Break Form

Break Form
Break Form hosted by Annette and Sarah

011 - Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran of The Singer and The Songwriter
Jul 17, 2018
Let there be music! In this episode, Annette and Sarah are excited to incorporate Vis Viva, a song by The Singer and The Songwriter, into the podcast. While Sarah celebrates Mother’s Day with her family, Annette dives into a conversation with Rachel…
010 - Two Lawyers Care for Their Souls
May 1, 2018
On this tenth episode of Break Form, in addition to talking about what’s been happening in their respective lives (Sarah gets crafty in anticipation of her son’s first birthday, itches to write, and has an (awake) dream involving a bear. Annette remembers…
009 - Sara Rezvanpour Rose, Creative Counsel at Jungalow
Mar 13, 2018
Sara Rezvanpour Rose (@sararezrose ( went from being a closeted creative who “passed” as an attorney to Creative Counsel at Jungalow (@thejungalow (, a wild bohemian lifestyle…
008 - Tracy Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of Chewse
Feb 20, 2018
007 - The New Year
Jan 27, 2018
Having just returned from a silent meditation retreat, Annette shares her experience spending several days in silence in the desert. Her year begins with thoughts about meaning-making and self-compass…
006 - What’s the Story?
Nov 24, 2017
We talk about what it means to resist categorical thinking and the often false narratives we construct about our own lives. From Annette’s participation in a bar association panel as a non-lawyer, to Sarah’s grappling…
005 - The Abyss
Nov 1, 2017
So we quit. Now what? Sarah and Annette discuss what they’ve been up to since leaving the law and their respective paths to creative recovery. Sarah shares how being a new mother has added a sense of urgency to her creative endeavors, and Annette…
004 - Money Matters
Nov 1, 2017
In this episode, Sarah and Annette talk money matters. The decision to leave our law jobs meant thinking through (and continuing to think through) what money means to us. In this conversation we explore where our values regarding money come from, and why…
003 - Transitions
Oct 10, 2017 • 36 min
Lots of transitions! Sarah just gave birth to her first child! Annette just gave her two-weeks’ notice! In this episode, Sarah gives her sleep-deprived thoughts on what it’s like to be a new mother, and Annette shares how it feels to publicly announce her…
002 - Sarah’s Journey in Biglaw
Oct 10, 2017 • 43 min
Sarah looks back at her bewildering years as a lawyer in Biglaw and talks about how she made the decision to leave.
001 - Origin Story
Oct 10, 2017 • 25 min
Sarah and Annette trace their roots to rural California and cosmopolitan Hong Kong and reflect on how they ended up as lawyers in Los Angeles.
Welcome to Break Form
Oct 10, 2017 • 3 min
When Sarah and Annette reunited in Los Angeles, they were both recent law school graduates studying for the bar exam. After passing the bar and starting their legal careers, they found themselves questioning whether the legal profession was right for…