Cambridge Seventh-day Adventist Podcast

Cambridge Seventh-day Adventist Podcast
A collection of live recordings of life changing, uplifting sermons & church services from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cambridge, England.

Paternity Test: Who Is Your Father?
May 10 • 40 min
In the first presentation in our “Core of Adventism” series, Pastor Nicola English-Newsam discusses the importance of knowing who you (heavenly) father is.
2019 Youth Week Of Prayer: Aspects of The Local Church
Mar 16 • 33 min
Jordan Massiah leads in a special service featuring clips recorded by the Youth of the Church on some of the topics discussed during the Youth Week of Prayer
Discipleship: The Piece That Matters
Mar 1 • 31 min
Our Discipleship Series continues, as Associate Pastor, Pastor Mary Barret presents a sermon on the the discipleship “piece that matters”…witnessing
Walking At Night, Walking in Light
Feb 23 • 19 min
Rebekah Blyth takes to the pulpit as she presents a sermon as part of Youth Emphasis Day
Discipleship: An Intimate Moment
Feb 15 • 31 min
As part of our Discipleship series, Pastor Mary Barrett presents a sermon a key part of discipleship, which includes “An Imtimate Moment”
Discipleship: A Fellowship Of Love
Feb 9 • 24 min
As we continue our series on Discipleship, in this session, Pastor Jonathan Barrett looks at the Fellowship Of Love.Recorded: Saturday, 09 February 2019Speaker: Pastor Jonathan Barrett
The Good Shepherd
Feb 2 • 23 min
Amos Burke, leads in our weekly worship service, with sermon entitled “The Good Shepherd”Recorded: Saturday, 02 February 2019Speaker: Amos Burke
Discipleship: Reflecting Christ’s Vision
Jan 26 • 53 min
Pastor Michael Mbui leads in a sermon/training session as part of our Discipleship series.
Which Cup Do You Feat On?
Oct 3, 2009 • 36 min
Dr. Claude Lombart presents a sermon entitled Which Cup Do You Feat On?
Don’t Let Your Tongue Bite You
Sep 26, 2009 • 30 min
Dr. Claude Lombart presents a sermon entitled Don’t Let Your Tongue Bite You
The Mother-In-Law: Naomi
Sep 9, 2009 • 24 min
Pastor Alan Hodges presents a sermon entitled The Mother-In-Law: Naomi
The Great Escape
Aug 22, 2009 • 36 min
Laurence Dabbs presents a sermon entitled The Great Escape
Love Is Eternal
Jul 18, 2009 • 36 min
Musoka Tolosi presents a sermon entitled Love Is Eternal