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Defining Moments Podcast
Defining Moments

David Willis: “Survivor”
Nov 14 • 87 min
David is a 2x cancer survivor and a 2x champion! Need a boost of positivity and motivation? Give this episode a listen.
Anthony Crawford Jr.: “Dope”
Nov 4 • 58 min
Anthony’s journey from lost to awakened, why he teaches, and how he came to write his first book.
Paxton Rosen: Student Athlete
Oct 28 • 48 min
How does a D1 athlete balance competing and studying and keep a good relationship with God and his family? How did a tragic, unexpected death in his family shape his life and his love for his family and God? What went through his mind when he committed to…
Sam Humphreys: “Have Faith, Succeed, Have Fun”
Oct 21 • 54 min
D1 Golfer Sam Humphreys is on defining moments podcast to talk about his experience overcoming testicular cancer.
OKC Mayor David Holt: “Mr. OKC Wide”
Oct 7 • 42 min
From Husband to father to everything OKC and beyond… how does Mayor Holt find time in his day for it all? How did his defining moment strengthen him and what did he learn from it?
Shannon McCarty: “Fresh Morning Coffee”
Sep 24 • 66 min
Shannon McCarty is a Desert Storm Veteran who spent 11 years in the United States Air Force and 20 years in the Oklahoma City Police Department. Now, he is the Community Coordinator at Athlete, Inc. ( How did Shannon decide he wanted…
Erin Engelke: “Beauty in the Busyness”
Sep 11 • 55 min
Erin is the Executive Director of Calm Waters in Oklahoma City, a non-profit organization that provides grief support to children and families that have experienced a loss or divorce. She is also a wife, mother and blogger at Beauty in the Busyness…
Daniel Cherbonnier: “A Coach’s Journey”
Sep 5 • 103 min
When you choose a coach you want to play for, how do you choose the coach? Is it wins, losses or something like word of mouth? Or do you seek, for your own personal reasons, to get to know the coach a little bit better before you play for that coach?…
Merrilee Barone: “Gratitude”
Aug 19 • 67 min
Are you looking to start your own side gig? This episode is for you, the entrepreneur! Let us introduce you to Merrilee Barone - the owner and founder of Knead & Nod, a company recreating the art of a “thank you” through an O k l a h o m a gift box.…
Bryan Bedford: “Family-Man Agent”
Aug 12 • 70 min
Bryan Bedford is the CEO & Managing Director of the Bedford Agency, a premier sports business consultant and recruiting education firm. How did his experiences in life, family and his love for the people in his home state of Oklahoma as well as a college…
Franco Sui Yuan: “Culture”
Jul 29 • 72 min
Franco has produced TV shows for the LA Galaxy and the Lakers. He currently works as a broadcast liaison officer for the MLS. He has lived in different countries across the world and uses his experience as a way to connect with others. If you want to know…
JD Rutherford: “Recidivism”
Jul 15
What happens when a troubled child has a brutal, unfortunate experience that affects the rest of his life? What happens after he spends 20+ years in state prison only to be in another defining moment, surrounded by the FBI with laser dots on him. How did…
Diana Marquez Brayton: “The Cashmere Cat”
Jul 4 • 69 min
Diana is using her talents as a children’s author to bring important lessons to kids like “you are special and unique” and “actions have consequences” or “be a good friend”. Each book is set-up to help parents have a conversation with their kids on these…
Duane Cummings: “The Purpose”
Jun 20
Sometimes the road to finding your purpose isn’t a straight one. You’ll love this episode with coach, motivational speaker, writer, and CEO of the Sensational Group.
Luke Atkinson: “Serve”
Jun 5 • 71 min
Luke is the communications manager for Oklahoma Contemporary and he is on DMP talking about how he got his passion for service, his personal mission and the mission of Oklahoma Contemporary.
Nate Gomez Catch-Up and Conversation
Jun 2 • 72 min
Life happens, defining moments happen, and then we meet up with our former guests for a little Catch-up and Conversation! Meet Nate! A two-time guest on DMP and he is back to tell you about where things are for him now.
Chris Stanford: “Authentic Anchor”
May 28 • 83 min
Oklahoma’s Fox 25 news anchor Chris Stanford is on DMP talking about how he got into the business, one of his set-backs, his morning routine (which starts around 2am!), his family and why he wants you to know he is just a regular guy.
Rufus Alexander - “The Sooner”
May 13 • 104 min
You may know him as an OU Sooner, football player and radio personality, but what is Rufus’s defining moment in life? What is his favorite sport? Why did he choose OU despite it being his worst recruiting experience?
SSgt. Lumpkins - “The Question”
Apr 29 • 49 min
Ever thought about joining one of the branches of the military? How did a single question impact a young man’s decision? Ssgt. Lumpkins of the USMC is on Episode 33 talking about his experience joining the Marines and how he now recruits and prepares the…
Matt Campbell: “Cold Season”
Apr 18 • 89 min
Matt, a pastor in Amarillo, TX is on DMP talking about the season of loss led him to write a book about his mother’s legacy. Part of his grief led him to connect the dots of her life and death in a way that extends her legacy in a touching manner. By…
Shirleyanne Brown Johnson - “Alive”
Apr 1 • 88 min
What would you do with a second chance at life? How about a third? Shirleyanne survived death twice and has devoted her life to helping heal and support others with her therapy dog. Cry, laugh and be moved by listening to this episode! Big thanks to…
Padriac Farrell: “Chase Greatness”
Mar 19 • 72 min
He drives the energy bus, he is a team administrator in OKC, and he is the founder of Chase Greatness - a new lifestyle brand in OKC. How does Padriac handle a busy schedule, what are his morning habits? How does he deal with negativity or low energy? How…
Brian Crookham: “Coach” - Episode 29
Mar 4 • 64 min
I’m so excited to introduce DMP listeners to my former high school coach who now works as a Senior Director of Soccer Development for the Colorado Rapids and is the GM of the Colorado Switchbacks. Coach Crookham was a big influence on my development as a…
Eric Kerian: “Ripple Effect” - Episode 28
Feb 18 • 53 min
Eric Kerian: from addictions and a DUI to being a husband, father, athlete, and supporter of Folds of Honor.
Gonzo Garzon: “JUMP” - Episode 27
Feb 4 • 94 min
What were you doing at the age of 12? Leaving your family home to go play professional tennis? Oh, no, that was our guest on Ep 27, Gonzo. How did that one decision, so many years ago, lead him to his biggest defining moment in life?
My Defining Moment with Joni Manivong: “Ministry” - Episode 26
Jan 9 • 60 min
Joni, owner of 31 Mugs in Edmond, OK is on DMP talking about her ministry, her defining moment where she was saved in an unexpected way and her mission to share the hope and love. *Editor’s note* This episode briefly contains descriptions of suicide…
My Defining Moment with Andy Schneider: “You Are My Sunshine” - Episode 25
Dec 6, 2018 • 71 min
Loss is a life defining event. Loss of a family member can be life altering; however, loss of a child begins a indescribable journey of faith and survival. Andy Schneider is on DMP to share his son’s story, his family’s story, of life and loss, love, and…
My Defining Moment with Aly Cunningham: “Service” - Episode 24
Nov 25, 2018 • 44 min
Aly, a true servant leader in the OKC metro is on DMP discussing her life leading up to co-owning Sunnyside Diner. How has she used her resources in life (and as you’ll learn, her opportunity at a life of her own design) to be of service to others?
My Defining Moment with Julia Avila Shumate: “Raging Panda” - Episode 23
Nov 7, 2018 • 67 min
What is life like as an MMA fighter and geological professional? How does Julia maintain her discipline and continuously improve? What is Julia’s ultimate goal and how does she think differently about her defining moment?
My Defining Moment 2 with Nate Gomez: “Broken” - Episode 22
Oct 21, 2018
You can support Nate at When you are lost and broken, what brings you back home? This is a personal, emotional, heart-felt DMP episode. Thanks Nate for sharing your story!
BONUS EPISODE: The Mental Health Download
Oct 4, 2018 • 14 min
If you enjoyed Episode 20 with Mike Brose, you’ll love this new podcast from the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma: The Mental Health Download. Listen to a full episode of the Mental Health Download in this bonus episode and subscribe to the Mental…
Mike Brose: “Chief Empowerment Officer” - Episode 21
Oct 3, 2018 • 70 min
Please note: this episode includes a discussion of topics including suicide prevention and cyber bullying that may be sensitive for some listeners and not appropriate for others. If at anytime you feel like you need help: National Suicide Prevention…
Rian Smoak and Bryce Wooten: “TriDAT” - Episode 20
Sep 17, 2018
How does it feel to accomplish a dream, live your best life, do something you thought was impossible? Do you want to TriDat? Join us on Episode 20 where we sit-down with the founder of TriDAT, Rian Smoak, an organization he founded to help people…
Zac Smith: “Brothers and Brew” - Episode 19
Sep 3, 2018 • 64 min
Zac Smith, co-owner of Vanessa House Beer Co. is on DMP discussing his defining moment in starting his own company. He lets us in on what he wants the company culture to be and where the new location will be for Vanessa House - opening soon! All…
Abby Holley: “The Five” - Episode 18
Aug 17, 2018 • 63 min
Abby is on DMP talking about her college golf experience and how she and her teammates faced extraordinary odds to pursue their dreams of a National Championship win.
Craig and Bayley Staley: “Love Big” - Episode 17
Aug 3, 2018 • 90 min
Craig and Bayley Staley are on DMP sharing their miscarriages (plural) story and how it led them to a roller-coaster ride of an adoption. They have advice is for couples going through similar experiences and are especially interested in how they can be a…
Patrick Rose: “Passion” - Episode 16
Jul 12, 2018 • 65 min
Patrick is on DMP talking about what his bullying experience taught him and how it led him to finding his passion in musical theater and dance.
Mary Bruce: “Roaches, Chickens and Giving Back” - Episode 15
Jun 28, 2018 • 70 min
Mary is on DMP discussing a past trauma and how some unexpected circumstances helped to bring her much needed clarity and hope. **WARNING** this episode contains depictions of abuse that, while not graphic, are not intended for all audiences. Listener…
Matt Pinnell: “Make No Little Plans” - Episode 14
Jun 8, 2018 • 52 min
Oklahoma Lt. Governor candidate Matt Pinnell is on DMP discussing state issues, the role of Lt. Governor, why he chose to run, his family and, of course, his defining moment.
Hobbs Halbert: “All-In” - Episode 13
May 28, 2018 • 58 min
Hobbs’ experience may hold a lesson for anyone thinking they were made for a different path.
Paul Waddell: “Renaissance” - Episode 12
Apr 19, 2018 • 61 min
Paul is on DMP talking about his big move from LA to OKC, how he sees Oklahoma’s emerging art scene and the exciting future it has, and how he wants to help plug artists into this movement.
Cody Laurendi: “Captain” - Episode 11
Apr 5, 2018 • 95 min
Cody Laurendi, Energy FC Goalkeeper and USL athlete is on the podcast and is bringing the positivity! Cody talks about what its like being in OKC, being a professional athlete, how much he loves and respects his family, and how he is making the most of…
Matt Mower: “Water off the Back” - Episode 10
Mar 14, 2018 • 59 min
Matt is on DMP talking about his family, community, career and mission trip to the West Indies
Derrick Sier: “What if I Say Yes?” - Episode 9
Jan 22, 2018 • 53 min
Derrick Sier is the founder of OMOS (One Mind One Spirit) Team Building and is on Defining Moments Podcast to talk about the single moment his life changed direction (in a good way) completely. Derrick Sier has a pool of experience that spans community,…
Tim Dixon: “Type 1” - Episode 8
Jan 1, 2018 • 60 min
Tim is on DMP sharing how he manages the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes with positivity. If you want to reach out to Tim, email him at [email protected]
Adam Putt: “Live” - Episode 7
Dec 18, 2017 • 70 min
*Listener Discretion Advised* This episode contains depictions of wartime violence; therefore, listener discretion is advised. Adam describes his military experience and the value of family
Tony Morton: “Self-Reliance” - Episode 6
Dec 4, 2017 • 64 min
Tony Morton, owner of Kasum Contemporary in OKC, comes on DMP to discuss his defining moment as a young man, about the discipline required to be an artist, and the next big step in his business.
Nate Gomez: “Emptiness”
Nov 20, 2017 • 57 min
My Defining Moment with Vearl Tolbert: “First Chair”
Nov 6, 2017 • 51 min
Vearl Tolbert: musician, professional, husband and father on the show talking about how and why he started playing music, how music impacted his life and continues to shape it today.
My Defining Moment: “The Interview” - Episode 3
Oct 23, 2017 • 9 min
In Episod 3, I talk about one of my defining moments landing an important job interview.
Margy Rosé: “Anorexia” - Episode 2
Oct 4, 2017 • 3289 min
AADP Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach AADP Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Margy Rosé is on DMP to talk about her health journey, her experience with battling anorexia, and how to achieve goals through self-love.
My Defining Moment: “Too Chubby” - Episode 1
Sep 12, 2017 • 1043 min
Your host, Hoang Lam, shares his background and discusses a defining moment from his youth where he was told he was too chubby to play the sport he loves.