It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration

It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration
Tune in every week (several times a week 🤗) with Spiritual Inspirational Speaker, Tanisha Shanee aka Miss Inspiration. Each week you’ll receive a God Inspired brief message to aid in your journey of healing for your purpose. As your Lifestyle Strategist, I will help you as you seek to devise a healthier and happier lifestyle on purpose with purpose. Be inspired. #MissInspiration #TanishaInspires
S2E3: #ItsALifestyle “Power of your Words”
Aug 1 • 10 min
This 3rd part of Tanisha Shanee’s series, “It’s A Lifestyle” Miss Inspiration shares how our words impacts our reality. If we are not speaking the right words, we are not going to see the results we desire. This goes for weight loss, career search,…
S2E2: It’s A Lifestyle Series - Healthy Thinking
Jul 18 • 10 min
Tanisha Shanee, Miss Inspiration continues the conversation of how healthy living really embodies more than just what we eat and how often we exercise. Here she explains how our mindsets play a major role and factor in what it is we are seeking to do and…
S2E1: It’s A Lifestyle - Heal Thy Body
Jul 9 • 16 min
Welcome to Season 2 of It’s A Lifestyle with Miss Inspiration. Tanisha explains how her message “It’s A Lifestyle” came about 6 years ago. What started as a weight loss journey, she realized turned into an opportunity for God to use her to help others in…
Episode 24 - Before you give up on your dreams, go to God.
Jun 28 • 8 min
How many of us have been in a situation where we wanted to give up because our dreams or goals were not working out? Well, we have to remember God is the dream giver; therefore, we have to go to Him for the strategy… Do not give up on your goals or…
Ep 22: Be Available This Season
Jun 4 • 6 min
Many times we make decisions and come with our own plans and think, “well, I showed up.” But, my question is did you make yourself available to be used? Did you open the doors for God to come in and shift your thinking or message or pathway to be used for…
Ep 21: Don’t pimp God’s Gift
May 29 • 9 min
Tanisha Shanee inspires us to use God’s gift the way He truly intends with the mindset of those that are going to receive it, not by what you are going to receive for it. If you are a songwriter or writer in general, the music or book should be written…
Ep 20: Dream Killer - You?
May 21 • 5 min
Ep 20: Are you your own dream killer? Tanisha Shanee discusses dream killers and many times they are friends, relatives, and social impressions that deter us from living out our God given dream. But, today Miss Inspiration discusses how we can be our own…
Ep 19: Goodbye Dream Killer
May 2 • 5 min
Ep 19: Say goodbye to your dream killers because they can’t kill what God needs for us to do. A dream killer can be a friend, boss, family member, or stranger used by the enemy to abort God’s plan. They don’t want to see you move forward, but I’m here to…
Ep. 18: Who Is In Your Circle?
Apr 4 • 5 min
Who is in your circle? Read: Bruce Wilkinson’s “The Dream Giver” because as we leave the land of familiar. Surround yourself with the individuals that God has called us to connect with. Be empowered and inspired by the new circle.…
Ep 17 Work Burnout- Don’t Die
Mar 8 • 5 min
Ep 17: workplace burnout is real! This message is inspired by an article released about a principal dying at her desk ( If we do not take care of ourselves, our…
Ep: 16 Your Character Matters
Mar 7 • 6 min
Ep 16: Character goes a long way and matters! You can have all the money, degrees, but if you have poor character, it won’t matter. Make sure you’re humble, show up with care, and show you are ready and willing to learn as much as possible - it will take…
Ep 15: In Your Mess You Shine
Feb 26 • 5 min
Tanisha Shanee shares an encouraging word for those that maybe in a space where they don’t feel they’re doing too great, but guess what? Someone out there still sees the shine in you. You haven’t lost the fire or spark, but it needs to be a time for you…
Ep 14: To Accept Love Or Not?
Feb 19 • 10 min
This is a two part episode and I pray it opens your heart. I am transparent about not being prepared for the love God sent into my life and I broke my own heart because I couldn’t accept I deserved it. Now, I know I am not alone. But, I have asked God to…
Ep 13: Signs Of Stress
Feb 7 • 5 min
Ep 13: Wednesday Wisdom: Signs of Stress!!! Yes, stress is a silent killer and can impact your life. But, people want to know how else can they determine when they’re stressed? Well, here you go! Looking for more information about stress and how to manage…
Ep 12: Goodbye, Stress!
Feb 5 • 5 min
Stress. We can say so much about it. It has caused many illnesses and even deaths. At 22, I suffered from a mild stroke and from then I learned to stressing about things I had no control over is not and will not take my life. I later realized I needed to…
Ep 11 Healthy-It’s A Lifestyle
Feb 1 • 5 min
February 1st I am offering a special for my upcoming master class 5 workshop virtual sessions 2 workbooks 1 low price for you and a friend For the last 5 years, I’ve been helping people by providing knowledge on how they can devise a healthier lifestyle.…
Ep 10: The Past - Let Go!
Jan 30 • 5 min
Many of us may suffer with holding onto the past and constantly falling in love with it. The past is over and for some, you’re missing out on the present because you keep looking to the past. Well, I am here to tell you let go - old relationship, jobs,…
Ep 9: From Intern To Purpose
Jan 18 • 5 min
Now as a motivational/inspirational speaker and author, I’ve realized I am in purpose, but a lot of what I learned did not come from a course or a job I had, but from my foundation - my internships. Now, at 15 years old, I entered the music industry at…
Ep 8: Dr King “Keep moving”
Jan 15 • 5 min
Today we celebrate the life of Dr King and one of his quotes really touched me years ago - “If you can’t fly, then run… If you can’t run, then walk… If you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving.” So many of us looked up to Dr King, but are…
Ep 7: Stand Strong
Jan 13 • 5 min
Stand strong even when you are being frustrated, afflicted, or punched around. But, hold on. Listen to Tanisha’s weekly Saturday God Inspired Messages at for the replay! #ItsALifestyle means we are strong!
Special Call In: Debra Foxx
Jan 12 • 0 min
On Anchor listeners can call in and leave a message. Want to say thank you Actress, Debra Fox for tuning in and leaving a message about the show. #ItsALifestyle #MissInspiration
Ep 6 The Expert Is Within You
Jan 11 • 5 min
Have you ever heard, “You’re not an expert.”? Well, I am here to tell you that you are an expert, but you have to birth it. I didn’t think I was an expert, but once Cosmo, Eating Well, WebMD, and Dr Oz The Good Life Magazines. As a motivational speaker,…
Ep3: Motivational Monday
Jan 8 • 4 min
Ep 3: Motivational Monday - speaking it until it becomes a reality. You can and have the ability to take control of your health by speaking it into existence. When I was over 350 pounds, I would say, “I’m going to lose at least 100 pounds…” Guess what?…
Time To Reclaim You!
Jan 7 • 5 min
Miss Inspiration speaks on reclaiming the things you have given away. Let this be the year where you reclaim the person God needs you to be! Reclaiming who you are is the first step towards healing for your purpose! Visit to take…
Welcome: It’s A Lifestyle Ep1
Jan 1 • 4 min
Welcome! Happy 2018 #ItsALifestyle Meet me every Wednesday