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Creative Real Estate Podcast
A thousand ways to buy and sell real estate

422 How To Start A Podcast-Sebastian Rusk
Jun 1 • 25 min
In this episode you’ll learn: Why you need a podcast What are the best ways to get started with a podcast How to get creative with podcasts Before you start a podcast on your own - ask yourself why you want to start a podcast and what type of value…
421 The Power of the 3-Option Letter of Intent - Matt Theriault
May 29 • 31 min
Matt Therialt shows you the tactics he used to achieved financial freedom in 4 years after starting with no money and no credit. Discover how to get better results on the offers you make by using Matt’s simple, yet effective tool. In this episode…
420 Adapt or Die! Networking & Creative Solutions to Thrive in Real Estate - Holly McKhann
May 29 • 23 min
In this episode of The Creative Real Estate Podcast, Holly McKhann, (also known as Hard Hat Holly) shares how she and her husband flipped their first 100 houses and how when things got tough, she turned to networking to help find deals through…
419 Step By Step Process for Negotiating Win-Wins with Sellers - Adam Adams
May 29 • 11 min
There are other ways to finance a property than the standard mortgage. Using creative techniques to purchase, sell, finance and invest in real estate can help you reach your financial goals. Here to show you his successful strategies is Adam Adams!…
418 Creative Real Estate Note Syndication - Adam L Adams
May 29 • 20 min
Adam L Adams started off with real estate investing by getting into multifamily syndications. He currently ones 130 units. Through this journey, he met an investor who turned him onto notes. To this day, Adam L Adams has done 68 notes! All of which…
417 House Hacking 101 - Craig Curelop
May 29 • 15 min
This week Adam interviews Craig Curelop from BiggerPockets HQ about how Craig is doing a creative strategy called House Hacking. His 1st house hack was a duplex, he also does some AirBnB out of his own side for extra cashflow. Craig started at BP in…
416 Agent to Investor - Dave Van Horn
May 29 • 30 min
Dave started out as a Real Estate Agent and moved his way over to Note Investing. Dave was very creative and started buying and fixing houses on a credit card! He’d also get a tenant into these properties and cash flow them every month. Dave also…
415 The Leap of Faith - Steven Pesavento
May 29 • 27 min
Flipping for Freedom
414 Creative Real Estate Note Investing & Financing - Jorge Newbery
May 29 • 23 min
Jorge P. Newbery is Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation LLC, which crowdfunds the purchase of nonperforming mortgages from lenders at big discounts, then provides sustainable solutions to help struggling homeowners. He authored Burn…
413 Leveraging Technology In Real Estate - Trevor Mauch
May 29 • 24 min
Trevor Mauch is a technology and market guru. He realized he had the knowledge and skills to help real estate investors & agents generate and convert more leads than ever before. Through the use of SEO, creative website and content building,…
412 The Quest For Financial Freedom - Michael Blank
May 29 • 29 min
Michael Blank knew the full time job in corporate America wasn’t for him. He quit his job and became obsessed with educating himself on how to achieve financial freedom. His first step in was to consume as much education and courses as possible….
411 Team Work Makes the Dream Work - Lane Kawaoka
May 29 • 19 min
Lane is a Hawaii real estate investor and has leveraged his skill sets with other investors to make a win - win opportunity. Lane sees real estate investing as a team sport. At a very young age, Lane understood and realized the true power of investing…
410 From Two Day Jobs to Full Time Real Estate Investor - Jennifer Beadles
May 29 • 23 min
Jennifer made a transition from working two jobs as a barista and restaurant server to a full time real estate investor! She saved up all her money and had this goal of being a homeowner. She surely had the real estate bug after accomplishing that….
409 Microprocessor Design to Minor League Baseball Stadiums - Victor Menasce
May 29 • 27 min
Victor Menasce started out in the telecom space creating microprocessors and data cards. If you have made a phone call from 1991- 2011, chances are you’ve used a processor created by Victor. He started to realize he had built the skill sets from his…
408 Keep More In Your Pockets - Brandon Hall
May 29 • 14 min
Brandon Hall from North Carolina is a certified CPA, owner and operator of a CPA firm that specializes in providing creative tax solutions for real estate investors. Whether you’re a builder, investor, syndicate, or fix & flipper, Brandon has…
407 Leaving Corporate America To Do 65 Deals His First Year - Mike Hambright
May 29 • 25 min
With two major let downs in corporate America, Mike realized something needed to change. With a baby on the way, Mike was very motivated to go big. He and his wife consumed every bit of education on real estate and lead themselves to doing 65 deals…
406 Coming out of Retirement at 21 - Igor Kajpust
May 29 • 20 min
Young, Rich, and Retired: An Interview with Igor Kajpust
405 Slash the time it takes to find sellers with Skip Tracing - Larry Higgins
May 29 • 25 min
Vacant or abandoned properties can represent a huge amount of value to real estate portfolios. However, it is a serious struggle to find and contact these absent owners. If they have skipped town, you won’t be able to reach them using traditional…
404 Real Estate in Reverse - Kent Clothier
May 29 • 19 min
In today’s episode of The Creative Real Estate Podcast, Kent Clothier reveals his strategy of reverse wholesaling, which allowed him to wholesale 91 houses in his first 18 months, and how this mindset led him to create his real estate empire….
403 From Poverty to Prosperity, Mindset of a RE Mogul - Rod Khleif
May 29 • 24 min
Learn the psychology of success
402 Raise Private Money Like a Pro - Tony Spandrio
May 29 • 19 min
Driven by the will to succeed, Tony educated himself in finance and real estate investing. Within six months, Tony acquired his first property with no money down. Two months after his first investment, Tony acquired three more properties in one week…
401 Inside Look at HouseFlippingHQ - Justin Williams
May 29 • 28 min
This week, Justin Williams of shares with us how he is able to flip over 100 houses every year while never lifting a hammer. Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your…
400 From Food Stamps to a Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur - Ryan Nickel
May 29 • 27 min
From door knocking for pest control sales to losing his home and collecting food stamps. Ryan wound up driving across the country to Savannah, Georgia to work with a friend in real estate. Within three weeks, Ryan deposited a $20,000 check from a…
399 Husband & Wife Team Dominating the Real Estate Game - Jason & Pili Yarusi
May 29 • 22 min
Jason & Pili are a husband and wife team living in New Jersey. Jason has a construction background and Pili was a real estate agent experience. The two decided to team up and make some power couple moves! Jason speaks on the construction company…
398 What’s The BRRRR Strategy? - Brandon Turner
May 29 • 21 min
Brandon’s first step into real estate was when he decided to sell his house for a profit of $20,000. His motivation behind this was to go backpack through Europe. Turner pioneered the BRRR strategy before it was heavily marketed thing. The story…
397 Unique Strategies From a Long Time Fix & Flipper - Al Roberson
May 29 • 25 min
This week, Al Roberson of joined us to explain how hard money lending works and tell us about some of the creative strategies he’s used in his fix and flip investing. Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us…
396 How to go from a POSITIVE $20MM to NEGATIVE $5MM - Damion Lupo
May 29 • 16 min
Damion Lupo shares how he used creative real estate to go from zero to $20,000,000.00 oh and then he lost it all in the crash and was worth NEGATIVE $5,000,000.00 This story shows why Damian wrote his two books “Quick & Dirty Guide to Gold &…
395 The Cost Segregation Experts - Yonah Weiss & Chuck Tover
May 29 • 37 min
Cost Segregation
394 Non-Performing Second Mortgage Investing - Lindsay Gordon
May 29 • 15 min
Second Mortgage Investing
393 Upgrade Your Online Presence–Italina Kirknis
May 29 • 24 min
Having an effective presence online is not just important - but rather a **must** when it comes to connecting with consumers. Unlike other businesses, real estate is extremely relationship centered. You are handling people’s homes and/or vast sums…
392 Fund Your Deal Using Private Money-Chris Tanner
May 29 • 21 min
So you’ve found a deal that fits your criteria and you are ready to close, exept for one problem; you don’t have enough cash to close! Today we have Chris Tanner to teach us all about using private money to fund your real estate deals. Please go to…
391 Growing a Portfolio of Lease Options - Kevin Amolsch
May 29 • 23 min
Kevin Amolsch tells us how he did over 100 lease option deals! Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode ()
390 How Creative Financing Help You Build Wealth-Greg Dickerson
May 27 • 37 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Build a business that generates cash flows to invest in another asset What is creative financing? Things you need to get started in your entrepreneurial journey: Educate yourself and build your mindset Take that first…
389 How to Position Yourself as The Expert To Boost Your Ability to Raise Money-Dan Zitofsky
May 25 • 57 min
In this podcast you’ll learn: How to meet lenders Find a niche that you enjoy and be active there Putting out valuable content helps create trust and relationship with your customers ‘Invite only’ educational events can do wonders for your…
388 Design Secrets That Can Help You Make An Extra Million With Your Properties-Lisa Landry
May 22 • 44 min
In this episode, you’ll learn: People decide whether they want to live in a place or not within the first 15 seconds visiting a property The leasing office is what shapes the first impression. It has to be well branded and gives an idea of the whole…
387 Terror is Defining The Emotion Of The Day Brought on by the Pandemic-Bryan Ellis
May 20 • 30 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: A tremendous amount of capital being raised at the moment without proper analysis, this is a cause for concern. The famous Warren Buffet quote “Be greedy when others are fearful” is widely misunderstood and misapplied….
386 Different Ways To Structure A Killer Real Estate Deal-Derek Dombeck
May 18 • 39 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How to convert the seller to do a creative deal with you Three Things to do in every initial phone call 1. Identify what type of person YOU are 2. Determine what type of person you’re dealing with. 3. The Elevator…
385 How to Build Wealth through Smaller Apartments-Clay Rockwood
May 15 • 29 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Build solid relationship and have integrity Wok ON your business because you can’t work IN your business right now When you start small you can figure it out and realize you can scale ad start buying more 10-80 units…
AAA384 Trailer Park to Multimillionaire-Amy Johnson
May 13 • 22 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What is delayed gratification? Have the confidence to try new things If it didn’t work out, its OKAY Hard work ethic will propel you to get higher 3 Takeaways from Amy’s experience 1. Mentorship and taking advice from…
AAA383 Recession Strategies and The Value of Understanding the Evolving Market-Jerome Maldonado
May 11 • 40 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Diversification can allow you to penetrate the market quickly How can you utilize real estate right now to benefit from the down turn and how to get through it? The best thing that comes of of downturn is LOYALTY…
AAA382 The Importance of Building Upkeep Long Term Property Management Planning-Scott Isacksen
May 8 • 33 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What are Party Walls? In a HOA, the board is required to every certain number of year to have a comprehensive reserve study Not tracking all the large scale capital items will make a huge impact on your overall profit…
AAA381 Best Practices and Tips In Finding Deals-Caleb Pearson
May 6 • 25 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Calling people on the phone is the cheapest way to generate leads vs spending money online What is a speed dialer system? Types of a speed dialer Single line dialer Triple line dialer Five line dialer A confused…
AAA380 Organic vs Paid Advertising: Which is better?-Steve Cloward
May 4 • 48 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What are the top tips or actual steps on how to get paid ads? Paid ads are the fastest way to get leads In today’s crisis, the key is getting your brand out there How often is Facebook LIVE not enough or too much? What…
AAA379 How To Raise Capital During Economic Downturn-Brent Bowers
May 1 • 33 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: People that have great credits and great tenants don’t pay the highest amount Everything should be under market How to raise money in these times? Now is the time! Stop sitting on the sidelines Two types of people these…
AAA378 What You Should Do To Have A Successful House Hack-Megan Lamke
Apr 29 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: * To have a successful house hack, you have to set expectations from the beginning * Do’s and don’ts in a house hack -Outline expectations -Make sure you’re talking about worst case scenarios * What is a 2 years owner…
AAA375 What To Do During a Market Crash? Scott Choppin
Apr 24 • 43 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Is it important that you choose a great partner or a mentor for you What is CHFA? There’s so much demand for affordable housing now What is an Oversubscription? What is Multifamily New Construction Asset Class? Urban…
AAA374 How Creativity Helped Jason Lewis’s RE Business?
Apr 22 • 39 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: There’s a multiple different ways to be Creative We need to have the right tool for the right job! Compounding Interest “Ready, aim, fire!” Learning about people’s mistakes can be powerful or more powerful than hearing…
AAA373 Why You Should Avoid a 1031?-Lori Greymont
Apr 20 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: In a 1031, when you sell and receive the cash, you’re not actually receiving the cash, it goes to an intermediary. You’ll have 45 days to identify replacement properties for your money, once you identify those you’ll…
AAA372 Are Short-Sales and Foreclosures Coming Back?-Jason Roberts
Apr 17 • 28 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: “Good is the enemy of great ” Accountability can help us take more action Find what works for you, its different for everybody Find something that motivates you Everything looks good on paper, but…
AAA371 Biggest Mistake To Avoid In Attracting Capital-Seth Greene
Apr 15 • 26 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What makes your deal that makes you different? Package your deal differently and make it look unique What is an MMP (Magical Marketing Preposition)? Put yourself in an investor mindset Your personality is your biggest…
AAA370 Is Multifamily better than Single Family?-Jake Garcia
Apr 13 • 39 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: You don’t need to start with Single Family to jump into Multifamily WIllingness to take some actions and have a mentor to help you get started What is it like to invest during the crash? Have lots of contingency plan in case…
AAA369 Helpful Tips To Grow Your Instagram for Massive Results-Mark Ferguson
Apr 10 • 36 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Key thing in Instagram is MOMENTUM Post popular things and informational things CONSISTENTLY Keep producing the popular post and keep the momentum How to link Instagram to Facebook and Twitter? How to properly post on…
AAA368 How To Master Connecting People-Eric Upchurch
Apr 9 • 47 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What is a VA Loan? How to do a No down payment and no PMI for a VA Loan? How To Connect To People: Think about the other person as a real person Listen for cues Turn a cold call into a warm call Find out what are they…
AAA367 Why You’ll Fail If You Don’t Have Grit in Multifamily Investing-William Walker
Apr 8 • 48 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: 2 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep Own a business Own real estate How can you go outside of your comfort zone? What’s the common trait of successful people? Find out your strong “WHY?” Join a coaching program or networking…
AAA366 4 Valuable Ways to Get Your Mind Right-Terry Ogburn
Apr 7 • 46 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Deciding each job description for the business Set aside your ego Create proforma Exercise forecasting It’s not just about writing a to-do list, you’re gotta have action steps and visualize the completion Learn how to…
AAA365 How To Connect With People Better-Will Harvey
Apr 6 • 37 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: If somebody like you and trust you,they’ll find a way to work with you How CEO Capital started? What’s the importance of being diversified? Tips on how we become better at connecting to people: Listening and being empathetic…
AAA364 What Are You Going To Do When The Market Goes Down?-Eric Young
Apr 4 • 35 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Fix and List Secret is created to solve 2 problems: How to get enough capital How not to lose all investments when the market crashes For the house seller, Fix and List Secret is the contractual, realtor and their investor.…
AAA363 How To Write A Great Real Estate Book-Brian Murray
Apr 3 • 34 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Process of writing a book Do you self publish? Think what message you want to convey and who your audience is. What value you can add to your audience? Encorporate some humor and entertaining stories that supports the lesson…
AAA362 What Do You Turn To In These Times?-Madhavi Nade Jain
Apr 2 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Constantly find ways to think differently There’s a lot of opportunities in Real Estate, narrow it down and find what you really want to do Seek for mentors and coaches that could help you in growing your real estate…
AAA361 What Are The Risks And Benefits of Long Term Ownership?-Preston Walls
Apr 1 • 28 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Why his strategy is to hold for a long period? In growth markets, CAP rates tend to be low 67-68% Loan to Value is the upper end for refinancing Whats the most amount that you can pull out from a property in one single…
AAA360 Right Mindset: Why Is It Important?-Ola Dantis
Mar 30 • 27 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How mindset play a role into getting into bigger things You’re gonna get uncomfortable doing your journey towards success Success isn’t that grandeur moment, it is when you pay attention during your journey in life What is a…
AAA359 Ultimate Guide to a Better Financial Future-Gino Barbaro
Mar 27 • 37 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: “Think BIG but start SMALL” Know what your WHY is Pick ONE market and ONE asset class Build rapport with your brokers Be clear and on what you can do and what value you can add in the partnership. Go out and make it happen!…
AAA358 Top Habits of a Great Realtor-Ashleigh Nicole
Mar 25 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: *A system isnt truly a system unless it doesn’t bother the other part of the system System of a great realtor: Time Blocking Use same system every morning Always open the MLS (MULTIPLE LISTING SYSTEM) Always open the Market…
AAA357 What The Anti-Financial Advisor Thinks You Should Invest In?-Chris Miles
Mar 23 • 40 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Why Chris hates Mutual Fund? Where is the best place to invest money? Focus on acceleration mindset not in accumulation mindset How to double dip your investment returns? “Figures don’t lie but liars figure” Stock Market…
AAA356 How to Find the Right Mentor For You-Billy Brown
Mar 20 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What is House Hacking? Even though you’re scared, listen to your mentors The “We” Business Mentality Don’t be afraid to fail Surround yourself with people who can help you What hiring a mentor can do to you? How to find the…
AAA355 What is The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate?-Blake Allen
Mar 18 • 36 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Exchange- the ability to trade one set of benefits in real estate for another set of benefits in another piece of property. What is a 1031 Exchange? You need to be a License Broker to do Exchange What is a Client Counseling?…
AAA354 How to Pay Off Student Loans Using Passive Income-Dr Jeff Anzalone
Mar 16 • 34 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a “Dave Ramsey” follower, believes in having “No Debt” Question: Because of Compound interest(and how strong they truly is), should they start getting their money as quickly as possible into passive…
AAA353 Discover the Thrill of Multifamily Investing-Leslie Awasom
Mar 13 • 44 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How to do a proper market research Proximity Growth and changes happening in the area Using the same system Neal Bawa to do market research How coaching programs can help you in your business? How much are you willing to…
AAA352 Easy Ways to Find Off Market Deals-Chad Eisenhart
Mar 11 • 29 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: 4 steps in getting off market deals Talk to people Marketing- Mailing Postcards/Direct Mail Follow-up Go for a “NO” three times Do what you say you’re gonna do To connect with Chad, email him at…
AAA351 Tips to Become Highly Effective in Real Estate World-Palak Shah
Mar 9 • 41 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: 4 strategies on how to be effective in real estate while you’re still working in the corporate world: Mindset The 1% Rule: The rent should be 1% of the purchase price Put your mindset in something that moves the needle The…
AAA350 Ways to Break Into Commercial Multifamily Investing-Nick Barlow
Mar 6 • 46 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How strictly do you adhere to Profit Per Door Margin? Note: Purchase a property between at least 700 per month-1100K per month per unit Find the right tenant What is PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance)? 5 Steps…
AAA349 The Right Mindset and Tactical Strategies to be Succesful in RE Investing-Sterling White
Mar 4 • 34 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Focus on the mindset in doing real estate What is “I cant vs How can I?” mentality Common myth: You need a big amount of money to start real estate -Leverage other peoples cash and be of value -We have to feel confident when…
AAA348 Why Real Estate Exit Strategies are Important-Justin Colby
Mar 2 • 34 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Its critical to begin with the END in mind You need to understand the BACK-END Know you who will be selling the property, before you buy it Your mindset: You should be flexible enough to create different exit strategies…
AAA347 How to Build Massive Amount of Credibility with Brokers as a Beginner-Agostino Pintus
Feb 28 • 36 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How to talk to the brokers and investors Gain the knowledge to sound convincing Sound confident Speak the language of real estate Ask the right questions Know your numbers/stat The story behind “Ready, FIRE, AIM?!” Recipe on…
AAA346 Key Skills you Need to be The Best Asset Manager-Pratima Sharma
Feb 26 • 39 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Key tasks that an Asset Manager needs to do Be hands-on. Its the key task to asset performance You need to be involve in all phases of multifamily life cycle and ecosystem Ensure that all the strategic systems are in place…
AAA345 Ways to Improve Your Business Operations and Powerful Business Marketing Tips-Loe Hornbuckle
Feb 24 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: What is Theoretical Cash Flow? “Its best to invest in things that you understand” How does Seller Carry Backs works? Marketing: “You don’t have to have the best product, you just have to tell the best story” Figure out…
AAA344 Creative Strategies on How to Scale Up Your RE Business-Joel Florek
Feb 21 • 44 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How to underwrite? -Take a look at your income and break down your expenses Can you use a credit card when buying a property? When and how to start syndication by refinancing? How to use business line of credit against…
AAA343 Important Tips on How to Source Apartment Deals-Kyle Jones
Feb 19 • 39 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Steps on how to be successful in real estate Have a clear strategy on how to get where you wanna be Reverse engineer your goals Take action Always keep track of you numbers Why its important to have a relationship with…
AAA342 Different Creative Strategies on How to Wholesale Lease Option-Joe McCall
Feb 17 • 35 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Lease option is the easiest way to do deals. Wholesaling lease options is just one strategy that you can have as a tool in your tool belt. Be creative. Give the seller 3 offers. Lease options is more fair to the sellers and…
AAA341 How to Create an Efficient Asset Management Model-Anna Myers
Feb 12 • 41 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: As syndicators we are responsible to our investors Asset Managers are serving both residents and investors A great Asset manager is good with people and numbers “We just don’t buy apartment buildings, we buy a community” As…
AAA340 How to be Successful by Paying Attention to the True Customer:The Residents-Bruce Wuollet
Feb 10 • 31 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Pillars to establish on how to serve the residents better: “Serving the under-served” “Focus-Permanent Residents “Mission- Creating a community safe, functional, durable, clean and treating each resident with dignity” “Our…
AAA339 Amazing Ways to Find Private Investors and Raise Money-Jen Maldonado
Feb 5 • 43 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Top Places to Find Potential Private Investors Start with friends and family Online presence - Sharing your projects/sharing what you’re doing in real estate Networking through attending doctors, lawyers, accountants events.…
AAA338 Investor Management Software: The SyndicationPro-Jacob Blackett
Feb 3 • 28 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn Jacob wants to lower barriers for the investors and make it as simple as possible for them to invest in some deals that why he started SyndicationPro, a real estate software company that gives syndicators a way to raise…
AAA337 Take a Deeper Dive: FUND OF FUNDS-Mark Roderick
Jan 29 • 27 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Fund of Funds - entity that owns something. Usually owns a bunch of things, like a real estate fund that owns 10 shopping centers. -Mutual funds that invest in another mutual fund -Entity that buys little pieces of other…
AAA336 No Money Down Deals, Do They Exist?-Ryan Wright
Jan 27 • 38 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How to do a no money deal in a hot market Brrr Strategy - It is an idea to buy a property, renovate it, rent the property, refinance and then repeat. Combine the Brrr strategy with refinancing to get all your money back. It…
AAA335 Think Real Estate is Overpriced? Think Again!-Bob Fraser
Jan 22 • 32 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn 6 metrics to check if the market is looking strong right now: Mortgage Rate It will stay low for an extended period of time it is primarily driven by the global money flow. Money is Global Money flows. Its driving down global…
AAA334 The Importance of Hiring the Right People-Bill Allen
Jan 18 • 50 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: 5 Keys Steps in the Hiring Process: Define who you are and understand your CORE VALUES Stay in the zone where you’re really good at, stay at an area where you are effective. Hire a person who is good at the things you’re…
AAAA333 The power of positive thinking and correct mindset-Vinney Chopra
Jan 15 • 21 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: Persistence always pays off Have a good script and presentation to capture your audience. It is the key to success and to scale up faster in the business How to raise more equity Treat Investors as gold Right presentations…
AAA332 Influence and Creating a Shareable Content - Michael Roderick
Jan 8 • 35 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: How to make a content that is easily shareable How to find investors Step 1: Stop calling them investors! Concept of Accessibility- Make sure that people understands your content, don’t alienate them. Step 2: Idea of actual…
AAA331 Understanding How to Raise More Capital - Ryan McKenna
Jan 1 • 18 min
In this podcast, you’ll learn: The tax benefits in doing real estating investing Converting earned income into passive income thru real estate syndication Build your network Learn and study the great benefits of passive investing You can be an investor in…
AAA330 The Right Mindset for Real Estate Success - Gary Lipsky
Dec 25, 2019 • 29 min
In this podcast, you will learn : Gary runs a successful meetup group in LA. He is also crushing it in business, he went from closing 1.7M to 15M in the apartment community Building systems and hiring good people will help your business propel to the next…
AAA329 Tips on How to have a Successful Property and Asset Manager - Nathan Loy
Dec 18, 2019 • 33 min
In this podcast, you will learn : 5 tips to look for in a good property manager Develop trust and honesty Use humor to establish rapport with the clients Going above and beyond Define exactly they are looking for Find out if a potential resident wants a…
AAA328 Listener Question: What is Capital Expenditure?
Dec 15, 2019 • 6 min
In this podcast episode, you will learn: Capial Expenditure is a bigger ticket items that happens once every few years Roof Redo Landscape Drainage Foundation issue Furnaces Boilers System Chiller System To connect with Adam Adams, please book the best…
AAA327 Evaluate Real Estate Operators and Become a Safe Passive Investor - Travis Watts
Dec 13, 2019 • 32 min
In this podcast episode, you will learn: Asses the group operator and not just proforma when investing Do they have the ability to execute on the business plan? Steps to consider in order to evaulate the operator better Understand your own personal…
AAA326 Listener Question: Benefits of Passive Investments
Dec 11, 2019 • 8 min
In this podcast, you will learn: Benefits of Passive Investments On your active flip, you pay higher taxes than you do on your passive money Less risk Pay less taxes K1, save with cost segregation Safer assets You can hold down your full time job You’ll…
AAA325 The Importance of Persistence in Real Estate Investing - Matt Picheny
Dec 9, 2019 • 25 min
In this podcast, you will learn: Having persistence Figuring out a creative solution to get to your goal Trying to achieve your goal in as many ways as possibile until you attain it Creativity is figuring out a win-win solution and trying new tactics and…
AAA324 Listener Question: Why start with Apartments?
Dec 7, 2019 • 6 min
In this podcast episode, you will learn: For more information, visit us at ( If you couldn’t make it to the Raising Money Summit, order the recording here: ( For tickets to the…
AAA323 The 4C’s of Cash Flow - M.C. Laubsher
Dec 5, 2019 • 28 min
In this podcast, you will learn: 4Cs of Cash Flow - Ninja hacks to make more money with the assets you already have. Cash Creation Cash Capture Cash Recapture/Cash flow leak ie. Taxes and overpaying for insurance Cash Flow Creation Cash Flow Control What…
AAA322 Listener Question: When can I graduate to Multifamilty?
Dec 3, 2019 • 4 min
In this podcast episode, you will learn: You don’t need any experience with single-family houses to graduate to multifamily Does not add credibility with the banks Can move into multifamily immediately, even if it’s your first deal! *To register your…
AAA321 Connecting your Network to the Right People to Bring them to the Next Level - Adam Carswell
Dec 1, 2019 • 26 min
In this podcast, you will learn: Being a connector means you’re someone who is passionate about people and to be able to identify who is trying to get to the next level in your network. How to ask the right questions. Being a connector adds a great value…