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Pints with Jack
Discussing C.S. Lewis over a pint…

S3E7 – TWHF (Pt 1, CH 8-9) – “Up the Mountain”
Jan 14
After a couple of weeks off, we return to Glome and Till We Have Faces. Orual ascends the mountain to bury what remains of Psyche, and she is met with quite a surprise…
S3E6 – Bonus – “Introduction to The Narnia Code”
Jan 7
Matt and I didn’t manage to get together to record this week, so I thought I’d do a solo episode today. Last month I was on the Talking Beasts podcast discussing Dr. Michael Ward’s The Narnia Code and therefore thought it would make a good subject for…
S3E5 – Bonus – “Happy New Year!”
Dec 31, 2019
In previous years, Matt and I have recorded a Christmas episode, but we thought that for this year we’d record a New Year Show. We chat about our New Year traditions, as well as our hopes for 2020…
S3E4 – TWHF (Pt 1, Ch 6-7) – “The Comfort of Orual”
Dec 24, 2019
Psyche has been condemned to be sacrificed. Orual and the Fox try and convince the King to take action. When this fails, Orual visits Psyche, but is it to receive or give comfort?
S3E3 – TWHF (Pt 1, Ch 3-5) – “The Goddess, The Healer, and The Accursed”
Dec 17, 2019
We last left Oroual during a happy time in her life. Over the course of the upcoming chapters, life in Glome takes a turn for the worst…
S3E2 – TWHF (Pt 1, Ch 1-2) – “Home Sweet Glome”
Dec 10, 2019
Today we get stuck into the chapters of Till We Have Faces! In the first two chapters of the book, Lewis sets the scene for his story in the fictional city of Glome.
S3E1 – TWHF – “Welcome to Season 3!”
Dec 3, 2019
Today we finally begin Season 3! After covering some podcast housekeeping, we are introduced to Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis expert, Andrew Lazo.
S2E42 – Bonus – “A vignette from ‘The Great Divorce’”
Nov 26, 2019
To round off Season 3, I thought I’d share a recording of a vignette from The Great Divorce which I recorded some time ago, back when our San Diego C.S. Lewis Reading Group was studying that book.
S2E41 – Bonus – “The First San Diego Inklings Evening”
Nov 19, 2019
This past week we had our first “Inkling Meeting” in San Diego, so I sat down with Matt and chatted about what happened and read some of the poetry of the night…
S2E40 – Bonus – “C.S. Lewis, Apostle To The Skeptics”
Nov 12, 2019
We’ve had quite a lot of episodes recently, but we didn’t want to not post anything this Tuesday morning, so I thought I’d share the talk I gave after the conference at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Charlotte.
S2E39 – Bonus – “North Carolina, Day 3: Electric Boogaloo”
Nov 9, 2019
Matt and I talk about the final day of the International C.S. Lewis Symposium and our final adventure before leaving North Carolina.
S2E38 – Bonus – “The Wedding Crashers… C.S. Lewis Style!”
Nov 8, 2019
It’s our second day at the C.S. Lewis Symposium. Matt and I sit down before dinner and discuss the events of the day…
S2E37 – Bonus – “David and Matt party in Montreat. Day 1”
Nov 7, 2019
Matt and I are in Montreat for the International C.S. Lewis Symposium. It’s the end of the first day and so we pull out the microphones and have a quick chat…
S2E36 – Bonus – “Sitting in the Airport…”
Nov 6, 2019
I’m sitting in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, waiting for Matt, so I thought I’d record a quick message and share with you an extract from my interview on The Catholic Man Show where I talk about The Screwtape Letters.
S2E35 – Bonus – “We have a new logo!”
Oct 29, 2019
This is just a short episode to announce the launch of our new Pints With Jack logo! This design came from Matthew James Covington from Plena Gratia Designs.
S2E34 – AA – Emily LaPorte
Oct 22, 2019
In preparation for our reading of Till We Have Faces, Matt interviews Emily LaPorte.
S2E33 – Bonus – “State of the Podcast & Listener Feedback”
Oct 8, 2019
Today Matt and I finish up last week’s recording by reading some listener mail.
S2E32 – Bonus – Season Finale
Oct 1, 2019
It’s been a while since Matt and I got behind a microphone together. Today we bring you up-to-speed with what’s been happening in our lives. We had intended to also read some listener messages, but we ran out of time. We’ll do that in the next episode!
S2E31 – AA – Patti Callahan
Sep 24, 2019
At the beginning of Season 2, I interviewed author Patti Callahan about her latest book, Becoming Mrs. Lewis. Now at the close of the Season, Patti returns to talk to Matt about her own podcast, Behind the Scenes of Becoming Mrs. Lewis.
S2E30 – AA – Justin Brierley
Sep 17, 2019
Several times on Pints With Jack I have spoken about another podcast, “Unbelievable?”, hosted by Justin Brierley. Earlier in this Season I spoke about reading Justin’s book, remarking on the considerable number of C.S. Lewis quotations found throughout.…
S2E29 – AA – Dr. David Clark
Sep 10, 2019
Probably the most useful book I read during Season 2 of Pints With Jack was C.S. Lewis Goes To Heaven by David Clark. In today’s episode I interviewed Dr. Clark to discuss his book and wrap up our discussion of The Great Divorce. 01:51 – Introducing Dr.…
Bonus – Counsel of Trent and The Classical Theism Podcast
Sep 3, 2019
I was recently interviewed as a guest on two different podcasts: The Counsel of Trent and the Classical Theism Podcast. This episode contains clips from those interviews to whet your appetite for the full episodes… 00:40 COT Clip, Episode #190 04:44 COT…
S2E28 – Bonus – “You don’t know Jack!”
Aug 20, 2019
This episode is quite different from our usual Pints With Jack episodes. Rather than interviewing a scholar or discussing a chapter of Lewis’ work with Matt, I’m going to be reading an article I wrote which gives a rough outline of Lewis’ life.
S2E27 – AA – Dale Ahlquist
Aug 13, 2019
Today we look at G.K. Chesterton with renowned Chesterton scholar and champion, Dale Ahlquist. 02:02 Introduction of Dale Ahlquist 03:13 The drink and quote-of-the-week 04:45 How did you first encounter Chesterton? 09:44 Who was he? 21:24 What kinds of…
S2E26 – PC – “Caspian Continued…”
Aug 6, 2019
In the previous episode we began discussing the second book in “The Chronicles of Narnia”, which is called “Prince Caspian”. In this episode, we finish our discussion. 00:38 Continued Analysis 22:29 Overall review of the book 27:00 Surprise Haiku!
S2E25 – PC – “Prince Caspian”
Jul 30, 2019
Each Season we discuss briefly one of the Chronicles of Narnia. In Season 1 we read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This Season, we’re reading Prince Caspian, as it was the second book to be published. In comparison to the previous book, Prince…
S2E24 – Bonus – “God Save The Queen!”
Jul 23, 2019
A rather unusual episode this week! My girlfriend and I recently went on vacation to England, so we thought it’d be fun to sit down and tell you all about it, including how we got to play with the personal belongings of a literary giant, as well as have…
S2E23 – TGD R – “Retrospective”
Jul 2, 2019
Sorry for the delay! This is the episode where Matt and I sit back and reflect on this past season going through The Great Divorce chapter by chapter. Click on the episode title for the Show Notes!
Bonus – Packing for England!
Jun 26, 2019
Hey everyone, I’m afraid there’s no substantial episode this week as I’m packing for my trip to England tomorrow. Click on the episode title for the Show Notes!
S2E22 – AA – Louis Markos
Jun 18, 2019
Today I speak to Dr. Louis Markos, Professor in English at Houston Baptist University and author of the book Heaven and Hell: Visions of the Afterlife in the Western Poetic Tradition. In this work, Professor Markos devotes a chapter to The Great Divorce,…
S2E21 – TGD 14 – “Sunrise”
Jun 11, 2019
We arrive today at the final chapter of The Great Divorce. Lewis sees a vision of a chessboard to help him understand the relationship between time and eternity and the sun, which throughout this book has been hidden, finally rises… Click on the episode…
S2E20 – TGD 13 – “The Dwarf and The Tragedian”
Jun 4, 2019
Last week we read that Sarah Smith was starting to get through to her ghostly husband. In today’s chapter we see the conclusion of that encounter and MacDonald explains why misery must one day be unable to affect joy… Click on the episode title for Show…
S2E19 – TGD 12 – “The Great Lady”
May 28, 2019
The focus of today’s chapter is not a ghost, but a Saint. According to MacDonald, she is “one of the great ones”, although you’ll have never heard of her before. This week we see even more clearly how fame on earth and fame in Heaven are two very…
S2E18 – AA – Justin Thomas
May 21, 2019
In today’s “After Hours” interview, I speak to Justin Thomas, a Pastor at Calvary: The Hill in Seattle. Justin’s congregation was behind “The Great Divorce Project” YouTube channel. These are the videos I’ve been talking about over the course of this…
S2E17 – TGD 11 – “The Mother and The Lizard”
May 15, 2019
This week we meet two different ghosts, both of whom have disordered loves. The first is a mother who “loves” her son so much that it obscures everything, even God. The second is a man who struggles with lust, represented by a lizard on his shoulder.…
S2E16 – Bonus – “Praise Him all His hosts!”
May 7, 2019
We’re taking a brief break from The Great Divorce to give the listeners an opportunity to ask the question: “Who exactly are Matt and David? Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E15 – TGD 10 – “The Controlling Ghost”
Apr 30, 2019
Lewis and MacDonald overhear the conversation between a Ghost whose husband is in Heaven. She initially says she wants nothing to do with him, but ends up demanding that he beg given to her. In between, we get a vivid picture of their marital life…
S2E14 – TGD 9 – “The Grumbler and The Artist”
Apr 23, 2019
Last week we began looking at Chapter 9. It’s an action-packed chapter so we decided to discuss it over the course of two episodes. As we finish the chapter we discuss two of the ghosts whom Lewis sees: The Grumbling Ghost and The Artistic Ghost… Click on…
S2E13 – TGD 9 – “Meeting George”
Apr 16, 2019
The chapter today is really the pivot of The Great Divorce. In it, we meet George MacDonald, a writer whom Lewis had read on earth, but who is now a Bright Spirit. MacDonald explains much to Jack, particularly concerning the troubling accusations raised…
Bonus – Jesus isn’t dull!
Apr 9, 2019
Unfortunately I’ve been run off my feet this week and haven’t had time to edit a full episode. However, rather than just post nothing, I thought I’d read an extended quotation from “The Dogmas Is The Drama” by Dorothy Sayers, a good friend of C.S. Lewis.…
S2E12 – TGD 8 – “The Self-Conscious Ghost”
Apr 2, 2019
Today in our journey into Heaven we meet “The Self-Conscious Ghost”… Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E11 – TGD 7 – “The Hard-bitten Ghost”
Mar 26, 2019
Once again we return to The Great Divorce! Today we get to meet a new visitor from Hell, “The Hard-Bitten Ghost”… Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E10 – AA – Joseph Pearce
Mar 19, 2019
In this episode, Joseph Pearce and I will be discussing his book C. S. Lewis and the Catholic Church, which looks at Jack’s relationship to the Catholic Church and addresses the question asked by many Catholic C.S. Lewis fans: Why did Lewis not convert to…
S2E9 – TGD 6 – “The Apple Thief”
Mar 12, 2019
We’re back discussing The Great Divorce this week. In today’s chapter “The Intelligent Ghost” attempts to take some apples back to the grey town… Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E8 – Bonus – “What is the point of Christianity?”
Mar 5, 2019
I was in Kansas this weekend speaking at a retreat so I didn’t get a chance to put together an episode with Matt. Rather than deprive you of an episode this week, here is the audio of a talk I gave at the weekend which draws heavily from Lewis and Mere…
S2E7 – TGD 5 – “The Episcopal Ghost”
Feb 26, 2019
Today we meet my favourite character in The Great Divorce, the extremely frustrating Episcopal Ghost. Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E6 – TGD 4 – “I gotta have my rights…”
Feb 19, 2019
We now begin the main body of The Great Divorce. In each subsequent chapter, Lewis will witness an encounter between a Ghost and a Bright Spirit where we will see what they are willing to choose in place of Heaven. In today’s episode we spend time with…
S2E5 – TGD 3 – “Landing in Heaven”
Feb 12, 2019
Today we take our first steps into Heaven! The bus in which Lewis had been travelling alights in a new country and the passengers take their first tentative steps into this strange land… Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E4 – AA – Patti Callahan
Feb 5, 2019
Our episode today is rather special. I sat down with New York Times best selling author, Patti Callahan, to discuss her recent book, Becoming Mrs. Lewis, which recounts the Improbable love story between Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis. Click on the episode…
S2E3 – TGD 2 – “The bus ride in the clouds”
Jan 29, 2019
When we last left Lewis, he had got on a bus in a grey town and was now flying through the sky towards an unknown destination. In today’s episode we learn more about the passengers on the bus. Click on the episode title for Show Notes!
S2E2.5 – Bonus – “The language we use…”
Jan 22, 2019
This week is a short episode and Matt and I are not discussing The Great Divorce. Instead I talk about an interaction I recently had on Facebook and how we’d all be better off if we took to heart a little piece of Lewisian wisdom… Click on the episode…
S2E2 – TGD 1 – “The bus stop in the grey town”
Jan 15, 2019
In today’s chapter we begin the actual story of The Great Divorce. Our protagonist, Lewis, finds himself in a grey town at twilight in the rain. He attaches himself to a queue at a bus stop and watches as people leave the line. Eventually the bus arrives…
S2E1 – TGD P – “Preface”
Jan 8, 2019
Today we start a new book! The Great Divorce is my favourite book by Lewis. Through the vehicle of Jack’s story, we get to see more clearly the daily choices which we make which takes us closer to either Heaven or Hell. Click on the episode title for Show…
S1E45 – Bonus – “Christmas Do-Over”
Dec 25, 2018
Matt and I wanted a little break, so today’s episode is a replay of our Christmas episode from last year. We’ll see you all in the New Year for Season 2 and “The Great Divorce”! Episode 45: “Christmas Do-Over” (Download)
S1E44 – LWW – “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”
Dec 18, 2018
New book this week! Since The Lamp-post Listener have finished going through “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, Matt and I thought we would devote an episode to discussing the themes and ideas found in this fantasy work which we see taught…
S1E43 – AA – Joe Heschmeyer
Dec 11, 2018
Today I will be discussing theosis with Joe Heschmeyer from Holy Family School of Faith. He writes at Shameless Popery and is also on The Catholic Podcast. Earlier in the year, Joe came to San Diego and gave a presentation on the subject of theosis, so I…
S1E42 – MC R – “Retrospective”
Dec 4, 2018
Having completed Mere Christianity, Matt and I take this episode to discuss the book as a whole, share some of our favourite parts, as well as what it was like to read a book “in public” over the course of a year… Please send any objections, comments or…
S1E41 – MC B4C11 – “The New Men”
Nov 20, 2018
We have finally made it! In today’s episode we draw to a close our journey through “Mere Christianity”. Lewis closes out Book IV by talking in more detail about “The New Men”… Please send any objections, comments or questions, either via email through my…
S1E40 – MC B4C10 – “Nice people or new men?”
Nov 13, 2018
Today we address a question which is often asked by skeptics: why are all Christians not obviously nicer than non-Christians? In response, Jack asks “Did Christ come to make nice people or new men?” Please send any objections, comments or questions,…
S1E39 – MC B4C9 – “Counting the cost”
Nov 6, 2018
In this episode we explore what Jesus meant when he said “Be ye perfect”… Please send any objections, comments or questions, either via email through my website or tweet us @pintswithjack or message us via Instagram! Episode 39: Counting the cost…
S1E38 – MC B4C8 – “Is Christianity hard or easy?”
Oct 30, 2018
In today’s episode, Lewis attempts to answer the question: “Is Christianity hard or easy?”. When discussing this question you may hear conflicting answers, since Scripture sometimes speaks as though it is former, and then at other times, the latter.…
S1E37 – Bonus – “Aslan’s Country”
Oct 23, 2018
Today’s episode will be a little different from usual. This week, I tell Matt about my trip to The Kilns, the home of C.S. Lewis in Oxford. Afterwards, we finish up the episode by responding to some listener questions about God and gender. The audio…
Bonus – The Lamp-Post Listener
Oct 18, 2018
Hello everyone! We’ll have a fresh episode of The Eagle and Child for you next week, but in the meantime, here is this week’s episode of The Lamp-Post Listener. I was invited onto the show by Daniel and Phil to discuss Chapter 16 of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion,…
S1E36 – MC B4C7 – “Let’s Pretend”
Sep 25, 2018
Is pretending a good thing? In today’s chapter, Lewis explains why sometimes it’s a good thing to “fake it til you make it”. Please send any objections, comments or questions, either via email through my website or tweet us @pintswithjack or message us…
S1E35 – MC B4C6 – “Two Notes”
Sep 11, 2018
The chapter today is a short one. In it, Lewis adds two notes concerning things which were mentioned in the previous chapter. The first relates to the begetting of many sons and the second concerns his description of humanity as one great organism. Please…
S1E34 – AA – Justin Wiggins
Sep 4, 2018
Today will be an “After Hours” episode of The Eagle and Child, a new kind of format which we will occasionally intersperse among our regular programmes. In these episodes I will be talking to C.S. Lewis authors and enthusiasts. Today I will be…
S1E33 – MC B4C5 – “The Obstinate Toy Soldiers”
Aug 28, 2018
Today we encounter one of my favourite chapter titles in Mere Christianity: “The Obstinate Toy Soldiers”. Today we speak more about Christ’s Resurrection and what it achieved, and how we can benefit from it. This is our first remote episode. Matt moved to…
S1E32 – MC B4C4 – “Good Infection”
Aug 21, 2018
This week we continue to discuss the Trinity and the terms used to describe each its members. We ask what it means to say that “God is love”. Finally, we dig deeper into understanding what it means to participate in the life of God. Please send any…
S1E31 – MC B4C3 – “Time and Beyond Time”
Aug 14, 2018
Today we’re talking about time. This might seen like an abstract topic, but it helps us understand important questions, such as: 1. If God is all-knowing, how can we really have free will? 2. How can God keep creation going while He was a baby asleep in a…
S1E30 – MC B4C2 – “The Three-Personal God”
Aug 7, 2018
As we move into Chapter 2 of Book IV, we dive into the Trinity! What does it mean to say that God is a Trinity and how do we come to know this God better? How can we become one with God and yet not lose all individuality? All will be revealed in the…
S1E29 – MC B4C1 – “Making and begetting”
Jul 31, 2018
And now we begin Book IV! Together with Lewis, we take our first steps into the mystery of the Holy Trinity. In today’s episode we begin by looking at the point of theology and make distinctions between “making” and “begetting”… Please send any…
S1E28 – Bonus – “Mailbag Episode (Part 2)”
Jul 24, 2018
This week Matt and I read some more mail from listeners. This week we get some constructive criticism! We’re going to be talking about charity and suffering… Please send any objections, comments or questions, either via email through my website or tweet…
S1E27 – MC Bonus – “Mailbag Episode (Part 1)”
Jul 17, 2018
We’re back! After a bit of a hiatus (sorry about that!), Matt and I are now publishing podcasts again. We’ve got the next six already recorded, edited and ready to go. The next two episodes will be “mailbag episodes” where we will be reading some iTunes…
S1E26 – Bonus – “The Grand Reveal”
May 8, 2018
Today’s episode is a little different. Matt and I have an announcement. Last weekend we spent a day with New Eve Media… If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts can be found (iTunes, Google Play, Podbean,…
S1E25 – MC B3C12 – “Faith” (Part 2)
May 1, 2018
And so we come to the final chapter of Book III. Continuing on from last chapter, we continue to examine “faith”. This chapter focuses on faith in terms of salvation. If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts…
S1E24 – MC B3C11 – “Faith” (Part 1)
Apr 24, 2018
For the last two chapters of Book III we will be looking at the final theological virtue of “faith”. This chapter focuses on faith in terms of holding onto rational truths despite raging emotions. If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or…
S1E23 – MC B3C10 – “Hope”
Apr 17, 2018
Last week we looked at “charity”, and today we look at another of the theological virtues, hope. Out of this entire book, this is probably my favourite chapter… If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts can be…
S1E22 – MC B4C9 – “Charity”
Apr 10, 2018
We will spend the remaining episodes of Book III, we will be looking at the theological virtues. Today we begin with Christian love, also known as “charity”… If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts can be…
S1E21 – MC B3C8 – “The Great Sin”
Apr 3, 2018
Today we come to the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins, pride, as well as its counterpart, my favourite virtue, humility. If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts can be found (iTunes, Google Play, Podbean,…
S1E20 – MC B3C7 – “Forgiveness”
Mar 11, 2018
Lewis had previously said that he thought chastity was the most unpopular thing in Christianity. In today’s episode, he changes his mind, suggesting that it is, in fact, forgiveness. If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place…
S1E19 – MC B3C6 – “Christian Marriage” (Part 2)
Feb 4, 2018
This week Matt and I conclude the chapter in “Mere Christianity” on the subject of Christian marriage. If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts can be found (iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher, TuneIn,…
S1E18 – MC B3C6 – “Christian Marriage” (Part 1)
Jan 28, 2018
Following on from last week’s episode on the virtue of chastity, today we look at the Christian teaching on marriage with C.S. Lewis. Matt and I got rather carried away on this chapter, recording far more material than normal, so this chapter will be…
S1E17 – MC B3C5 – “Sexual Morality”
Jan 21, 2018
What is the virtue of chastity? Is it unhealthy, impossible or repressive? In today’s episode, Matt and I look at what C.S. Lewis had to say about this, the most unpopular of the virtues… Are you following us on Instagram yet? You should! Also, if you…
S1E16.5 – Bonus – “Mea Culpa”
Jan 14, 2018
Sorry guys! I don’t think I’m going to be able to get out an episode of the Eagle and Child this week! We’ll be back next week. To make sure you don’t miss any episode, be sure to subscribe to our podcast stream, either manually, or through iTunes, Google…
S1E16 – MC B3C4 – “Morality and Psychoanalysis”
Jan 7, 2018
Is Psychoanalysis in competition with Christianity? Or are they, in fact, complementary? In today’s episode Matt and I will be unpacking what C.S. Lewis has to say about where psychoanalysis fits in with Christian morality and along the way we’ll learn…
S1E15 – MC B3C3 – “Social Morality”
Dec 31, 2017
In today’s episode, Jack asks what a truly Christian society would look like. He’s going to say some things to upset people on the Right and people on the Left… If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe manually, or any place where good podcasts can be…
S1E14.5 – Bonus – “Merry Christmas!”
Dec 29, 2017
Rather than going through a chapter of “Mere Christianity” in this episode, today Matt and I are just going to be chatting about Christmas. You’ll get to hear about our favourite songs, the best presents we’ve received and our treasured Christmas…
S1E14 – MC B3C2 – “The Cardinal Virtues”
Dec 24, 2017
In today’s episode, we revisit some of the material covered in the previous chapter. In this episode, C.S. Lewis re-examines the question of morality through the classical lens of the four Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Justice, and Fortitude. If…
S1E13 – MC B3C1 – “The Three Parts of Morality”
Dec 17, 2017
Today in Mere Christianity, we begin Book III! This new book is entitled “Christian Behaviour”. In this chapter, in addition to learning about the qualities of my ideal woman(!), we discover what C.S. Lewis regarded as “the three parts of morality”. To…
S1E12 – MC B2C5 – “The Practical Conclusion”
Dec 10, 2017
In previous chapters, Jack has explained that we receive New Life from Christ. In this final chapter he looks at how it is communicated to us. He principally focuses on belief, Baptism and Holy Communion.
S1E11 – MC B2C4 – “The Perfect Penitent”
Dec 3, 2017
How did it save us? How have different Christians tried to explain it? Do we need to understand the mechanics of how it works in order to be saved? These questions and more will be discussed on this episode of “The Eagle and Child”, so pull up a chair and…
S1E10 – MC B2C2 – “The Shocking Alternative”
Nov 26, 2017
Does the presence of evil in the world mean that God wills it? This and several other very important questions will be tackled by C.S. Lewis in today’s episode. Jack looks at humanity’s attempt to be happy with “something other than God”, as well as God’s…
S1E9 – MC B2C4 – “The Invasion”
Nov 19, 2017
In today’s episode he looks at another possible contender, dualism, the idea that there are two independent and opposing powers locked together in an eternal battle…
S1E8 – MC B2C1 – “The Rival Conceptions Of God”
Nov 12, 2017
With Book I of “Mere Christianity” complete, we now move on to Book II! Having concluded that the Moral Law points to God, C.S. Lewis now examines the ”Rival Conceptions of God”.
S1E7 – MC B1C5 – “We Have Cause to Be Uneasy”
Nov 5, 2017
We finally come to the last chapter of Book I of “Mere Christianity”! The chapter bears the ominous title ”We have cause to be uneasy”. Thus far, C.S. Lewis has demonstrated that there is a Moral Law which we did not create and that we violate this Law…
S1E6 – MC B1C4 – “What lies behind the Law”
Oct 29, 2017
Our penultimate chapter of Book I of “Mere Christianity” is Chapter 4 and is entitled ”What lies behind the Law”. In this episode, Jack digs into the consequences of the Moral Law and, in particular, what we can know about the universe in which we live.
S1E5 – MC B1C3 – “The reality of the Law”
Oct 22, 2017
Moving on to Chapter 3 of “Mere Christianity”, Jack speaks further to “The reality of the Law”. Do we imagine a Moral Law because it is convenient to us? Or does it arise due to its good for society? In today’s episode, together with some help from C.S.…
S1E4 – MC B1C2 – “Some Objections”
Oct 15, 2017
In today’s episode, we look at Chapter 2 of “Mere Christianity” which is entitled “Some Objections”. In this chapter, C.S. Lewis responds to some issues raised by listeners in response to his assertion that there is this Moral Law.
S1E3 – MC B1C1 – “The Law of Human Nature”
Oct 8, 2017
In today’s episode we begin Book I of “Mere Christianity”, which is entitled ”Right and wrong as a clue to the meaning of the universe”. In this book, C.S. Lewis builds an argument for the existence of God based upon the idea that there is a Moral Law.
S1E2 – MC P – “Preface” (Part 2)
Oct 1, 2017
We conclude our discussion of the Preface of “Mere Christianity”.