Vector is a daily podcast by Apple analyst and tech critic Rene Ritchie.
036: iMac Pro
Dec 14 • 26 min
Rene has seen, touched, and used the new iMac Pro. Here are his first impressions. Links: iMac Pro first impressions: Beauty of a beast Should you upgrade to the new iMac Pro? Sponsors: MintSIM: Voice, data, and text for less. Get free first-class…
035: Ambient Computing, with Ben Bajarin
Dec 13 • 33 min
035: Ambient Computing, with Ben Bajarin Previously, on Vector: There is no home assistant market. Industry analyst Ben Bajarin: Allow me to retort. So he did. And then he hung around to chat about differential privacy vs. making assistants…
034: Behind the Scenes, with Jim Metzendorf
Dec 12 • 40 min
Everyone starts somewhere. Even us. From first podcast to how Vector gets made, podcaster and editor extraordinaire Jim Metzendorf takes us behind the scenes. Links: Jim Metzendorf: Twitter Audio Podcast Guide Call Recorder for Skype…
033: Drafts, with Greg Pierce and Merlin Mann
Dec 11 • 43 min
Rene sits down with developer Greg Pierce and the internet’s Merlin Mann to talk about Greg’s note taking app for iOS, Drafts. Links: Drafts Merlin Mann Greg Pierce (@agiletortoise) on Twitter Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) on Twitter Sponsors:…
032: Storyboarding on iPad Pro, with Rob McCallum
Dec 8 • 53 min
Pacific Rim. IT. Luke Cage. Star Trek: Discovery. Some of the greatest action sequences in modern TV and movies have been storyboarded by Rob McCallum… on an iPad Pro. Links: Rob McCallum: Twitter, IMDB, Web. Procreate …
031: Developing for AR Roundtable
Dec 7 • 65 min
Michelle Hessel, James Thomson, and Russell Holy talk augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality, ARKit, ARKCore, and the future of the technology. Links: Michelle Hessel: Twitter, Web. James Thomson: Twitter, Web….
030: Pivot to Video & Messenger for Kids, with Christina Warren
Dec 6 • 27 min
Modern media companies have been “pivoting to video” but not all of them have been successful. Christina Warren, formerly of Mashable and Gizmodo, discusses why. Also: Facebook Messenger for kids. Seriously. Links: Christina…
029: iOS 11 Security Horror Story
Dec 5 • 14 min
iOS 11 allows your passcode to reset your iTunes Backup and even Apple ID passwords. Some call it a horror story. It’s really a balancing act. Links: iOS 11 horror story: The rise and fall of iOS security iOS security isn’t a…
028: Phones vs. DSLR w/Carolina Milanesi
Dec 4 • 37 min
Phone vs. DSLR. A few years ago that would have sounded ridiculous. Then came computational photography. Now, Analyst Carolina Milanesi shares how the pros feel about their camera phones. Links: Carolina Milanesi (@caro_milanesi) on Twitter DSLR…
027: Bonus Episode — Thor: Ragnarok
Dec 2 • 82 min
The motley crew from ‘Review’ podcast — Rene Ritchie, Don Melton, Matt Drance, and Guy English get together for a chat about Marvel’s 2017 hit, Thor: Ragnarok.
026: That Springboard Crash Bug
Dec 2 • 11 min
On December 02, 2017, iOS 11 started crashing. It involved the time system, local notifications, and springboard. Here’s what happened and how to fix it. Links: iPhone crashing on Dec. 2? Here’s the fix! How to download and install iOS 11.2 on…
025: What kind of fall its been
Dec 1 • 72 min
Michael Gartenberg talks with Rene about Apple and the tech landscape in fall 2017. Links: Why 2018 is going to be a huge inflection point for the mobile world Michael Gartenberg on Twitter @gartenberg Subscribe via: ⁃Apple Podcasts…
024: Bugs, damn bugs, and fixes, with Jonathan Deustch
Nov 30 • 65 min
Apple has apologized for and fixed the root vulnerability in macOS High Sierra. But why do bugs ship and how can Apple prevent this from happening again? With former Apple engineering manager and current Tumult Hype developer Jonathan Deutsch. …
023: AirPods: One year later
Nov 29 • 28 min
AirPods were billed as the future of wireless headphones. Announced in September of 2016, shipped in December of 2016, and scarcely available until well into 2017, this is how well AirPods have lived up to their hype — one year later. …
022: macOS High Sierra Root Vulnerability
Nov 28 • 9 min
A critical flaw has been discovered in macOS High Sierra that lets an attacker log in as ‘root’ by leaving the password field blank and trying multiple times in a row. Listen to this and “fix” it right now. Links: macOS High Sierra ‘root’ security…
021: Evangelizing iPhone, with Matt Drance
Nov 28 • 37 min
There was a day before iPhone was introduced. And a day after. Matt Drance was there for both — and he had to evangelize it. Links: Matt Drance on Twitter @drance Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on: …
020: The Most Divisive MacBook Ever
Nov 27 • 34 min
Some love it. Some hate its living breath. It’s the new MacBook Pro and it’s the most divisive MacBook Pro ever. Links: Marco Arment: Fixing the MacBook Pro The Touch Bar Makes the Mac More Accessible to Me Making the Mac multitouch. A bit. …
019: Complications and Authentications
Nov 24 • 20 min
Lock screen complications would give iOS greater convenience and privacy. Ambient, persistent biometrics would give iPhone all but invisible security. Links: I’d love lock screen complications in iOS 12 Dreaming of persistent, ambient authentication…
018: Don’t Believe The Assistant Hype, with Jan Dawson
Nov 23 • 46 min
HomePod is going to miss the holidays. But how can Apple be late to a market that doesn’t really exist yet? With Jan Dawson. Links: Jan Dawson on Twitter Jan’s Web Site Subscribe via: ⁃Apple Podcasts ⁃Overcast ⁃Pocket Casts ⁃Castro ⁃RSS…
017: Planning for iOS 12, with Don Melton
Nov 22 • 71 min
Don Melton, former director of WebKit and Safari, talks 4K and HDR, and how Apple plans new versions of iOS. Links: Don Melton on Twitter Don Melton on GitHub Apple TV 4K review Belkin Ultra High Speed 4K HDMI Cable Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts…
016: Surviving Black Friday, with Dan DeSilva
Nov 21 • 35 min
Dan DeSilva on how he got into deals, into blogging, brought them both together, helped create Thrifter, and how to survive Black Friday. Links: Follow Dan DeSilva on Twitter Follow Thrifter on Twitter Thrifter’s Black Friday Collection Subscribe…
015: Let iPad Be iPad
Nov 20 • 20 min
iPad has grown significantly in performance and functionality, but it’s time to challenge our perception of what a computer is. Links: Apple’s new iPad Pro spot asks ‘what’s a computer?’ Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro…
014: Halt and catch HomePod
Nov 19 • 19 min
Apple missed a deadline that will cost them the Holiday shopping season, but it’s better to get it right. Links: HomePod: This is Apple’s Siri Speaker Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on: Web Twitter…
013: 1Password, with Michael Fey and Matt Davey
Nov 17 • 64 min
Increasing security and speed to usability with Matt Davey and Michael Fey of AgileBits. Transcript: 1Password 7: The Interview Guests & Links Michael Fey: Twitter Matt Davey: Twitter 1Password: Twitter, Website Subscribe via: Apple Podcasts…
012: The Animoji explainer. Seriously.
Nov 16 • 14 min
Animoji is a beginning to what’s possible, not an ending.
011: Face ID, round 2
Nov 15 • 21 min
Spoofing isn’t hacking. What you need to know about Face ID. Take two.
010: Designing for iPhone X Roundtable
Nov 14 • 61 min
Sebastiaan de With, Linda Dong, Marc Edwards, and Brad Ellis talk “horns”, aspect ratio, safe area, color space, OLED, HDR, and more! Links Sebastiaan de With: Twitter, Webite, Halide Linda Dong: Twitter, Lyft Marc Edwards: Twitter, Website,…
009: Fixing iPhone X Usability
Nov 14 • 17 min
iPhone X may be the best damn product Apple’s ever made, but these five fixes would make it even better. Links Five ways Apple could improve iPhone X usability Subscribe via Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on Web Twitter…
008: Computational Videography
Nov 14 • 18 min
Apple’s new Clips app and Portrait Backgrounds — called Scenes — gives a look at computational videography today. Links Star Wars and ‘Scenes’ Portrait Backgrounds come to Clips 2.0 Subscribe via Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro…
007: On Watches and Glasses
Nov 14 • 17 min
Apple Watch is getting close to surpassing iPod at its peak. AirPods are augmented audio reality now. And Apple Glass could be the next small thing. Links It’s long past time to admit Apple Watch is a huge success Apple Glass Subscribe via Apple…
006: Apple Pay Gets Personal
Nov 14 • 15 min
Person-to-person Apple Pay is going to make transaction easier and iMessage even more valuable. And that seems to have really pissed off Walmart. Links Person-to-Person Apple Pay is about to make iMessage even more valuable Walmart threatens to…
005: Dark Themes & Smart Battery Cases
Nov 14 • 16 min
iPhone X shipped without a night mode or a battery case. It needs both. Links I’d still love a dark theme in iOS 12 Why I’d love a Smart Battery Case for iPhone X Subscribe via Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on Web Twitter…
004: The Limits of Face ID
Nov 14 • 16 min
Face ID feels almost effortless. But it has several major limitations you need to know about. Links Face ID: Why you shouldn’t be worried about iPhone X unlock The limitations of Face ID: What you need to know No, siblings aren’t ‘fooling’ Face ID…
003: Apple TV 4K review
Nov 14 • 19 min
Apple might call its new TV box 4K, but it’s HDR that makes the real difference. Links Apple TV 4K review Subscribe via Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on Web Twitter Instagram Facebook
002: iPhone X #AMA
Nov 14 • 30 min
Twitter had so many questions about iPhone X. Here are the answers. Links iPhone X AMA thread Subscribe to Vector Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on Web Twitter Instagram Facebook
001: iPhone X review
Nov 14 • 60 min
iPhone X is the best damn product Apple has ever made. But it’s not perfect. Links iPhone X review Subscribe to Vector Apple Podcasts Overcast Pocket Casts Castro RSS Follow on Web Twitter Instagram Facebook