Run the Small World

Run the Small World
Running, Disney, runDisney, and more
011 - Pre-Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend (2018-09-20)
Sep 20 • 22 min
A quick, low quality recording to pick back up after the summer and lead in to Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend. Forgive the horrible pronunciation at the start, then learn how being hit by a car is “no big deal” and all-night costuming leads to shaved…
010 (2018-05-01) - Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend Recap
May 2 • 40 min
Kimberly Erin, having bumped into Michael at both Princess and Dark Side weekends, joins as a new friend to recap the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend. Other topics include Canada, falling into the runDisney obsession, trying to talk one another…
2018/03/21 - First Time Accomplishments
Mar 22 • 33 min
Amanda Kay Oaks guests once more. She and Michael talk about their new first time accomplishments from the last weekend: Amanda’s first 10K race and Michael’s first time as race pacer. They also can’t help but state the obvious fact that Hufflepuff is the…
2018/03/16 - Wellness: Self-Care & Mental Health
Mar 17 • 35 min
Michael visits the Mize home again for a pre-book club recording with Mary Chase. The biggest topic is how running contributes to wellness beyond fitness: particularly self-care and mental health.
2018/03/01 - Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap
Mar 1 • 35 min
Michael heads to Chris’s home to record a conversation about exploring Disney World for the first time as an adult and experiencing Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend as a first runDisney experience. Dogs are present!
2018/02/10 - Speed & Travel
Feb 10 • 30 min
Arno joins Michael as a friend made at RunDisney races to chat about what it’s like to think about running speed as non-elite fellow “Corral A” runners, traveling between continents for races, Disneyland Paris’s race weekend, and more.
2018/02/03 - Setbacks and Failure
Feb 3 • 34 min
Elizabeth joins Michael to talk about dealing with injuries and other setbacks, and to discuss many different types of failures we experience along with lessons for how to deal with them and just keep going.
2018/01/29 - Staying Motivated
Jan 29 • 27 min
Amanda Kay joins Michael in chatting about how to stay motivated when you’re starting out running, making goals, the Hogwarts Running Club, and creepy headless Disney villains.
2018/01/23 - Costuming & Multi-Race Challenge Training
Jan 24 • 26 min
Rebecca joins Michael to chat about some thoughts that go into creating a costume and how to train (and catch up on procrastinated training) for running multiple races in one weekend.
2018/01/10 - 25th WDW Marathon Weekend Recap
Jan 10 • 31 min
Nicole returns to help Michael cover personal highlights of the 25th Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
2018/01/01 - It’s 2018!
Jan 1 • 28 min
This inaugural episode introduces the show and its basic structure for topics. Topics covered are Disney park changes, the upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon, how to pack for a multi-race weekend, and some brief news items.