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042 - Why are Successful Movies These Days (and apps) Only Remakes or Series?
Oct 9
This week we have a special guest, product management legend Michael Nielson joined us to chat about reboots, series, original ideas and familiarity in movies, pop culture and design.
041 - Why are Design Trends Cyclical?
Oct 3
Andy and Patrick sit down and chat about why design trends are cyclical? Why do they evolve? Why haven’t jorts made a huge comeback yet.
040 - The Influence of 80’s Car Design on Modern Web Design
Sep 26
Andy and Page sit down and chat about a hot topic in the design world today - how do 1980’s car designs influence today’s modern web design.
039 - Pros and Cons of Remote Work
Sep 12
Andy and Patrick chat about the pros and cons of remote work and mix in a little Kinky Friedman analysis.
038 - 2019 State of Design Tools
Sep 5
Andy and Patrick power through their allergies to chat about the state of design tools in 2019. What they like, what they don’t like and fig newtons.
037 - How Long will This Take?
Aug 30
Andy and Patrick discuss the inevitable design question, “How long will this take?”
036 - Day in the Life of a Designer
Aug 15
Andy and Patrick discuss the realities of the day to day life of a designer
035 - Coaching Stakeholders on Best Practices
Aug 9
Andy and Patrick explore how designers can coach project stakeholders on design best practices and how it can improve the effectiveness of their involvement.
034 - How to Collaborate on Bigger Design Teams
Aug 1
Andy and Patrick begin to tackle the struggles of collaboration in large design teams. Listen to Hear: What it means to be a collaborative designer Some processes and tools that can help with facilitating collaboration Patrick drop an intriguing, “would…
033 - Figma Pt. 2
Jul 25
Andy and Patrick follow up their discussion about the design tool Figma. They discuss feedback from designers and design teams that are currently using Figma full-time. Listen to Hear: How Figma’s collaboration tools are being adopted in design teams and…
031 - Consistency — when you need it, when you don’t
Jul 11
Andy and Patrick discuss design consistency within design systems. When it is needed and how designers can challenge consistency with design unification. Listen to Hear: Why is it always important to have design consistency How different designs from…
030 - What to do with your design after it’s released
Jul 3
So you have shipped a design, now what? Andy and Patrick discuss the next steps designers can take after a design or product is live. Listen to Hear: Why it is important to measure what your team builds after it’s released Different methods for measuring…
029 - How to Communicate Design Problems with Your Team
Jun 27
Andy and Patrick explore how a designers can approach communicating problems with built designs to developer and QA team members. Listen to Hear: Why it is so important to speak up about issues that need to be fixed How pre-establishing working agreements…
028 - Product Design vs. Marketing Design
Jun 20
Andy and Patrick pit product design against marketing design by exploring the differences between each discipline; their outcomes, career paths and day to day tasks. It’s a fight to the death, which one will win? Listen to Hear: Key outcomes that each…
027 - How to Approach a Project Pt 2
May 30
Andy and Patrick continue to explore how selecting and working with stakeholders can help designers approach design projects. Listen to Hear: Real life examples of how different design disciplines work with stakeholders How to discern who your primary…
026 - How to Approach a Project
May 22
Andy and Patrick explore the nuances of how designers approach a larger design project vs a smaller design update.
025 - How to be Self-aware (feat. Ingrid Cruz)
Feb 21
Andy and Patrick sat down with Ingrid Cruz to talk about how self-awareness can help designers with their career growth. LISTEN IN TO HEAR: How to learn about the strengths and weaknesses that you my not see in yourself How to foster a culture of feedback…
024 - How to elevate your research game (feat. Danielle Green)
Feb 5
As designers, there are many potential things that could keep us up at night. Fear that our portfolio isn’t good enough, logo redesigns that we just love to hate, or even worry that you aren’t doing the right level of user research to inform your design…
023 - How to break down a large project (feat. Eric Avarell)
Dec 7, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with product manager, Eric Avarell to get a better understanding of how he works to break down large projects so that his team can be more effective in building the best product possible. LISTEN IN TO HEAR: How to product…
022 - How to Speak Up (feat. Allison Zubal)
Nov 15, 2018
Communication is a vital part of each UX designer’s role. However, sometimes we can find ourselves in situations where we lack the confidence to speak our opinions or offer feedback even if we think our input could offer more value for a product. Andy and…
021 - Are You Afraid of the Dark…Patterns? (feat. Andy and Patrick)
Oct 24, 2018
For this special Halloween episode, Andy and Patrick did what all designers do on Halloween, they sat down at a campfire in the dead of night just to tell each other about product experiences that give them the spooks. That’s right, this episode is all…
020 - How to Test Designs at Every Step (ft. Brett Gunter)
Oct 4, 2018
Testing, in some form or another, can almost always be found in each designers utility belt. But as designers, when and how often should we be testing our designs? How do we know we are testing the right thing? Andy and Patrick sat down with UX designer,…
019 - How to Understand the Different UX Design Disciplines (feat. Jeff Carter)
Sep 21, 2018
As designers, should we all know the differences that make up the other various disciplines? Can having that understanding benefit us as designers? Andy and Patrick conversed with Jeff Carter, the UX Director at RizePoint, to talk about the differences.
018 - How to Better Design for Accessibility ft. Carlos Filoteo
Jul 25, 2018
If you are a designer, chances are you know that your app should, in some way, support users with disabilities. But with so many potential disabilities that can affect a portion of your users, you may not know how or where to start building accessibility…
017 - How to Increase Team Alignment Using Figma (feat. Dan Vineyard)
Jul 9, 2018
We all know that communicating a design to our team is a vital part of the design process. But since many design tools don’t focus on design transparency and collaboration, sharing our work while we are designing is not a seamless process. That’s why some…
016 - How to Run A Design Critique (feat. Ben Peck)
Jun 21, 2018 • 3348 min
Design critiques are a great way for a designer to get feedback from his/her design team. However, depending on the way they are facilitated or the manner of which a designer asks for feedback, sometimes they don’t always turn out so great. Knowing the…
015 - How to Front, a special conference episode featuring Andy and Patrick
Jun 6, 2018
Andy and Patrick attending the Front design and product conference last week in Salt Lake City Utah. We had a great time at the event and wanted to share our insights with you all. If you want to continue the conversation go to DESIGNMUCH.ORG and leave a…
014 - How to Avoid Designing Only the Happy Path with Andrew Ditto
May 25, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with Andrew Ditto from Canopy to help us understand how QA approaches design. We had a great time interviewing Andrew and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did. If you want to continue the conversation go to DESIGNMUCH.ORG.
013 - How to Influence Stakeholders (feat. Andy Vitale)
May 9, 2018
Design Much, Level up your design game one bite size podcast at a time
012 - How to Avoid Confirmation Bias (feat. Nate Sanders)
Apr 25, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with the mighty Nate Sanders from Pluralsight to help us understand confirmation bias better.
011 - How to deal with Imposter Syndrome (feat. Jordan Reading)
Mar 21, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with Jordan Reading, Product Design at to discuss how to understand and handle imposter syndrome. Fantastic interview with some great insight in dealing with an issue most designers deal with at some point.
010 - How to Build a Great Relationship with an Engineer (feat. Neil Oler)
Mar 8, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with engineer Neil Oler to discuss how to build long lasting relationships with developers to improve not only your work environment, but also to create better products/projects.
009 - How to Deliberately Practice (feat. Nick Bluth)
Feb 28, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with the mighty Nick Bluth again to chat more about design practice, specifically the ‘deliberate practice’ method and how we can hone our skills by slowing things down and being good with failure.
008 - How to be a Design Team of One (feat. Jonathon Juvenal)
Feb 15, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with Senior Designer, Jonathon Juvenal to discuss the pros and cons of being a design team of one. Jonathon has deep experience in the world of digital design and has been a part of some fantastic design teams.
007 - How to Gamestorm (feat. TJ Nelson)
Feb 7, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with TJ Nelson to find out more about Gamestorming. TJ is a Sr Product Designer at Inmoment and Founder at ProductBound (, you can find him on social media with @tarljames.
006 - How to Involve Developers in the Design Process (feat. Blake Simkins)
Jan 25, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with Blake Simkins, Director of Product Design at Podium to discuss how he has involved developers in the design process. Follow Blake on Twitter using @blakesimkins.
005 - How to Select a Font (Feat. Trevor Nielsen)
Jan 19, 2018
Andy and Patrick sat down with the articulate Trevor Nielsen to discuss how he selects the perfect font for his design projects. Trevor is currently a senior designer at Mojo Marketplace (
004 - Learning Framer, Small Wins and Mic Drop (feat. Danaan Clarke)
Jan 13, 2018 • 45 min
Andy and Patrick sat down with the tall and mighty Danaan Clarke to learn more about learning new tools, specifically learning FramerJS and his experience with the design and prototyping tool.
003 - Ask Questions, Get a Mentor and Communicate (feat. Ashley Hunt)
Dec 28, 2017
Design Much with Andy Page and Patrick Cox
002 - UX Conversion, Retrospective, Coding Email Templates (feat. Andy Page)
Dec 21, 2017
Design Much with Andy Page and Patrick Cox
001 - Dark Themes, Visual Design Practice (feat. Nick Bluth)
Dec 9, 2017
Design Much with Andy Page and Patrick Cox