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20: #YouTubeLife, with Sara Dietschy
May 8 • 43 min
Sara and I have so many common interests that we just had to sit down and talk about all the creative stuff we are into. Special Guest: Sara Dietschy.Links:The Creative Exchange podcastSara Dietschy - YouTubePremiere VS Final Cut with MKBHD
19: Shooting Hybrid, with Chris & Jordan of DPReview
May 1 • 69 min
Jordan Drake and Chris Niccols, formerly of The Camera Store TV and now stars of the DPReview YouTube channel, join me to talk about shooting photos and videos at the same time, on the same camera.Special Guests: Chris Niccolls and Jordan…
18: Challenges of Creative Jobs, with Shea Kerwood
Apr 17 • 67 min
If you work in a creative industry you know that it has it's own special challenges, like defining your worth, communicating your ideas and staying on target to make your ideas into reality. Shea Kerwood runs Brandsmith and has been my go to confidant for…
17: The Films of Christopher Nolan, Part 2
Apr 8 • 78 min
In part 2 we got some of Nolan's biggest films, with The Dark Night, Interstellar and more.Special Guest: Chris Dowsett.
16: The Films of Christopher Nolan, Part 1
Apr 3 • 72 min
Huge budgets, rich characters and intricate story telling, Christopher Nolan is in a league all his own in modern filmmaking. Let's spend some time walking through his filmography.Special Guest: Chris Dowsett.Links:The Directors Series - Christopher Nolan…
15: Finding Your Photographic Style, with Irene Rudnyk
Mar 26 • 54 min
Irene has created a distinct photography style of her own and shares her techniques with the world on her YouTube channel. We talk about how she developed her dreamy portrait look, what it's like YouTubing from a mid sized city, and how to work with…
14: The Ways We Learn Photography, with Nicolesy
Mar 18 • 54 min
The problem with learning about photography is never a lack of information. There are infinite videos and articles telling you how to shoot and edit, so I talked to Nicolsey about how to sort through the junk to learn the valuable lessons.Special Guest:…
13: Basic Tips for Video, with Camera Store TV Jordan Drake
Mar 11 • 64 min
It's really easy to shoot great looking video these days, I bet the image quality on your phone looks better than most TV shows in the 90s. But image quality means nothing if your video is boring and no one wants to watch it. Good thing I have Jordan…
12: Computers for Creatives, with Rene Ritchie
Mar 4 • 51 min
Rene Ritchie is the perfect podcast guest to talk about the computers we use as creative professionals, and if you're a photographer, filmmaker or designer there is a decent chance you are using a Mac or an iPhone. We talk about history of how Apple came…
11: Crafting a Perfect Podcast, with Mark Bramhill
Feb 25 • 73 min
It’s easier than ever to make podcast, but telling a great story will always take hard work and skill. Mark Bramhill’s show Welcome to Macintosh brings the power of narrative storytelling to a topic he and I are both passionate about: Apple. We talk about…
10: Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier, with Cameron Whitman
Feb 10 • 72 min
We have guest Cameron Whitman, professional photographer and photo editor at Stocksy United, and we packed as many pro tips as possible into one hour. These are the lessons we wish we had learned earlier in our photography careers, and some mistakes we…
9: Whats on My iPhone, with Shea Kerwood
Feb 5 • 67 min
I brought my oldest friend (and older cousin) who runs the agency Brandsmith to talk about running a small creative business and our favorite iPhone apps. Then I talk to a developer behind Spark Camera, one of my new favourite apps for quick video edits.…
8: Anything Can Be Cinematic, with Brandon Havard
Jan 28 • 49 min
We start off with some basic tips that can make any video feel way more cinematic, without spending a dime on gear. Then get some ProTips from YouTuber Brandon Havard who is known for his gorgeous tech reviews, and has shot video for top YouTubers like…
7: Shooting iPhone Like a Pro and Sony A7RIII
Jan 21 • 52 min
I had the very exciting surprise of being invited by Apple to a private workshop in New York. We were about a dozen creative professionals that got to spend some quality time app developers and professional photographers to learn how to get the most out…
6: The Fundamentals of Buying a Camera, with Camera Store TV Chris Niccolls
Jan 14 • 82 min
Choosing a camera is not only hard because there are a ton of options out there, there’s also a ton of GREAT options. All the big camera manufacturers are making great products but they still have specific strengths and weaknesses depending on what your…
5: THIS is How You Make a Podcast, with Ray Ortega
Jan 7 • 49 min
It's taken a decade for podcasts to earn their place as a leading form of media, but this is the time for them to take their place as a leading form of media. Ray Ortega is the perfect person to talk to everything you need to know about creating a…
4: The Best Phones of 2017
Dec 31, 2017 • 37 min
It was a great year for gadget lovers, with every major smart phone manufacturer bringing their best game to the table. Let's talk about three of my favourites, the iPhone X, Pixel 2, and Galaxy S8Links:Best Phones of 2017: iPhone X vs Pixel 2 vs Galaxy…
3: Star Wars - The Last Jedi
Dec 25, 2017 • 73 min
We are now mid-saga and seeing a very new direction for Star Wars. Rain Johnson is taking us in a bold new direction and has fans divided about whether this is the best or worst Episode yet. Special Guest: Rob Mitchelson.
Bonus: Star Wars - Rogue One
Dec 18, 2017 • 63 min
Another episode from the Stalman vaults, we talk about s Star Wars storySpecial Guest: Rob Mitchelson.
Bonus: Star Wars - The Force Awakens
Dec 15, 2017 • 95 min
We were raised by Star Wars. Many of us were also raised by parents, but to our recollection, it was Star Wars first and foremost. You’re probably a lot like us. Maybe you are part of our generation, young enough to approach the films without any…
2: Screens, HDR and the iPhone X, with Kelly Thompson of 500px
Dec 11, 2017 • 44 min
I hope you enjoy diving into every tiny detail about gear like I do, because Kelly Thompson of 500px and I are looking at every pixel and gesture on the iPhone X.Special Guest: Kelly Thompson.Links:iPhone X Diamond Sub-PixelsThe iPhone X has a different…
1: Curiosity, Podcasts and the iPhone X, with Chris Dowsett
Nov 23, 2017 • 90 min
It's the first real episode and I'm covering a lot of ground with Chris Dowsett, about podcasting, the iPhone X and the nature of creative work. Special Guest: Chris Dowsett.
0: Hello
Nov 21, 2017 • 14 min
Every podcast needs to start somewhere