The V Spot: Vegan Podcast

The V Spot: Vegan Podcast
Two vegans talking about stuff, sometimes relevant, sometimes not.
043 – Anthropomorphic Nightmares
Oct 19 • 49 min
Halloween oreos are the best colored oreos out there. Hands down. "Change my mind" But in this episoe Dani has a problem. Well many actually, but one is with things that are too anthropomorphic or cute! She can't handle them, and often it causes complete…
042 – Around the World in 1 Episode
Oct 12 • 92 min
What do Disney, France, and the UK have in common? They are all of the places that Dani and Katt have traveled over the past two weeks! Most of this episode is food related (not surprising) with general travel tips, and the usual shenanigans thrown…
041 – Taco Sandwich
Oct 5 • 73 min
A very special episode where we talk about Disney! Animal Kingdom is our main subject, with the park and safari dug into in detail. And who's hosting? Dani and a MYSTERY GUEST! Sorry for the coughs, post vacation sickness is real.
040 – I Got You Babe
Sep 28 • 52 min
Links:My Brother, My Brother and Me | Maximum FunAnd That's Why We DrinkKellogg’s Executive Says the Future of Protein is Vegan at the Good Food ConferenceMoby Showcases Affordability of Vegan Food With Nutritious 75-Cent MealEsther The Wonder Pig denied…
039 – Tombstone for Lobsters
Sep 21 • 42 min
Links:Top 10 Insane P.E.T.A Publicity Stunts - Toptenz.netBreast Milk Ice Cream A Hit At London Store : The Two-Way : NPR11 spunky facts about Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop
038- The Foolympics
Sep 14 • 59 min
Silent Producer's Note: Sorry about the dubious quality of the audio at times… we're experimenting with remote recording these next few weeks with all the travel and vacation and the what not. Links:The Worst Things PETA Has Ever DoneToo Hot for the Big…
037 – Save the Gingerbread Men
Sep 7 • 80 min
We recorded this one live and in person at Berben and Wolff's after hours! From saving the Gingerbread Men, to dogs on the grill and paper lions on the walls, Berben and Wolff's (soon to be Berben and Mallow's) has it all. Joey berben sits down with with…
036 – Explosion of Rodents
Aug 31 • 67 min
Two articles found by 'The Silent Producer's' co-worker Patti start a domino effect of feelings this week, regarding how Veganism is clearly not an answer to any problems. That it can't be compassion based because of the murder in the grain fields. That…
035 – This is Not a Test
Aug 24 • 42 min
More live sound effects and some preliminary talks on animal testing. We're really tired… enjoy it!Links:Everything You Need To Know About Animal Testing – Cruelty-Free KittyThis working heart tissue is made from spinach | World Economic Forum4 Things You…
034 – The Cod Father
Aug 17 • 40 min
This weeks episode wraps up our viewing of 'Rotten' so we give our feels on the series as a whole along with the usual ramblings and commentary. Ft: The real live neighborhood crickets in the background.Links:How catch shares work | Environmental Defense…
033 – Got Milked?
Aug 10 • 46 min
We've arrived at the episode of Rotten where the topic of the Dairy industry is discussed. There;s no joke here when it comes to the "importance of small farmers" and the possiblity of…raw milk? This one hits close to home, and is a hot topic for us, so…
032 – The Straw Man Cometh
Aug 3 • 79 min
Links:New Guide Offers Inmates Advice on How to Be Vegan in PrisonStarbucks To Ditch Plastic Straws — Will It Actually Help The Environment?Starbucks’s plastic straw ban won’t save the ocean. But we need these bans anyway. - Vox
031 – Fowl Play
Jul 27 • 47 min
Here's another episode we recorded a little while ago during that extreme heat wave. We watch another episode of Rotten, this time about chickens, and invite some crickets to guest in this one. We also talk a little about Farm Sanctuary.Links:Man…
030 – Official Fat Vegan
Jul 20 • 85 min
You can be fat, vegan, and healthy- it's true!! Heather talks to Dani and Katt this week about her personal journey, but also her mission…which is to show the world that you can love your body and what makes you you, even if you don't fill a terrible…
029 – Horseracing Wrongs
Jul 13 • 85 min
From 'the pounding of unformed bodies' to 'the whipping, and ultimately 'the killing'- this episode contains all of the wrongs of horse racing. During this chat, you'll have a chance to hear the ins and outs of the dark side of what some see as "a sport"…
028 – It’s a Heatwave
Jul 6 • 55 min
This week Dani & Katt talk about everything from bees to sanctuaries, trips to Toronto to wineries, and beyond. Disclaimer- Due to the ridiculously humid weather, this episode is even more all over than usual! We cannot be held responsible for our…
027 – Killer Conversation
Jun 28 • 72 min
This week Dani & Katt watch 'Black Fish' which leads to many questions and of course- lots of feelings. Discussions of the film are had in conjuction with general talk about various aquarium. Similar to the stance on zoos- could there be any upside to…
026 – Zoobalee Zoo
Jun 22 • 73 min
Animal Kingdom…San Diego…Rosmund Gifford…they are all classified as zoos. But are all of them truly one in the same? Are they all equally harmful? We feel that there's a lot to be discussed, and maybe even more than meets the eye with some of…
025 – Vegan Doesn’t Mean Cruelty Free
Jun 15 • 69 min
Once again, we address the issue of people not truly giving thought to the meaning of compassion. Recently we were shook with the loss of two "celebrities", but more importantly two human beings. As suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death- it's…
024 – The Butterfly Effect
Jun 8 • 67 min
This week Dani and Katt address something that effects their lives daily, which was brought to light again recently with the passing of Kate Spade, as a focus topic. To lighten the mood there's Wymoing facts, butterfly horror stories, and some of the…
023 – Interview with Allison Argo
Jun 1 • 70 min
You've heard us rave about 'The Last Pig', and now it's time to dive a little deeper into what we consider to be one of the best documentaries out there right now. What better way to do that than an inteview with produce/director Allison Argo? We had the…
022 – Rotten Ep. 3 Garlic Breath
May 25 • 38 min
Garlic…it helps to banish vampires, and happens to be one of our favorite things to cook with (or just eat raw in Dani's case) Who knew there was such a dark side? This week we review Rotten Episode 3- Garlic Breath, and explore the lesser known sides of…
021 – A Tankard of Rice
May 18 • 81 min
In this episode we cover one of the topics that we constantly talk about off the air…what is too much? When does activism become too extreme, and have some activists lost sight of what truly matters- changing peoples minds…also Dani covers her favorite…
020 – Rotten Ep. 2 Peanuts
May 11 • 31 min
Some of the best foods for people are some of the most deadly to others. In this weeks review of 'Rotten' episode 2- The Peanut Principle, Dani & Katt talk about the scary reality of living in a world that doesn't always cater to the various needs that…
019 – Rotten Ep. 1 Honey
May 4 • 39 min
Episode 1 of 'Rotten' is all about the honey industry. Dani & Katt discover that there's far more than meets the eye when it comes to how and what honey gets to your local farmers market, or the big box stores. Links:A Guide to Watching ‘Rotten’ on…
018 – The Last Pig
Apr 27 • 86 min
On this weeks episode we talk about our feelings during and after our viewing of 'The Last Pig'…and there are LOTS of feelings! We also got to participate in a panel discussion with Allison Argo, Bob Comis, and Kathy Stevens- all of whom played a…
017 – Avoca-don’t Hurt Our Planet!
Apr 20 • 76 min
Did you know?? It takes 1 gallon of water to make 1 almond? 400 years for plastic to degrade? This Earth Day Dani & Katt are talking about the price we pay for some of the things we use every day…and in pop culture corner- the most bizarre contest of all…
016 – Won’t You Be My Vegan?
Apr 13 • 75 min
This week it's a round table discussion with special guest Rachael Perry about using media as an activist outlet! Dani, Katt, and Rachael discuss celebrities using the spotlight to bring awareness to animal rights, and other social justice issues. They…
015 – Ouch! Conflict Stings!
Apr 6 • 82 min
Bee Venom Therapy…The Impossible Burger…Pre-maturely born babies…what do all of these have in common? All of them are surrounded by controversy for various reasons in the animal or human rights industries, and all of them are discussed in this episode.…
014 – Love Trumps Hate
Mar 30 • 76 min
This week Dani and Katt decided to get political and explore a lot of grey area after seeing on social media that someone can not have voted for Trump and be a vegan. It was another case for the vegan police to take away someones vegan card. But can't one…
013 – Compassion Fatigue
Mar 23 • 86 min
In this episode Dani and Katt about compassion fatigue. What is that? It’s the end result of moments, experiences- day in and day out that move us and affect us at our cores. They discuss some of the latest (and most upsetting) news stories, and when…
012 – Raise the Flag
Mar 16 • 54 min
Join us for another documentary review- this time of 'Forks Over Knives'! We also get in touch with our domestic sides and talk about a little house decoration; curtains, drapes, rugs and flags…or is there more to it than that?? Producers Note: Sorry for…
011 – #rippleeffect
Mar 9 • 46 min
In this part two of our dish on dairy we're covering it all…a 'myth truths' website, some new companies making waves in the industry and one of our staple replacers who is having a real #rippleeffect on dairy (and our lives!) Links:Milk FactsChoose…
010 – #milkfloods
Mar 2 • 59 min
Did you ever wonder what would happen if we didn't milk cows? We're here to tell you how one farmer thinks milk floods would be the result! Careful! (Also did you know cows would obviously take over the world if we didn't kill them for meat?!) This dairy…
009 – A Can of Inspiration
Feb 23 • 66 min
From a 5 course vegan dinner for Valentines Day to a trip to Austin, Texas and running errands to pick up more superhero supplies- this week we've done it all! Movies, tv commercials, and more pop culture discussion than ever before await you amidst our…
008 – It’s Not So Great
Feb 16 • 82 min
Not every moment can be the positives…with the light there must always be the dark, and in this episode some of the darker main stream current topics are discussed. When everyones eyes are on the olympics- what is happening a mere 2 hours away? Those…
007 – Healthy Innuendo
Feb 2 • 56 min
First and foremost we believe in taking care of yourself, because only you truly know what you need to feel good day in and day out. It's time to hit The V Spot and come join us as we discuss health and protein, throw around a few innuendos, and review…
006 – Potpourri
Jan 19 • 39 min
Bullies, food network, and odd hand gestures- what do these things all have in common? This episode of course!! We're all over the place with this one because we have a lot to say, and it appears as though it has little in common. But that's just how we…
005 – #20GREATteen
Jan 5 • 49 min
Welcome to 2018, or as we call it 20Great-teen! We're starting the year off with a bang by discussing our respective holiday experiences, the month of Veganuary, while touching briefly on feminism- not to mention just a bit of flirtation that comes up.…
004 – What’s Vegan Got to Do With It
Dec 22, 2017 • 54 min
Vegan + Non-vegan = ? On this episode you'll find our answer to the equation of relationships between vegans and non vegans, some shout outs to those allies (and just all around good people!) in our lives, some advice on general relationships, and the…
003 – You Can Sit With Us
Dec 8, 2017 • 48 min
In Episode 3 we ask the important questions…Do you have to break up with your favorite vegan brand if they're bought out by a big omni company? Is Ruffles the new enemy of tofurkey and vegans everywhere? As well as the most important question of all…where…
002 – It’s Against the Rules!
Nov 24, 2017 • 51 min
Katt and Dani discuss getting their vegan cards revoked, as well as Dani's friend card and Katt's musical card. Shaming, bullying, thrifting, cookies, bivalves, and doing what you can. Also pumpkin pie. Producer's Note: For the record it is 100% my fault…
001 – Go There and Bring Food… or Not
Nov 10, 2017 • 42 min
The inaugural episode of The V Spot.