The Engineer of What?

The Engineer of What?
A bi-weekly discussion of all things related to a life of an engineer
7: Ricky goes into IT
Apr 9 • 55 min
Join us this week are we cover a whole bunch of topics. We go over GIS hosting, UI Testing, beer, user group meetings, and new app ideas! We also cover Ricky "moving into IT" for a new project he's working on. Music by Being As An Ocean Proudly recorded…
6: Watered Down Water
Mar 26 • 48 min
After a small break, we are back! Big things happening in both our lives in and out of state. Listen to as we discuss what we have missed and hear about a philly thing that is "watered down water". Music by Being As An Ocean Proudly recorded on…
5: Going to the Dark Side
Feb 26 • 49 min
Not only has this week been a busy week, but Nathan decided it was time for a change. Listen to Ricky ask him what he thoughts are as he makes this switch and talk about the technology behind it. Music by Being As An Ocean Proudly recorded on…
4: All things Water
Feb 12 • 49 min
This week Nathan is on the road instead of in New York. Find out how he got there and why he's there. Also hear our take on the Eagles vs. Patriots game and listen to Ricky walk us through the life-cycle of water past your kitchen sink. Music by Being As…
3: “Pro”ductivity Tips
Jan 29 • 47 min
As an engineer you have a lot to do. Someones more than the hours in a day. We have the mindset to work smarter not harder, but what tools do you use to accomplish this? Join us as we talk about productivity tips that help us save time. Music by Being As…
2: We love Vendors
Jan 15 • 40 min
Vendors. Do you hate them? Love them? Either way, we all probably work with them on a weekly basis and it only gets easier if you know how to work with them. Listen to our struggles with vendors and how we still make the job happen even if things go…
1: Standards
Jan 1 • 42 min
In this first episode we talk about why we started this podcast and engineering standards. Are they followed? Do they exist? Should they exist? Music by Being As An Ocean Proudly recorded on ZencastrLinks:Coin Market CapRippleEthereum Project