Sam and Dave have a chat
Sep 11 • 6 min
Sam eats some free poison chocolate, thinks beards look sexy, but doesn't like kissing bearded men. They both have a discussion about using roundabouts and how to use the indicators when exiting. There's also a bonus bicker round about crashing cars.…
Sep 4 • 5 min
Sam is out doing shopping, so Dave chats to Josh and Simon about Fortnite website Special Guests: Josh and Simon.Support sand.fmLinks:Fortnite - Wikipedia
Malcolm and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Aug 28 • 14 min
Australia has another Prime Minister, that's 6 in 10 years. Sam and Dave talk about the latest spill and leadership change for Australia. This episode was off the cuff, so we made a few mistakes. You have been warned! websiteSupport…
Grandma’s Day Out
Aug 14 • 22 min
The family visits Sams grandma and takes her out to lunch; we talk about our day with her, and reminisce about her life. website Support
Names and Signatures
Jul 31 • 8 min
Sam talks about changing her surname after she was married and the difficulties with remembering her new signature, and being tempted to use her old name at her school reunion. websiteSupport Episode 31: ApplePay, iPhone and…
ApplePay, iPhone and the Apple Watch
Jul 24 • 18 min
After a very long break and several interruptions, Sam and Dave finally find some time to record. Prompted by a half remembered article about Australia becoming a cashless society, they talk about using ApplePay, the iPhone and Apple Watch. Sam talks…
Google WiFi
Jun 5 • 18 min
After a unplanned break, Sam and Dave are back talking about their wireless network. Update: We've decided to return the Google WiFi. Dave could not get the PS4 to connect to the PlayStation Network, even with everything being reset to default settings.…
Coffee and or Tea
May 15 • 15 min
Sam and Dave talk about Coffee and Tea, and associated activities. Sam talks about Mothers Day presents Sam lists why this time of year is always busy for her Sam talks about why it's a big year for her Dave doesn't think January and December don't count…
Open Homes and Buying Houses
May 8 • 19 min
Sam and Dave give their tips for visiting open homes and things to do when looking to buy a house. websiteSupport sand.fmLinks:How to make the most of an open for inspectionThe six things you should be doing at an open homeCentral Coast (New South…
Kids Sports
May 1 • 8 min
Recorded while we wait for our eldest at soccer practice, we talk about kids sports and activities. We're also joined by our special guest Simon partway through websiteSpecial Guest: Simon.Support sand.fmLinks:Soccer in Australia — Soccer is the…
The Canberra Trip
Apr 24 • 14 min
Everyone heads off to Canberra for the weekend. Sam and Dave talk about driving to Canberra and spending the weekend there, and the places they visited. Sam isn't allowed to hold the microphone They talk about rebranding to Listener question about…
The One with All the Music
Apr 17 • 30 min
Join Sam and Dave as they meander though the music of their youth. Sam asks some questions from the Music Survey of 60 Questions website, which kickstarts various discussions relating to music. Dave gets a haircut which he has no idea how much it cost…
Second Hand Phones for Kids
Apr 10 • 8 min
Join Sam and Dave as they try and work out what phones to give their kids. Should they refurb the batteries in their old iPhone 4s or buy new phones for themselves and then hand down their iPhone 7 and iPhone SE? Sam also trys to work out which phone she…
Womens Collective
Apr 3 • 18 min
The kids prank their Nana, Dave struggles to choose a better microphone, and Sam talks about being the elected officer for her universities Women's Collective. websiteSupport sand.fmLinks:Space station crashes to EarthSpacecraft…
An Atheist and a Christian
Mar 27 • 12 min
Sam (a Christian) and Dave (an atheist) talk about how their differing spiritual views affect their relationship. They also briefly discuss Tiangong-1 and the 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal Our podcast of the week is Film Snuff…
First Movies
Mar 20 • 18 min
What are your first movie memories? Sam and Dave try to remember the first movies they saw as kids, and memories associated with them. See the show notes for links and release dates of the movies we discuss. Our podcast of the week is Liftoff - Relay FM…
Food Glorious Food
Mar 13 • 24 min
Dave had a birthday that he's not interested in, but this prompts Sam to talk about her favourite thing in the world; food. Dave recounts having a meal he didn't want with a girl he was trying to impress, Sam talks about how they got engaged, which…
Back to Uni
Mar 6 • 20 min
(Sorry for the poor audio, we were trying something new with our mics and it didn't work that well) Sam talks about starting her final semester studying Law, her experience being and assisting mature age students, the difficulties they face juggling study…
Old Flames and Ex-partners
Feb 27 • 6 min
Do you stay connected with ex-partners and old flames on Facebook while you're in a relationship? Sam and Dave have a quick chat about having that discussion with your current partner. They also briefly distract themselves talking about the overuse of…
Spin and Win
Feb 20 • 8 min
Sam and Dave answer some random questions chosen by a hastily written and buggy script. What movies have you watched recently? What sort of phone case do you have? How have TV shows changed? What naughty foods do you eat? And Dave tries and fails to come…
Valentines Day Special
Feb 13 • 9 min
In our very special Valentines Day Special we talk about Sam not listening to podcasts, the birthday paradox, the doggy door installation, our house renovations, collecting rubbish, SpaceX, flame throwers, importing guns into Australia, and Valentines Day…
SpaceX, Tesla and the Starman
Feb 6 • 15 min
SpaceX have launched a car into space and live streamed it to the world! Sam and Dave discuss the launch and other SpaceX stuff, most of which Dave gets wrong and proves you should do your research before talking. Sam discusses watching the launch live,…
Return and Earn
Jan 30 • 5 min
Sam and Dave talk about the NSW container deposit and recycling scheme called "Return and Earn", their visits to the 'reverse vending machine', and a quick tangent about milk crates and the legally dubious methods Dave was contemplating in an effort to…
Australia Day
Jan 23 • 3 min
A very brief discussion about Australia Day, treatment of Aboriginal Australians and our suggestions for a new date. websiteSupport sand.fmLinks:What remote Aboriginal communities think of Australia DayAustralians laid back about Australia Day —…
Car History
Jan 16 • 18 min
Everyone has fond memories of their first car. Sam and Dave discuss theirs, along with other car related adventures and misfortunes. If your podcast player is compatable you'll see chapter artwork for the cars we are discussing. website Support…
Rambling Topics
Jan 9 • 10 min
Recorded from our alternate location, both Sam and Dave have a rambling chat without any real point. The discussion moves from IoT lights, cricket, twin birthday celebrations, and the Sydney record temperatures, before Sam finally runs out of steam and…
Star Wars The Last Jedi
Jan 2 • 27 min
WARNING SPOILERS! Sam and Dave talk about The Last Jedi, our favourite bits and mostly stuff we didn't like, and both get terribly confused about what was going on and character names. website Support sand.fmLinks:Star Wars: The Last JediLuke…
Vegemite Bonanza
Dec 26, 2017 • 7 min
In our very special jam packed Vegemite episode, we discuss some recent news and updates from the world of Vegemite, including Blend 17, Vegemite Icy Poles, and Vegemite chocolate. website Vegemite Icy Poles Recipe for Vegemite Icy Poles,…
We Need More Prawns
Dec 19, 2017 • 7 min
The kids are on school holidays and of course they're fighting, and we have an early Christmas lunch which involves lots of prawns. websiteSupport sand.fmLinks:Wet'n'Wild SydneyScrabble - WikipediaBoggle - WikipediaMG MGB - Wikipedia
Christmas Is Ramping Up
Dec 11, 2017 • 13 min
Sam checks out Costco trolleys, gets new tyres on the car and enjoys a crusty massage chair. Dave puts up some Christmas lights, and they both discuss the lights in their neighbourhood. Dave tries to get some gift ideas but fails once again.…
Returning to Work
Dec 3, 2017 • 5 min
Sam talks about returning to work after being a stay at home mum for 11 years and nearing the end of her law degree. They put up their christmas decorations and discuss their eldest finishing primary school. websiteSupport
Deleting Your Facebook Account
Nov 26, 2017 • 4 min
Sam and Dave talk about deleting their Facebook accounts, and how she prefers Twitter. Two old parents also try and work out what the kids are into these days. website Support sand.fmLinks:Roblox — This is the game that Dave was trying to think…
Could You Fax Over a Copy
Nov 19, 2017 • 4 min
Sam and Dave discuss the youtube video 'Back to the Fax', with a diversion into the differences between podcasts and youtube as a broadcast medium. Who will win the "we need a fax machine" battle? website Support sand.fmLinks:Back to the Fax…
Smart Bulbs and IoT
Nov 12, 2017 • 9 min
After a diversion into the world of StarTrek, Sam and Dave discuss home automation with a focus on smart light bulbs which almost causes an argument. They also discuss their new air conditioner which is about to be installed. website Support…
We Lost Our Kids in IKEA
Nov 5, 2017 • 10 min
Sam and Dave discuss American vs Australian shopping trolleys, Costco and the IKEA divorce rates. websiteSupport sand.fmLinks:The dreaded IKEA shopping trip — Why do most trips to IKEA end in divorce? It’s a sad but true statistic. This is a…
The Noodles Are Not Noodling
Oct 29, 2017 • 2 min
Our first episode (along with terrible audio) proves that we have no idea what we are doing and are incredibly unprepared. websiteSupport
Oct 22, 2017 • 1 min
This is our evergreen introduction trailer. We'll try and keep it up to date with our introductions and contact details. sand.fmSupport sand.fmLinks:WebsiteAboutSubscribeContact UsHostsGuestsTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTubeRedditPatreon