Deception Tips Podcast

Deception Tips Podcast
101 Cues To Detecting Deception
E67 - Jaw Tremble - Deception Tips Podcast
Apr 18
Deception Tip 67:A liar’s jaw may often tremble, or slightly tremor, when they are struggling to keep up with their lie.
E66 - Deep Breath - Deception Tips Podcast
Apr 11
Deception Tip 66:Breathing regularly and periodically taking a deep breath followed by a long slow exhale is done to pacify liars.
E65 - Conceal The Truth - Deception Tips Podcast
Apr 4
Deception Tip 65:Liars prefer to conceal the truth rather than coming up with an entirely new story.
E64 - Rephrase The Question - Deception Tips Podcast
Mar 28
Deception Tip 64:In some cases, liars may rephrase the question and then answer it. This is done to give them more time to think about their lie.
E63 - Chimpanzee Lips - Deception Tips Podcast
Mar 21
Deception Tip 63:Liars may sometimes breathe in through the nose and out through extended lips like those of a chimpanzee.
E62 - Statements Twice - Deception Tips Podcast
Mar 14
Deception Tip 62:Some liars often say their statements twice with their voice rising the second time around.
E61 - Guessing Answers - Deception Tips Podcast
Mar 7
Deception Tip 61:Liars will often hold their breath as the target guesses the possible answers. Then exhale the instant the target guesses correctly.
E60 - Dominate Space - Deception Tips Podcast
Feb 28
Deception Tip 60:Confident people tend to dominate the space they occupy, whereas liars take up the least amount of space possible.
E59 - Pick Up Legs - Deception Tips Podcast
Feb 21
Deception Tip 59:Some people tend to pick up their legs and sit with them on the chair when they are being deceptive.
E58 - Adams Apple - Deception Tips Podcast
Feb 14
Deception Tip 58:When detecting deception, watch the Adam’s apple. It may jump or move irregularly when someone is lying.
E57 - Asymmetrical Expressions - Deception Tips Podcast
Feb 7
Deception Tip 57:Asymmetrical facial expressions are associated with deception and are usually indicative of non-spontaneous, or voluntary, emotional expression.
E56 - Ankles Backing Away - Deception Tips Podcast
Jan 31
Deception Tip 56:Lairs may lock their ankles together and tuck their feet back under the chair, combining the “X” with backing away.
E55 - Grooming Hands - Deception Tips Podcast
Jan 24
Deception Tip 55:Behaviors such as nail biting, cuticle picking, or other hand grooming gestures are indicative of tension and possibly deception.
E54 - Breathe Rapidly - Deception Tips Podcast
Jan 17
Deception Tip 54:People who attempt to conceal information often breathe more rapidly, taking a series of shallow breaths followed by a longer, deep, breath after telling the lie.
E53 - Voice Crack - Deception Tips Podcast
Jan 10
Deception Tip 53:A liar’s mouth usually becomes very dry causing their voice to crack and stutter.
E52 - Massage Hand - Deception Tips Podcast
Jan 3
Deception Tip 52:Liars may sometimes massage the fleshy part of the hand beneath the thumb with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand.
E51 - Wringing Hands - Deception Tips Podcast
Jan 3
Deception Tip 51:People under stress or tension will wring their hands or tightly clasp them together.
E50 - Towards The Exit - Deception Tips Podcast
Dec 20, 2018
Deception Tip 50:Occasionally, a liar may point him or herself towards the exit as if they are planning to escape from the situation.
E49 - Calf Muscle - Deception Tips Podcast
Dec 13, 2018
Deception Tip 49:Some liars may cross the bottoms of their legs at the calf muscle in an “X” like position as if to block the target’s perceptions.
E48 - Slight Shoulder Shrug - Deception Tips Podcast
Dec 6, 2018
Deception Tip 48:A behavior indicative of lying is when a person gives a slight shoulder shrug when answering a question.
E47 - Watch The Legs - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 29, 2018
Deception Tip 47:Legs may be one of the best indicators of nonverbal behavior. When rooting out a liar, keep an eye on the legs.
E46 - Pursed Lips - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 22, 2018
Deception Tip 46:A liar may puff up his or her cheeks and then exhale slowly through pursed lips to pacify their tension.
E45 - Hushing Lips - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 15, 2018
Deception Tip 45:Liars may place their hand or fingers over their lips in a hushing position as if they are telling themselves to “shh”.
E44 - Neck Dimple - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 8, 2018
Deception Tip 44:Stress and defensiveness may be indicated when someone touches the dimple in their neck. Women may play with a necklace. Men may adjust their tie or collar.
E43 - Repeat The Question - Deception Tips Podcast
Nov 1, 2018
Deception Tip 43:A liar may hesitate or use stalling tactics, such as asking for the question to be repeated or rephrased.