Your Home Story

Your Home Story
DIY Home Improvement & Design
22: All About Window Coverings
May 22 • 37 min
How do you pick window treatments? What type of window treatment do you need in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom? How do you hang window curtains? Tune in today, as we chat all about window curtains, blinds, shades and more.
21: Design, Make, & Live: Entryways
May 15 • 31 min
Focus on one space in your home with us today and learn more about how to make your entryway work for you and your family. Whether you need decor ideas such as art, lighting, or rugs or more organizational ideas such as how to create a drop zone, coat…
20: DIY or Hire Out: Small Electrical
May 8 • 23 min
“Small electrical” may not sound very exciting, but it is SO empowering to have the skills to make small changes in your home with light fixtures, light switches, and more. Ashley and Suzannah share their experience with lots of DIY electrical updates,…
19: Minimalism
May 1 • 32 min
“Minimalism” is an aspirational term for many of us… but hey, what does it mean, is it realistic, and will it bring us happiness? We talk about Marie Kondo’s books and philosophy for reducing clutter in your home and wardrobe, plus the documentary…
18: Design, Make & Live: Guest Bedrooms
Apr 24 • 22 min
We focus on the guest bedroom and what design choices are great for this space. Whether you are thinking about hosting guests short- or long-term, these tips for creating a welcoming guest bedroom are all easy to implement and will go a long way in making…
17: All About Rugs
Apr 17 • 44 min
Rugs add character, coziness, and more to our spaces yet they can be hard to select. Listen in as we chat about rug placement, rug sizing, what types of rugs work best within specific types of rooms, how to clean rugs, and more.
16: Real [Estate] Talk: How to SELL a Home
Apr 10 • 35 min
Real estate can be so exciting but also so stressful! We’ve had a variety of experiences selling a few houses between us, Suzannah very recently with plenty of issues but also a very successful outcome. In this episode we share our experiences plus…
15: DIY or Hire Out: Wallpaper
Apr 3 • 26 min
We love to talk about when to DIY vs. when to find a pro—and this time we focus on wallpaper installation and removal. We’ve both installed wallpaper ourselves (different kinds) and Ashley has had some very good and some very bad experiences removing it.…
14: How to Be Content with Your Home When You Can’t Change It
Mar 27 • 26 min
We all struggle with contentment and the need/want to do more, make more, and buy more. How to combat that in the home decor world? Tune in as we give practical tips for how to be content even while being inundated with beautiful spaces, amazing…
13: Design, Make, & Live: Kitchens
Mar 20 • 44 min
If you are ready to start a kitchen renovation, planning a small kitchen update or just want to be inspired by what you can do to freshen up your kitchen, then this episode is perfect for you. Listen in as we chat about how a kitchen function matters and…
12: Listener Questions 1
Mar 13 • 39 min
We’ve gathered questions from listeners from our Facebook page, Instagram, and email and are answering several of them together in this episode! Tune in to hear our take on budgeting for reno projects, ideas for outdoor living spaces, home blogging,…
11: When to Stop DIY-ing
Mar 6 • 26 min
Ashley and Suzannah both have some serious DIY backgrounds - for crafty, sewing, and art projects (for better or worse) and have found that sometimes it’s totally worth it to DIY, sometimes it’s better to buy or hire out. Tune in to hear when to hone your…
10: Gallery Walls
Feb 27 • 29 min
If you love the look of gallery walls but are scared to try to put one up, we are here to help!
9: Home Decor Trends for 2018
Feb 20 • 34 min
Trends affect us whether we follow them or not. Tune in to listen to us chat about what trends are coming in and which ones are going out. You might be surprised to hear our thoughts on trends in general and how to incorporate them into our homes and when…
8: Consistency Throughout a Home
Feb 13 • 27 min
Where to be consistent with colors, materials, and styles throughout a home, and when to avoid being matchy-matchy? We couldn’t find many resources about this so we dug into it! We talk about the time and place for consistency versus unique elements, and…
7: How We Live vs. How We Want a Space to Look
Feb 6 • 30 min
We cover the age-old question of decorating a beautiful home vs. creating a comfortable home that fits the way you live. How to determine how you live in a space? Challenges in smaller vs. larger spaces? How do you want the space to look? We cover issues…
6: All About Choosing & Installing Flooring
Jan 30 • 45 min
We chat about what type of flooring each of us have, what we have picked out and why, and if we have installed it ourselves or hired out. Gain knowledge on color, flooring types, installation difficulties, and more.
5: Design, Make, & Live: Dining Spaces
Jan 23 • 38 min
Focus on dining spaces including hosting, table decor, practicality vs. function for rugs and chairs, and eating spaces we’ve decorated.
4: Curating Your Home Style
Jan 16 • 35 min
now that you know your favorite decor style, we talk about tools and organizing your ideas to keep your style consistent.
3: How to Identify Your Home Style
Jan 5 • 34 min
Learn how and why to define your home style. Some questions we discuss: why pick a style? Why not just collect and decorate with all the stuff you like? Are style quizzes worth the time?
2: All About Painting Cabinets
Jan 5 • 52 min
Learn what all goes in to a project like painting your kitchen cabinets, doors, bathroom vanities, etc. We cover the steps to have a successful job and what paint both Suzannah and Ashley highly recommend.
1: Introducing the Your Home Story Podcast
Jan 3 • 15 min
Intro to Ashley and Suzannah and what to expect from our DIY home improvement & design podcast and upcoming episodes.