song? New atU2 staffers Collin and Eric join Ian, Steve, and Chris to finally discuss Passengers in our album by album series.
Clockworks 5: Chapter 4: The Undiscovered
Apr 4, 2017
In the fourth episode of Legion, Syd searches for the truth while David convalesces on the Astral Plane, and motherflippin’ Jemaine Clement is on our tv screens!
Morning Show 343: Twinkie Goo
Apr 4, 2017
Welcome to The Goodstuff Morning Show: It’s like sneaking into the movie theater with cordon bleu in your purse to see a movie with a Tyrannosaurus Rex on Mars.
Non Breaking Space Show 112: Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. — How To Get People To Do Stuff
Apr 3, 2017
Dr. Susan Weinschenk is a behavioral psychologist who has been working in the field of design and user experience. She is the author of *How To Get People To Do Stuff*, *Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click?* and *100 Things Every Designer Needs to…
Clockworks 4: Chapter 3: Shall We Begin?
Mar 28, 2017
In the third episode of Legion, Division 3 begins interrogating Amy, Melanie wants unfiltered access to David’s mind, and what DID the stars say?
Morning Show 342: A Spray Tan for Your Dessert
Mar 28, 2017
Welcome to The Goodstuff Morning Show: It’s like driving with just your brights on through a meat field of human alterna-flesh in a 6-wheeled robot carrying a black forest cake.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 32: Whoa Canada
Mar 26, 2017
Kari and Brook talk about Canada. Justin Trudeau is cute. Colonialist settlement was horrible, and so is the government’s treatment of indigenous people. Pipelines, socialized medicine, parental leave, RCMP, blinking green lights, grams of salami.
Non Breaking Space Show 111: Lainey Feingold — Structured Negotiation for Accessibility
Mar 24, 2017
Lainey Feingold is the author of *Structured Negotiation* published by the American Bar Association that explores an alternative dispute resolution process she’s used throughout her work as a disability rights lawyer. Through structured negotiation, she…
Daily(ish) 204: Just Me and Kong
Mar 22, 2017
Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before and it’s not what you think. Unless you’re thinking I went to a movie by myself. In which case then yes, it’s exactly what you think.
The @U2 Podcast 54: B-Side Red Hill Mining Town Record Store Day Release
Mar 22, 2017
Tassoula, Sherry, and Chris chat about U2’s Red Hill Mining Town’s re-release in 2017 for Record Store Day.
Clockworks 3: Chapter 2: Road to Nowhere
Mar 21, 2017
In the second episode of Legion David does some memory work. He knows where he’s going, but he doesn’t know where he’s been.
Daily(ish) 203: Goodstuff v3
Mar 17, 2017
Deep breath - the new version of Goodstuff is finally out!
Non Breaking Space Show 110: Kristofer Layon — UX Design (Live from SXSW)
Mar 17, 2017
Kristofer Layon is the Principal Interaction Designer at Honeywell. Before then, Kristofer directed the MinneWebCon in 2008 until 2011.
Morning Show 341: Octogenarian Mutant Ninja Turtles
Mar 15, 2017
Welcome to The Goodstuff Morning Show: It’s like waking up with dry-mouth after eating an orange chicken burrito with an infant ninja turtle whose shell glows like the top of a police car that parks itself when you wave at it.
Clockworks 2: Chapter 1: Happy Jack
Mar 15, 2017
In the first episode of Legion David Haller has trouble knowing what is real, and so do we.
Clockworks 1: Welcome to Clockworks
Mar 13, 2017
In this episode of Clockworks, Paul and Jan introduce themselves, why they love Legion, and what to expect from this podcast.
Daily(ish) 202: It’s Cold. Again. Still. Whatever.
Mar 10, 2017
Ask and you shall receive from the U2 marketing gods.
Daily(ish) 201: It’s Cold
Mar 9, 2017
Collecting my thoughts on U2’s Anniversary Collection of The Joshua Tree
The @U2 Podcast 53: B-Side U2 Facebook Live Joshua Tree Event
Mar 9, 2017
Aaron, Tassoula, Chris, and the newest atU2 staffer Sienna have a quick chat reviewing U2’s Facebook Live Q&A held today on The Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary.
Non Breaking Space Show 109: Steve Portigal — User Research War Stories
Mar 7, 2017
Steve Portigal is the founder and principal of Portigal Consulting, a boutique firm that brings together user research, design and business strategy. Steve is the author of Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights and Doorbells, Danger, and…
Morning Show 340: DJ Tornado
Mar 7, 2017
Crown roast of pork earns its name when a pork loin is formed into a circle with the ribs pointing upwards forming the points of a crown. Often they are held together with twine. It is then seasoned, and often stuffed, roasted and served, making a…
Daily(ish) 200: Verbal Diarrhea, Part 2
Mar 1, 2017
Happy Episode 200. It didn’t fizzle out or die on the vine!
Non Breaking Space Show 108: Steve Krug — Advanced Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
Feb 28, 2017
A highly sought-after speaker, Steve Krug is a usability consultant who has more than 20 years of experience as a user advocate for companies like Apple, Netscape, AOL, Lexus, and others. He is best known for his book Don’t Make Me Think about…
Morning Show 339: Chocolate Scrambled Eggs
Feb 28, 2017
We’ve got a new theme song, Kenny thinks it’s Fryday, McRib Chalupas, horses with wheels, VR isolation tanks, Sunny-D, and more!
Morning Show 338: Chev-fil-A
Feb 21, 2017
Sneezing into your wisdom holes, cutting sausages with Alexa, cooking yourself from the inside, driving to the middle of Washington, and Kenny’s definitive french fry ranking: 1. In N Out, 2. Carl’s Jr, 3. Jack in the Box, 4. Burger King, 5. Arby’s.
Non Breaking Space Show 107: Hugh Forrest — Growing the SXSW Mega-Conference
Feb 20, 2017
Director at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival, Hugh Forrest has overseen it from its inception in the mid-90s to see it turn into a mega-conference, hosting a sitting President of the United States as keynote speaker.
The @U2 Podcast 52: B-Side Discussing Adam’s Joshua Tree Setlist
Feb 20, 2017
10 minutes on Adam Clayton’s picture with a blurry setlist that we Bunderdict Cumbertooth our way through.
3G3Q 127: S08E08.5 - Lightning Round
Feb 17, 2017
Beaurocracy, taters, & nasty slices.
The @U2 Podcast 51: My Dog Doesn’t Know If We’re In Love With Defeat — A Discussion of Songs of Innocence
Feb 16, 2017
Matt, Tassoula, Jill, and Chris discuss U2’s 2014 release of Songs of Innocence. From the surprise release announcement with Apple to the Innocence + Experience Tour, we go song by song on U2’s most recent album as of this recording.
Non Breaking Space Show 106: Dudley Storey — Using SVG
Feb 13, 2017
Dudley Storey is a Smashing Magazine contributing editor, teacher and speaker, his new book _Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5_ is scheduled to be released later this Spring.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 31: Cry You Later
Feb 10, 2017
Brook and Kari discuss crying, particularly at work, and what it means, why we do it, and what to do if you see someone doing it.
The @U2 Podcast 50: EP: A Conversation With Andy Greene from Rolling Stone
Feb 9, 2017
After his recent interviews with Edge, Adam Clayton, and Willie Williams we snagged Andy Greene from Rolling Stone for a conversation to get his thoughts on U2’s Joshua Tree Tour, what songs they’ll play, the promotional method for a unique tour like…
Daily(ish) 199: Artisanally Crafted Computers with Dave Rupert
Feb 9, 2017
I’m joined by Dave Rupert to talk about his move from Mac to Windows and why it’s not such a scary idea after all. Or is it? (cue ominious music)
Morning Show 337: Totes Murdered Out Chicken
Feb 8, 2017
Their beak and tongue, black comb and wattles; even their meat, bones and organs appear black. The blood of the Ayam Cemani is normally colored.
Non Breaking Space Show 105: Jonathan Stark — How Much Should I Charge Clients?
Feb 7, 2017
The author of *Hourly Billing is Nuts*, Jonathan Stark, joins us to about charging clients what your worth or, what could be more beneficial, charging what the work is worth to your customers.
3G3Q 126: S08:E08 - “Sous-vide Subaru”
Feb 6, 2017
Horntones, bus laws, & weinermobiles.
Daily(ish) 198: Happy Post-Superbowl Monday
Feb 6, 2017
It’s been a week plus a heads up for the next episode.
The @U2 Podcast 49: Moment of Show-Ender — A Discussion of No Line on the Horizon
Feb 2, 2017
Get on your boots - Liseth, Sherry, and Aaron join Chris to talk about No Line on the Horizon, U2’s 12th album that came out in 2009.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 30: Home Poopin’
Feb 2, 2017
Kari and Brook revisit the topic of travelling: how we pack, what we pack, how we make ourselves feel at home when away, and the weird things human bodies do when you’re on the road.
Morning Show 336: Braincation
Jan 31, 2017
As of 2009, the CIA stated that there were approximately 44,000 “… airports or airfields recognizable from the air” around the world, including 15,095 in the US. (If you want a paved runway, there are only 5,194.) The US has about a third of all airports,…
Non Breaking Space Show 104: Simon St. Laurent — Twitter Bots, Amazon VR Stores, and More
Jan 31, 2017
Twitter filled with Star Wars Bots; Amazon wants storefronts in virtual reality, the pain of numbering software releases, shady UX practices, and the most popular tech skills for the year, and the current asking price for 30 seconds of the Super Bowl™.
3G3Q 125: S08:E07 - “TBH”
Jan 30, 2017
Soap fights, shoe shame, & a court caper
Non Breaking Space Show 103: Brad Frost — Atomic Design
Jan 25, 2017
Brad Frost is the web designer who created the mental model of Atomic Design. He’s a sought-after designer, speaker, and consultant about responsive design. His new book Atomic Design explains the concept of modular design as well as how to position it in…
Daily(ish) 197: Listener Q - How to Cope With Hard Times?
Jan 23, 2017
Question from Aaron on how to cope with hard times.
Daily(ish) 196: Minimalism - A Review of a Documentary About Promoting a Book
Jan 18, 2017
We watched Minimalism - A Documentary About the Important Things last night and I had a few thoughts that I’ll try and keep to a minimum, naturally.
Morning Show 335: Burg Watching
Jan 17, 2017
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, or simply Red Robin, is an American chain of casual dining restaurants founded in September 1969 in Seattle, Washington. In 1979, the first franchised Red Robin restaurant was opened in Yakima, Washington. Red Robin is…
Daily(ish) 195: The Joshua Tree 2017
Jan 17, 2017
Special U2 correspondent Christopher Schmitt joins me to talk about U2’s recent tour announcement and decision to milk The Joshua Tree for one more run.
Morning Show 334: Yo Quiero Taco Neck
Jan 10, 2017
Dental small talk, driving through trees, and a CES edition of Cool or Not?
The @U2 Podcast 48: Butterflies Out Of Its Mouth — A Discussion of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
Jan 9, 2017
Jill, Ian, Becky, and Chris take a musical journey through How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - U2’s 2004 album that helped keep the band on the top of the biggest band in the world fight.
The @U2 Podcast 47: B-Side #1: U2 Announces Joshua Tree Tour 2017
Jan 9, 2017
For our first b-side we convene a panel of folks to chat about The Joshua Tree Tour announcement — ticket pricing, availability, and whether Drunk Chicken will make an appearance!
3G3Q 124: S08:E06 - “Never Got This Far”
Jan 7, 2017
Paint repo, Mormo, & Tracting
The @U2 Podcast 46: No Girly Hearts — A Discussion of All That You Can’t Leave Behind
Jan 5, 2017
All that you fashion and all that you make can turn into a 90m discussion of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Ian, Sherry, Tassoula, Marylinn, and Chris spend a little while chatting about the ups and downs of U2’s 2000 album.
Daily(ish) 194: Happy New Year
Jan 4, 2017
A recap of Xmas and a look forward to all things new in 2017.
Morning Show 333: The Canker Store
Jan 3, 2017
It’s 2017! We’re back! We talk about mouth sore treatments, minivans, Mariah Carey the Time Traveler, and future foods.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 29: A Bad Bargain With An Elf
Dec 30, 2016
Brook and Kari discuss children and not having them, how to get one if you need one, life scripts, undermining parents, pets and how having them is and isn’t like having kids. Brook’s cat makes us laugh and we try to describe it. Great radio.
Morning Show 332: Astronaut Sandwich
Dec 20, 2016
We take a look at an expensive grill, robot hands, and when classic Christmas movies came out.
Morning Show 331: Upward-Facing Idiot
Dec 16, 2016
Sandwiches under your bed, Doritos Hot or Not?, playing a pizza-shaped flute, regretful Soylent talk, and Kenny ponders the social pressures of wrist computers.
Daily(ish) 193: A Review of Rogue One by Two Christophers
Dec 16, 2016
Christopher Schmitt joins me to review and discuss Rogue One, which opened this week in theatres around the world. Is it A New Hope or does it make us want to strike back at the ticket seller for letting us go see it?
Non Breaking Space Show 102: CSS Dev Conf 2016 Wrap Up Panel — Open Source, Designers vs. Devs, Hiring, Job Seeking, and More
Dec 15, 2016
For our 2016 wrap-up episode, we’re presenting an exclusive recording of the traditional CSS Dev Conf 2016 Wrap Up Panel. As hour filled with lots of great questions from the audience for the incredible array of speakers.
Morning Show 330: Pancake Stubble
Dec 13, 2016
We’re back! After taking some personal time to be with family during a difficult time, we’re back behind the microphone to shake out the wiggles and keep the mood light. We’ve had a chance to watch some trailers, binge some shows, and discuss Vin Diesel.
3G3Q 123: S08:E05.5 - Lightning Round
Dec 11, 2016
Picking president, seasonality, & forgetting.
The @U2 Podcast 45: Maybe I Had My Lemon Up My Butt — A Discussion of Pop
Dec 8, 2016
Ian, Sherry, Marylinn, and Chris take on one of U2’s under-appreciated albums that had a complicated arrival to the world with a lot of flash on the surface. But we found a lot of depth once you got past the shine of the mirrorball.
Non Breaking Space Show 101: Lauren Golembiewski — Creating Conversational Smart Bots
Dec 7, 2016
Product Design Director Lauren Golembiewski is co-founder of Voxable which builds conversational bots and voice interfaces.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 28: The Green Pickle
Dec 7, 2016
We’re back, adullllltttzzzz! Brook and Kari have come out of hibernation to hit your eardrums with a brand new episode, mostly about how to handle the holidays like a grown-up when you’re spending them with unfamiliar people, or worse, familiar people! We…
Non Breaking Space Show 100: Simon St. Laurent and Chris Enns — Vine Closing, Twitter Buyer, Stranger Things, and More
Dec 2, 2016
Vine is shutting down, who should buy Twitter, the story of Christopher dancing as Chewbacca, the cons of a MacBook Pro, CSS Devconf recap, Stranger Things and binging on Netflix, and walking away from The Walking Dead.
Daily(ish) 192: The Bummer of Giving Out Free Advice About Skiffs of Snow
Nov 30, 2016
Give away what you know on YouTube and blogs to show how smart you are and then people will pay you for what you know is what we’ve been told for the last few years. Nuts I say.
The @U2 Podcast 44: Basking in Lemon — A Discussion of Zooropa
Nov 24, 2016
A man builds a podcast, with guests and commentary. A man records a conversation so he can hear himself up close. Marylinn, Sherry, Ian, and Chris are talking Zooropa until the day begins at midnight so grab the nearest lemon and don’t go wandering too…
Daily(ish) 191: What’s On Our TV in November? Surviving the Crown in WestWorld?
Nov 23, 2016
I talk about the shows we’ve been watching in November - a little bit of reality TV, some Netflix drama, and an HBO mystery.
3G3Q 122: S08:E05 - “Tatanka”
Nov 23, 2016
Paint repo, Mormo, & Tracting
Non Breaking Space Show 99: Mat Marquis — JavaScript for Web Designers
Nov 22, 2016
Mat Marquis is Chair of the Responsive Issues Community Group, technical editor at A List Apart, a former member of the jQuery Mobile team, and editor of the W3C HTML5 specification. His book, JavaScript for Web Designers, was recently published by A Book…
Daily(ish) 190: Digging Out
Nov 16, 2016
A quick germ free update on what’s been going on for the last week or so. Also - stay home if you’re sick you dumb dumbs!
Non Breaking Space Show 98: Matt Vanderpol — Online Craftsman
Nov 16, 2016
Matt Vanderpol helps companies and agencies craft custom WordPress themes with an emphasis on content maintainability, performance, and responsive behavior.
Morning Show 329: Garbage Wallbanger
Nov 8, 2016
In 2001, a Dachshund named Saucisse was a mayoral candidate. He won 4% of votes. Eight years later, in 2009, he participated the third season of Secret Story, the French version of Big Brother. He entered the house on Day 36. His secret is that he was a…
Daily(ish) 189: The One With Lucy’s Lego
Nov 7, 2016
My daughter joins me for a quick tour of her Lego Friends as well as her review of Frozen. *SPOILERS*
The @U2 Podcast 43: Outside Podcast - A Discussion of Achtung Baby
Nov 5, 2016
Adam prefers sandalwood and the atU2 crew prefer Achtung Baby. Sherry, Tassoula, Matt, and Chris try to talk like this and act like that to figure out which is the best song on the album (all of them).
Morning Show 328: Yam Your Face
Nov 4, 2016
Welcome Home Google, Watch some guys eat lunch with Swoop, Is that British food-slang for something?, Today is the day to eat even more candy, Sue someone because chicken is hard work, and more!
3G3Q 121: S08:E04.5 - Lightning Round
Nov 4, 2016
New math, Dolly Parton, & Middle-class Joe
Morning Show 327: Read Recipes
Nov 1, 2016
On July 3, 1916, in his small roadside restaurant, now Woodman’s of Essex, it is believed Chubby served his customers the first modern day deep fried claims.
3G3Q 120: S08:E04 - “Literal Pyramid Scheme”
Oct 31, 2016
Bear Bonds, Illuminati parties, & Stevedores
3G3Q 119: S08:E03.5 - Lightning Round
Oct 29, 2016
Reincarnation, Monster Supreme Court, & Seeds
Morning Show 326: Multiplayer Piano
Oct 28, 2016
When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still. That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight!
3G3Q 118: S08:E03 - “Pumpkin Chili”
Oct 25, 2016
A very spooky special episode.
The @U2 Podcast 42: I Know We’re Not Talking About the Film — A Discussion of Rattle & Hum
Oct 20, 2016
It’s time for our musical journey - a look back at Rattle & Hum, U2’s 6th album. Kenny, Sherry, Aaron, and Chris are back to talk through the album as well as recap the fun had at both #U240 parties.
3G3Q 117: S08:E02.5 - Lightning Round
Oct 20, 2016
Hand-crafted goods, cowboy names, & Daniel Gutierrez.
Daily(ish) 188: Monotasking vs Multitasking, Schedule vs Calendar
Oct 19, 2016
I like to think I can multitask and I also like to think I can work without a schedule. Both of these things are wrong. I’m trying to change that.
Morning Show 325: Receipts and Sweetmeats
Oct 17, 2016
Oozing from the street, year-old iPads that can talk, and a lengthy round of Chewbacca or Not?
3G3Q 116: S08:E02 - “Roll For Wonderwall”
Oct 17, 2016
Falling hard, underground dwellings, & Heroscape
Morning Show 324: Lunch Chaperones
Oct 14, 2016
Kenny quizzes Kyle and the two find out how 90’s snack are going to kill them.
3G3Q 115: S08:E01.5- Lightning Round
Oct 14, 2016
Revisionist music history, robot questions, & silverware
Non Breaking Space Show 97: ATX Web Series Film Q&A — Bridging the Gender Gap
Oct 12, 2016
A special Non Breaking Space episode: Live Q&A session from the first ever ATX Web Film Series presentation. ATX Web Film Series aims to provide thought- and discussion-provoking films about the Web, Design, and Technology.
3G3Q 114: S08:E01 - “Bonus Salisbury Steak”
Oct 10, 2016
iToilet, Adult Haunted House, & Quitting Everything
The @U2 Podcast 41: Crikey! They’ve Gone to the Popular Masses! — A Discussion of The Joshua Tree
Oct 6, 2016
Becky, Kenny, Matt, and Chris are talking The Joshua Tree - U2’s biggest selling album to date. Join us as we trip through your wires, with or without you, until we still haven’t found what we’re looking for as we exit onto one tree hill.
Daily(ish) 187: What Do I Find Interesting That Nobody Else Seems To?
Oct 5, 2016
Aaron G asked - “What Do You Find Interesting That Nobody Else Seems To?”
Morning Show 323: Dolphin Taco
Oct 5, 2016
What in the world could Google have for us today?, Facebook wants you to sell stuff to your “friends”, Taco Tuesday gets the Chipotle treatment, Everyone’s favorite ride gets a facelift, and more!
Daily(ish) 186: Head to Minneapolis for BBQ
Oct 4, 2016
I forgot to mention a huge thanks to Tim and Harold for their Minnesota hospitality and Texas style BBQ on my trip home from
Daily(ish) 185: A Driving Case of the Mondays
Oct 3, 2016
Some thoughts on getting stuck in a rut and how you help me get unstuck.
Daily(ish) 184: U240 Weekend in Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Sep 30, 2016
A quick oh wow it’s already Friday review of last weekend’s trip out to Cleveland for
The @U2 Podcast 40: Live From the Rock Hall of Fame with Dave Fanning
Sep 29, 2016
From #U240 in Cleveland at the Rock Hall we recorded a live conversation with Dave Fanning about his history with U2 - stories of hearing new albums in Bono’s house, his thoughts on the Apple album release deal, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, social media,…
Non Breaking Space Show 96: Nick Pettit — Indie VR Game Developer
Sep 27, 2016
From Austin, Texas, I’m Christopher Schmitt and on this episode, I’m joined with Nick Pettit. Nick is a teacher at Treehouse, an online web education company. He is also an independent virtual reality (VR) game developer. On November 15th, he releases his…
Morning Show 322: Scholastic Snack Stick Stock
Sep 23, 2016
Check out our new Hamdog Franchise, rub some Allo on that sick burn, scary road rage stories with grandpa Kyle, and more!
Non Breaking Space Show 95: Peter Olson — Creative Technologist
Sep 20, 2016
Peter Olson is Director and Creative Technologist at IDEO. Before he joined IDEO, Peter was the founder of and served as a Vice President of Technology for Marvel Entertainment’s Digital Media Group.
Morning Show 321: Taco Bell Nasal Douche
Sep 20, 2016
Pizza age is different than regular age, Google has something to CELL next month, Your new car is trying to kill you, Try this new congestion contraption, Anteaters are VERY HUNGRY, and more!
Non Breaking Space Show 94: Q&A Panel from the World Movie Premiere of “What Comes Next is the Future”
Sep 14, 2016
For this episode, we have the Q&A panel after the world premiere of Matt Griffin’s documentary, “What Comes Next is the Future.” The premiere took place at Code & Supply’s Abstraction conference in Pittsburgh, PA on August 18th. Panelists included Matt…
Morning Show 320: Eiffel 6500
Sep 12, 2016
Do you like longer tweets?, Everybody self-drive tonight, The oldest blue jeans are the best blue jeans, Random music is rad, Dinosaur with guts, Food Friday, and more!
Morning Show 319: Potato Chips and Salsa
Sep 9, 2016
Apple is very excited again, Galaxy Note 7 woes, Stop recycling used pizza boxes, Shoelaces of the future, Drone Burritos, The Great Ketchup Debate, and more!
Daily(ish) 183: Super Mario Kills Headphone Ports on the iPhone 7
Sep 8, 2016
My cold induced hot takes on Apple’s fall announcements. (This episode has a video version for [Patreon supporters](
The @U2 Podcast 39: This is Bongolese Preserved for the Ages — A Discussion of The Unforgettable Fire
Sep 8, 2016
Marylinn, Tassoula, Matt, and Chris are back discussing U2’s 1984 album The Unforgettable Fire. New producers on the record and a new location to record make for an interesting change from War — listen along in the dark with headphones on.
Non Breaking Space Show 93: Cecy Correa — From Project Managing to Coder
Sep 7, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined by Cecy Correa, who is an Associate Software Engineer at Return Path and is a co-organizer for Refresh Austin, a monthly web and mobile design and development meetup.
Morning Show 318: And Sometimes Is Breakfast
Sep 6, 2016
Nullam non rutrum odio. In vel tincidunt enim. Proin lobortis ipsum non ullamcorper ullamcorper. Aliquam malesuada odio non arcu elementum, a imperdiet odio facilisis. Aenean vehicula consequat metus, and more!
Daily(ish) 182: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
Sep 2, 2016
Follow up on the
Morning Show 317: E317 - Lightning Round
Sep 2, 2016
Astronaut Ice Cream, too much pizza, sharing a microphone, and a really short episode. We’ll be back on Tuesday!
Non Breaking Space Show 92: Glenda Sims — Web and Mobile Accessibility + ARIA
Aug 30, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined once again by Glenda Sims. Glenda is the Accessibility Practice Manager at Deque Systems helping to define accessibility and lead over 50 experts on staff.
Morning Show 316: Third Degree Brain Burn
Aug 29, 2016
A whole bunch of Apple news, but not Apple News, Ripelimesareyellow, Mammoth spoons from Romania, new Records of the Week, 2 Stupid Games, and more!
Morning Show 315: The Flobster Roll
Aug 26, 2016
Disneyland food tours, thick and eggy, ride the Dole Whip, palms full of churrrrrrrrros, the results of Record of the Week, and more!
The @U2 Podcast 38: It’s All About Bono’s T-Shirt — Under a Blood Red Sky
Aug 26, 2016
Kenny, Sherry, and Chris continue our album series by discussing this live album from U2 released in 1983. Hair, guitar solos, bass intros, and plaid t-shirts are all up for debate.
Non Breaking Space Show 91: Dan Jurgens — Killing Superman, Saving Worlds
Aug 23, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined by Dan Jurgens. Jurgens has been involved with writing and drawing comics for over 30 years including Superman, Green Arrow, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, and countless more as well as managing fellow…
Morning Show 314: π
Aug 23, 2016
Eat some Nougat and a Cuban Sandwich today, Playstation plus 10 dollars, Barbra drops the ball and a date, Y Combinator gives us things we didn’t ask for, Records of the Week, and more.
Daily(ish) 181: What If?
Aug 19, 2016
I asked a “What if…” question on Twitter yesterday and got a bunch of awesome responses to my
Morning Show 313: Happy Birthday, Chris
Aug 19, 2016
Happy Birthday, Chris! Hot & Spicy Bathroom Trips, Tums Pizza, Frozen Cabbages, Goldfish Meat, Indiana Jones And The 25 Foot Whip, The Grandma Slice, and more!
Non Breaking Space Show 90: Chris Coyier — Practical SVG
Aug 17, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined again by Chris Coyier. Publisher of the CSS Tricks community site, Coyier recently authored Practical SVG from A Book Apart.
Morning Show 312: Small Talk with Kenny
Aug 16, 2016
Kyle and Kenny try a knock knock joke, How fat are babies really?, We run as fast as Usain Bolt, Whip it! Whip it LONG, Roller Coasters on VR try to kill us, Disney wants your shoes, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
Daily(ish) 180: I Broke Typeform
Aug 11, 2016
In a previous episode I asked for feedback and then the form I was using promptly broke — so it’s back and so am I.
Non Breaking Space Show 89: Wes Bos — ReactJS for Beginners
Aug 9, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt speaks with Wes Bos. Wes is a site and web applications’ Designer, Developer, Speaker, and Teacher — probably most recognizable for his online courses such as Sublime Text Power User and React For Beginners.
Daily(ish) 179: Rescue Bot ‘Splaining
Aug 9, 2016
I have a couple of helpers for this episode to explain some of the cool things about Rescue Bots and a My Little Pony.
Show Me Your Mic 109: What’s the Next Piece of Podcasting Gear You’re Going to Buy — and Why?
Aug 5, 2016
It’s question and answer time again! My question, your answers. The question for this episode was “What’s the Next Piece of Podcasting Gear You’re Going to Buy — and Why?” Thanks to all the folks who send in answers over this experiment!
Daily(ish) 178: Frickin Friday
Aug 5, 2016
Where I’ve been and what’s been up. It’s another wiener weekend though.
The @U2 Podcast 37: He Was Paid in Mars Bars — A Discussion of War
Aug 4, 2016
Tassoula, Becky, Marylinn, and Chris continue our album by album discussion with War, U2’s third album, and some (on this podcast) would claim as their best. Spoiler warning! Bono isn’t the one singing on Seconds!
Non Breaking Space Show 88: Simon St. Laurent — Pokémon Go Mania, Telsa’s Masterplan, CSS, and SVG
Aug 3, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt is joined with Simon St. Laurent. We’re talking the CSS Containment property, SVG book by Chris Coyier, Pokemon Go, Telsa’s new masterplan, ComicCon, and the Star Trek: Beyond movie.
Non Breaking Space Show 87: Dr. Christine Corbett — Astrophysics in Antartica
Jul 26, 2016
In this episode, Christopher Schmitt talks with Dr. Christine Corbett. Dr. Corbett works on the South Pole Telescope on-site at the South Pole in Antarctica for January-November 2016 with the University of Chicago.
Morning Show 311: Jesse Chonut
Jul 23, 2016
Put some Nougat in a VCR and play an XboxOneS, Turkeys are good at freezing, Stuffed animals setting records, Mall cop terrorizes toddlers, A Goofy Movie still holds up, Food Friday, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 36: Rejection Letters From Principle Management — Our Fav Non-Album Songs
Jul 21, 2016
We’re doing schoolyard-style draft picks of our favorite non-album U2 songs — once we can stop arguing about what qualifies as non-album. Tassoula, Sherry, Matt, and Chris take turns picking their fav non-album songs.
Non Breaking Space Show 86: Dave Olsen — Pattern Lab 2
Jul 18, 2016
In this show, Christopher Schmitt talks with Dave Olsen, programmer/ project manager with West Virginia University, about the recent release of Pattern Lab 2. Pattern Lab helps teams build thoughtful, pattern-driven UIs using atomic design principles.
Daily(ish) 177: Happy Monday?
Jul 18, 2016
Less wieners and more work. I promise. Actually I discuss the different ways my business attention is being pulled - WordPress developer, podcast editor, Mac tech support, audio host, and sound fx button pusher. When is it time to focus? When do you just…
3G3Q 113: S07:E08.5 - Lightning Round
Jul 15, 2016
Snacks, bots, & wieners.
The @U2 Podcast 35: The Swipe-Right Album - A Discussion of October
Jul 15, 2016
As part of our U240 celebrations, we’re going to talk through each of U2’s albums. U2’s second album October is the focus of this episode.
Daily(ish) 176: Oww My toes
Jul 14, 2016
Fixing your toes with toilet paper. It really doesn’t work.
Daily(ish) 174: Wiener Talk
Jul 13, 2016
Parental PSA - Morning Show should not be listened to over supper. It’s nothing but filth and potty talk.
Daily(ish) 175: Forty is Coming
Jul 13, 2016
I talk a bit about the prospects of turning 40 and open up a bit about the sads in life.
3G3Q 112: S07:E08 - “Compulsory Fun”
Jul 12, 2016
Get In, Get Seen, Get Out. Our very special guide to surviving parties.
Morning Show 310: Potoooooooo
Jul 11, 2016
It’s 2 weeks later and a lot has happened, Pokemon Go has taken over the world, 1969 codes for getting to the Moon, Pot8os is real?, Butter is better, Pizza Robotics is an actual thing now, 2 Stupid Games, and much more.
3G3Q 111: S07:E07.6 - Lightning Round
Jul 9, 2016
Inappropriate poots, dinos, & things get sincere.
Non Breaking Space Show 85: Ben Brown — The Revenge of Bots
Jul 5, 2016
Ben Brown stops by the show for an update on bots as well as some news on a conference for bot enthusiasts to check out or submit a talk to coming up in Austin, Texas.
Daily(ish) 173: Sleep You Idiot
Jul 5, 2016
I know my problem is anything but s****. I refuse to admit it. I will not say the s-word.
3G3Q 110: S07:E07.5 - Lightning Round
Jul 2, 2016
Food we’re sick of, communication, & games.
The @U2 Podcast 34: Turn in Your @U2 Card Right Now — A Discussion of Boy
Jun 30, 2016
As part of our U240 celebrations, we’re going to talk through each of U2’s albums and what better place to start than with U2’s first album, Boy. Tassoula, Matt, Sherry, and Chris share their thoughts on the album song by song as well as a bit of the…
3G3Q 109: S07:E07 - “Only 90’s Kids”
Jun 29, 2016
Radioactive goo, auxiliary buckles, & desert storm trading cards.
Non Breaking Space Show 84: Scott McCloud — Media and Their User Interfaces
Jun 28, 2016
Scott McCloud joins the show to talk about his new book, Sculpture, movies he’s enjoyed lately, his upcoming book on visual communications, presentation styles, old media vs. new media, and how comic book writing and design has changed.
Morning Show 309: Catfish and the Boy
Jun 24, 2016
Are we back yet?, Kyle and Kenny explain their absence, Drink alcohol at your favorite book store, Turn your shoe into a guitar pedal, Is it a bear or a person?, Cheetos is going nuts, Audio Pictionary, and more.
Non Breaking Space Show 83: Bruce Floyd & Todd Sanders — Social Media
Jun 21, 2016
While social media replaced the cultural tradition of inviting friends over for dinner and then subjecting them to a slide show of your vacation, it’s more than that to organizations and companies. It’s communication, promotion, boasting, customer…
3G3Q 108: S07:E06.5 - Lightning Round
Jun 18, 2016
A very special Father’s Day lightning round.
3G3Q 107: S07:E06 - “Mustachioed Pistachio” (Father’s Day)
Jun 16, 2016
Forehead selfies, bazinga pajamas, & Senator Savage
Non Breaking Space Show 82: Rachel Andrew — The Future of CSS Layouts
Jun 15, 2016
Rachel Andrew returns as our guest. She’s an author, international speaker, product is a web developer, speaker, co-founder of CMS Perch. She’s recently been writing and speaking about the future of web design layouts: CSS Grids and Flexbox.
3G3Q 106: S07:E05.5 - Lightning Round
Jun 11, 2016
Proper English, initiation, & bad bevies.
3G3Q 105: S07:E05 - “The Kissing Rules”
Jun 8, 2016
West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Air Bud Rom Com, and overall misunderstanding
Non Breaking Space Show 81: Matt Griffin — What Comes Next is the Future Documentary
Jun 6, 2016
Based in Pittsburgh, Matt Griffin is a designer and founder of the web design consultancy Bearded. He’s a speaker, writer, educator, and an avid advocate for collaboration in design. His writing has been published by net magazine and A List Apart, where…
Show Me Your Mic 108: If You Could Only Listen to Three Podcasts for the Rest of Your Life, Which Would you Choose?
Jun 3, 2016
It’s question and answer time again! My question, your answers. I got a lot of great responses and you’ll learn about a bunch of podcasts that are new to you — and maybe be reminded of ones you used to listen to that you’ll want to go back and check out.
The @U2 Podcast 33: I Got 6 GA Tickets Sitting In The Pew In Church
Jun 2, 2016
Tim, Matt, Sherry, and Chris talk about how and when to introduce your family to U2, what to do if your family doesn’t like U2 (Chris learned it’s not ok to kick them out of the house), and advice for taking kids to U2 concerts.
3G3Q 104: S07:E04 - “Pillow Polo Talk”
Jun 1, 2016
Muk-bang, our changing bodies, & Shaq pogs
Daily(ish) 172: Chris Talks to Chris
May 31, 2016
Lost audio from Lost & Lemon makes it’s way onto the Daily(ish) stream. Chris and Chris catch up on life, business, and roller skating pirate hats.
Non Breaking Space Show 80: Simon St. Laurent — Google I/O Fallout, Instagram Logo, WordPress’ age, and More
May 31, 2016
Simon St. Laurent from O’Reilly Media joins us for a look at the past week as get caught up on technology news, web building resources, and social commentary. Making our countdown list for what we found interesting in the world this week - Google I/O…
Non Breaking Space Show 79: Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman — Learning UX Design
May 25, 2016
Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman is a designer, speaker, author, educator, and co-founder of Center Center, a user experience design school based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Leslie shares her research and thoughts on design, learning, leadership, and community…
Daily(ish) 171: Rambling About Snapchat
May 25, 2016
I talk a bit more about why I find Snapchat a curious platform to play on.
Show Me Your Mic 107: Christopher Has Questions About Podcasts. Chris Has Theories.
May 25, 2016
Christopher Schmitt and Chris Enns discuss issues facing podcasters in 2016 - do you need a blog? Should you be on YouTube? How to market a podcast? Cross post it to Medium? Publish on Product Hunt? We’ve got more questions than answers but we’re having…
3G3Q 103: S07:E03 - “Bandolier of Pinkies”
May 25, 2016
Pokémon, chapstick tubes, & backwards knees.
3G3Q 102: S07:E2.5 - Lightning Round
May 21, 2016
Chocolate-covering all the things, cooking from source, and hat cannon.
The @U2 Podcast 32: U2 Bingo
May 19, 2016
Aaron, Sherry, and Chris answer #askatU2 questions and talk about the Paris concert video announcement, and The Edge’s interview on Off Camera.
Morning Show 308: Chicken Drippings
May 18, 2016
THIS IS IT (for a while), Google has some things in the works, We all live in a yellow pencil, Babies are not mouth-breathers, Turn your house into a smart drum set, KFC opens location with AI employees, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
3G3Q 101: S07:E02 - “Misapplied Swagger”
May 18, 2016
Mushroom hair, bodegas, & elf-like women.
Non Breaking Space Show 78: Bright Umbrella — Thriving a Business
May 17, 2016
The co-founders of Bright Umbrella, a web design and development agency, are Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara. We talk about THRIVING a business—going BEYOND superficial marketing and sales language to talk about what worked and what did not as they grew…
Morning Show 307: Barbara Rigby
May 16, 2016
Texas has a lot going on today, KILL FLASH, Kyle and Kenny learn why their stomachs hate them, Yo I heard you like Reese’s, The Grilled Cheese Taco!, and more.
Morning Show 306: North and Yeast
May 14, 2016
Wait a second - it’s the weekend, Apple is weird this week, Cheese skin may give cats thumbs, We ride a roller coaster, Music from underwater and a moose, Serena Williams’ dogfood snap-saga, Food Fr-Saturday, and more.
Daily(ish) 170: 1 Guy, 2 Questions
May 11, 2016
A bit of follow up on my Snapchat 101 course as well as answering a question from listener Aaron Goodwin about what I find interesting that no one else seems to.
Morning Show 305: Cirque de Raton Laveur
May 11, 2016
Top Gear and The Grand Tour battle is incoming, Recycle your leftover manure, What really are the most popular foods?, Put a movie screen on your truck, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
3G3Q 100: S07:E01 - “100 Questions”
May 11, 2016
Our 100th episode! Mariachi squad, bucket of hummus, & relationship chicken.
Non Breaking Space Show 77: Wren Lanier — Designing for New Media
May 10, 2016
Wren Lanier is a senior product designer, speaker, and writer based out of Durham, North Carolina. Designer and strategist with a passion for creating beautiful digital products, Wren specializes in mobile design, user interface design, lean UX,…
Morning Show 304: Mercury Shrimp
May 10, 2016
Shrimp-filled donuts from the ramen factory, chocolate leather holding a baguette, British Highlighters, Tuesday Trivia, and more!
Show Me Your Mic 106: What’s Your Motivation for Podcasting in 2016?
May 6, 2016
For this month’s episode I asked you what your main motivation was for podcasting in 2016 and the responses were awesome and gathered around a couple of topics - getting great content out and nerding out with friends. Listen and be encouraged about the…
Morning Show 303: Cat vs Eagle
May 6, 2016
It’s the future again!, Don’t kill your data connection anymore, Go ahead and eat that apple whole, We obviously CANNOT speak French, Smell your way through some YouTube videos, Food Friday, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 31: Bono Met the Real-life, Crying emoji
May 5, 2016
Jill joins us to talk about getting to meet Bono in NYC, Tassoula tells us about how she gets to so many U2 shows, Matt gets thunderstruck, and Chris is still trying to convince U2 to come to Saskatchewan.
Non Breaking Space Show 76: Sean Vanaman — Making of Firewatch
May 3, 2016
Sean Vanaman is a video game designer, writer, and podcast host. He was the co-project leader and lead writer of The Walking Dead, and Puzzle Agent 2. Sean co-founded the new video game company, Campos Santo, and their first game, Firewatch, is a first…
Morning Show 302: Delishish Dish
Apr 29, 2016
It’s a bit drafty in here, National Days for everyone, use your skull as a password, McWords get McMixed up, soda-flavored Pop-Tarts, and more!
Morning Show 301: Captain Au Jus Picard
Apr 26, 2016
‘Get ready to learn what a femtobarn is, Start smelling with your mouth, It’s the Eye of the Rib Roast, Robosnake just became a nightmarish reality, Control your mirrorless vehicle with your voice, 2 Stupid Games, and more.’
Non Breaking Space Show 75: PixelJam — Indie Game Developers
Apr 26, 2016
Based out of Asheville, NC, Miles Tilmann and Rich Grillotti make up the leadership of PixelJam, an indie game development company. Since 2005, they’ve created their own video games mostly in the retro pixelation format that defined the look and feel of…
Morning Show 300: The Potassium Trophy
Apr 25, 2016
THIS IS MADNESS, How to correctly identify a group of pigs, Sleeping with the fishes means something else today, Zucchini is better than a banana, Which Game of Thrones character are you musically?, Audio Pictionary, and more.
Morning Show 299: 3 Year Desk Pumpkin
Apr 22, 2016
We discuss some important animal facts, Welcome to Earth, Fighting fire with drones, Make the best use of your dumb hoverboard, The Big Mac is branching out now, Cheerios that are late to the game, Food Friday, and more.
Morning Show 298: NOFOMO
Apr 21, 2016
What crazy words do we have this year, Unlimited fries you say?, Kenny invents the new dance craze, What exactly is upside-down, Is that a Goat or a Tennis player?, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 30: We Called It the Bonald
Apr 21, 2016
Kenny, Aaron (Ivan), Sherry, and Chris talk through the next batch of survey results from the 2016 atU2 Fan Survey.
Daily(ish) 169: Marketing and Launching my Snapchat 101 Course
Apr 20, 2016
What I did to tell folks about my Snapchat 101 course as well as how the initial sales have been. Did they meet my expectations? (Yes) Am I quitting my day job and moving to Mexico to be a full time edutrepeneurainer? (No) Listen and find out… oh nvm.
Daily(ish) 168: How I Made my Snapchat 101 Course for Gumroad
Apr 19, 2016
I talk about how I put together my Snapchat 101 video course - the apps I used to put it together as well as why I chose to use Gumroad.
Morning Show 297: It’s Called a Cull
Apr 19, 2016
We’re finally available on Google Play Music, Get a quick nap in after your coffee, That’s why they call them ‘blades’, Watch some bulldozers fight over control of a construction yard, Tuesday Trivia, and more.
Non Breaking Space Show 74: Micah Godbolt — Frontend Architecture for Design Systems
Apr 18, 2016
Micah Godbolt is a frontend architect, trainer, and speaker based out of Portland, Oregon. Micah has a book that has been recently published by O’Reilly Media called Frontend Architecture for Design Systems.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 27: Jargon and Stats
Apr 18, 2016
For Grown-Ups’ first threesome, Kari and Brook are joined by Kayleigh to talk about polyamorism, paramours and metamours and poly unicorns, cis/straight and queer poly, models and structures of poly relationships, how to (and how not to) go polyamorous,…
Daily(ish) 167: Launch Day!
Apr 15, 2016
My Snapchat 101 course goes live today and I already screwed up!
Morning Show 296: Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa Pork
Apr 15, 2016
So many kinds of pizza - so little time, What condiments do you put on a sushi hamburger?, Gordon Ramsay loves glazed ham, Your phone case is alive, Pepper-spray pizza is the worst kind of pizza, SPACE CAKE, Food Friday, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 29: Nothing Wrong With A Bloody Nose Over A Snippet
Apr 14, 2016
Ross and Brian join Matt and Chris to talk about what goes into putting together the Tours side of atU2 and include a few snippets of arguments over what constitutes a snippet.
Morning Show 295: Icelandic Phone Book
Apr 13, 2016
Amazon really wants us to read, Facebook is trying to revive chatbots, Spell some weird words for points today, Two stupid dogs inside a car can work a car horn, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
Daily(ish) 166: How to Snapchat Your Way to Riches
Apr 8, 2016
I’ve had my head down working on something and - woop! - here it is.
Morning Show 294: Dr Pepper Life Blood
Apr 7, 2016
Did we like the new Star Wars trailer?, Old plants are REALLY OLD, One of the world’s best foods is celebrated today, Google knows what a few animals sound like thankfully, Dr. Pepper could save your life, Food Friday, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 28: I Can’t Get This U2 Podcast Off My Phone
Apr 7, 2016
Matt and Chris are joined by Beth and Chris from the U2 Tattoo Project to talk about the atU2 2016 Fan Survey and give an update on their project. We recorded it live on Blab so there’s a video version as well if you prefer to watch.
Morning Show 293: Sharks Drinking Beer
Apr 6, 2016
Watch Facebook in a whole new way today, And watch Star Wars with your little BB-8 too, Skype wants you to see the dumb bot you’re talking to, Ikea turns shopping into virtual reality, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 26: Good Enough for Vin Diesel
Apr 6, 2016
Kari chats with Victor Yocco about the benefits of stopping drinking, the practice of sobriety, how to support people choosing to not drink, fizzy drinks at bars, and when’s a good time to ask why someone’s not drinking (never).
Non Breaking Space Show 73: Tammy Everts — Web Performance
Apr 5, 2016
Tammy Everts has spent the past two decades obsessed with the many factors that go into creating the best possible user experience. As a senior researcher and evangelist at SOASTA, she researches the technical, business, and human aspects of…
Morning Show 292: Marker Fumes
Apr 4, 2016
Musk and Bezos duke it out with their money, Aliens can’t find us because of lasers, A fork that zaps you into tasting something, Put these eggs in your pocket and touch your toes, Audio Pictionary, and more.
3G3Q 99: S06:E12 - “G.D.P.A.Q.”
Apr 2, 2016
A very special Mothers Day Episode
The @U2 Podcast 27: I Have A Terrible Canadian Accent
Apr 1, 2016
Is Larry having fun? Updates on the U2 Conference. New guitar from The Edge and Fender. Bono on GMA from Jordan. And we worry about what’s going on in the weeds of U2’s new album.
Morning Show 291: Milky Buns, Red Buns
Apr 1, 2016
We’re not April Fools, Google turns out to be a fool today, Chipotle wants to enter another food market, Zap your fridge with a laser, Hot buns - meet Milky Buns, That’s a lot of potatoes, Food Friday, and more.
Morning Show 290: Weast to Est
Mar 30, 2016
Uh oh, is BACK, Change your middle name please, Stick your neck out for some soup, A deliciuos treat for you cold cold feet, The end-all burger that will wreck your Baseball game, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
Non Breaking Space Show 72: Arianne Stiles — Submitting Talks to Conferences
Mar 29, 2016
From Austin, Texas, we talk with Arianne Stiles, ½ of Environments for Humans. Environments for Humans produces over a dozen of virtual front-end and UX design conferences every year as well as the first web builder conference for CSS, CSS Dev Conf, which…
3G3Q 97: S06:E10.5 - Lightning Round
Mar 26, 2016
Miami, hugs, & nasty foods we love
Morning Show 289: Fuego Flavor
Mar 25, 2016
Get your free chips and guac today, Customize your coffee to your exact liking, So many straws in the nose, What is Netflix doing to your phone?, The world’s best breakfast burrito, Food Friday, and more.
Morning Show 288: Frogs & Milk
Mar 24, 2016
A whole new chatbot to frighten you, Put a frog inside your milk for freshness, Cake Pops are the scourge of the earth, Vinyl records are on the rise - maybe, Video Game Trivia, and more.
Morning Show 287: H-Pineapple
Mar 23, 2016
So many National Days, We watch a deer traverse the world of GTA, Best boat name ever, Crushing stuff is the new fad, Poop Emoji Peeps - ‘Nuff said, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
Non Breaking Space Show 71: Simon St. Laurent — SXSW Interactive, Fluent Conf
Mar 22, 2016
While Christopher Schmitt endures the SXSW Interactive invasion of Ausin, Texas, Simon St. Laurent returns from this year’s Fluent Conf. They both talk about tech trends they saw from their respective points of view.
Show Me Your Mic 105: I’m Looking for a Few Good Podcasters
Mar 22, 2016
I’ve got a plan for the next batch of SMYM episodes and I need your help! Hear how you can help or just sign up at the link below and get the email in April.
3G3Q 96: S06:E10 - “Literal Pocket Dimension”
Mar 22, 2016
Adam’s pit, punching trees, & closing doors
3G3Q 98: S06:E11 - “Buck-Wilde”
Mar 20, 2016
Peer empowerment, hired flamingos, & roof bread.
Morning Show 286: Interior Crocodile Alligator
Mar 18, 2016
Take your horse to Prom, Crocodiles are not alligators, Hammock and rocking chair finally combine, Check out this meat vending machine, We eat Sriracha Peas and have bad breath, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 26: The Jazzman of the band, Mr Adam Clayton
Mar 17, 2016
In honour of Adam Clayton’s birthday earlier this week, we decided to devote the entire episode to the man who holds the band’s rhythm in his hands - Mr. Adam Clayton.
Morning Show 285: Disappearing the Kinny Pigs
Mar 17, 2016
Two whole years! We discover the secrets of St. Patrick’s Day, Self-lacing shoes are now a reality, Fartichokes, Rent your very own Guinea Pig, A chocolate factory that isn’t really what you think it is, Ska Band or Racehorse?, and more.
Morning Show 284: Cast Iron Shirt
Mar 16, 2016
Your brain is weird if you tell jokes too often, Eat cereal and repair your car with the same tool-tensil, How to fold paper until it explodes, Fly today with the least amount of comfort, Who’s that Pokemon?, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
Daily(ish) 165: Reviewing Zootopia
Mar 15, 2016
TL;DR version - Go see it. Also - kids get sick from time to time and my brain needs to just deal with that and move on.
3G3Q 95: S06:E09.5 - Lightning Round
Mar 11, 2016
Farming, neck problems, & road trip fuel!
Morning Show 283: The Seaweed Sheets
Mar 11, 2016
We discover the origins of pizza, Noodles of every shape and form, What the eclipse looked like from space, Watch out for glass in your beer, Look out for a hidden colony of orange tans!, Food Friday, and more.
Morning Show 282: Spicy Bison Milk
Mar 9, 2016
Buffalo aren’t really buffalo, The crab that is bigger than your car, Look what’s on the inside of a rubber ducky, Mercury is made of some pencil-material, 2 Stupid Games, and more.
3G3Q 94: S06:E09 - “Good Question!”
Mar 8, 2016
Drop-D, condiment fountains, & Akahai Lazerus
Non Breaking Space Show 70: Zell Liew — Responsive Typography
Mar 8, 2016
Zell Liew is a writer, freelance web designer & developer based in Singapore. His down-to-earth articles — especially those recently published on the topic of responsive typography — make it easier to understand for both designers and developers.
Daily(ish) 164: Sick Minecraft Follow Up Dude
Mar 8, 2016
Sick followup! Answering the question on everybody’s mind from the previous episode.
Morning Show 281: Super Twin Otter
Mar 7, 2016
Brothers win weird lottery amount, There’s no crying in space, I’ll take some cereal with ice cubes please, Secret cheese and how it got there, A jump rope that counts for you, and more.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 25: Forcing It
Mar 5, 2016
Brook and Kari talk about forcing it with desk legs, friendships, love, taxes, being disciplined, and work. Also: the question of whether telling 20-somethings to just work hard is good advice.
3G3Q 93: S06:E08.5 - Lertning Rernd
Mar 4, 2016
Questioning questions, inside jokes, and Flavortown.
Daily(ish) 163: Upvote Downvote - What’s Going to Happen Today?
Mar 4, 2016
When is a kid sick and when is a kid not sick? That is kinda the question - maybe?
Morning Show 280: Weasel Coffee
Mar 4, 2016
We finally tackle the Tim Tam, Our favorite video game gets a renewed release, Slide over LA in a hall of glass, The toilet that cleans itself, She found WHAT in her green beans?, Food Friday, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 25: We Are All Off Looking for Larry
Mar 3, 2016
Where in the world is Larry Mullen Jr.? While you’re thinking about that, be sure to fill out the 6th Worldwide U2 Fan Survey. Sherry, Matt, and Chris talk answer your #AskAtU2 questions and talk about the responses to the survey thus far.
Morning Show 279: The Murder Channel
Mar 2, 2016
What pizza toppings are best?, That’s a lot of TV murder, The inventor of the granola bar likes diapers, Coffee in a chewable cube, Your friends know when you sleep because Facebook, Two Stupid Games!, and more.
3G3Q 92: S06:E08 - “Up-and-Down Ride”
Mar 1, 2016
Minimum wage Gandalf, Gravitron, & Log Jammer double date
Non Breaking Space Show 69: Allison Wagner — Career Path to UX Developer
Mar 1, 2016
Morning Show 278: Keurig for Protein
Feb 29, 2016
It’s the last day we have to say the word ‘February’!, We cover the winners of last night’s Oscars, How many Starbucks are in Italy?, Molten copper gets poured on the weirdest things, Real trains - real people, Real Kickstarter or Fake?, and more.
Morning Show 277: Cool I’m Going to Be a X-Man
Feb 26, 2016
Find out what Mozart did in his spare time, Google knows where you are no matter what, Make that bread from Star Wars, Is there a new Pokemon game really?, Hear the loudest burp ever recorded, Food Friday, and more.
Morning Show 276: Chest Arm
Feb 24, 2016
There are more ways to annoy people on Facebook now, VW is a better sausage-seller than car-seller, Let your phone record your most intimate teeth moments, Robots can’t get knocked down ever again, Who Said It?, and more.
Non Breaking Space Show 68: Chris Enns — Podcasting
Feb 23, 2016
This week we talk to Chris Enns, a freelance web designer and podcaster. He runs his own solo web shop Lemon Productions from Saskatoon, Canada, as well as produce shows for the podcast network.
Daily(ish) 162: Shure Thing
Feb 23, 2016
Testing out a Shure MV51 in place of my usual Heil PR40.
Morning Show 275: Old Pennies and 7up
Feb 22, 2016
Rabbits have really cold brains, Look at the sun on YouTube, This amusement park is really salty, A microscope with AI knows if you’re sick or not, Astronauts hear something in space, Audio Pictionary, and more.
3G3Q 90: S06:E06.5 - Lightning Round
Feb 19, 2016
Pet dreams, Ohio rivers, & Adam talks
Morning Show 274: Tastes like Caca!
Feb 19, 2016
Drive around in your very own NERF car, How much does it cost to make Shredded Wheat?, Knock Knock jokes can save a cat’s life, Scary teddy bears are just nightmare fuel, Sit and stand at the same time, Food Friday, and more.
The @U2 Podcast 24: Oh Oh Oh Oh Achoo Baby!
Feb 18, 2016
A medicated Sherry and a shivering Chris get together to talk U2 including discussions about a BB King video, virtual reality as the next big thing, A Sort of Homecoming, U2 covers, and Sherry’s playlist.
Daily(ish) 161: Listener Question - What Do You Hope to Accomplish?
Feb 17, 2016
I’m curious what you hope to accomplish with your podcasting endeavours? I know that’s a big question, I’m just wondering what drives you to podcast day after day?
Morning Show 273: Ice is Crazy!
Feb 17, 2016
What happens when Kenny goes to Disneyland - we find out, WiFi is about to be as fast as an airplane, More Monopoly news and it’s not good, Does molten steel destroy snowballs?, Your chair has a mind of its own, Nerf wants to annihilate your siblings, and…
3G3Q 89: S06:E06 - “Pip Pip, Cheerio”
Feb 16, 2016
Victorian Culottes, plastic punk, & duels
Non Breaking Space Show 67: Simon St. Laurent — Building the Greatest Everlasting Sandcastle
Feb 16, 2016
Simon St. Laurent is back to talk about #Snowpocalypse, camera drones in NYC, the legacy of our work, and owning your own stuff —except for those conversations we have on Facebook. We take a look at what we saw this past month in the web space (and more)…
Daily(ish) 160: Freedom vs Constraints
Feb 16, 2016
I don’t do well without constraints. I’m adult enough to know I need to get stuff done without a teacher or boss telling me to, but I’m still the worst procrastinator at life.
Morning Show 272: The One Without Kenny
Feb 15, 2016
While Kenny drives to the happiest place on Earth, Kyle covers the day’s top stories, rides a hoverboard, looks at his Apple Watch, and plays one of the gazillion versions of Monopoly.
Daily(ish) 159: Friday Night Anchor Nacho Party
Feb 13, 2016
Combining two of my greatest loves - eating nachos and podcasting and introducing
3G3Q 88: S06:E05.5 - Lightning Round
Feb 12, 2016
Barnyard snoring, grandmas, & showtunes
Morning Show 271: I’m Full of Black Tar and Hate
Feb 12, 2016
We try something a little different for Food Friday, A robot that changes color turns out to be underwhelming, Slide down the hill and break your legs while you do it, China’s doing entertainment right with a league of robots, The king of burgers wants to…
Daily(ish) 158: Snapchatting to the Oldies
Feb 10, 2016
I picked up Firewatch but have only played the first day so official review will wait. I also tried explaining Snapchat to Sue.
Morning Show 270: DARPAganda
Feb 10, 2016
Amazon is already prepared for a zombie outbreak, We are using our sinks for the wrong reason, How long is the longest selfie stick?, Robot golfer is better than Human golfer, Hidden galaxies in our own backyard, Name That Sound, and more.
3G3Q 87: S06:E05 - “Baseline Happiness”
Feb 9, 2016
Crock pots, garbage juice, & paste
Non Breaking Space Show 66: SVG Summit 2016 — Building with SVG Q+A Round Table
Feb 9, 2016
The Round Table from the SVG Summit has hosted by CSS Tricks’ Chris Coyier. It’s both a recap of the SVG Summit talks that happened before it and a Q+A panel with some special guests from the SVG community.
Daily(ish) 157: Twitch Streaming and Twitch Recording
Feb 8, 2016
What do I do when I don’t feel like I have something to talk about? Test out some new technology so I have an excuse to record an episode of course! This time it’s live stream.
Morning Show 269: Molasses Mondays
Feb 8, 2016
We watched the Super Bowl so you don’t have to, Kyle became a pizza slicer over the weekend, Utah wants you to throw their stuff into lakes, Salads at McDonald’s are fatter than fat, We play Audio Pictionary, and more.
3G3Q 86: S05:E04.5 - Lightning Round
Feb 5, 2016
Amanda Bynes, talents, & character names.
Morning Show 268: MILO and Beans
Feb 5, 2016
Little Caesars is bringing back an instant classic, How are you watching the Super Bowl this weekend?, Get Sriracha in a convenient little packet, Kit Kats without wafers are a tragedy, Go ahead and ask Alexa for a pizza - it’ll work now, and more.
Daily(ish) 156: Getting Distracted by The Beatles
Feb 4, 2016
Wasting time preparing to do a thing by not doing the thing at all is what I’m best at.
The @U2 Podcast 23: You Did Record This, Didn’t You?
Feb 4, 2016
We’re back! And we even remembered to record our conversation. Matt, Sherry, and Chris chat about Ticketmaster issues and reporting on our holidays - and wondering where Larry is?
Daily(ish) 155: Frustration
Feb 3, 2016
A special guest on today’s episode - Sue stops by to fill in for me and talks about life with 3 strong willed children. Maybe you can relate to the fun?
Morning Show 267: Fact Sandwich
Feb 3, 2016
Thanks for letting us know about the logo change Uber!, Watch out for those teddy bears stealing identities, Find out the threshold for broken eardrums from Google, If you’re a morning person then so is your whole family, Key & Peele are your new favorite…
Non Breaking Space Show 65: Brenda Storer — Making It and SVG
Feb 2, 2016
Brenda Storer is a Designer & Front End Developer at ThoughtBot and Instructor at Girl Develop It.
Daily(ish) 154: Blind Cold Rage
Feb 2, 2016
Raging against the cold and investigating Loopback and Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba.
3G3Q 85: S06:E04 - “Juggalo Piñata”
Feb 1, 2016
Shin Divots, Iron-man, & Piñata Lifehaks
Daily(ish) 153: 2016-02 The Month of Honesty Question Mark
Feb 1, 2016
Recording an episode every(ish) day in February means I have to start now.
Morning Show 266: Backward GTA
Feb 1, 2016
We’re back with a new name! Iowa is in a neck-and-neck dead heat with voters, The Super Bowl costs a lot to just look at your phone, Airmail is now on your iPhone, Is this a real Kickstarter or not?, Uh oh - T-Mobile is doing something naughty with it’s…
Daily(ish) 152: Back to the Frozen Basement With You!
Jan 29, 2016
Travelling 3,200kms to find out you still have the same shadow you had before you left. A mouthblog in progress.
3G3Q 84: S05:E03.5 - Lightning Round
Jan 28, 2016
Memory deletion, embarrassing questions, & bag milk.
Non Breaking Space Show 64: Jeffrey Zeldman — Web Design History
Jan 26, 2016
Web designer and author, Jeffrey Zeldman, publishes A List Apart Magazine, A Book Apart, co-produces An Event Apart, and hosts the Big Web Show. He writes at his blog,
3G3Q 83: S06:E03 - “Doof Wagon”
Jan 25, 2016
Executive celebs, 5 apples, & minions.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 24: Civic Doodie
Jan 23, 2016
Brook and Kari talk about the ups and downs of volunteering, kids volunteering badly, empathy and relationship building, selflessness and selfishness, how broken the system can be, doing “little” things, giving yourself credit, volunteering at work.
3G3Q 82: S06E02.5 - Lightning Round
Jan 22, 2016
Lightning round
3G3Q 81: S06:E02 - “Pizza Thesis”
Jan 19, 2016
Rings, B.S., and anthropology
Non Breaking Space Show 63: Sarah Drasner — SVG and Animation
Jan 18, 2016
Sarah Drasner is an award-winning Senior UX Engineer at Trulia and a staff writer at CSS Tricks. Recently, she won Best Presentation at CSS Dev Conf 2015 aboard The Queen Mary.
3G3Q 80: S06:E01.5 - Lightning Round
Jan 15, 2016
Special crossover lightning round with the gang at This Will Never Air
3G3Q 79: S06:E01 - “Liquid Sausage”
Jan 12, 2016
Ketchup, quiche, & bottomless biscuits & gravy
3G3Q 78: S06:E00 - Lightning Round
Jan 8, 2016
A very special lightning round
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 23: We Burn Something and Drink
Jan 6, 2016
Kari and Brook talk about holiday plans, going out versus staying in, solstice, resolutions versus spontaneity, not smiling at strangers, journalling as reflection, minimalism, reading, and death to “should.” Also: cat noises.
Non Breaking Space Show 62: CSS Dev Conf 2015 Wrap Up Panel - Tools, Browsers, CSS Specs, Polyfills, and More
Jan 1, 2016
For our 2015 wrap-up we’re presenting a special recording of the CSS Dev Conf 2015 Wrap Up Panel with lots of great questions from the audience for the amazing array of speakers.
Daily(ish) 151: The Best Wifi in Mazatlan is at Domino’s Pizza
Jan 1, 2016
New Year’s Eve plans and adventures and being followed by your issues no matter where you go.
3G3Q 77: S05:E10 - “Emotional Cargo Shorts” (Christmas)
Dec 26, 2015
Krampus sounds, Boys Life Magazine, and Santa secrets
Non Breaking Space Show 61: The End of the Year Holiday Special 2015
Dec 23, 2015
We gather together to share some figgy pudding and talk about the things we’re proud of from 2015 with special guest stars: Ethan Marcotte, Greg Storey, and Molly E. Holzschlag!
Daily(ish) 150: Podcasting on the Beach
Dec 22, 2015
Quick travel update and testing out of the Mazatlan recording “studio”.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 22: My Friendship Car is in Miles Per Hour
Dec 20, 2015
Brook and Kari talk about adult friendships and the Internet, cross-pollination, intensity, friending regret, breakups, retweeting, aspirational friends, attraction, homogeneity, and the roommate switch.
The @U2 Podcast 22: I Had This Ravishing Need To Hear “Volcano”
Dec 17, 2015
It’s time to wrap up 2015 and so we’ve got Sherry, Aaron G, Matt, and Chris on to talk about what they each thought was the top U2 related moments of 2015.
Daily(ish) 149: Pew Pew Mic Shootout Pew Pew
Dec 15, 2015
A quick mic test of my new Samson C01U Pro USB condenser microphone. It definitely helps me appreciate the Heil PR40 mic I usually use but I think it’ll be ok for a backup/travel solution.
Non Breaking Space Show 60: Simon St. Laurent — JavaScript, SVG, and The Web
Dec 14, 2015
Simon St. Laurent is back to talk about the rise of JavaScript, SVG, and we take a look at what we saw this past month in the web space (and more) and what we think is happening on the horizon as we slip into the new year.
The @U2 Podcast 21: Bono Made A Comment Like Awwww Dude
Dec 10, 2015
We’re joined once again by Mark Baker aka U2Brothr to chat about getting summoned back to Paris by U2 and what the full experience was like. We answer your #AskAtU2 questions and give our review of the HBO broadcast along the way.
Daily(ish) 148: Going Behind a Paywall
Dec 9, 2015
With travel plans ahead, I’m taking Daily(ish) to a Patreon supporters only show for the next little while. Support me on Patreon for a dollar or more per month and you’re in the club!
3G3Q 76: S05:E09 - “Cheeky Lando” (Star Wars)
Dec 8, 2015
Blue milk, combe de doilette, & robes.
Non Breaking Space Show 59: Rachel Ober — Crafting Valuable Conferences
Dec 7, 2015
Rachel Ober is a developer who specializes in Front End and Ruby on Rails. She’s also the co-founder of Write/Speak/Code, whose mission is to empower women software developers to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors.
3G3Q 75: S05:E08.5 - Lightning Round
Dec 4, 2015
Lighting round & followup.
Daily(ish) 147: Cheating On My Patreon
Dec 1, 2015
I talk about the other mental blockage that’s been holding me back from podcasting lately.
3G3Q 74: S05:E08 - “Bad Movie Barometer”
Dec 1, 2015
A Friendster Original Series™
Non Breaking Space Show 58: Jonathan Cutrell — CSS Attribute Design and Level 4 Selectors
Nov 30, 2015
Jonathan Cutrell is Director of Technology at Whiteboard, an interactive design and development firm. He also hosts of Developer Tea podcast. We talked about his experience speaking at CSS Dev Conf, his podcasts, and Whiteboard.
Daily(ish) 146: Reacting to Life
Nov 30, 2015
I’m quitting everything and driving truck in Europe.
The @U2 Podcast 20: A Closet Full Of Edge’s Hats
Nov 26, 2015
We’ve got Dublin voice. Recovering from shouting (hell yeah!) at the top of our lungs in Dublin, travelling to the other side and back, and Jill tells her story of meeting Dallas Schoo before her flight home.
The @U2 Podcast 19: I Thought Bono and Edge Would Have Good Wi-Fi
Nov 26, 2015
We recorded live from Dublin with Sherry, Steve, Liseth, and even a jet lagged Matt made an appearance. We talk about the first couple of Dublin shows and what people are looking forward to hearing, how the stage feels in the 3Arena, and what Irish fans…
3G3Q 73: S05:E07 - “Havarti Party” (Thanksgiving)
Nov 24, 2015
Infinite fools gold, pizza cornucopia, & dinner jello
Non Breaking Space Show 57: Annette Priest — UX Tools and Gadgets
Nov 23, 2015
Annette Priest is a UX strategist and experienced designer and researcher. Her work spans device types and industries: mobile, IoT, health, travel, communications, security, finance, and government. She stops by the show to talk tips for UX research and…
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 21: Playlist for Death
Nov 23, 2015
Brook and Kari record over wine and cats, and ponder their own mortality, loved ones (including pets) dying, being ready to die, risky behavior, travelling on planes, and trying to understand death. Uplifting!
3G3Q 72: S05:E06.5 - Lightning Round
Nov 20, 2015
Lightning round & followup
Daily(ish) 145: Planning for Winter
Nov 19, 2015
Talking about plans to escape the winter after one day of snow and cold.
The @U2 Podcast 18: Bono Called an Audible
Nov 19, 2015
We’re joined by special guest Mark Baker, aka U2Brothr, to talk about his documentary, his experiences getting on stage with U2, and what it was like to be a part of a contest on to go to Paris only to find out he wouldn’t be going after all. We…
3G3Q 71: S05:E06 - “I’m So Sorry” (Sadie Hawkins)
Nov 17, 2015
Khaki pants, Goodwill toilets, & homemade nunchecks
Daily(ish) 144: Running Back to Saskatoon
Nov 16, 2015
Talking about travel.
3G3Q 70: S05:E05.5 - Lightning Round
Nov 13, 2015
Lightning round & followup.
Non Breaking Space Show 56: Ben Brown — Bots and Slack
Nov 12, 2015
Ben Brown from Austin, Texas joins us to talk about Howdy - a bot he’s building for the popular Slack communications tool.
3G3Q 69: S05:E05 - “Informational JPEG”
Nov 10, 2015
Mouse guts, monster trucks, & Ricky
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 20: Stolen Canadian Accent
Nov 7, 2015
Kari and Brook Shelley talk about mommy/cat blogging/podcasting, going home again, travelling on other people’s dime, accents, sci fi lit by women, revisiting old hobbies, and whole other episodes.
Non Breaking Space Show 55: Simon St. Laurent — Tech, Drama News
Nov 6, 2015
This week we have Simon St. Laurent, Chair of the Fluent Conference. We talk about about latest news in the web building world and anything else that’s caught our eye.
The @U2 Podcast 17: And Then I Whacked Noel Gallagher
Nov 6, 2015
Sherry and Chris chat about what’s going on in the world of U2 this week including catching up with Aaron Govern who was at all 6 shows in London and has a great story to tell of extra experiences at one of the shows.
3G3Q 66: S05:E03.5 - “Lightning Round”
Nov 6, 2015
Lightning round of plenty
3G3Q 65: S05:E03 - “Hidey Hole”
Nov 3, 2015
Dollars-to-donuts, Rock stars, & editing life
The @U2 Podcast 16: Podcast of Experience
Oct 30, 2015
We’re back for more! More audio clips from @U2 staffers and memories of driving out to the Joshua Tree park, among many others. This is part 2 of our celebration of the 20th anniversary of
Daily(ish) 143: The Advice of One
Oct 30, 2015
Taking the advice of one and acting on it.
3G3Q 68: S05:E04.5 - Lightning Round
Oct 30, 2015
Lightning Round
Non Breaking Space Show 54: Elyse Holladay — SassConf and Other Nerdy Things
Oct 29, 2015
This episode we have Elyse Holladay. Elyse’s been at Sass Summit and also a local Austenite—very glad to get a chance to talk to her today. We talked about organizing a physical conference, how she got into the web, of course, passion for work, and…
Daily(ish) 142: Talking to Moms
Oct 27, 2015
My thought on giving a talk on the basics of using your iPhone and how nerdy I really am.
3G3Q 67: S05:E04 - “Toffee Starter”
Oct 27, 2015
Halloween hobo codes, per capita cult count, and candles.
The @U2 Podcast 15: 20 Years And This Is All We Get?
Oct 23, 2015
It’s the 20th anniversary of the launch of and we’ve got Answer Guy, Sherry, Tassoula, Matt, and Chris here to reminisce about it. We broke this up into 2 parts we had so much fun.
Non Breaking Space Show 53: Sam Richard — Sass, Front-end Development
Oct 22, 2015
Sam Richard, UI Architect for IBM Watson, part of the awesome design team, where he waxes philosophical about Sass+Compass, Responsive Web Design, Drupal, Photography, and, on occasion, bacon. Richard got his start with the New York State Senate and the…
Daily(ish) 141: Choosing Joy
Oct 21, 2015
Utterly tired and choosing joy in the midst of being exhausted.
Daily(ish) 140: Star Wars - The Force Awakens Trailer Review
Oct 20, 2015
My review of the Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer.
Daily(ish) 139: TGIF
Oct 16, 2015
The golf is frustrating. To go in front. Thin guy is fat. tgif.
3G3Q 64: S05:E02.5 - “Lightning Round”
Oct 16, 2015
Lightning round with special guest Mike Beasterfeld
Non Breaking Space Show 52: Matt McGee — Search Engine Optimization
Oct 15, 2015
Matt is the Editor-in-Chief at Marketing Land & Search Engine Land so we pick his brain about all things SEO - the white hat side SEO. And what’s up with all those Pandas that Google keeps releasing?
The @U2 Podcast 14: Kicking The Bucket List
Oct 15, 2015
It’s U2 bucket list time! Tassoula, Matt, and Chris are your hosts as we read and listen to listener suggestions for U2 bucket list items. We also answer more of your #AskAtU2 questions and we play another round of Name that Song. Will Matt beat the chat…
Daily(ish) 138: Pause
Oct 14, 2015
There’s not enough Magic devices in my life it would seem.
Show Me Your Mic 104: Pressing the Pause Button
Oct 13, 2015
I need a bit of margin in my life for the next while and so I’m pressing pause on Show Me Your Mic. I explain a few of the reasons and what I hope to do in this episode.
3G3Q 63: S05:E02 - “Side Room to the Gym Daycare”
Oct 13, 2015
First level failure, edible drumsticks, & lime-green joysticks.
Non Breaking Space Show 51: Margot Bloomstein — Brand & Content Strategy
Oct 9, 2015
Margot Bloomstein joins Christopher and Sam to talk about content strategy for your brand, website, or new corporate marketing white papers.
3G3Q 62: S05:E01.5 - Lightning Round
Oct 9, 2015
Lightning Round.
The @U2 Podcast 13: I Worship at ZooTV’s Altar
Oct 8, 2015
Jill, Becky, Sherry, and Chris are on this week to chat about #askatU2 questions, the Global Citizen festival and we definitely don’t talk about whether U2 is selling out.
Daily(ish) 137: Tuesday Meh
Oct 6, 2015
Still alive. Still here. Holy kaw it’s October.
3G3Q 61: S05:E01 - “Lil’ Capitalist”
Oct 6, 2015
Pilgrímon, being b’dass, & sriracha hacks.
The @U2 Podcast 12: The Miracle of the 5-percent Battery
Oct 1, 2015
Jill, Becky, Sherry, and Chris are on this week to chat about #askatU2 questions, the Global Citizen festival and we definitely don’t talk about whether U2 is selling out.
Non Breaking Space Show 50: Dramatic Readings by Programmers of Bug Reports (Live at SXSW)
Sep 30, 2015
For our special 50th episode, we provide you with the amazing team-up of the wonderful Sam Richard, UI Architect Watson at IBM Corporation, and your host, Christopher Schmitt. Sam and Christopher had the privilege of speaking at SXSW! They took on…
Show Me Your Mic 103: Kevin Hovdestad - Hearthstone Podcasting and Patreon
Sep 29, 2015
Kevin is a co-host on Well Met - a podcast talking all things Hearthstone. We talk about how easy it can be to live stream video now, how Patreon has enabled creators to focus on creating, and how the world of esports has exploded and given opportunities…
Daily(ish) 136: New Patreon Video and New Audio Dingus
Sep 24, 2015
Check out my new Patreon video! And I test out a new audio dingus called a Fethead to boost the signal, baby!
The @U2 Podcast 11: I Dinged Myself There
Sep 24, 2015
Sherry, Matt and Chris are back to chat about Bono new blog, answer a bunch of #askatu2 questions, the rescheduled concert in Sweden, and what to look forward to in Berlin. Also: Happy Birthday to Matt!
Non Breaking Space Show 49: Simon St. Laurent — Ad Blockers and the Web
Sep 24, 2015
Simon St. Laurent joins Christopher to talk about content blocking, cookies, and publishing on the web in 2015 all prompted by the recent additions to iOS 9 on iPhones and iPad and El Capitan on the Mac.
Show Me Your Mic 102: Tim Smith - Telling a Story with Purpose
Sep 22, 2015
Tim Smith stops by for a quick chat about his new show For the Record on Tower. We chat about producing a new show, how he preps a guest for an interview, and his plans for the future of Tower. There’s also a bit of gear talk and the podcasts he…
Daily(ish) 135: Do You Need a Viking Helmet? I Bet You Do
Sep 18, 2015
Feedback Followup Friday and my brother-in-law’s new video and Patreon page you should check out.
The @U2 Podcast 10: There’s Something Going on in Amsterdam
Sep 17, 2015
Sherry, Tim, Matt and Chris talk about their experiences trying to get tickets for U2’s upcoming Ireland tour dates, the recent concerts in Amsterdam, and answer a bunch of #askatU2 questions and try their best to #stumpm2 as well.
Daily(ish) 134: Blabbing About Blab
Sep 16, 2015
The first step in dealing with being an early adopter nerd is admitting that you are - on a platform that nobody else has heard of.
Show Me Your Mic 101: Sean Kheraj - The Web is Shifting Ground Beneath Your Feet
Sep 15, 2015
Sean Kheraj hosts Nature’s Past a podcast about environmental history research in Canada featuring lectures and interviews with authors and academics on the greatest country in the world - Canada, naturally. We talk about scheduling guests, recording…
Daily(ish) 133: Tweetstorms are Stupid
Sep 14, 2015
Venting on Twitter is helpful especially if you’re avoiding vacuuming.
The @U2 Podcast 9: Ticket or Not, I’m Going
Sep 10, 2015
Matt, Sherry, and Chris share their thoughts on the European launch of the tour as well as suggestions for fans looking to get tickets for the Irish dates on the tour. We answer your #askatu2 questions and a new segment arrives: #stumpm2.
Daily(ish) 132: 3 Movies and a Video Game
Sep 8, 2015
I review the 3 movies and a video game that I played/watched this weekend - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Wild, The World’s End and Terraria. And I claim I have no time to get anything done?
Show Me Your Mic 100: Happy 100 To You
Sep 8, 2015
I talk a bit about where Show Me Your Mic could be headed in the future and how you could help.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 19: The Dark Side of Decisiveness
Sep 7, 2015
Hilary (@theOtherHilary) is back to chat with Kari about hating yourself-in-other-people, respectful conversation, when and how we indulge ourselves, the statute of limitations on being mean, safe places for venting, and self-regulation.
The @U2 Podcast 8: A Campfire Moment With Uncle Bono
Sep 3, 2015
Sherry, OMG, Tim and Chris check the #askatu2 inbox and answer your questions and for the roundtable this time and talk Song for Someone video, rehearsal leaks from Turin and their thoughts on what the tour opener song will be in Europe.
Show Me Your Mic 99: Paul Jarvis - The Path Paved with Gold and Unicorn Farts
Sep 1, 2015
Paul Jarvis from Invisible Office Hours and we talk about how breaking the rules of podcasting can help you find your own authentic voice amidst the rabble and noise of so many other podcasts. We also talk about seasons, hating your first episode, and…
Daily(ish) 131: August Wrap Up
Aug 31, 2015
My thoughts on how August went recording near-daily episodes, videos for Patreon supporters, and where it’s all going.
Daily(ish) 130: Unbridled Passion for Useless Information
Aug 28, 2015
A bit of FFF wrapped in a brain dump of the useless things I care about and what I could do about it.
Daily(ish) 129: It’s Not Friday It’s Thursday
Aug 27, 2015
A few quick thoughts today before getting back to work. Be sure to send in questions, comments, suggestions for FFF tomorrow!
The @U2 Podcast 7: Previewing Europe and Following Up with Matt
Aug 26, 2015
We talk about the upcoming European leg of the tour with guests Navid and Aaron and we open our Inbox and answer your #askatU2 questions including a special new segment with Matt.
Daily(ish) 128: Guardians of the Daily(ish) T-shirt Review
Aug 26, 2015
Thoughts on a t-shirt for Patreon supporters and a mini-review of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Daily(ish) 127: The One With Paul On It
Aug 26, 2015
My brother-in-law Paul joins me to talk about wifi battles, English PhD’ing, and how we can fix our in-laws.
Daily(ish) 126: Sitting On a Air Mattress
Aug 21, 2015
Feedback Follow-Up Friday with a friend - one of my brother-in-laws joins me to chat about Patreon support, ideas for Patreon rewards and recording from a blowup air mattress.
The @U2 Podcast 6: I Mailed Off A Live Credit Card
Aug 20, 2015
Beth and Chris join Matt and Chris to talk about their experience seeing 15 shows on the first leg of the U2ie tour. We also answer a bunch of #askatu2 questions and also cover the MSG scalper ticket story.
Daily(ish) 125: 364 More Days Until It’s All About Me Again
Aug 20, 2015
Are you keeping up with the daily Daily(ish)? And I break my rule about fight club, sorry.
Daily(ish) 124: HB 2 Me
Aug 19, 2015
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.
Daily(ish) 123: Winter Zombie Apocalypse
Aug 18, 2015
What happens in my brain when things start to cloud over I wonder aloud on the podcast today.
Show Me Your Mic 98: Alex Knight - FeedPress, Jemcast and The Impromptu
Aug 18, 2015
Alex Knight, product manager at FeedPress and host of The Jemcast and The Impromptu, is on the show to talk about his podcasting gear and the podcasts he listens to. We also talk stats, feeds and analytics of podcasts and share our thoughts on
Daily(ish) 122: I Got One New Fan
Aug 17, 2015
Update on the AC issues, working on the weekend and plans to podcast from an air mattress.
Daily(ish) 121: Stupid Checks and FFF
Aug 14, 2015
A rant on checks as well as a bit of Feedback Followup Friday.
The @U2 Podcast 5: OMG OMG OMG OMG
Aug 13, 2015
We’re talking about the atU2 party for one more episode along with your #askatu2 questions and a roundtable discussion about the last few shows in New York.
Daily(ish) 120: Complaining About the Heat
Aug 13, 2015
I’m adding a new Patreon goal! Fix our air conditioner!
Daily(ish) 119: Land of Living Skies and 35 Degree Heat
Aug 12, 2015
Back in the Goodstuff North studios recording today’s Daily(ish). Coming back to your own business can still feel like a drag and other things I can’t really justify complaining about and yet I do.
Show Me Your Mic 97: Jerod Morris of
Aug 12, 2015
Jerod Morris joins me to talk about The Rainmaker Platform, The Showrunner podcast and complimentary Showrunner Podcasting Course. We talk about building a podcast, why to start one and how to build a narrative into your show. We also answer a listener…
Daily(ish) 118: Lesson of the Day
Aug 11, 2015
A quick chat on what’s fair and what’s equal.
Daily(ish) 117: Live from the Lake
Aug 10, 2015
A quick episode from the lake while I walk to the coffee shop and try and do some work when everyone else is having fun. I feel your pity.
3G3Q 60: S04:E11.5 - “Too Old For This”
Aug 8, 2015
Lightning round
Daily(ish) 116: Feedback Followup Friday (FFF for Short)
Aug 7, 2015
Updates on how the Daily is going versus the Ish, Patreon update and a little bit more U2.
Daily(ish) 115: Let’s Play On the Internet
Aug 6, 2015
Meeting a fellow internet creative person IRL is a fun experience I had at family camp. How’s that for a run-on sentence?
The @U2 Podcast 4: That Was Bleeping Unbelievable
Aug 6, 2015
Tassoula, Tim, Matt and Chris debrief the 20th Anniversary Party for We also answer a bunch of #askatU2 questions submitted by listeners of the podcast.
Daily(ish) 114: I Need Your Cold Remedy
Aug 5, 2015
Send me your tired, huddled masses of ideas that help fight colds.
Daily(ish) 113: Welcome to August
Aug 4, 2015
Blame Canada for the delay of the daily podcasts in August. And also brunch.
Show Me Your Mic 96: Mikey Reiach - Packet Loss Podcast
Aug 4, 2015
Mikey is the co-host of the Packet Loss Podcast which, in their own words, is the most racial diverse podcast on the internet. We talk about bringing your non-podcast friends into this weird world of podcasting and also what makes a listener want to…
Show Me Your Mic 95: Part 2 with Lindsay Patterson
Jul 28, 2015
Lindsay Patterson joins me for part 2 of our discussion - this time it’s all about her podcast The Tumble podcast. If you’ve got feedback, follow-up or questions be sure to click the Discuss This Episode link in the show notes to leave a comment.
3G3Q 59: S04:E11 - “Rutabaga Pie”
Jul 27, 2015
Ask Jeeves, hot dog wolverine, & Scott Dracula Bacula.
Daily(ish) 112: Planning for August
Jul 24, 2015
It’s almost August. One week. Gotta make the most of this thing we call summer.
3G3Q 58: S04:E10.5 - “Anus”
Jul 24, 2015
Lightning round
The @U2 Podcast 3: Getting to the Roots of the Seating Question
Jul 23, 2015
Matt, Brian, Sherry and Chris answer listener feedback and questions, debate the best seats to buy for this tour, and chat about where this tour ranks compared to previous tours.
Show Me Your Mic 94: Part 1 with Lindsay Patterson
Jul 21, 2015
Lindsay Patterson joins me to discuss her recent article asking where the YouTube for podcasts is. If you’ve got feedback, follow-up or questions be sure to click the Discuss This Episode link in the show notes to leave a comment.
3G3Q 57: S04:E10 - “Give Your Life to Sasquatch”
Jul 20, 2015
Two-liter mic drops, criticism fetish, & a pee truce
The @U2 Podcast 2: A Conversation with Matt and Chris
Jul 17, 2015
Matt McGee answers a few of Chris’ questions about the site, U2 the band, and how covering U2 has changed over the last twenty years
Daily(ish) 111: Telemarketing Your Way to Success
Jul 16, 2015
A telemarketer inspired me to be more direct with you. So here goes.
Show Me Your Mic 93: Jason DeFillippo - The Art of Charm
Jul 14, 2015
Jason is back to talk about what’s changed since the last time he was on - location, job and most importantly to this show - gear! New gear is always fun to talk about.
Daily(ish) 110: I Like U2 And I Don’t Care Who Knows It
Jul 14, 2015
We launched a new podcast today on Goodstuff. Don’t listen to this - go listen to that!
The @U2 Podcast 1: We’re a Podcast from the Internet. This is Our First Episode. We Hope You Like It.
Jul 13, 2015
Hosts Matt McGee and Chris Enns introduce the what, where, why and how of the official podcast of
3G3Q 56: S04:E09 - “WWDTD”
Jul 13, 2015
Artisanal obesity ramps, high times, & cold hands.
Daily(ish) 109: Iced Coffee and Ear Sweat
Jul 10, 2015
Friday afternoon makes for a great time to podcast. Where is this thing going? Higher! Colder! Faster! Stronger!
3G3Q 55: S04:E08.5 - “Nightlife On Mars”
Jul 9, 2015
Lightning Round with Andrew Huster
Show Me Your Mic 92: Stu King - Skyrim Your Way to Success
Jul 7, 2015
Stu King joins me to talk Character Crusade, his podcast that helps people discover and explore the world of Skyrim. We compare the YouTube world of Let’s Plays and video to audio podcasts and how to bridge your audience between the two worlds.
Daily(ish) 108: We’re Doing a Podcast of Lego
Jul 2, 2015
I’m joined by my sons to talk Lego and Star Wars - important things in a young kid’s world.
Daily(ish) 107: Changing the Feed May Break All the Things
Jul 1, 2015
Happy Canada Day, eh? Warnings of upcoming feed and hosting changes that might not all work smoothly because humans and computers don’t mix.
Show Me Your Mic 91: Paul David Peterson - Are You Prepared to Ignite?
Jun 30, 2015
Paul is on to talk about his parody show Entrepreneur Explosion! Why he started the show, the difficulties of doing a parody show with real discussions and purpose and a general discussion of the podcasting landscape mid-2015.
3G3Q 54: S04:E08 - “Donuts Per Capita”
Jun 29, 2015
1776, a river of bullets, & browsing sheep.
3G3Q 53: S04:E07.5 - “Slip-N-Slide Master”
Jun 26, 2015
Lightning Round
Daily(ish) 106: Can a Monkey Have a Name?
Jun 25, 2015
We have a bit of a crisis in our home and we need your help.
Show Me Your Mic 90: Darren Moser - The Time of the Niche
Jun 23, 2015
Darren Moser is the co-host of Earl Grey - a podcast that talks all about Star Trek The Next Generation. We talk niche podcasting, being on the podcast network and getting out there and just start recording.
3G3Q 52: S04:E07 - “Granny Approval System”
Jun 22, 2015
Our dino military, Adam’s mom, and fiarytale Bee Gees.
3G3Q 51: S04:E06.5 - “Anything Oatmeal”
Jun 19, 2015
Lightning Round with Mikey Reiach.
Daily(ish) 105: Matt McGee from
Jun 18, 2015
Matt McGee from joins me to talk about U2, the current Innocence and Experience tour and how being a fan of a band has changed over the twenty years since he started
Daily(ish) 104: The Chicken and the Egg Thing
Jun 17, 2015
I got some great responses to previous episodes and so I take time on this episode to respond to one of the responses. Hashtag respond!
Show Me Your Mic 89: If Only
Jun 16, 2015
Solo show! I talk about some of my if-only’s to help unhook my brain a bit.
3G3Q 50: S04:E06 - “Breakfast Cornucopia”
Jun 15, 2015
Chicken models, tapping it, and jackal whisperers.
Daily(ish) 103: Testing
Jun 12, 2015
Publishing something on - a new web app built by some of the folks behind Authentic Jobs.
Show Me Your Mic 88: Show Me Your with Kyle Roderick
Jun 9, 2015
Kyle Roderick is back to have another podcast network owner therapy session and we also discuss an app that could save you a bunch of time in your podcast production.
3G3Q 49: S04:E05 - “Celebrity Warship”
Jun 8, 2015
Beyonce II Jenner, Nappy-Q, and word paintings
Daily(ish) 102: What Would I Do With 365 Days?
Jun 4, 2015
Continuing from the previous episode’s discussion, I talk about the idea of funding development of Goodstuff and whether that would be a good thing or not. Also, how you can support podcasters.
Daily(ish) 101: Talking Through an Idea
Jun 3, 2015
Are you ever curious about how a podcast gets from idea to your eardrums? If so, this might be an episode for you. I recorded a chat with Sue as we debate a new show idea for Goodstuff that may (or may not) ever hit your ears in the future. But it’s fun…
Show Me Your Mic 87: Stephen Penny - The Grandchild of TWIT
Jun 2, 2015
Stephen is a Brit living in Finland and he’s organized fellow ex-pats from around the world to talk tech with a decidely different angle on things than those of us in North America hear - while still lusting after the same gadgets and tech.
3G3Q 48: S04:E04 - “Royal Upchuck”
Jun 1, 2015
Weinie roasts, bucket hats, & go karts.
3G3Q 47: S04:E03.5 - “Bouncing Babies”
May 30, 2015
Lightning Round
Daily(ish) 100: U2 Time with Christopher Schmitt
May 29, 2015
Episode 100! A discussion of U2’s Innocence and Experience tour, the new album and anything else that we still haven’t found on the streets that have no name with or without your velvet dress in Miami, New York or California. One.
Daily(ish) 99: Fighting the Dumb Voices in My Head
May 28, 2015
A few rambling thoughts on job, life, focus and drowning out the voices in my head.
Daily(ish) 98: Calendars and Todos
May 26, 2015
Summary - I need to figure out how to turn tinkering with my tools into what i do instead of what I do to avoid doing what I do. Talking
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 18: The Jackie Chan Packing Strategy
May 26, 2015
Kari and her guest Aditi talk about international travel, local delicacies, Airbnb, Jackie Chan’s packing strategies, friend trips, community sourced trip planning, and neck pillows.
3G3Q 46: S04:E03 - “Peak Puppy”
May 25, 2015
Long Twitter, pineapple enzymes, & rubber dinosaurs.
Daily(ish) 97: Bringing Order to Chaos
May 21, 2015
Sue joins me to talk about anything but Survivor so instead we talk about the joy of order.
Daily(ish) 96: Why I Don’t Watch the Watch
May 20, 2015
Dates are hard. Why do I not care about the Apple Watch? A crisis of one man’s faith in a company named after a fruit.
Show Me Your Mic 86: Aaron Mahnke - Caring About All the Parts
May 19, 2015
Aaron’s only 6 episodes in to his new podcast Lore - a bi-weekly podcast about the history behind scary stories - but his attention to all the details of producing a story-driven podcast has resulted in unexpected but well deserved attention and…
Daily(ish) 95: Listener Chat - Daily(ish) with Bobbi
May 19, 2015
I’m joined by Bobbi - long time listener and first time guest - to chat about what her daily(ish) is like. We chat about rural living, raising kids and letting them go and the fun of podcasting normal life.
Daily(ish) 94: Mad Men Mad Man
May 18, 2015
I’m a little nostalgic for Mad Men as the series closed out with a great finale last night.
3G3Q 45: S04:E2.5 - “Jazz Apple”
May 18, 2015
Purple blobs, stressful cantaloup, & hexadecimal colors.
Daily(ish) 93: Giving Myself Advice
May 15, 2015
Paying the person for the things and advice on how to monetize your mattress.
Daily(ish) 92: Anniversaries and Delinquent Podcasting
May 13, 2015
I can explain. I can explain. And I do. Goodstuff stuff and a new segment on Daily(ish)?
Show Me Your Mic 85: Jason Burton - Focused on Local
May 12, 2015
Jason joins me to talk about podcasting with a local focus - in his case the business community and events in his city in Indiana. Recording live in person, using a Yeti and tips for promoting a local podcast.
3G3Q 44: S04:E02 - “Baja Blast Burrito”
May 11, 2015
Dagger Desks, asparagus pee, & snake oil.
Show Me Your Mic 84: A Bit Canadian - Kyle Roderick
May 5, 2015
Kyle Roderick from Transmission and Goodstuff joins me to chat about the fun of running a podcast network, working collaboratively across time and space and how he produces Transmission - the internet’s morning show.
Daily(ish) 91: Barcamp 2015
May 4, 2015
Barcamp review and reasons why you should have a barcamp in your world.
3G3Q 43: S04:E01 - “Ceremonial Pantyhose”
May 4, 2015
Failure, toilet cash, & back tattoos.
Show Me Your Mic 83: Solo Is the Only Way to Go
Apr 28, 2015
No guest today so I talk a bit about some of the issues and struggles of running a podcast network and options we’re considering for hosting of podcast files. Libsyn vs SoundCloud vs S3 vs Simplecast vs what else?
Daily(ish) 90: The Great Office Space Search of 2015
Apr 27, 2015
Searching for something that costs more than nothing is a hard thing to do.
Daily(ish) 89: Watch This Space
Apr 24, 2015
20 minutes till the weekend. Watch-a gonna do?
Daily(ish) 88: Thoughts on Rescue Bots and Apple Watch
Apr 23, 2015
My son Mason joins me to share some important news about Rescue Bots and the Apple Watch.
Daily(ish) 87: Waking Up Grumpy
Apr 22, 2015
If I don’t feel like it, do I have to do it?
Show Me Your Mic 82: Reuben Ingber - Artisanal Pencil Holding Tutorials
Apr 21, 2015
Reuben Ingber is on to talk about How to Hold a Pencil. We discuss the struggles of finding sponsorship, wonder if there’s people who want to learn about podcast ad sales out there, and of course, what gear Reuben uses and the podcasts he listens to while…
Daily(ish) 86: Getting Kicked Out of Office
Apr 20, 2015
Update on The ListServe email and getting kicked out of my office. What’s a nerd to do?
Daily(ish) 85: Winning the ListServe
Apr 16, 2015
I won The ListServe and this is what I wrote.
Show Me Your Mic 81: Sawyer Paul - Shutting Down a Network
Apr 14, 2015
Sawyer Paul is on the show to talk about running a podcast network - and the tough decision to shut down a podcast network. We talk through some of the struggles of trying to help friends, unlimited storage not always being unlimited and our mutual…
Daily(ish) 84: Back On Twitter and My Life Has Changed Forever (again)
Apr 8, 2015
How I gave up Twitter and how I went back to it and found myself all over again. Or something like that.
Show Me Your Mic 80: Caleb Wojcik - Doing It On Video
Apr 7, 2015
Caleb Wojcik runs DIY Video Guy - a audio podcast and video podcast show teaching what he’s learned about running a business involved in video production.
3G3Q 42: S03:E13 - “Clipper Conspiracy”
Apr 6, 2015
Professional readers, corn rows, and taco nomads.
Daily(ish) 83: Crowdsource My Tweets
Apr 2, 2015
It’s almost time to go back on Twitter. What should my first tweet back be?
3G3Q 41: S03:E12 - “Do You Trust Me?”
Apr 1, 2015
Fifty Shades of Good People, Fight Club Santa, & Sonic 3.
Show Me Your Mic 79: Leslie Camacho - The Problems We Choose
Mar 31, 2015
Leslie Camacho, one of the hosts of The Marriage Startup podcast - a podcast that looks at the struggle to keep home life in balance when work seems like it is your life.
Daily(ish) 82: Should You Periscope?
Mar 26, 2015
Periscope, Twitter’s new live video streaming app is out. Should you use it? What could you use it for? The answers may surprise you. More after the jump.
Daily(ish) 81: A Test of the Lightning Thunderbolt Firewire Dongle Adapter Thingy
Mar 25, 2015
This has been a test of the Lightning Thunderbolt Firewire Dongle Adapter Thingy.
Show Me Your Mic 78: Raygan Kelly and Nate Heininger of The Short Game
Mar 24, 2015
Raygan and Nate, two of four hosts of The Short Game - a podcast that talks about video games that ideally take less than 10 hours.
Daily(ish) 80: Harmontowning My Emotional Bone
Mar 24, 2015
Some thoughts after watching the documentary Harmontown. Being emotionally vulnerable without being an emotional bag of emotion.
3G3Q 40: S03:E11 - “Procrastination 101”
Mar 23, 2015
Method fanfic, Andy Savage, & terrrible movies.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 16: I Can Make a Bedbug Party
Mar 22, 2015
Kari and Liz James discuss adult ADHD: definitions, advantages, getting diagnosed, strategies for thriving with it, fantastic metaphors, treatments, marrying well, accidental vacations, and black diamond people.
3G3Q 39: S03:E10.5 - “Content”
Mar 20, 2015
trains, ultra-passive voice, and morning lifehacks.
Daily(ish) 79: Throwing Up Daily(ish)
Mar 20, 2015
It’s not all about puke but there’s a little discussion of puke ok?
Show Me Your Mic 77: Cesar Contreras - The Guy Whose Name Starts With C
Mar 17, 2015
Pencil vs Pixel vs Microphones. Cesar Contreras joins Chris Enns to talk about starting a podcast without a huge plan (or a mic) and not being afraid to mix up your format and experiment.
3G3Q 38: S03:E10 - “You Snot Brains!”
Mar 16, 2015
Money laundering, lightning powers, and time cubes.
Show Me Your Mic 76: James Parkinson - The A-League Show
Mar 13, 2015
James Parkinson hosts The A League Show - a podcast covering the Australian top professional football (soccer to us North Americans) league. We chat about setting up interviews with sports personalities, recording on location, and the importance of…
Daily(ish) 78: Muzak and Captain America
Mar 12, 2015
Thanking an internet friend for superhero movies and picking podcast music.
Show Me Your Mic 75: Sean Chin - Wanted Dead or Alive
Mar 10, 2015
Sean Chin joins Chris Enns to talk about The Capsule Podcast, part of the Live in Limbo site that focuses on music, movies, tv and tech in and around Toronto, Canada. They talk about some of the struggles of getting artists on a podcast and trying to…
3G3Q 37: S03:E09 - “In A Funk”
Mar 9, 2015
Pre-med highlanders, top knots, and project googly eyes.
3G3Q 36: S03:E08.5 - “It’s Blue and Black”
Mar 6, 2015
A third way, cones, and chalkboards.
Show Me Your Mic 74: Myke Hurley - A Smattering of Podcasts
Mar 3, 2015
Myke Hurley is back on the show to talk about and the new version of Inquisitive he’s recently launched that’s telling the story behind app development on iOS.
3G3Q 35: S03:E08 - “Wolverine Room”
Mar 2, 2015
Factory food, arcade games, and arbitration.
Daily(ish) 77: Not Enough Coffee in Your Monday
Mar 2, 2015
If you don’t tweet about a podcast, does anybody hear?
3G3Q 34: S03:E07.5 - “Feeling Sexy”
Feb 27, 2015
Music, Attractiveness, and Math
Daily(ish) 76: Twitter-less Life Report
Feb 26, 2015
What’s it like to unplug from Twitter for awhile? And where do all my thoughts go that would otherwise have gone out via tweets?
Show Me Your Mic 73: Stephen Grasso - Kids These Days
Feb 24, 2015
We talk about Stephen’s jump from listener to cohost, figuring out gear to record in studio as well as at bike shows and events - as well as building a community around a niche topic and the benefits of doing so.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 15: Your Body Will Betray You
Feb 24, 2015
Kari’s guest is Rebekah Bennetch and they discuss the horrors of public speaking, the formula for creating a great speech, how to practice and prepare, vocal delivery techniques, and whether you should drink before you do a speech.
Non Breaking Space Show 48: Micah Godbolt — Front-End Architecture
Feb 23, 2015
A regular code contributor and speaker at worldwide open source events, Micah Godbolt is highly involved in teaching and training new developers, sometimes as a guest lecturer at local colleges. He leads a Sass and front-end meetup in Portland and…
3G3Q 32: S03:E07 - “Turquoise and Bolo Ties”
Feb 23, 2015
Amigo Circles, P.S.R., and Guy Fieri
Daily(ish) 75: Tweetless Lent
Feb 18, 2015
Clarification on what I meant by giving up Twitter for Lent in yesterday’s episode. And arguments about podcast listening speed.
Show Me Your Mic 72: Aaron Goodwin - 3 Guys, 3 Yetis
Feb 17, 2015
Aaron Goodwin hosts 3 Guys, 3 Questions - a comedy podcast that’s into it’s third season. We talk about editing for comedy, benefits of upgrading to Logic Pro X from Garageband and recording podcasts with Yetis involved.
Daily(ish) 74: Photo Sharing and Giving Up Things for Lent
Feb 17, 2015
How do you share photos with family and friends that aren’t necessarily for everyone? And are you giving up something for Lent? I talk a bit about what I’m thinking of giving up and the answer may surprise you. More after the jump.
3G3Q 31: S03:E06 - “Tread Sender”
Feb 16, 2015
Bananazon, Dubstep Robots, & TV BFF’s
3G3Q 30: S03:E05 - “One Sad Rose”
Feb 12, 2015
Peacocking, valentines, & prom pictures.
Daily(ish) 73: Quick Confidence
Feb 11, 2015
Jumping off a discussion from Lost & Lemon to talk about false humility and confidence.
Show Me Your Mic 71: Drew Dillman - As Basic As Possible
Feb 10, 2015
Drew Dillman joins Chris Enns to talk about his video and audio podcast Craft Conscious - interviews with people running craft breweries. Getting great looking video can be difficult but Drew’s got a workflow that might help you get started if YouTube is…
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 14: Family Meeting in the Blanket Fort
Feb 9, 2015
Kari and Megan Cheesbrough talk about advanced parenting: collaborating with minors; de-escallating bad behavior without shame; showing your children you’re on their team; negotiating with teachers; and worrying that your kid’s a sociopath.
3G3Q 29: S03:E04 - Next Day Ned’s
Feb 6, 2015
Exploring the woods, cold pizza, & dolphin tunnels.
Daily(ish) 72: Kids and Work
Feb 5, 2015
Follow up from yesterday’s episode and some thoughts from my kids on what I do.
Daily(ish) 71: Will You Be My Fitness Pal on the Hamster Wheel of Life?
Feb 4, 2015
Talking about the effects of diet, exercise, sleep during times of stress. (Somehow missed the intro music on the export today. Do you miss it?)
Show Me Your Mic 70: Maurice Cherry - The Five Dollar Fist Bump
Feb 3, 2015
Maurice Cherry joins me to discuss his two podcasts The Revision Path and The Year of Tea. We have a great chat about his shows, getting listener feedback and his plans for the shows he wants to do in the future.
Show Me Your Mic 69: Tyler Stalman - The Most Minor Celebrity Possible
Jan 27, 2015
Tyler Stalman joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast Cameras or Whatever as well as the internal video podcast he produces for his day job. Find out about Tyler’s claim to podcasting fame and how Chris and Tyler justify their PR40 purchases.
Daily(ish) 70: Go To Bed You Dummy
Jan 26, 2015
Podcasting post follow-up and bedtime routines.
3G3Q 28: S03:E03 - “Jackalope Shopping”
Jan 26, 2015
Currency portraits, Weather, & Jackalopes.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 13: Two Years Till Billy Crystal Levels
Jan 23, 2015
Jeff Read joins Kari to wonder what midlife really is anyway, and to talk about middle-age parenting issues, getting worse at things, and how passion for what you do maybe helps you avoid the ol’ crisis.
Daily(ish) 69: No More Heavy Breathing
Jan 22, 2015
A roundup of recent activity with apologies for heavy breathing.
Show Me Your Mic 68: Nathan Pierce - Microbrewr and Podcaster
Jan 20, 2015
Nathan Pierce joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast and resource - a great sit for anyone interested in the business involved in starting a microbrewery. Learning from mistakes, great communities to learn about podcasting and making…
Daily(ish) 68: The One With the Assistant Audition
Jan 20, 2015
Testing out Audition for this episode - can you hear me now? And I have a special assistant helping out on this episode.
3G3Q 27: S03:E02 - “So Many Tassels”
Jan 19, 2015
Cyberstalking, being a good listener, & alienation
Daily(ish) 67: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Jan 16, 2015
Reminiscing about the pilot of Battlestar Galactica on the 10 year anniversary of it’s release.
Daily(ish) 66: 30 Degrees
Jan 14, 2015
The weather has changed! iTunes featured my podcast - no, the other podcast. No, no. The other podcast.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 12: Successful Instances of Shutting Up are Unheard Of
Jan 14, 2015
Kari talks about the benefits of speaking out, and also the benefits of shutting up. And about potential future topics for I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now.
Show Me Your Mic 67: Jason Bryant - You Can Do a Podcast or You Can Do It Right
Jan 13, 2015
Jason Bryant, founder of the Mat Talk Podcast Network, joins me for a battle royal discussion of running a podcast network, finding a neat niche and putting in the time to build an audience and get guests.
Daily(ish) 65: Breakfast Racism
Jan 12, 2015
Talking about family breakfast routines and how ours just changed. What breakfast routines do/did you have with your family?
3G3Q 26: S03:E01 - “Pizza Management”
Jan 12, 2015
Altitude training, helping honeymooners, & Juggalo Journos.
Daily(ish) 64: Wii U Be My Friend?
Jan 9, 2015
My podcasting insecurities, Wii U arrival, Star Wars update and transparency with Patreon.
Show Me Your Mic 66: Alex Carpenter - Show Me Your Coffee!
Jan 7, 2015
Alex Carpenter hosts I Brew My Own Coffee, a podcast to learn how to brew your own coffee from the comforts of your home or office and you’ll definitely want a nice cup of coffee in hand while you listen to this episode.
Daily(ish) 63: Return of the Podcast
Jan 5, 2015
Christmas holidays, new year ideas and Star Wars for kids.
Show Me Your Mic 65: Ray Ortega - Switching Mics On the Fly
Dec 23, 2014
Ray Ortega is the last guest for 2014 on Show Me Your Mic and we had a great chat about podcasting as a career, starting a YouTube channel, streaming live video and the mic that’s very likely better than the Heil PR40 for podcasting.
Daily(ish) 62: Podcasting About a Podcast Recording App Podcast Episode
Dec 23, 2014
I’m testing out a new (to me) recording program called Hindenburg and so this is me using Hindenburg for the first time.
Show Me Your Mic 64: Adam Ryan - The Lesser Lights
Dec 16, 2014
Chris talks with Adam about his love for podcasting and basketball and the idea of picking a specific niche topic to focus your show around and the unique opportunities it’s brought to him.
Daily(ish) 61: Closing the Door on a Podcast to Open a Window on a Dumb Analogy
Dec 12, 2014
TIRP ended yesterday and I talk a bit about why I felt it was time to say goodbye, despite the fact that it was a ton of fun to do. Also be sure to support me in my campaign to keep Fullscreen off Goodstuff. Details inside.
Show Me Your Mic 63: Fredrik Björeman - It’s a Made Up Word
Dec 9, 2014
Fredrik Björeman joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast Kodsnack - a tech and coding podcast based in Sweden.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 10: The House the Cars the Dog the Cat
Dec 8, 2014
Part two of the conversation with Adam Clark. Should we even bother looking for meaning in our job? Searching for that feeling of Home. Regret. How does a person end up in a corporate job, and is that different from selling out?
Daily(ish) 60: Patreon Updates and AeroPress Eggnog
Dec 3, 2014
A quick update on my Patreon support along with the coffee I’m drinking and something you should tune in for tomorrow on
Show Me Your Mic 62: Moisés Chiullan - Pseudo-Documentary Storytelling
Dec 2, 2014
Moisés Chiullan joins Chris for a discussion of reasons not to podcast, reasons not to run a podcast network and reasons you should just delete your recording. (Not at all true.)
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 9: You’ve Just Got to Stop Thinking
Dec 1, 2014
Kari talks with Adam Clark about the trouble with answering the question “What do you do?” and tying your identity to your work; worrying about not having value to add to the world; not having all the answers; fear of looking like a fool; and the…
Show Me Your Mic 61: Mike Beasterfeld - The Heart of a Jackal
Nov 27, 2014
Mike is a great part of the podcasting community and is looking to help people get into podcasting with his podcast network at and the custom CMS he’s writing to help run a podcast website.
Daily(ish) 59: Cleanup Episode
Nov 25, 2014
Clean up, clean up. Everybody clean up.
Show Me Your Mic 60: Kari Halsted - Putting Your Trust in the Podcast Gods
Nov 25, 2014
Kari Halsted joins Chris Enns to talk about her show on Goodstuff called I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now. We talk about pitching a show to a network like Goodstuff, recording a pilot, thoughts on women who podcast and growing up as a podcaster.
Daily(ish) 58: Peak Earwax Season
Nov 20, 2014
I need your help dear listener with a pressing question at the end of this podcast so be sure to stick around. Also - earwax at Starbucks and reaching peak loneliness.
Show Me Your Mic 59: Grumpy Old Geeks - We Should Have Stuck With Tape
Nov 18, 2014
Chris Enns talks with Jason DeFillippo of the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast about recording with friends and enemies, Skype vs in person and computers ruining everything in podcasting.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 8: It’s like Skiing
Nov 13, 2014
Hilary Nelson and Kari discuss being active in your community and its government, sympathy for city counselors, not being an a**hole, and why you should vote even if you haven’t done your homework.
Daily(ish) 56: Got Milk?
Nov 12, 2014
Do I really need help getting milk? What does it really feel like?
Show Me Your Mic 58: Jeremy Cherfas - The Best Train Set A Boy Could Have
Nov 11, 2014
Jeremy Cherfas talks with Chris Enns about the gear and techniques he uses for getting a good conversation with people milling around at conferences and his interest in food related discussions and where that talks him on his podcast, Eat This Podcast.
Daily(ish) 55: Goodstuff Meetup and Remembrance Day
Nov 11, 2014
Some follow up from last episode’s announcement, details on a Goodstuff meetup and how to remember Remembrance Day in podcast form.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 7: An Act of Political Warfare
Nov 7, 2014
Kari talks about the importance of self-care, how to recognize a personal crisis before it happens, what to do if it does happen, and how she shouldn’t be on your survival team.
Show Me Your Mic 57: Ham Radio and Podcasting - The Scope Show
Nov 4, 2014
Jared and Shane, two of the hosts of The Scope Show, are the guests on this week’s SMYM. They’ve been recording The Scope Show since 2006 - which is a long time in podcast years. We talk about the benefits of recording in the same room as your co-hosts,…
Daily(ish) 54: I Said Yes to the Facebook Invite First
Nov 4, 2014
Something big is happening that’s thus far gone unsaid on this podcast. It could affect us all - or at least me so it’s important you be made aware of it.
Daily(ish) 53: Shutting Up by Talking About Things
Oct 30, 2014
A mental block gets in the way and sometimes you just need to turn the amp up to eleven and smash out some dumb riffs.
Show Me Your Mic 56: Adam Martin - Podcasting as a MVP
Oct 28, 2014
Adam Martin joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast where he interviews creatives involved with sports. They talk scheduling, using SoundCloud, debate sponsorship and what got Adam into podcasting.
Daily(ish) 52: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Oct 27, 2014
My thoughts on the Jian Ghomeshi firing and subsequent story in the Toronto Sun and where I stand on the whole issue.
Show Me Your Mic 55: Jeff Ruberg - I Subscribe to 550 Podcasts
Oct 21, 2014
Jeff Ruberg comes on to discuss his podcast talking about Digimon. He discusses podcasting in a niche topic, using Jekyll and Auphonic to publish his episodes and how he edits and produces each show.
Daily(ish) 51: The Drew Dilemma
Oct 19, 2014
Sue joins Chris to talk Survivor again. Was it fun to see Drew get what was coming to him? We thought so.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 6: 20,000 People Laughing
Oct 17, 2014
Kari sits down with Todd Peters to talk about about his creative alternative adult life: SAHDing, not having a grand life-plan, being a self-taught professional musician, and balance in adult relationships. There’s a lot of laughing, which is normal for a…
Daily(ish) 50: Sinus Sympathy
Oct 16, 2014
It’s a bittersweet symphony that’s going on in my sinuses. Want me to blow my nose in your ear?
Show Me Your Mic 54: Omer Ninyo & Nir Horesh - The Actual Icicle
Oct 14, 2014
Omer and Nir from the Noncast join Chris Enns to talk about their podcast and their Hebrew podcast network based out of Israel. We talk audio issues, Google Hangouts and focusing on your own local niche to develop an audience.
Daily(ish) 49: Popping my Pop Filter
Oct 9, 2014
New (gently used) pop filter arrived so I had to quickly try it out - thanks Jordan Cooper!
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 5: Ask Me About My IUD
Oct 9, 2014
Kari talks with Kate Daly about the Pill, IUDs, sponges, access to knowledge about your own body, sex ed, and bad birth control puns. We share pregnancy pics with fun back-stories and probably way TMI. Sorry not sorry.
Daily(ish) 48: Intro to for Random iTunes Podcast People
Oct 8, 2014
A special hello and introduction to for people randomly coming across our network thanks to it being featured in the iTunes Podcast listing.
Show Me Your Mic 53: Paddy Donnelly - Podcasting as Personal Therapy
Oct 7, 2014
Paddy Donnelly joins Chris Enns to discuss his podcast, Working Out, and the tensions of having a business or job along with a side business that is your passion.
Daily(ish) 47: Losing to a Girl
Oct 4, 2014
Susan joins Chris to talk episode 2 of Survivor season 29. Not as great an episode of Survivor this time which possibly means not as great an episode of Daily(ish)? You be the judge.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 4: Try Uni No Wait Don’t Try Uni
Oct 3, 2014
Kari and her guest Garth Braithwaite talk all things food and being a grown-up: managing hangry-ness, marrying into food traditions, living with diabetes, LDS food guidelines, what we eat after our kids are in bed, and how to find a sushi mentor. Garth…
Daily(ish) 46: Shysters, Charlatans and Liars.
Oct 2, 2014
First fan submitted version of Daily(ish)! And a the start of some thoughts on dealing with shysters, charlatans and liars.
Daily(ish) 45: Do You Know What I Do?
Sep 30, 2014
Chris tries out a new mic technique and talks a bit about what he does. Do you know what he does?
Show Me Your Mic 52: Dan Benjamin - This is Calm Dan
Sep 30, 2014
Dan Benjamin returns for another chat with Chris Enns to talk compression, DBX 286s, Skype mix/minus, redacting Heil from podcasting, and what Patreon brings to the table for podcasters and 5by5.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 3: Grain Truck Full of Beer
Sep 27, 2014
Kari talks with Sheena Greer about divorce, second weddings, the care and feeding of second marriages, blending families, and giving yourself gifts instead of treats. And how Sheena’s life goals include being a member of Run-DMC.
Daily(ish) 44: Surviving Survivor for 29 Seasons
Sep 26, 2014
Chris Enns is joined by Susan Enns to chat about the start of season 29 of Survivor. Why do they still watch it after all these years? What do they think about this season’s guests, the show format and Jeff Probst’s silly questions?
Daily(ish) 43: iPhone 6 Review One Week Later
Sep 25, 2014
This is a personality driven podcast by a guy with no personality. Podcasting a bit about podcasting and reviewing my iPhone 6 one week later. With a quick Patreon update as well.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 2: Retire Before I Die
Sep 23, 2014
Kari and Jay Baron talk about comparing our adult lives to our parents, perpetual adolescence, what it’s like being a role model, and scratching undone things off the bucket list. We try really hard not to be a parenting podcast.
Show Me Your Mic 51: Jordan Cooper - My Favorite Topic to Discuss is Me.
Sep 23, 2014
Jordan Cooper joins Chris Enns to rant about podcasting and what might cause you to be a Tech Douchebag in his podcast player.
Daily(ish) 42: My Thoughts on Money
Sep 22, 2014
Money makes my world go around unfortunately and I get kind of frustrated by how it’s changed.
Daily(ish) 41: How to Be Successful in 21 Easy Steps
Sep 18, 2014
Link-bait title notwithstanding, Chris talks a bit about how success is perceived in our culture and his own struggles with running a business and the successes and failures along the way.
Daily(ish) 40: Happy iOS 8 Day
Sep 17, 2014
iOS 8 will be released sometime today - a few thoughts and a word of warning regarding iCloud Drive.
I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now 1: Scotch and Poprocks
Sep 16, 2014
Introducing Kari’s new podcast about adulthood. An overview of the themes and topics that future episodes will cover, and a call-out for people interested in joining in on a discussion. Most episodes will be less formal and scripted than this one.
Show Me Your Mic 50: Apologies and Invitations
Sep 16, 2014
A quick invitation to any podcasters listening. I want to talk to you!
Daily(ish) 39: A U2 Podcast For Someone
Sep 16, 2014
Chris is joined by Christopher Schmitt to discuss the recent U2 album release in depth - the way it was released by Apple, the backlash online to getting a free album and our thoughts on which song to listen to if you want to go beyond the single.
Daily(ish) 38: Managing Ideas and To-Dos
Sep 15, 2014
Chris talks in brief about some of the ways he manages his to do list and projects. He’s got plans for a deeper dive on this and related topics.
Daily(ish) 37: First World iProblems
Sep 12, 2014
Having pre-order remorse. I think I’ll go buy something to help forget about it.
Daily(ish) 36: The Miracle (of a Mini Album Review)
Sep 11, 2014
I’m still buzzing from the new U2 album surprise and do a quick review of it. Could Song of Innocence be their best album of the 2000’s?
Daily(ish) 35: iPhones, Watches and Songs of Innocence
Sep 10, 2014
My quick recap of the Apple event yesterday including which iPhone 6 I think I’d upgrade to. My thoughts on Apple Pay, the  WATCH and U2’s appearance and new album.
Daily(ish) 34: Thoughts on Apple’s Special Event Tomorrow
Sep 8, 2014
I wish I could say more… so I will. My thoughts on Apple’s special event tomorrow including new iPhones and wearables of all sorts.
Show Me Your Mic 49: Guy Routledge - Probably Good for SEO
Sep 2, 2014
Guy Routledge joins me to talk about his video podcast series AtoZCSS. We talk production of a video podcast including Wistia video hosting, Screenflow recording and even using Jekyll for hosting your podcast’s website.
Daily(ish) 33: Super Stickman Travel Review
Aug 27, 2014
I follow up from the travel episode with responses from listeners and how things went for us. Minivan design tips and a way for Canadians to recover from losing Tim Horton’s by playing Threes!
Show Me Your Mic 48: Joe Cieplinski - Jazz Improv Podcasting
Aug 26, 2014
This week, we have Joe Cieplinksi, host and one half of Release Notes, a weekly conversation about the business of Mac and iOS indie software development—Everything but the code.
Daily(ish) 32: The Travelling Podcaster
Aug 21, 2014
Podcasting - Why do people still have no clue? Travel - How do you do it with kids? Do you give in to the tech or abstain? I’m looking for tips as we pack up for a trip of our own.
Daily(ish) 31: Half Hearted Attempts at a Relay
Aug 19, 2014
A half hearted Patreon campaign and a new podcast network launches on the internet.
Show Me Your Mic 47: The Dirt - These Are Just Words, Deal With It
Aug 19, 2014
This week, we have the guys over at The Dirt - Tim Wright, Mark Grambau, and Steve Hickey. The Dirt is a UX podcast that covers design, user experience, and their take on the latest tech news. We talk about the personality of a podcast and company,…
Daily(ish) 30: Saying Goodbye to SSKTN
Aug 14, 2014
Talking about shuttering the domain and the mixed emotions associated with it.
Show Me Your Mic 46: Nicholas Young - Get In Our Cocoon And Do Our Work
Aug 12, 2014
Nicholas Young runs The Machine, a podcast network based in Chicago. We talked about the shows The Machine produces, how he got into podcasting and the gear he uses to produce podcasts.
Show Me Your Mic 45: Anze Tomic - I Take My Yeti to Work
Aug 5, 2014
Anze Tomic joins Chris Enns to discuss podcasting all the way from Slovenia. He has an english show called Storming Mortal as well as a Slovenian podcast network called Apparatus. He also has a Yeti. Sparks may fly.
Show Me Your Mic 44: Kyle and Tim - The Drapes Match The Microphone
Jul 29, 2014
Kyle Roderick and Tim Smith join Chris Enns to discuss their respective shows on Goodstuff - Transmission and For the Record. We get gear geeky and production geeky. Hang on for a bit longer episode than usual. Enjoy!
Daily(ish) 29: Creatively Thinking Yourself to Death
Jul 28, 2014
Follow up from a listener and an example of why I shouldn’t record before I’ve had my coffee.
Show Me Your Mic 43: Lex Friedman - Your Stats are Totally Bogus
Jul 21, 2014
Lex joins Chris Enns to update listeners on the podcasts he’s been doing since his last appearance, Soundcloud’s push into podcasting, and of course podcasting sponsorship. Numbers, dollars and other important words are discussed in great length. And…
Daily(ish) 28: Not Nearly a Daily Lex
Jul 21, 2014
Motivated by my internal competition with Lex Friedman to be more daily, I record an episode to update you on my Patreon campaign and my afternoon plans.
Daily(ish) 27: Getting Serious About Patreon. Maybe?
Jul 15, 2014
I talk about a discussion I had with my brother-in-law on Lost and Lemon about video editing, which lead to thoughts on doing a Patreon page which leads to my plans to actually launch a Patreon project. Whew.
Daily(ish) 25: The Playoff Beard
Jun 24, 2014
Blaine joins Chris this week to talk Amazon Fire Phone, Starbucks free University tuition, Angry Birds Transformers, playoff beards and Slingshot vs Snapchat.
Daily(ish) 24: Using Celebrity for Neutral
Jun 17, 2014
It’s Tech Talk Tuesday time and I’m joined by Kari Halsted to talk about MosoConf 2014, a local mobile social conference Kari attended last week. Also, Bill Murray.
Daily(ish) 23: Tech Talk Tuesday for June 10th, 2014
Jun 10, 2014
I’m joined by former co-host and friend Blaine Korte to discuss this week’s headlines and news as we saw it. This week - Minecraft, Instagram, MAC addresses, can opener case, Star Wars and Snowden.
Daily(ish) 26: Myke Hurley Moves On
Jun 10, 2014
A few thoughts on Myke Hurley’s announcement that he’s leaving 5by5 for something new.
Daily(ish) 22: Testing Tech Talk Tuesday for June 3rd, 2014
Jun 3, 2014
Bear with me as I run this little experiment. I had an idea to do a quick look at things I found interesting around the web on Tuesdays and Thursdays - my usual podcasting days - and record it in the Daily(ish) feed. Like it? Hate it? [Email…
Daily(ish) 21: My Thoughts on Apple’s WWDC 2014 Keynote
Jun 3, 2014
I share my thoughts on Apple’s Keynote event at WWDC 2014 including their announcement of iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and more. Apologies for the length of this episode - I broke my 10 minute rule.
Daily(ish) 20: Saying Goodbye
May 27, 2014
I talk about a post I wrote for my grandpa who is dying in the hospital. A few thoughts on life, death and healing.
Daily(ish) 19: Drop the Mic
May 15, 2014
I’m back from vacation and need to remind myself to go again. I talk about taking a break, having a head cold and my mic almost falls off. Not a euphemism.
Show Me Your Mic 42: Karl Morand
May 2, 2014
Karl Morand joins Chris Enns for a discussion on his political podcast, Middle East Week, and the interesting gear he uses to produce the show. Listen to hear many firsts on Show Me Your Mic including a new mic never mentioned before as well as new…
Daily(ish) 18: Chris’ IT Web Emporium
Apr 29, 2014
Another bee in my bonnet episode - shysters and frauds in the IT industry that try and do everything rather than focusing on just doing a few things really well.
Daily(ish) 17: Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter Except That it Does
Apr 24, 2014
Talking through another blog post - this time on helping determine what’s an opinion vs fact in client work.
Daily(ish) 16: The Kids Are Alright
Apr 18, 2014
A quick episode today where I’m joined by two special guests. They won’t be on every episode but they’ll pop up from time to time - as long as they don’t eat the cables or pull the mic off and destroy it.
Show Me Your Mic 41: Joel Duggan
Apr 17, 2014
Fellow Canadian Joel Duggan joins me to talk Game of Thrones, podcasting about TV, recording and editing M4A episodes, ideas for conducting interviews with multiple hosts, streaming live and being a part of podcast comunities.
Daily(ish) 15: One Myth of Owning Your Own Business
Apr 15, 2014
Today I wanted to talk a bit about the joys, or lack thereof, of owning your own business. I want to err on the side of being more positive than negative about life in general, but I also want to be open and honest about struggles. So here goes.
Daily(ish) 14: My Coffee is Weak
Apr 8, 2014
I talk about the Goodstuff 8 hours of streaming day and developing something as a creative person and then handing it out for feedback and getting stomped on. How do you develop a thick skin as a creative person?
Daily(ish) 13: 8 Hours of Live Streaming
Apr 7, 2014
Goodstuff has it’s official launch tomorrow - 8 hours of streaming. Here’s my thoughts on that and a few other things this Monday. Welcome to new listeners from the iTunes feature in New and Noteworthy in the USA.
Non Breaking Space Show 47: Steve Fisher
Apr 1, 2014
Our talk with Steve Fisher covers the gamut of content strategy, project discovery and open source projects. Sam gets lost in Encarta and Christopher has issues with Canadian pronunciations of words.
Daily(ish) 11: Featured in iTunes Collaboratively
Apr 1, 2014
I talk about collaborative building of things - in particular It’s so much better to go as a group than go it alone.
Daily(ish) 12: iPhone 4 Sized Bee in My Bonnet
Apr 1, 2014
I want to talk about using an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 -specifically iOS 7.1. A blog post has been in my brain for awhile but can’t get it on the digital page so I’m starting with a audio version first.
Daily(ish) 10: Breaking Down Feedback
Mar 25, 2014
Welcome to Daily(ish) on I talk about the main reason for the break in episodes - some feedback I received from a friend after episode 9 - and how asking for feedback from the wrong people can be detrimental to your process.
Show Me Your Mic 39: Sam Kapila
Mar 13, 2014
Sam Kapila joins me to discuss breakfast tacos, Austin, Texas, teaching and podcasting for a community. And more breakfast tacos.
Daily(ish) 9: Become a Patron of My Plan to Watch Survivor
Mar 6, 2014
I love podcasting and I’m not afraid who knows it. I talk about about Patreon and my thoughts with it, my struggles with how much to share on this podcast and the new season of Survivor has started. What are you watching these days?
Daily(ish) 8: Make The Internet You Want to See
Feb 27, 2014
This is not a weather podcast. Or is it? Jumping off from Shawn Blanc’s daily podcast discussion on creating the internet you want to see.
Show Me Your Mic 38: Nicole Spag
Feb 27, 2014
Nicole Spag joins me to talk about the podcasts she hosts, getting sponsorship/advertisers, building a community and the joys of being a nerd parent.
Daily(ish) 7: Basecamp Depression Trello
Feb 25, 2014
Getting stuck on work and how to unstick yourself. I talk about the idea of changing the tools I use to help switch my brain back to work mode.
Daily(ish) 6: House of Lego Cards Review
Feb 20, 2014
I talk Netflix, House of Cards, getting sick and The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.
Daily(ish) 5: Valentine’s Brain Dump
Feb 14, 2014
A late Friday edition of the show where I talk about local vs internet focus, and a bit about sponsorship and local meet ups.
Show Me Your Mic 37: Ashley Milne-Tyte
Feb 13, 2014
Ashley Milne-Tyte, host of The Broad Experience, joins me to chat about crafting a great podcast. I really enjoyed learning how she edits a longer interview down to a 2 or 3 minute story for news bites, and also how she produces her 10-15 minute episode…
Daily(ish) 4: Apologies and Promotions. So Sorry.
Feb 11, 2014
Episode 4 is something I’m deeply sorry about. And yet I’m still going to promote the heck out of it. So sorry. I’m back behind the real microphone and mixer for this episode.
Daily(ish) 3: Using Auphonic to Post for Real
Feb 9, 2014
For episode 3 I commit to and use the Auphonic app to record for real this time. I’m recording in my kitchen while making my coffee - can you smell the difference from my usual office recordings? How would you listen to a short podcast like this? Direct…
Daily(ish) 2: Trepidations in Releasing a Thing Into the World
Feb 7, 2014
Episode 2 is an attempt using just my iPhone to record. As an audio nerd I don’t like the quality but I also want to be able to do this show more regularly which means finding a way to sacrifice a bit of quality while maintining consistency(ish).
Non Breaking Space Show 46: Jen Simmons
Feb 6, 2014
Our guest for this episode is Jen Simmons and your hosts Christopher Schmitt and Sam Kap talk with her about where we’ve come from and where we’re going with the web. It’s changed a lot and it continues to change.
Daily(ish) 1: Verbal Diarrhea
Feb 6, 2014
Episode 1 is an intro to this show and also starts a discussion on the negative impact that podcasting may be having on the world of blogging. Or is it? (Cue ominous music)
Show Me Your Mic 36: Jeremy Keith
Jan 30, 2014
Huffduffer is a great service for podcasters and it happens to be built by one guy - Jeremy Keith. Listeners of SSKTN will know that I, Chris Enns, am a big fan of Huffduffer so I wanted to have Jeremy on to chat about Huffduffer. We talked about where…
Non Breaking Space Show 45: 2013 Year End Spectacular with Dave Rupert
Dec 20, 2013
For our annual year end spectacular we invited Dave Rupert, 1/3 of Paravel, over to chat with Christopher and Sam about what they saw in 2013 and what we can expect in 2014. We also check in with a couple of past guests, Rachel Nabors and Jonathan Snook,…
Show Me Your Mic 35: Mike Vardy
Dec 17, 2013
Mike Vardy is my guest for the last show of 2013 to talk podcasting (obviously), Canadian content and all sorts of workflowy magic. Put on your favourite holiday sweater and make up a bowl of poutine and enjoy the show.
Show Me Your Mic 34: It’s Not You, It’s Just Me
Dec 3, 2013
No guest this week due to a scheduling issue but I still wanted to record a few quick thoughts on an idea I’ve had for podcasters (new and pro) that might be interested in building their podcasts better - together. Kumbaya!
Show Me Your Mic 33: Justin Jackson
Nov 26, 2013
Justin Jackson joins me for a chat where we talk about why you might podcast - or perhaps why you should kill a podcast. We also cover sponsorship, listener numbers and building community.
Non Breaking Space Show 44: Jeremy Keith
Nov 19, 2013
Our talk with Jeremy runs the gamut of the web - progressive enhancement, depending on a database, sirens, the death of web services, the telegraph, transcriptions, CERN and preparing for a great talk.
Show Me Your Mic 32: Katie Floyd
Nov 12, 2013
Katie Floyd joins Chris Enns for episode 32 of Show Me Your Mic to chat about the soup to nuts of producing The Mac Power Users podcast - a Mac nerd’s dream podcast that’s produced 162+ episodes since 2009.
Non Breaking Space Show 43: Jared Spool — UX and Design Thinking
Nov 5, 2013
Jared Spool is a writer, researcher, speaker, educator, and an expert on the subjects of usability, software, design, and research. He is the founding principal of User Interface Engineering, a research, training, and consulting firm specializing in…
Show Me Your Mic 31: Chris Coyier
Nov 5, 2013
Chris Coyier stops by to chat about screencasting, podcasting and how he prepares for both. We chat sponsorship and getting to work with Dave Rupert.
Non Breaking Space Show 42: Karen McGrane
Oct 8, 2013
If the internet is more awesome than it was in 1995, Karen would like to claim a very tiny piece of the credit. For more than fifteen years Karen has helped create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content…
Non Breaking Space Show 41: Shawn O’Keefe
Sep 17, 2013
Shawn Michael O’Keefe is at the forefront of emerging technologies as a producer for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. Beginning his passionate journey into technology at the University of Texas at Austin, he focused on…
Show Me Your Mic 30: Jason Snell
Sep 12, 2013
For a very special 30th episode of Show Me Your Mic I got to join Jason Snell at the Macworld offices in San Francisco and chat with Jason about The Incomparable, an award-winning weekly show about geeky cultural topics in numerous media, including books,…
Non Breaking Space Show 40: Jonathan Snook
Sep 3, 2013
Jonathan Snook is a web designer and developer who is currently a product manager at Shopify. Before Shopify, he worked at Yahoo! as part of the team that redesigned and rebuilt the communication suite of products: Mail, Messenger, Calendar, and more.…
Show Me Your Mic 29: Anna Rascouet-Paz
Aug 27, 2013
I’m joined by Anna Rascouet-Paz. She is the Online Media Editor at Annual Reviews where she hosts The Conversation Series - a podcast that interviews authors about their careers and most recent articles. We talk about tips for conducting a good interview,…
Show Me Your Mic 28: Chase Reeves
Aug 22, 2013
Chase Reeves sets the record for the most markers in an episode. You’ll have to listen to find out why. Besides talking podcasting, Logic X, making money online and sucking up to Merlin Mann we also talk Aeropress brewing methods. And hemorrhoids.
Show Me Your Mic 27: Kyle Roderick
Aug 20, 2013
I’m joined by Kyle Roderick who podcasts at Build and Ship and also works at Mophie as an interaction designer. We talked through his workflow for recording. We also talk about the life of a show, how it can be hard to talk on a weekly basis and the idea…
Non Breaking Space Show 39: Christian Heilmann
Aug 15, 2013
Christian Heilmann is a geek and hacker by heart. He’s been a professional web developer for about eleven years and worked his way through several agencies up to Yahoo where he delivered Yahoo Maps Europe and Yahoo Answers. He’s written two and…
Show Me Your Mic 26: Brett Terpstra
Aug 13, 2013
I’m joined by Brett Terpstra - a returning guest on SSKTN. He’s the host of Systematic as well as code of a bunch of cool tools for making your Mac life easier and more efficient. We talk through his workflows, how stats don’t affect his life and…
Non Breaking Space Show 38: Val Head
Jul 30, 2013
Our guest for this episode is Val Head who is a designer and consultant based in Pittsburgh where she works with agencies and small businesses to make fun and effective web sites.
Show Me Your Mic 25: Stephen Hackett
Jul 30, 2013
The illustrious Mr. Stephen Hackett joins Chris Enns for the 25th anniversary episode of Show Me Your Mic to discuss timezones, accents and microphones on his podcast The Prompt.
Show Me Your Mic 24: Dr. Don Schaffner
Jul 23, 2013
In the 24th episode I talk with Dr. Don Schaffner of the Food Safety Podcast. After getting the poop talk out of the way, we talk about where you share your show, workflows and editing with a co-host, checking on reviews in iTunes and travelling with your…
Non Breaking Space Show 37: Scott Kellum
Jul 16, 2013
Our guest for this episode is Scott Kellum who is a designer at VOX Media creating beautiful features for The Verge and also worked on SB Nation and Polygon.
Show Me Your Mic 23: Lex Friedman
Jul 16, 2013
Lex Friedman joins me on episode 23 to talk about podcasting sponsorship - what kind of listener audience you need, how many dollars you can expect to make. We also talk about the ethics of doing sponsor reads for competing companies and where we think…
Show Me Your Mic 22: Myke Hurley Round 2
Jul 11, 2013
For episode 22 I have my first returning guest in Myke Hurley. Since he was on a previous episode we spend our conversation talking about post production, changing formats of a show, doing a nighttime talk show, deciding when a show is done. Stick around…
Show Me Your Mic 21: Jory Raphael
Jul 9, 2013
I’m joined by Jory Raphael, a designer and illustrator specializing in the clean and usable. He’s known in podcasting circles for creating the distinctive show art for the 5by5 podcast network but also does great icon and design work for other clients –…
Show Me Your Mic 20: Merlin Mann
Jul 2, 2013
It would be hard to overstate how much of an influence Merlin Mann has had on my online escapades. From the way I blog on my weblog, toot on my Twitter or tumble on my tumblr. You get the idea. This was 5 parts therapy, 8 parts fun and 10 parts nervous,…
Non Breaking Space Show 36: Matt May
Jul 2, 2013
Our guest for this episode is Matt May who is a developer, technologist, and accessibility advocate at Adobe. Matt May is a developer, technologist, and accessibility advocate who is responsible for working internally and externally with Adobe product…
Show Me Your Mic 19: Bill Wadman
Jun 25, 2013
Bill Wadman joins me for episode 19 and we spend a bit of time talking about his photography business and the gear he uses for that before getting into a discussion on his podcast – On Taking Pictures. We talk 5by5, live streaming, and workflow of…
Non Breaking Space Show 35: Daniel Ryan — Re-electing Obama
Jun 18, 2013
Daniel has been working in the web industry since 1997 and currently consulting, open sources, and speaking at various conferences.
Show Me Your Mic 18: Aaron Dowd
Jun 18, 2013
Aaron Dowd is a professional drummer, web designer, and self-taught audio editor for the ShopTalk Show, the ATX Web Show, Execute, and Happy Monday (and more to come). We talk about some suggestions for editing a podcast, tips for EQ’ing guests, and the…
Show Me Your Mic 17: Daniel Jalkut
Jun 11, 2013
Daniel Jalkut, programmer and podcaster, joins me for episode 17. We talk about his goals for the perfect tweet, learning to appreciate your own voice, and talk about sponsorship and how to present it on a WordPress blog including a few plugins to…
Non Breaking Space Show 34: Rachel Nabors
Jun 4, 2013
Rachel Nabors is self-employed front-end developer and UI engineer. She works on bringing the insights of comics and cartoons into the field of web development.
Show Me Your Mic 16: Ryan Irelan
Jun 4, 2013
Ryan Irelan joins me for a discussion about Mijingo, his company that publishes training videos for the web and his work in setting up a studio at Happy Cog.
Show Me Your Mic 15: Chris Enns
May 28, 2013
For episode 15 I turn the mic back on myself and invite Tim Smith to interview me about my setup here at SSKTN. We talk mics, mixers, live streaming, Skype and recording and just about everything in between.
Show Me Your Mic 14: Haddie Cooke
May 21, 2013
For episode 14 I’m joined by producer/account manager and host on 5by5, Haddie Cooke. Haddie looks after everything from meeting with and booking sponsors, writing ad scripts, invoicing, setting up the room for recording. We cover all of that plus there’s…
Show Me Your Mic 13: Calvin Powers
May 14, 2013
Calvin Powers came from traditional radio to hosting a podcast focusing on classic Americana music. We talked about how he uses Google Hangouts to record interviews, publishing to radio and the internet, and looking for syndication opportunities.
Non Breaking Space Show 33: Giovanni DiFeterici
May 13, 2013
Gio has a BFA in painting and has completed a degree in graphic design. He is an accomplished illustrator and designer. He’s a designer at Period Three, a web design firm in Columbia, South Carolina. He also helps organize the web conference, ConvergeSE,…
Show Me Your Mic 12: Paul Boag
May 7, 2013
Paul cofounded Headscape, a digital agency based in the UK, and as part of their marketing efforts he started Boagworld – a web design and development podcast. We talked about his workflow of ideas for podcasts, recording interviews at conferences,…
Show Me Your Mic 11: Andrew Hellmich
May 1, 2013
Andrew Hellmich is my guest for episode 11. He hosts the PhotobizXposed podcast and we talk about adding a podcast to your business, membership and premium extras for your show, thanking people who leave ratings on iTunes and the new to me recording…
Non Breaking Space Show 32: Glenda Sims
Apr 30, 2013
Glenda Sims is an accessibility consultant, speaker, author and trainer for Knowbility, a non-profit whose mission is “barrier free IT”. She works at Deque where she is a Senior Accessibility Consultant. There she shares her expertise and passion for the…
Show Me Your Mic 10: Jeremy Fuksa
Apr 23, 2013
Jeremy Fuksa joins Chris Enns for episode 10 of Show Me Your Mic. They talk podcast networks since he’s had a show on two big podcast networks, the trials of producing a video podcast, podcast appropriate sponsorship ideas and co-hosting a three person…
Show Me Your Mic 9: Cynthia Sanchez
Apr 16, 2013
Cynthia Sanchez joins me to talk about podcasting about Pinterest. She produces a weekly podcast called Oh So Pinteresting and we talked about the benefits of using Pinterest in podcasting.
Show Me Your Mic 8: Dan Benjamin
Apr 10, 2013
Dan Benjamin is one of the folks that really inspired me to get into podcasting and so it’s an honor to have him on this show. We run the gamut of podcasting from his start on the Hivelogic podcast to where he is now, networks vs individual podcasts,…
Show Me Your Mic 7: Adam Clark
Apr 3, 2013
Adam Clark joins me for episode 7 to talk about his new podcast, The Gently Mad, and where it came from. We talk about conducting an interview and why it matters if you do a podcast.
Non Breaking Space Show 31: Dan Mall
Apr 2, 2013
Dan is an award-winning designer from Philadelphia, an enthralled husband and dad. He’s the founder & Design Director at SuperFriendly, co-founder of Typedia, and co-host of The Businessology Show – a podcast about the business of design and the design of…
Show Me Your Mic 6: Shawn Blanc
Mar 26, 2013
Shawn Blanc joins me to chat about the start and ending of the B&B Podcast, moving to the 5by5 network, and his unique workflow for his solo membership show.
Show Me Your Mic 5: J.D. Andrew and Brady Goodman
Mar 20, 2013
For episode 5 I’m joined by J.D. Andrew and Brady Goodman of The WAV Files podcast. Brady is a recovering radio DJ and J.D. is an audio engineer so we had lots to talk about including moving from radio to podcasting, how content is the most important…
Show Me Your Mic 4: Darren Moser
Mar 14, 2013
Darren Moser of The Dr. Sci-Fi podcast is my guest on episode 4. He has an interesting setup of hardware, software and services to get his podcast recorded - including an AI co-host. He’s only a few episodes in to his podcast, but he’s done a lot of…
Non Breaking Space Show 30: Jon Rohan
Mar 14, 2013
Jon is an Engineer and Designer at GitHub. He recently spoke at CSS Dev Conf in Hawaii on Github CSS Performance.
Non Breaking Space Show 29: Estelle Weyl
Mar 5, 2013
Estelle started her professional life in architecture, then managed teen health programs. In 2000, she took the natural step of becoming a web standardista. She has consulted for Apple, Yahoo! and Kodakgallery, among others. Estelle provides CSS3, HTML5…
Show Me Your Mic 3: Tim Smith
Feb 26, 2013
Tim Smith of The East Wing podcast is my guest on episode 3. We talk about picking guests, conducting a great interview, internet popularity and the sponsorship question - when, how much to charge, and how many listeners does The East Wing have.
Show Me Your Mic 2: Myke Hurley
Feb 19, 2013
Myke Hurley is my guest for episode 2. We talk single shows versus setting up a network, when is the right time to approach a sponsor, using the tools you have, future-proofing your gear purchases, conducting a great interview and of course - what…
Non Breaking Space Show 28: Ryan Irelan
Feb 14, 2013
Ryan is presently the Vice President of Technology at Happy Cog. He’s also the owner of Mijingo, a publisher of training materials for web people. Ryan is also the publisher of EE, a news and information website about Expression Engine. He’s…
Show Me Your Mic 1: Dave Rupert
Feb 12, 2013
For episode 1 of Show Me Your Mic, I’m joined by Dave Rupert of ShopTalk Show fame. We talk about planning a podcast, gear that Dave has tried and attempting to keep a low budget on a high quality podcast.
Non Breaking Space Show 27: Gene Crawford and Carl Smith of Bizcraft
Jan 31, 2013
Our guests for this episode are the hosts of the BizCraft, the podcast about the business side of web design, Carl Smith of nGen Works and Gene Crawford of UnmatchedStyle. Gene Crawford is the Editor for, organizer of…
Non Breaking Space Show 26: Jennifer Robbins
Jan 17, 2013
Jennifer Robbins has been a Web designer since 1993. She designed the web’s first commercial site, O’Reilly’s Global Network Navigator. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Robbins is the author of Web Design in a Nutshell, Learning Web Design, and…
Non Breaking Space Show 25: Chris Coyier
Dec 27, 2012
Chris is well known for his screencasts and tutorials at CSS Previously he worked for Wufoo and Survey Monkey.
Non Breaking Space Show 24: Dan Cederholm — Dribbble and Design
Dec 13, 2012
Dan is a designer, author, speaker, husband, and father living in Salem, Massachusetts. He is the Founder and Principal of SimpleBits, LLC, a tiny web design studio, and co-founder and designer of Dribbble, a vibrant community for sharing screenshots of…
Non Breaking Space Show 23: Veerle Pieters
Nov 29, 2012
Veerle is a Belgian web and graphic designer, known throughout the world for her elegantly designed web projects, her tutorials promoting CSS, and her articles and blog posts on graphic design, web design, and modern home design. In 2000, she founded…
Non Breaking Space Show 22: Tab Atkins
Nov 16, 2012
Tab Atkins works for Google on the Chrome team, claiming that his position is “Web Standards Hacker”. Previously, he was a web developer for for a software company in Texas. Tab is also a member of the CSS Working Group, and participates in several other…
Non Breaking Space Show 21: Jessica Hische — Letterer and Illustrator
Nov 1, 2012
With client list that includes Wes Anderson, Tiffany & Co., The New York Times, Target, American Express, and Wired Magazine, Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator, and self-described “avid inter netter”. Always pushing for side projects, Jessica’s…
Non Breaking Space Show 20: Jina Bolton — Live from ConvergeFL
Oct 18, 2012
Jina Bolton is an interactive designer and artist, working and residing in Silicon Valley. She co-authored *The Art & Science of CSS*. Jina has consulted for various agencies and organizations including the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and…
Non Breaking Space Show 19: Matt Griffin
Oct 4, 2012
Matt is a designer and one of the founders of Bearded. He has a great love for letterpress printing, and is an advocate for collaboration in design, and has been published in A List Apart and .net magazine. Matt’s one of the creators of Wood Type Revival,…
Non Breaking Space Show 18: John Ferrara
Sep 20, 2012
John has worked as a user experience practitioner since 1999 and began designing video games in 2001. His nutrition education game Fitter Critters was a top prizewinner in the 2010 Apps for Healthy Kids contest sponsored by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!”…
Non Breaking Space Show 17: Mat Marquis
Sep 7, 2012
Mat works at The Filament Group in Boston, a company that designs engaging sites and apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. He is a designer and a developer who occasionally works independently with big-time clients like The Boston Globe. Mat…
Non Breaking Space Show 16: Jason Grigsby
Aug 24, 2012
Jason is a Mobile Web Strategist. He’s the co-Founder of CloudFour where they live, breathe, and dream the mobile web and Mobile Portland, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, promoting and supporting the mobile technology community. Jason is…
Non Breaking Space Show 15: Nicole Sullivan — CSS, OOCSS, and Frameworks
Aug 9, 2012
Nicole Sullivan is passionate about CSS, web standards, and scalable front-end architecture for sites with large numbers of pages and visitors. She speaks about performance at conferences around the world and has enjoyed working on large commercial sites.…
Non Breaking Space Show 14: Lou Rosenfeld — Information Architecture and User Experience
Jul 26, 2012
Lou is an independent information architecture consultant, and founder and publisher of Rosenfeld Media, a publishing house focused on user experience books. He has been instrumental in helping establish the fields of information architecture and user…
Non Breaking Space Show 13: Samantha Warren — Style Tiles and Designing with Web Typography
Jul 12, 2012
Samantha Warren is an experienced designer, speaker, and writer who leverages a diverse background in artistic mediums to create compelling and functional web experiences. Currently, Samantha is the Communications designer at Twitter. She talks about…
Non Breaking Space Show 12: Eric Meyer — CSS Evangelist
Jun 29, 2012
Eric has been working with the web since late 1993 and is an internationally recognized expert on the subjects of HTML, CSS, and web standards. A widely read author, he is the founder of Complex Spiral Consulting, which counts a wide variety of…
Non Breaking Space Show 10: Aarron Walter
May 31, 2012
Aarron has been building websites professionally since 1999, and taught interactive design courses at colleges including Temple University, The University of Georgia, and The Art Institute of Atlanta since 2002. In 2007 he joined The Web Standards…
Non Breaking Space Show 9: Kristina Halvorson — Content Strategy
May 15, 2012
Kristina lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her two young children, whom she often quotes on Twitter. She is the founder and CEO of Brain Traffic, a world-renowned content strategy consultancy. She’s also the author of Content Strategy for the Web (2009)–…
Non Breaking Space Show 8: Rachel Andrew
May 3, 2012
Our guest for this episode is Rachel Andrew. Rachel is a web developer, speaker and prolific author. Her new book, the CSS3 Anthology was just released by Sitepoint. She’s also the founder of the web development agency,
Non Breaking Space Show 7: Brad Frost — Responsive Web Design
Apr 19, 2012
Brad is a mobile web strategist and front-end designer at the digital advertising agency R/GA in New York. He’s also the creator of a Mobile Web Best Practices site, and one of the creative minds behind and
Non Breaking Space Show 6: Greg Storey
Apr 5, 2012
Greg is the president of Happy Cog, an industry-leading, diverse group of problem-solving superstars, united under the common goal of making the web a better place to think, work and play. Greg writes on his own blog as well as Happy Cog’s Cognition about…
Non Breaking Space Show 5: Jeff Croft
Mar 21, 2012
Our guest for today’s show is Jeff Croft, a designer and developer working out of his home in Seattle. He works at the web agency nGen Works and he’s also a blogger, speaker, critic, and industry thought leader. Jeff is the co-founder of the popular eBook…
Non Breaking Space Show 3: Emily Lewis
Mar 2, 2012
Our guest for episode 3 is Emily Lewis. Emily creates beautiful, accessible, standards-based web sites from her web design and development studio based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As part of her ongoing quest to spread the good word about standards, she…
Non Breaking Space Show 1: Ethan Marcotte
Jan 23, 2012
Ethan is a web designer & developer who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He’s also the author several web design books including Responsive Web Design, a book that’s helped revolutionize the way websites are built. He frequently speaks on web standards…