It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration

It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration
Tune in every week (several times a week 🤗) with Spiritual Inspirational Speaker, Tanisha Shanee aka Miss Inspiration. Each week you’ll receive a God Inspired brief message to aid in your journey of healing for your purpose. As your Lifestyle Strategist, I will help you as you seek to devise a healthier and happier lifestyle on purpose with purpose. Be inspired.
Ep 9: From Intern To Purpose
Jan 18 • 5 min
Now as a motivational/inspirational speaker and author, I’ve realized I am in purpose, but a lot of what I learned did not come from a course or a job I had, but from my foundation - my internships. Now, at 15 years old, I entered the music industry at…
Ep 8: Dr King “Keep moving”
Jan 15 • 5 min
Today we celebrate the life of Dr King and one of his quotes really touched me years ago - “If you can’t fly, then run… If you can’t run, then walk… If you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving.” So many of us looked up to Dr King, but are…
Ep 7: Stand Strong
Jan 13 • 5 min
Stand strong even when you are being frustrated, afflicted, or punched around. But, hold on. Listen to Tanisha’s weekly Saturday God Inspired Messages at for the replay! #ItsALifestyle means we are strong!
Special Call In: Debra Foxx
Jan 12 • 0 min
On Anchor listeners can call in and leave a message. Want to say thank you Actress, Debra Fox for tuning in and leaving a message about the show. #ItsALifestyle #MissInspiration
Ep 6 The Expert Is Within You
Jan 11 • 5 min
Have you ever heard, “You’re not an expert.”? Well, I am here to tell you that you are an expert, but you have to birth it. I didn’t think I was an expert, but once Cosmo, Eating Well, WebMD, and Dr Oz The Good Life Magazines. As a motivational speaker,…
Ep 5: Purpose: Stand firm
Jan 10 • 5 min
EP 5: Stand firm in your purpose because purpose bullies will come and get your off track and/or against your vision, mission. You’re a brand? Then you need it! to learn more
Ep 4: Excellence is Within YOU
Jan 9 • 2 min
Be inspired by this quick morning ibspiration. Excellence was birth in you. Time to carry it out. Meet Tanisha at
Ep3: Motivational Monday
Jan 8 • 4 min
Ep 3: Motivational Monday - speaking it until it becomes a reality. You can and have the ability to take control of your health by speaking it into existence. When I was over 350 pounds, I would say, “I’m going to lose at least 100 pounds…” Guess what?…
Time To Reclaim You!
Jan 7 • 5 min
Miss Inspiration speaks on reclaiming the things you have given away. Let this be the year where you reclaim the person God needs you to be! Reclaiming who you are is the first step towards healing for your purpose! Visit to take…
Welcome: It’s A Lifestyle Ep1
Jan 1 • 4 min
Welcome! Happy 2018 #ItsALifestyle Meet me every Wednesday