The SoFlo Creative Podcast

The SoFlo Creative Podcast
Empowering South Florida’s Creative Community
EP. 7 Shira Abergel
Jun 8 • 42 min
Ep.6: Miguel Sahid - Actor, Director, Producer, and Acting Coach
Apr 11 • 51 min
We’ll be listening to Miguel Sahid, Director and acting coach of the Hispanic American Acting Society. Mostly known in Spanish as el SAH la Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericana which is based in Miami.
Ep.5: Javier Mayol - Writer and Producer of the Web Comedy Series “Hialeah”
Apr 11 • 32 min
Award-winning producer and writer of the new comedy web series “Hialeah” talks about the making of his six part series and how he started his film career in the sunshine state.
Ep.4: Ariana Hernandez-Reguant - Cultural Anthropologist
Apr 11 • 32 min
Cultural and urban anthropologist Ariana Hernandez talks about the positive impact that can be created by the cultural arts in Hialeah and abroad to motivate and bring about better social awareness. But it’s going to take a much more concerted effort…
Ep.3: Playwright Juan C. Sanchez - Writer of Miami Motel Stories
Apr 11 • 24 min
Episode 3: A talk with a true voice of the theatre in Miami and abroad. And the writer of “Miami Motel Stories”. An unique immersive theatre experience in Little Havana.
Ep.2: Indie-Annie Jones - Queen Of Cosplay and Crafts
Apr 11 • 18 min
A self-described wacky mom type who works full-time and loves to craft and cosplay. Her home studio in Miami turns out high-quality fun filled entertaining episodes around holidays and other events.
Ep.1: Josue Molina - Miami Based Actor Filmmaker
Apr 11 • 20 min
Episode One with Guest Josue Molina • Episode One with Guest Josue Molina • Episode One with Guest Josue Molina • Episode One with Guest Josue Molina