The Messy Studio with Rebecca Crowell

The Messy Studio with Rebecca Crowell
The podcast at the intersection of art, travel, business, philosophy, and life in general.
9: All About Teaching, Part 2: The Workshop Experience
Feb 17 • 32 min
Rebecca and Ross continue their discussion on teaching. This episode focuses more on workshops, and the intense and highly focused personal interaction that takes place during a workshop. Ross and Rebecca clash over minimalism. During the discussion they…
8: All About Teaching, Part 1
Feb 10 • 33 min
Rebecca shares her history as a teacher, both in a University setting and in workshops. She describes why an artist might consider a career as a teacher, and how to get started.…
7: An Artistic Marriage: Debra Fritts/ Frank Shelton Interview
Feb 3 • 39 min
Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton discuss their shared love of art, New Mexico, and each other. Rebecca joins them at their home in Abiquiú, where they have adjoining (but separate) studio spaces.…
6: Balancing Work, Travel, and Family Time
Jan 27 • 36 min
This is an episode that Rebecca and Ross recorded while Rebecca was in Wisconsin for the holidays. They discuss balancing a family and personal life with an art career, and new developments in Rebecca's work. Rebecca has two upcoming shows, as well as a…
5: Ballinglen Round Table
Jan 20 • 28 min
Rebecca hosts a round table discussion with Úna Forde and Randall Exon at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in County Mayo, Ireland. Topics covered include the Ballinglen experience and thoughts on teaching workshops.…
4: Joanna Kidney
Jan 13 • 33 min
Rebecca sits down with Joanna Kidney at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation where both were attending a residency. They discuss the ideas behind Joanna's work, her techniques, and some of her large scale installations. This episode was recorded in October…
3: Leaving for Ireland
Jan 6 • 31 min
Ross interrupts Rebecca's preparations for her trip to Ireland to discuss creating art while traveling! Topics discussed include the TSA and how best to pack the art essentials. Rebecca also discusses networking in the art world, getting into a gallery,…
2: Jeff Hirst
Jan 6 • 13 min
Rebecca Crowell visits Jeff Hirst in Chicago to learn about carborundum printing and other techniques. The focus of this discussion is on Jeff's work and how he designed and constructed his studio space. You can learn more about Jeff and his work at…
1: Introducing Rebecca Crowell
Dec 28, 2017 • 42 min
Rebecca shares her personal history from her college years to the current events in her life. She describes some of her travels abroad and the influences on her style and technique. This episode was recorded in August, 2017.