Deception Tips Podcast

Deception Tips Podcast
101 Cues To Detecting Deception

E100 - Liars Jargon - Deception Tips Podcast
Dec 5
Deception Tip 100:Liars try to sound smarter, and more credible, than they actually are. Trip them up by using their own jargon against them.
E99 - Agree With Liars - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 28
Deception Tip 99:It can be helpful to agree with liars on little things. If they think they fooled you, they may let their guard down.
E98 - Truths Like Lies - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 21
Deception Tip 98:When dealing with pathological liars, lies will look normal and truths may look like lies. This is because they feel more comfortable telling lies than truths.
E97 - Keep Liars Talking - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 14
Deception Tip 97: Keep liars talking by identifying with their feelings then reflecting it back to them with a question.
E96 - Social Influence - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 7
Deception Tip 96:Liars often look for approval from others. Watch for signs of social influence such as looking around before giving an answer.
E95 - Overconfidence - Deception Tips Podcast
Oct 31
Deception Tip 95:Take care not to be overconfident in your lie spotting ability. Liars may play on that confidence and use your power against you.
E94 - Pathological Liars - Deception Tips Podcast
Oct 24
Deception Tip 94:Pathological liars may not display any leakage because they are so accustomed to lying. What’s more is that their truths may show more leakage than a lie.
E93 - Real Memories - Deception Tips Podcast
Oct 17
Deception Tip 93:Real memories are recorded using all senses. Whereas lies are mainly visual. Question liars by asking about how something smelled, felt, sounded, tasted, et cetera.
E92 - Avoid Negative Outcomes - Deception Tips Podcast
Oct 10
Deception Tip 92:Offer a way of escape, or a route of less punishment, if they tell you the truth. People are motivated to avoid negative outcomes.
E91 - Hunger - Deception Tips Podcast
Oct 3
Deception Tip 91:Ask for information when people are hungry. Hunger can lead to impatience and impulsive responses, which may be more truthful.
E90 - Wrong Facts - Deception Tips Podcast
Sep 26
Deception Tip 90:When questioning someone, purposefully get some facts wrong, or diminish their pride. This will tempt them to correct you and reveal their story.
E89 - Forgo Regulators - Deception Tips Podcast
Sep 19
Deception Tip 89:Liars often forgo the use of regulators, meaning they talk without restraint, interrupt, miss punctuation, and generally disobey the rules of conversation.
E88 - Calling Out Lies - Deception Tips Podcast
Sep 12
Deception Tip 88:When calling out a lie, ask yourself whether or not the truth really matters in that situation.
E87 - Display Rules - Deception Tips Podcast
Sep 5
Deception Tip 87:Display rules are taught and can produce harmless lies compared to malicious lies. Example: receiving an unwanted present.
E86 - Conceal And Falsify - Deception Tips Podcast
Aug 29
Deception Tip 86:Remember conceal and falsify. Emotions are harder to falsify and easier to conceal. Whereas, body language is harder to conceal and easier to falsify.
E85 - Blushing - Deception Tips Podcast
Aug 22
Deception Tip :85Blushing means that something uncomfortable, or private, has been revealed about someone. It doesn’t always indicate deception.
E84 - Relating Language - Deception Tips Podcast
Aug 15
Deception Tip 84:Always try to use language that relates to the person with whom you are speaking. They will be more apt to tell you the truth if they believe they relate to you.
E83 - Be Precise - Deception Tips Podcast
Aug 8
Deception Tip 83:Be precise in your questioning. Liars love to find loopholes and hidden meanings in your questions.
E82 - Starting Sentences - Deception Tips Podcast
Aug 1
Deception Tip 82:Get a liar to talk by starting sentences with the word “you” and ending them with suggestions or questions.
E81 - Mute The TV - Deception Tips Podcast
Jul 25
Deception Tip 81:A good way to train yourself to be more observant towards body language is to watch television on mute.
E80 - Smiles In Lies - Deception Tips Podcast
Jul 18
Deception Tip 80:Smiles are very prevalent in lies. Pay close attention to the symmetricality of the smile, as asymmetrical smiles may be deceptive.
E79 - Believe Body Language - Deception Tips Podcast
Jul 11
Deception Tip 79:Remember that body language is always truthful, and words can be deceptive. Always, believe body language.
E78 - Entire Story - Deception Tips Podcast
Jul 4
Deception Tip 78:Be careful to listen to the entire story, as words can often have more than one meaning. Use context to determine whether or not they are being deceptive.
E77 - Introverted People - Deception Tips Podcast
Jun 27
Deception Tip 77:Rather than becoming confrontational, introverted people show disagreement by controlling a different, self-invented, situation.
E76 - Cover Mouth - Deception Tips Podcast
Jun 20
Deception Tip 76:When telling a lie, the liar may cover his or her mouth, usually with a hand or fingers, as if to unconsciously prevent the lie.