With NewSpaceVision we want to grow the European (New)Space start up scene and build awareness for the interesting applications of space related hard and software. NewSpaceVision acts as the starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and skilful engineers from all kinds of fields to find contact points to existing companies or find colleagues, inspirations and resources to start their own venture.

#9: Is there a Business Case for Mars? (feat. Jake Robins, Host and Producer of WeMartians)
Jul 3 • 42 min
The upcoming Mars 2020 launch of NASA got us thinking: Is there actually a business case for Mars? Jake Robins, Host and Producer of the WeMartians Podcasts and an incredibly passionate Mars enthusiast joins us to discuss the current state of the Red…
#8: How Spire Global jump-started its Satellite Empire (feat. Jeroen Cappaert, CTO & Co-Founder of Spire)
Jun 11 • 44 min
Jeroen Cappaert, CTO and Co-Founder of Spire Global joins us to talk about how the data analytics company jump-started its satellite empire. We talk about how Spire acts as a New Space role model with a fully vertical integration and end-to-end thinking.…
#7: If Voyager had a LightSail… where would it be now? (feat. Planetary Society)
May 20 • 45 min
If Voyager had a LightSail… where would it be now? This week’s podcast is all about space advocacy, the most exciting missions and a new promising propulsion technology demonstrated in the LightSail projects. Mat Kaplan and Bruce Betts from The Planetary…
#6: State of the New Space Industry 2020 (feat. John Tucker from NewSpace Hub)
May 9 • 51 min
We are talking with John Tucker, the founder of NewSpace Hub – a US New Space database collecting and providing data about New Space companies and the New Space industry from all over the world. Look forward to an insightful conversation about where…
#5: Luxembourg - A small Country with a big Vision (feat. Gary Martin from the Luxembourg Space Agency, NASA, ISU)
Apr 12, 2019 • 44 min
Dear NewSpaceVisionaries! We are back! With new events and new podcasts! Our newest podcast guest is Gary Martin, who worked more than a decade for NASA and who is now working as a Senior Advisor for the Luxembourg Space Agency! He knows the New Space…
#4: ICEYE - The Eye in the Sky (feat. Pekka Laurila, CFO & Co-Founder of ICEYE)
Jan 16, 2018 • 32 min
NewSpaceVision Podcast #4 with Pekka Laurila CFO & Co-Founder of ICEYE What a start into 2018. ICEYE, the VC backed NewSpace StartUp from Finnland, just launched their next generation radar satellite on a PSLV into earth’s orbit. With their novel SAR…
#3: ESTCube2 - Estonia’s 2nd E-Sail Satellite (feat. Kadri Bussov from ESTcube)
Dec 18, 2017 • 26 min
NewSpaceVision Podcast #3 with Kadri Bussov, Member of the Management Board of ESTCube Our third podcast is there! During the European Space Week talked to Kadri Bussov who is part of the team building Estonia’s second satellite ESTCube-2 and who is…
#2: European vs. U.S. New Space Market (feat. Dallas Kasaboski, Analyst at Northern Sky Research)
Nov 14, 2017 • 42 min
NewSpaceVision Podcast #2 with Dallas Kasaboski, Analyst at Northern Sky Research Our second podcast is out now! During the European Space Week in Tallinn we had the pleasure to talk to Dallas Kasaboski analyst at Northern Sky Research and talked with him…
#1: Launching the NewSpaceVision Podcast (feat. Sebastian Straube, Co-Founder of Interstellar Ventures)
Jul 18, 2017 • 70 min
NewSpaceVision Podcast #1 with Interstellar Ventures founder Sebastian Straube! We are very happy to present you our first podcast episode. This one focusses on the work of an emerging space venture capital fond. The insights and opinions from Sebastian…