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Can we trust Trump to handle coronavirus?
Feb 18 • 44 min
Tonight: as the President continues to attack Roger Stone’s judge, are more pardons on the way? Plus, Congresswoman Maxine Waters on what Democrats can do about an out of control President. Then, Senator Brian Schatz on why he says the Trump…
The loud drumbeat for Bill Barr’s resignation gets louder
Feb 17 • 44 min
Tonight: Thousands of former Justice Department officials call for Barr’s resignation. Then, new reporting on Trump’s ruthless search for the “anonymous” resister inside the White House. And on this Presidents Day, a look at how the decisions candidates…
BONUS: Protecting Trans Rights with Chase Strangio
Feb 15 • 63 min
As a bonus for All In listeners, Chris is sharing some of his favorite episodes of his original podcast, Why Is This Happening?, right here over the next few weekends. In this episode, he talks with Chase Strangio, a trans man and lawyer at the ACLU,…
How organizers are attempting to lay the groundwork for 2020 success
Feb 14 • 45 min
Tonight: Chuck Rosenberg on what separates America from an authoritarian spiral. Plus, is there really such things as moderate and progressives lane in the Democratic Primary? Then, we hear from the organizers attempting to lay the groundwork for 2020…
Chris Hayes: We need to hear from more former White House staffers
Feb 13 • 43 min
Tonight: Neal Katyal on what Congress can do to rein in Trump’s abuse of power. Plus, Steve Kornacki and Michelle Goldberg on what could be many pathways to a Democratic victory. Then, Trymaine Lee reports on how South Carolina sees the Democratic field.
Trump cheers DOJ intervention in Roger Stone case
Feb 12 • 44 min
Tonight: the aftermath of the mass exodus at the Justice Department, and how Democrats plan to get answers from an Attorney General executing the President’s wishes. Then, Democratic front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders on his big win in New Hampshire, and…
Chris Hayes: Trump is weak, and beatable
Feb 10 • 45 min
Tonight: DNC Chair Tom Perez on how Democrats can unite to take on Trump. Then, the architect of Barack Obama’s elections on where this race stands in New Hampshire and beyond. Plus, why William Barr is now openly admitting to working with Rudy Giuliani…
BONUS: The Uneven Playing Field with Howard Bryant
Feb 8 • 57 min
As a bonus for All In listeners, Chris is sharing some of his favorite episodes of his original podcast, Why Is This Happening?, right here over the next few weekends. In this episode, he talks with author and ESPN writer Howard Bryant.
Post-debate special LIVE from New Hampshire
Feb 8 • 47 min
Chris Hayes hosts a post-debate special live from New Hampshire. He is joined by several candidates, including Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar.
Trump delivers his real State of the Union during White House victory lap
Feb 6 • 44 min
Tonight: how Donald Trump’s post-impeachment performance brings the stakes of 2020 into stark relief. Then, how the White House is now mobilizing the executive branch for retribution. Plus, Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Chris live in New Hampshire.
Democrats, Independents, and a Republican vote to remove Donald Trump from office
Feb 5 • 44 min
Tonight: why today’s vote could have wide-ranging implications for 2020 and beyond. Plus, what we know about what’s happening in Iowa, and where the race stands as New Hampshire approaches.
BONUS: The Meaning of Impeachment with Kate Shaw
Feb 1 • 57 min
Now might be a good time to get acquainted with impeachment. In fact, we here at #WITHpod believe everyone should listen to an hour-long conversation with a person who is not only familiar with the history of impeachment but who also has granular…
Apr 6, 2018 • 80 min
Listen to Chris Hayes’ and Kara Swisher’s complete interview with Tim Cook from the MSNBC & Recode “Revolution: Apple Changing the World” town hall event. Cook sounds off on the future of education and technology, privacy and your data, the NRA, and much…