Not Terrible Podcast

Not Terrible Podcast
The Not Terrible Podcast is a field guide for the hopeless optimist in all of us.
S3 EP1: Money, Money, Money, Money
Sep 17 • 46 min
We're back, baby! And we're talking money on the first episode of season three. We'll share what we learned as children, how we spend money today and what we hope to teach our kids about finances. Show notes & podcast extras:
S2 EP10: Season 2 Wrap-Up
Aug 20 • 51 min
S2 EP9: Mind/Body Connection
Aug 13 • 51 min
S2 EP8: Jess Asks & Mary Tries to Answer
Aug 6 • 68 min
S2 EP7: Parenting Now & Then
Jul 30 • 68 min
S2 EP6: Adult Friends
Jul 23 • 46 min
S2 EP5: Addiction & How We Can Help
Jul 16 • 56 min
S2 EP4: Mary’s Story
Jul 9 • 47 min
S2 EP3: What’s A Good Therapist?
Jul 2 • 38 min
S2 EP2: Catching Up With Jess
Jun 25 • 33 min
S2 EP1: Teaser
Jun 10 • 20 min
Jess & Mary are sharing their story of friendship, their hopes for the new version of Not Terrible. Enjoy this short "get to know you" teaser before the season officially drops.Links:Settings - Fireside
S1 EP 8: Uncle John
Feb 11 • 119 min
Jess attempts to share her Uncle John's mental health story. But, as so many conversations go when these two get together, all subjects are open at all times. Not too be missed.
S1 EP7: Pre & Post Therapy
Jan 30 • 46 min
An amazing and unique episode this time around. Jess decides to record the first half of the episode before her scheduled therapy session, then records the second half……….NOT to be missed
Jan 19 • 71 min
Jess shares her #METOO stories. Listen as she talks through a few big revelations. Touching on the relationships that have shaped her self-esteem today.
S1 EP5: Amanda Poling
Jan 10 • 65 min
S1 EP4: Addi & Epilepsy
Jan 8 • 81 min
S1 EP3: Unsure
Dec 28, 2017 • 42 min
S1 EP2: Codependency, Detachment, and Boundaries
Dec 23, 2017 • 57 min
Follow along with Jess as she starts her journey of self-discovery
S1 EP1: Introducing Not Terrible
Dec 19, 2017 • 56 min
It's NOT TERRIBLE w/Jess Hooker Join her on her journey of self-discovery.