Bad Music Hertz

Bad Music Hertz
Three siblings celebrating and discussing their favorite records.

13. Breakfast In America
Jun 24 • 76 min
Roll out of bed for a spot of breakfast with Marc & Michael as they chew on Supertramp’s 1979 classic, “Breakfast In America”.
12. Pure Comedy
May 8 • 102 min
Reminisce about 2017 with Marc & Michael on Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy”
11. The Epic - Volume 3
Apr 1 • 79 min
The journey finally reaches its end as Marc and Michael close the book on Kamasi Washington’s “The Epic” with Volume 3: “The Historic Repetition”.
10. The Epic - Volume 2
Mar 25 • 65 min
The discussion continues as Marc and Michael open up Volume 2: “The Glorious Tale” from Kamasi Washington’s “The Epic”.
9. The Epic - Volume 1
Mar 18 • 56 min
Join Marc and Michael as they tackle Kamasi Washington’s massive 2015 three-disk jazz opus, “The Epic”, starting with Volume 1: “The Plan”.
8. Benji
Nov 2, 2019 • 102 min
Take a drive through Ohio with Marc and Michael as they recover from Mark Kozelek’s sobering stories in “Benji”
7. Grand Hotel
Dec 22, 2018 • 74 min
Take a brief Christmas vacation with the Barrowclift siblings as they soak up the warm vibes of The Explorers Club’s *Grand Hotel*.
6. Coming-of-Age Singles
Nov 11, 2018 • 95 min
Join the Barrowclift siblings as they reminisce about music from their formative teenage years. Complete with mixtapes, iPod playlists, and a mountain of regrets, it’s sure to be a rocky trip down memory lane!
5. Favorite Video Game Soundtracks
Jun 24, 2018 • 139 min
Marc and Michael with special guest Caity Cooper celebrate their favorite video game soundtracks of all time.
4. A Sailor’s Guide to Earth
Mar 10, 2018 • 107 min
Ahoy, mateys! Join the Barrowclift siblings as they set sail on life’s great ocean with Sturgill Simpson’s *A Sailor’s Guide To Earth*.
3. The Christmas Draft
Dec 13, 2017 • 82 min
With the fire roaring and hot cocoa piping, join the Barrowclift siblings as they go head-to-head to see who can create the best Christmas EP. Whose is the best? You decide!
2. Strange Trails
Dec 6, 2017 • 138 min
Join the Barrowclift siblings as they explore the winding road of Lord Huron’s sophomore LP, *Strange Trails*.
1. Lonesome Dreams
Nov 29, 2017 • 97 min
Join the Barrowclift siblings in their very first podcast as they analyze and celebrate Lord Huron’s debut LP, *Lonesome Dreams*.