Vennie Kocsis Poet

Vennie Kocsis Poet
Vennie Kocsis is the author of “Cult Child”, creator of #SurvivorVoices, poet, public speaker and advocate. She is outspoken about the effects of child abuse and dedicated to supporting abuse survivors.
Being Different
Dec 10 • 4 min
Circa 2012
Integration M7
Dec 9 • 4 min
Circa: 2015
Three Minutes
Dec 9 • 6 min
Talking about time limits and fitting it all in, free-styling and how amazing you are. #spokenword #survivorvoices #poet #poetry
Returning Home
Dec 4 • 5 min
We are returning home to ourselves, healing the wounds of the last through understanding each other’s experiences. Welcome home.
What Is Living
Oct 6 • 3 min
My thoughts on living, shared with experience and a smooth audio slow jam. 💞
Category Of Weird
Jun 23 • 2 min
What if different didn’t exist because it was replaced by unique? #poetry #poem #spokenword
I Love You
Jun 9 • 2 min
Original written 1/1/11 ©️
May 27 • 2 min
Even societies who claim to care can shun the non compliant Survivor.
Just Like Me
May 27 • 2 min
A Freestyle Song That Came To My Heart
Love Is a State Of Being
Apr 9 • 5 min
Are you creating the river you flow or is the river creating resistance for you?
A Minute of Cat Purr
Mar 24 • 1 min
My cat purrs and trills at the same time.
A Different Kind Of Damaged
Mar 24 • 2 min
Some people have a different kind of damage. It’s a layer of self destruction iced on top of the hurting of their hearts.
Hear Their Call
Mar 18 • 2 min
Feb 16 • 1 min
Hands hold the memories of uncountable minutes.
I Met a Man
Feb 10 • 4 min
What is the exchange for flattery?
The Taking
Feb 10 • 2 min
Sometimes they take and it wears out the spirit.
Blood Shame
Feb 10 • 3 min
When a woman needs to heal the hurting inner child…
Feb 3 • 1 min
We may be called strangers, but I know you.
The Ancients
Feb 3 • 4 min
Let us return to our own DNA where Lives Love.
Thoughts of You Acoustic Cover
Feb 1 • 2 min
I love this song, so I learned to play it and covered it in my style. 💞🦋🌸
“The Sadness”
Jan 30 • 3 min
“The Sadness” represents the Empath experiences of carrying other people’s sadness.
Jan 26 • 2 min
Underneath by Vennie Kocsis
The Day I Disappeared
Jan 26 • 2 min
The Day I Disappeared by Vennie Kocsis
Deeper Seas
Nov 18, 2017 • 4 min
Being vulnerable is the most open way to share ourself.
Are You Thinking For Yourself?
Nov 14, 2017 • 1 min
Are You Thinking For Yourself?