Valley Drag

Valley Drag
A show looking at the latest startups and why they’re trash.
6: The Privatization of Public Services
Mar 24, 2018
Tim and Cristian drag the privatization of public services by Silicon Valley. We also make fun of Elon Musk lots. Plus a look at algorithm powered healthcare and Venture Funded Prison startups. Content Warning: Politics, Healthcare, Prisons, Extreme…
5: Cryptocurrencies
Dec 2, 2017
This week on Valley Drag, we take a look at Cryptocurrencies. Show Notes: Terms: Cryptocurrency – just money whose transactions are secured by encryption. Blockchain – A distributed ledger of transactions. This is what allows bitcoin and other altcoins to…
4: Content Policy
Nov 12, 2017
This week on Valley Drag we talk about Twitter’s new content policy and Russian ads on social media in the last election cycle. Show Notes: Content Warning: We might be using some specific terms during this episode that are offensive; we’re trying to…
3: Bigoted Machine Learning
Oct 30, 2017
This week on Valley Drag we talk about machine learning and how peoples own biases can be used to create machine learning algorithms that are bigoted, racist, and sexist. CW: Racism, Sexism Show Notes: First up, what’s the difference between algorithms…
2: The One About Media And Stuff
Oct 7, 2017
This week on Valley Drag, we try to drag centralized media services and federated media services. But honestly we just end up dragging ourselves. Show Notes: Why centralized social media sites can be good: Information Source Concretely, during Ferguson,…
1: 🔥 Weed Startups 🔥
Sep 19, 2017
This week on Valley Drag, we talk about weed startups and how them trying to displace traditional ways of purchasing drugs can further harm communities already impacted by a drug problem. Show Notes: Eaze Meadow Aggregation Theory ACLU Facts on Marijuana…
0: Bodega
Sep 15, 2017
This week on Valley Drag, we talk about bodega. Bodega is a new startup aimed at disrupting the bodega market. We basically just drag this idea into the ground. Show Notes: Fast Company’s profile of the company Founder defending the name Patreon of the…