Jon and Mark assign each-other homework with the goal of winning the Internet
Well done on being around long enough to have an audience. Thread: 👇
Oct 18 • 52 min
“Hey banana”. On tis week’s episode, Jon challenges Mark over his poor time and power management, and pulls apart a long-lived podcasting universe. Links to things on the Internet Blade Runner: the Final Cut, on Blu-Ray Unfriend Me- Scott Johnson and…
Your podcast’s Patreon is problematic. Thread: 👇
Oct 10 • 48 min
Jon and Mark follow up on holidays, drunk recording, and tear podcasting a new one. Links to things on the Internet Small Differences The Unmade Podcast Do by Friday
If I had depth perception I would punch a nazi. Thread: 👇
Oct 3 • 46 min
Jon and Mark are joined by Danny Smith, off the back of the Beware of the Leopard recording which had just taken place. The harsh left, as represented by us this evening and by Chapo Trap House, Do By Fridayand the work of Frankie Boyle (a recent Boyle…
Why it’s never OK to repel through a pensioner’s window in a black one-piece. Thread: 👇
Sep 26 • 62 min
Jon tries to persuade Mark to do his homework, and Mark attempts to assuage (or sausage) Jon’s guilt. Links to things on the Internet Jon’s proposed talk about fax machines You Don’t Look Like a Runner- Jon’s other podcast Beware of the Leopard- The…
Sausage your guilt—join a union. Thread: 👇
Sep 19 • 49 min
Jon tells Mark about his experience on local TV, and Mark buys a thing from Amazon. RT for reach. Links to things on the Internet Safety Not Guaranteed Reply All #17 The Time Traveler and the Hitman (I’ve Lost…
Why I hate your iPhone hot takes. Thread: 👇
Sep 13 • 50 min
Mark gets angry about glass rectangles and Jon talks him off a ledge. Links to things on the Internet Behringer Premium 8 Input 2 Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps/Compressors/British EQs and USB/Audio Interface Audio Hijack A tale of two microphones You…