Friday Night Movie by @pancake4table

Friday Night Movie by @pancake4table
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#28 Donkey’s Place and Friday Night Glee / AKA Steph Returns / AKA Rise is Hamlet 2 / Catastrophe, Mrs. Maisel, Get Shorty
Apr 20 • 73 min
Steph, founder of and TV genius, returns to collect her “I Told You Show” winnings. We talk a TON of TV, including Rise, Catastrophe, Mrs. Maisel, Santa Clarita Diet, Get Shorty, Dungeons and Dragons, Sneaky Pete, Outlander,…
#27 Gettin’ Phishy with Jacqui Kaplan AKA the Flight of Col. Forbin Dallas / Life in Pieces, Stan Against Evil, Mr. Maisel, Crashing
Apr 13 • 73 min
We go behind the scenes of some of our favorite shows with Assistant Editor / Editor AND huge Phish phan Jacqui Kaplan AKA @jacquikap (Stan Against Evil, Life in Pieces). We introduce a new segment - Cast… Away! - as we try to play casting directors for a…
#26 Join the #SummerSquad! / Teen Movies with the Goldbergs 1990 Something Special’s Summer Parker
Apr 6 • 84 min
Actress, Summer Parker, joins the siblings to talk about family, acting, and starring as Gigi in Adam F. Goldberg’s 1990 Something Spinoff of ABC’s the Goldbergs. We also break down our favorite teen movies, including Can’t Hardly Wait and Mean Girls!…
#25 My Wife was a Child Hair Model / Guest: Alli / Showendipity / Rom coms, Magic Mike XXL, the Wedding Date, Bridget Jones
Mar 30 • 58 min
Alli guest starts to defend her love of rom coms and talk about her career as a child hair model in Albany. We play Buy/Rent/Meh and break down the Holiday, the Proposal, the Wedding Date, Bridget Jones 2, Magic Mike XXL, Sex and the City 3, Charlie’s…
#24 The Mean Episode / Listener Complaints, Tradesies Updates, Grease, Rooting for Ben Stiller in Reality Bites, Outlander (first reactions), Orphan Black, Chuck, Krypton
Mar 23 • 61 min
After weeks of being polite to each other on the air, at the request of listeners, the 3 sibs turn on each other and members of their family in delightfully mean ways. In this catch-up episode, we talk about listener complaints, go deep on Outlander and…
#23 Pixar Story Artist Tony Maki, Coco and the Neverending Story / +new segment “Tradesies”
Mar 16 • 77 min
Pixar story artist, Tony Maki, joins the siblings to talk about the Oscar-winning film, Coco, and take a trip down memory lane as we break down EVERYTHING about the Neverending Story. +Debut of a new segment: “Tradesies,” where the siblings bargain with…
#22 Queer Eye and #Herspiration / Guest: Dr. Pamela Gurley / Disaster Artist / Send us your recommendations!
Mar 8 • 67 min
The siblings get deep with #Herspiration co-founder and #Herspiration Happy Hour podcast co-host, Dr. Pamela Gurley. We talk women’s empowerment, sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and the usual pop culture fun, including a review of Netflix’s fantastic new…
#21 Banzai Boogalo Crossover: Breakin’ Breakdown / Cobra Kai (Karate Kid sequel) TV Series
Mar 1 • 87 min
Do you love breakdancing movies with killer soundtracks and lots of neon clothes? Then you will love our epic breakdown of the 80s dance craze classic saga: Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. This week we are joined by Dave from the Banzai Retro…
#20 Airplane Movies / Return of our Parents / Brigsby Bear, Baywatch, Bad Mom’s Christmas, Daddy’s Home 2, Broadchurch, White Chapel, Counterpart
Feb 22 • 55 min
Our parents return to tell us about how their trip to Africa forced dad to miss the Superbowl. We also talk about what movies we like to watch on long airplane rides. Plus, Becky loves Baywatch and we talk Brigsby Bear, the Divine Move, Bad Moms…
#19 Time Traveling Nurse: A Star Wars Story AKA Daddy’s gotta earn the bacon AKA Josh Visits / Solo, Skyscraper, Chuck Fringe, Friday Night Lights
Feb 15 • 61 min
Josh visits to help us break out two new segments: PITCH IMPERFECT and I TOLD YOU SHOWS. We survive the Attack of the Roomba and ask, “Where did we bury dutchy (our childhood dog)?” Also in this jam packed episode: Solo, Skyscraper, Justin Timberlake,…
#18 Way Harsh Tai / Halftime Shows / Bachelor, Snowman, Ghosted, Hook,
Feb 8 • 70 min
Epic Buy/Rent/Meh rankings of Super Bowl Halftime shows, fond memories of the Entertainment Book Coupons to the Orange Julip and Westmount Video, and a report back on the Bachelor and Snowman.
#17 My wife and I are seeing other TV shows right now / Oscars! / the Bachelor, Goldberg’s Spinoff, Handmaid’s Tale, Dark, the Fosters, End of the Effing World, SMILF, Catastrophe
Feb 1 • 73 min
Renowned author, pop-culture-ologist and creator of, Steph, joins the show to pitch us a ton of new shows to watch. We reflect on how Christopher Plummer spoke at her and Lily’s college graduation. And Becky battles organic…
#16 Dad, the FNM origin story, action movies, Super Bowl predictions, and Crisco on telephone poles / Red Heat, the Big Hit, Orange is the New Black, Logan Lucky, Broadchurch
Jan 28 • 54 min
Our Dad guest starts to talk Eagles, Action movies and how the Philly authorities shalacked the telephone poles with Crisco to prevent celebrating fans from climbing. He also tells the Friday Night Movie origin story. Hope you enjoy this special episode!
#15 Don’t go to Dave & Buster’s with a 4 year-old / Buy, Rent or Meh TV Couples from Friends, Game of Thrones, Friday Night Lights / Special guest: Alon
Jan 18 • 59 min
Lifelong friend of the siblings, Alon, drops in to talk real emotions about fictitious characters and the Philadelphia Eagles. Also, the gang plays “Buy, Rent or Meh” with TV couples from Friends, Game of Thrones, Friday Night Lights and more!
#14 In-N-Out Burger makes cartoon hamburgers! / Battle of the Sexes / Golden Globes / Overboard remake news / More Mindhunter
Jan 13 • 56 min
This week the 3 siblings review Battle of the Sexes, barely discuss the Golden Globes and speak in great detail about our first visit to In-N-Out Burger. Also, more news about the Overboard remake!
#13 Our MOM guest stars! / 2017 in Review / Get Out, Coco, Wonder Woman, Orphan Black, and more!
Jan 7 • 59 min
The big moment is finally here! Our MOM guest stars and talks about everything from what we were like as babies to her favorite movies of 2017. Hope you enjoy this very special episode.
#12 Becky’s baby is here! + Mindunter vs. the Hallmark Channel / What to watch when you’re in labor / Parks and Rec / Friday Night Lights / Odd Mom Out / Ferdinand
Jan 1 • 37 min
Becky joins us merely days after having her new baby! The sibs break down what shows they watched when in labor / in the hospital with their newborns. We also discuss more Mindhunter, the merits of the Hallmark channel and hoof bumps in Fredinand. Note:…
#11 41 weeks pregnant and still mad at Rian Johnson / A Christmas Story / Easy / Wrong Song Lyrics / Mindhunter / More Last Jedi Therapy
Dec 23, 2017 • 51 min
This off-the-rails pre-baby episode covers everything from A Christmas Story to misheard 80s song lyrics. Also, more Last Jedi group therapy (with lots of SPOILERS), Mindhunter, Riverdale, Fuller House, Easy (Netflix) and the dangers of participating in…
#10 Last Jedi INSTANT REACTIONS! (SPOILERS EVERYWHERE IN THIS EPISODE)! / AKA Mom thinks every planet is Hoth
Dec 16, 2017 • 53 min
The 3 sibs, with special cameos, hop on the phone immediately following seeing Star Wars: the Last Jedi and give their spoiler-filled reviews. Again, this episode has TONS of the spoilers for all sorts of things starting from pretty much the first minute…
#9 Holiday Movie Buy/Rent/Meh showdown! Plus, Outlander, Smurfs, Patty Cake$
Dec 16, 2017 • 47 min
Favorite game - Buy/Rent/Meh - returns as the 3 sibs pit holiday movies, including Gremlins, Die Hard and Scrooged against each other! Also in this ep, a newbie’s impressions of Outlander, Smurfs is better than Wall-e and why Patty Cake$ succeeds as a…