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Great Lakes Gaming
45: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Indirect
Aug 12 • 110 min
This Week Nick is joined by Dan Allen and Roger Reott to discuss the most recent Nintendo Direct and the Doom Eternal gameplay footage from QuakeCON. Also we had some technical difficulties with our Microphone and had to use the back up recording device.…
44: Kefka The Based God
Aug 5 • 111 min
This week on the ol GLG Podboy, Dan is joined by DeAngelo Martin and first time guest Gabe O'Connor. They discuss the Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter crossover from the view point of each games fanbase. As well as who they would like to see in a new…
43: This Week In Gaming!
Jul 29 • 91 min
42: The Curse of Kapkan
Jul 22 • 86 min
This week Dan & Nick welcome DeAngelo Martin to the podcast. They discuss the new Spiderman trailer from San Diego Comic Con, THQ Nordic coming to Gamescom 2018, Dead by Daylight, Rainbow Six Siege, Yakuza for PS2, Skyrim for Switch, and after all that…
41: Roger That!
Jul 15 • 98 min
This week in Podcasts we introduce long time listener, Roger to the round table. We talk about games coming through mid November and if we will be better people and purchase them…. baby. Also, philosophical Pokémon debates happen.Special Guests: Kyle…
40: The Gauntlet 3: Finite Gauntlet
Jul 8 • 100 min
Video Game Trivia Games? The time has come once again for a most special event. The Gauntlet 3. A Most Finite Gauntlet. Four men armed only with a game of wits. The most winningest winner at the end of the podcast will once more be crowned Ultimate…
39: Ubisoft & Nintendo
Jul 1 • 82 min
38: Bethesda & Square Enix
Jun 24 • 95 min
37: Microsoft E3 Conference
Jun 17 • 83 min
36: EA Play Conference
Jun 10 • 85 min
35: Let’s Go! E3’s Homestretch
Jun 4 • 74 min
This week on Great Lakes Gaming, the Mitten Boys ride the wave of E3 Hype and Pre3 announcements. Pokemon Games Announce! Fallout 76 makes the nation wildly guess at what it even is. Assassins Creed better be recreating the story of Odysseus. Sonic is…
34: E3 Predictions: EA, Sony, Microsoft and Bethesda
May 27 • 77 min
With E3 coming close, The Lit Mit Boys discuss the rest of the conference. What will EA, Microsoft and Bethesda bring to the conference?Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
Nintendo & Ubisoft E3 Predictions
May 20 • 80 min
E3 is coming up soon and to continue the speculations from last week the Lit Mit boys act as modern day oracles and give their educated guesses on their panels. Also, snake oil.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
32: Square Predictions
May 13 • 95 min
This week the Lit Mit boys discuss Swamp Thing, we give our predictions for Square Enix E3 line up and we play a game about the best RPG series…..allegedly.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
31: TurtCosta: Get the Shell Out!
May 6 • 78 min
This week in podcasts, the Lit Mit boys discuss the numbers for March 2018. They also talk about their plans for The Road to E3. Lastly, they create a game together for a joint closer.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
30: The Gauntlet II: Ain’t No Lookin Back
Apr 29 • 100 min
The Gauntlet returns on Great Lakes Gaming’s Season 1 Finale. Join along as the four founding fathers of Lit Mit Media go head to head to head to head in an all out rumble to claim the title of Ultimate Closer. Will Nick hold onto the belt or will someone…
29: Swamp Thing Speaks
Apr 22 • 88 min
This week the Lit Mit boys talk about their hopes for E3, kingdom hearts 3, and play a game about video game antagonists.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
28: Symphony of the Night Mitten
Apr 14 • 81 min
This week throws Mitten boys talk about Red Dead Redemption, they talk about their hopes for e3 and much more!Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
27: Mitten Combat Vol.2
Apr 8 • 63 min
This week the Lit Mit boys talk about the announcement of Shaq fu, The Spyro trilogy and the closer we play is what???¿? Find out this week on Great Lakes Gaming!Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
26: Night Mitten
Apr 1 • 81 min
This week, the Lit Mit boys tackle gaming news and actually don’t play an April fools prank.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
25: GLG 25th Anniversary
Mar 26 • 77 min
This week, we planned on having a full house on the podcast. We had local Michigan artist and Lit Mit Media intern Dri from Synodic Art in the studio among the normal cast of Trey, Kyle, Dan and Nick. Due to unforeseen audio issues we decided to re-record…
24: Escape From Smash City
Mar 18 • 61 min
Those Lit Mit boys are at it again. This week we talk about our adventures in Donkey Kong Country, we watch 3 trailers (Outer Wilds, Sonic R?, Sonic Mania Adventures) Plus for a special Closer, we create the worlds most convoluted video game. Rapid…
23: Smash City
Mar 12 • 69 min
This week the Lit Mit boys dive head first into the news from the 3.8.18 Nintendo Direct.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
22: Dogs
Mar 4 • 67 min
This week on the podcast we discuss Sega giving away Yakuza 6 for free on accident, why Dan is less excited for Detroit after playing Heavy Rain, and what it truly means to be a father. All this plus a hoot and a holler. GLG.Special Guests: Kyle Melville,…
21: Rough Sailing
Feb 25 • 67 min
This week on the podcast a special guest back from exile and the boys Kill All GOTY's. All but one. Also discussion is had about the Sonic movie set to come out November 2019. Games are played, video games discussed, hearts touched. Great Lakes…
20: GLG Presents: The Gauntlet
Feb 18 • 61 min
In one corner we have the champion of 7 regions, the Pokémon Professor himself, Nicholas Cartier. In the other corner we have a man of Magic, the climber of the Colossi and the hardest mother f**ker you know…Trey Graunstadt. Two men enter for the chance…
19: Mitten Quest VI
Feb 11 • 64 min
What was that about Pokémon? What was that about Sonic? Sing along with us because it’s time for the rumor mill. Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
18: This Is The Kyle Melville Show
Feb 4 • 76 min
This week the Lit Mit boys talk about what we played throughout the week,video game delays, VR games, what movies kyle has fallen asleep to and our opinions on the new Mario movie that was announced. Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and…
17: Byte and Barq
Jan 28 • 79 min
The Mitten Boys take some time this week on Great Lakes Gaming to discuss Anthem, how we will look back on the Wii U in the future, the Sea of Thieves beta, partridge and a pear tree. Come for the games, stay for the sweet banter about Bill Nye.Special…
16: Cardboard Origami
Jan 21 • 84 min
This week on that Mitten Cast, Nicholas Cartier Moderates the rest of the gang through the intricacies of Nintendo Labo. We talk Dragon Ball, upcoming Microsoft releases for Xbox, and even manage to find time for a trip to the Rumor Mill. Special Guests:…
15: Nintendo Indirect Mini
Jan 14 • 73 min
This week on the Mitten Cast, we dive deep into the latest Nintendo Direct from Jan 11th. We also go over the Michigan GOTY'S Awards including crowning our first PGOTY. All that and a Poke Challenge this week on GLG.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas…
14: Fat Loads
Jan 7 • 69 min
This week on Great Lakes Gaming… Kyle and Cartier recall their journey through VR, Kingdom Hearts is subtly mentioned once, we go to the mill, we talk sweet numbers, and in the end we find out who is TRULY King of the Streets. This week in this…
13: Corporate Justus
Dec 31, 2017 • 54 min
A year ending episode of sorts, we discuss PGOTYs as well as Eurogamer top 50 games for 2017. We also get a rousing round in of "Who Done Said That?". Plus we have an intern now, provided by corporate. But why is he really here? All of this and more, on…
12: Mistletoe Passion
Dec 24, 2017 • 58 min
A very merry Christmas special for all. All members of this podcast were verified to have been wearing a sweater. A special featuring the warmest and absolute fuzziest childhood memories from the whole Mitten Family. Trey farts, Kyle Hates It, November…
11: The Exile of Last Gen Genni
Dec 17, 2017 • 73 min
Join Dan Allen, Nicholas Cartier, Trey Grunstadt, Kyle Melville on the continued journey of four Mochigan Boys that love video games. From Soul Caliber 6 to Rayman Legends, the boys are all over the map this week. We hear back from corporate about the…
5: A Very Special Bloodbath
Dec 12, 2017 • 61 min
10: And The Results Are In…
Dec 10, 2017 • 68 min
The Game Awards and PSX are behind us and it's time for your favorite group of Michigan Game Enthusiasts to look back fondly. We're talking about the announcements, the teasers, bit coins, signing up for classes, Hideo Kojima, Geoff Keighley sweating and…
9: Roob and Genni
Dec 3, 2017 • 61 min
The whole gang is here and they've gathered this week to discuss the sizeable leak of what may be Devil May Cry V. They make predictions about The Game Awards and drop Kojima's name like it's real cool to do so. Also coporate isn't happy about the "Dwayne…
8: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Two Soggy Bills
Nov 26, 2017 • 73 min
7: Haiku Me, Dood
Nov 19, 2017 • 71 min
This Week we talk about games, religion, Scooby Doo, corporate suits, Red King Crabs, 2 small pieces of paper, Bravely Default and oh so much more. More? Yes, I said more.Special Guests: Kyle Melville, Nicholas Cartier, and Trey Graunstadt.
6: Heavy Metal
Nov 12, 2017 • 69 min
The Heaviest Metal. Audio Adjustments have been made. This episode without a doubt sounds the best of them all so far and we thank you all for bearing with us. This week the boys ponder casual numbers and impossible remasters. Cooper finally gets some…
4: Spooder Mane and Friends
Nov 7, 2017 • 70 min
The Lit Mitten Boys discuss some big hype coming from Paris Games Week. They also discuss what they've played this week per usual, however this week they mostly all played games released on the same day. Games are played, Cartier gets credited for…
3: The Return Of Kyle Melville
Oct 29, 2017 • 76 min
Those LitMit Boys slowly begin to hit that sweet groove. This Week Join the whole gang (minus Kyle) as they discuss EA closing Down Visceral, Team Rocket Revealed, and generally gush over Fire Emblem as a series. Games featuring Pokemon, betting, and a…
2: Second Breakfast
Oct 27, 2017 • 83 min
What about Second Breakfast? This week Dan, Kyle, Nick, and Trey discuss the massive amount of games scheduled for the fall. From Mario Odyssey and forward. They also get sidetracked by Tootsie Pops, consider buying PSVR, and Deceptively Describe Games.…
1: Lift Off
Oct 26, 2017 • 89 min
The True First episode of Great Lakes Gaming. Join Dan Allen, Nick Cartier, Trey Graunstadt, and Kyle Melville as they discuss, what was at the time, the most recent Nintendo Direct from Sept 13th. However, not before they take some time to discuss what…