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What does Necessary and Optional mean on a Watch Repair Estimate?
Nov 7 • 13 min
What does necessary and optional work mean on a watch repair estimate? Short answer: necessary work are things that present itself as a functional issue. Optional work are generally things that present itself as an aesthetic issue. LINKS: P.S. Have you…
Watch Service Intervals 101
Aug 31 • 17 min
Let this be a quick definitive guide to service interval questions like: “how often should I service my watch?” and “when should I leave it?” “My watch is running fine, do I need to get it serviced?” I go over when you should, why you shouldn’t for more…
How I Handle Fake Watches
Aug 15 • 13 min
Fake watches are getting better and better! A good deal of you guys have sent me messages about how I deal with fake watches, how I break it to the customer, and how brands are able to keep and destroy them! Those are al great questions and so I felt like…
Swatch Group Quits Baselworld
Jul 29 • 5 min
For many of you that follow me, you know that I’m often vocal about the way today’s watch industry markets its products. Well, just about an hour ago, swatch group announced that they will not be participating in Baselworld next year. This means that a…
Realities of Self-taught Watchmaking
Jul 25 • 12 min
Ah the highly debated topic of learning watchmaking from school versus being self-taught. I dip my toes just a little bit into this subject today. I hope you like it! LINKS: P.S. Have you checked out my new Watchmaking course? The No BS Watchmaking Crash…
Drinking Coffee Before a Bench Test?
Jul 18 • 5 min
Should you or should you not drink coffee before a bench test? A lot of you watchmaking students are graduating right around now so I know how nerve wracking it can be. Listen, if coffee helps you then do it. If it makes your hands shake- DITCH IT! LINKS:…
How to Identify a Stripped Crown/Crown Tube
Jul 16 • 16 min
How can you identify if a watch has a stripped crown/crown tube? Easy! Listen to today’s podcast as I go over how you can quickly and simply identify if a watch has a stripped crown/crown tube. I also go over the 2 common ways how something like that…
4 Things You Need To Know About Polishing Gold
Jun 19 • 16 min
Polishing is serious work. Polishing gold is a different story altogether. Not only do you have to polish lightly and slower but your machines RPM has to be set just right. Too fast of an RPM and it’ll eat through the gold so fast that you won’t have a…
OSUIT Watchmaking School Closing
Jun 14 • 8 min
Another watchmaking school bites the dust. The opportunity to become a watchmaker just got that much harder. It’s unfortunate that there are less and less schools that people can readily attend to become a watchmaker. Either us watchmakers double down and…
Cracked/Shattered Crystals 101
Jun 6 • 10 min
I’ve been getting an alarming rate of cracked/shattered crystals in at the shop and decided to dedicate an episode to this. In this episode you’ll hear several key tips on what to expect, why, and what you can do to be preventative. If impact damage and…
Want to Clean Your Watches At Home? MUST LISTEN!
Jun 5 • 11 min
Want to clean your watches at home? This is a MUST listen to episode. I go over the reasons why you would probably want the local AD/watchmaker to clean your watches compared to cleaning it at home. I also go over what to do if you absolutely need to…
How the Industry Hires Watchmakers
May 31 • 15 min
If you ever wondered how the industry hires watchmakers, you’re in for a treat. This episode is also for those of you who are watchmaking students and aspiring watchmakers. Hopefully this sheds some light on the industry’s hiring aspects. LINKS: If you…
How Watchmakers Diagnose Water Damaged Watches
May 24 • 6 min
The first thing we look at in a water damaged watch is if the water entered in from a local area or if the watch failed at the global level. Listen to today’s podcast to know the difference between micro/macro levels of water damage. How can us…
Are you a Do-It-Yourself Watch person? MUST LISTEN!
May 23 • 15 min
Are you starting to work on your own watches? This episode is a MUST LISTEN. In today’s episode, I go over several disclaimers I have to people who like to work on their own watches. I also go over the bare basic necessities you’ll need to work on…
Water/Moisture Damage is No Joke
May 21 • 7 min
Water damage can happen quickly. If there’s any sort of water damage in your watch, it’s important to get it to a watchmaker ASAP! And no, putting your watch in rice won’t help. Listen to today’s episode and find out why you should get a water damaged…
Why You Should Get Your Watch Serviced Often
May 18 • 11 min
Are you neglecting your watch? How long has it been since you last serviced it? Today, I go over why you should probably get your watch serviced every now and then. If its a Vintage watch, you should DEFINITELY get it done. If you ever wondered whether or…
Fundamental Oiling Principles
May 18 • 11 min
This is an OLDIE! I has created this way back and even though i sound a bit boring and choppy, the advice still holds true! Argh- i sound terrible! Fundamentals in Watchmaking start with Oiling. In today’s episode, I go over some fundamental key…
What is Epilame in Watchmaking
May 18 • 9 min
I answer one common question from aspiring watchmakers and watchmaking students on “What is Epilame?” And what is it used for? I go over the basics and what it’s used for. How to store it. What to look out for. How much active ingredient is actually…
Marketing in 2018 for Watches
May 18 • 19 min
I go over the issues that the watch industry is dealing with in terms of marketing. Stop marketing to the new generation of digital. Focus and double down on your strengths. Stop story telling in 2018 the way you marketed in 2002. I go over some major…
Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Watch Polished
May 17 • 13 min
Is your watch scratched up? Here’s why you should and shouldn’t get your watch polished. The watch industry won’t tell you this but I will! I go over approximately how many times a watch (Rolex for example) should get refinished. Why you shouldn’t get it…
Should You Get Your Vintage Watch Serviced?
May 14 • 13 min
I go over when you probably should and when you probably shouldn’t get a vintage watch serviced. I also go into what you should expect if you were to get a vintage watch fixed! If you’re a huge vintage watch guy/gal, you’ll definitely love this episode.…
The Biggest Issue with Watch Repair in the Summertime
May 10 • 12 min
The single biggest issue and repair that I get during the summer time is water related. Here’s how you prevent yourself from becoming a statistic this summer. LINKS: YouTube Breakdown of a JLC Diving GMT watch: Instagram:…
1 Simple Insurance Before You Bring Your Watch In For Servic
May 7 • 6 min
One simple insurance you can do before you get your watch serviced. It’s literally this simple. LINKS: Instagram: Facebook: Website:
Age is not a factor in Watchmaking
Mar 31 • 10 min
Age is one of the biggest excuses I get from a lot of people who actually want to start watchmaking. The funny thing about it is that I’ve seen people take up watchmaking at the age of 50, 60, 70, and even 80 years old. Unless you have a serious eye…
Interview with Henry Ly from Watchmaking Project NYC
Mar 17 • 54 min
Today we talk about a bunch of stuff and answer questions live from the Instagram audience. I had a shit ton of fun recording this and I think you guys will enjoy the honest and straight shooting answers that Henry provided.
Why Watchmaking Is A Low Tech Field
Mar 11 • 11 min
Watchmakers like to work. They don’t like to bother with technology. That might have to deal with the fact that watchmaking at it’s core is still a relatively low tech field. Today, we have high-tech machines to complete certain tasks but at the end of…
Firing Rude Customers
Feb 21 • 15 min
I have no problem firing my customers. I’ve only had to do it a couple times in my career but I certainly have no problem doing it. My policies are very upfront. 99.9% of my customers are very happy. All of them know that I’m a straight shooter and will…
Do You need a Watch Winder?
Feb 14 • 9 min
One of the questions I get asked a lot is “Do I Need a Watch Winder?” and I also address the myth of having to keep your watch “active”. If you’ve been curious about whether or not you should put your watch on a watch Winder, you’ll love this episode.…
Q&A:Polishing Acrylic Crystals
Feb 8 • 4 min
Working on a new segment today: Questions & Answers! I recently received a question on what to tell a customer when they want to have their crystals polished. I go over the two common crystals: acrylic and sapphire. I’m sure everyone will benefit from…
Don’t Buy Without Checking!
Feb 7 • 13 min
What do you look for when you buy a watch? Well today I received a “brand new” watch from a salesperson that was heavily scratched and damaged. It wasn’t even SOLD yet! As a customer, you have to be on the look out for these types of damages on a watch.…
I Teach Watchmaking Backwards
Feb 2 • 19 min
Watchmaking always occurs in processes and sequences. The most common process begins by inspecting the watch at initial take-in, obsessively analyzing and figuring out the root problem, then running through the possible causes and fixes to address the…
Robin Hood of Watchmaking
Jan 30 • 10 min
I get hate messages all the time. Guess from who the most? Watchmakers. I go over why I receive some of the hate that I get and explain the industry in a little bit more light Check out the Instagram post: If you liked…
Watch Estimates 101
Jan 26 • 42 min
I’m getting real customer centric today. Watch estimates are one of the biggest things I get questions about. If you ever wondered what any of the jargon on a watch estimate meant, wonder no more. I decided to go over what all of that shit means. I’m sure…
STORYTIME: Fake Rolex from Mom
Jan 25 • 12 min
This was heartbreaking. A customer came in with a Rolex from her mom (who passed away). It was the only thing she left behind for her. Turns out it was a fake. I tell you what I did in this unique circumstance. Check out the Instagram post and video on…
Which Watch Brand is Best?
Jan 24 • 15 min
Such a common question I get by customers. As a watchmaker, my answer is simple. You’ll definitely love today’s podcast episode. It’s important to align yourself with whichever brand suits your closest narrative. If you liked what you listened to, you’ll…
What is a Neccessary Service?
Jan 23 • 10 min
Watch estimate are confusing. Have you ever wondered what a necessary service means? Well I go over today. I’m sure you’ll like this quick overview of what and why a necessary service is necessary. Common sense isn’t so common folks! Current watchmakers…
What is a Good Watchmaker?
Jan 18 • 15 min
What justifies a good watchmaker? Integrity. Today I go over what integrity is about in Watchmaking. You’d be surprised at the number of ”watchmakers” that cut corners when no one is watching. I go over how I feel about the Industry as well. You’ll…
You won’t have all your tools!
Jan 16 • 9 min
“Will I have all the tools my school offers after I graduate?” and “will my future job have everything I need?” are some recurring questions I get from you guys so I’m addressing it in this super quick episode! I go over the independent and brand aspect…
Small Repairs are Never Small
Jan 15 • 11 min
Super quick podcast today folks. I go over why small jobs are never just a simple small job. Story time about my first encounter with doing a small job and how it came around to bite my ass. I got interrupted a couple times today but this is raw and…
Advice for Watchmaking Student
Jan 12 • 14 min
If you’re a Watchmaking student or a recent graduate from Watchmaking school- you need to listen to this. How to find work as a Watchmaking student? I go over what you NEED to do in Watchmaking school. How you can get work after you graduated from school.…
You Need to Educate Yourself!
Jan 11 • 11 min
Today I go over two common issues that have always been a pet peeve! We’re living in 2018 people. We shouldn’t have these issues at all! It all starts with the Salespeople. But as a Customer, you should have no one else to blame but yourself. Keep…
Increase Efficiency with 80/20
Jan 8 • 19 min
Fellow independent watchmakers ask me a lot this question “How Can I Make More Money as a Watchmaker?” I can’t nitpick certain things that you guys do but I can definitely offer some principles that have helped me. First one being the 80/20 principle.…
How to Get into Watchmaking
Jan 6 • 20 min
Today I’m answering questions from you guys! Jane had a question about how to get into watchmaking. I go into the two different ways to get into watchmaking. Traditional schooling (WOSTEP, SAWTA, AWCI) and apprenticeships where you seek out another…
What Waterproof Really Means
Jan 5 • 7 min
A customer came in with her Rolex watch with water inside! I explain what waterproof really means and why Rolex is one of the only companies that are allowed to use waterproof. I go over why services are recommended in intervals to avoid any issues with…
Fundamental Oiling Principles
Jan 4 • 12 min
Fundamentals in Watchmaking start with Oiling. In today’s episode, I go over some fundamental key principles that you’ll need as a watchmaker or aspiring watchmaker. I kept it short, simple, direct, and to the point. Visit:…
Why You Shouldn’t DIY a Rolex
Jan 2 • 5 min
A quick story time about a customer that attempted to change out the bezel on his own Rolex. A DIY project that went terribly wrong.
Importance of Oiling in Watchmaking
Dec 28, 2017 • 3 min
The Importance of Oiling in Watchmaking