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Moral’s Podcast Ep. 29 - Movie Trailer Turmoil (w/ Skitz & MasterEth)
Nov 30
In episode 29 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth discusses his thoughts on movie trailers with guests Skitz and MasterEth. Other topics include comics, Detective Pikachu, and Netflix shows to watch. Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 28 - D&D Storytime (w/ Biopulse37 & Simplayified)
Oct 16
In episode 28 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth sits down to chat Dungeons & Dragons (D&D/DnD) with Biopulse37 and Simplayified. It's storytime today, so kick back, relax, grab your snacks, and enjoy the conversation! Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 27 - Networking Nerds (w/ Sir Jeffers)
Sep 22
In episode 27 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth brings back his second guest ever on the podcast: Sir Jeffers. Topics include networking, what's new on both of their channels, Jeff's experience with SmashBits Animations, finding college textbooks, and a…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 26 - Video Games & Violence (w/ Pantsu Tank)
Sep 3
In episode 26 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth discusses video game and violence with a returning guest from episode 1: Pantsu Tank. Topics include the 2018 Madden Jacksonville Landing mass shooting in Florida, the influence of video games, and whether or…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 25 - The Life Of A Streamer And Tips (w/ Magic18J, TeamPositive, & iLLL_kat)
Aug 19
In episode 25 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth discusses the the life of a streamer and tips with Magic18J, TeamPositive, and iLLL_kat. Other topics include joining a stream team, networking with streamers, and equipment for livestreaming. Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 24 - Comical Cons (w/ Domonero)
Aug 4
In episode 24 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth takes a seat with returning guest Domonero to talk about his experience with San Diego Comic-Con. Other topics include cosplays, and cheating on your math test. Moral's Podcast does not condone the latter.…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 23 - Choose Your Friends Wisely (w/ Shree Nation)
Jun 28
On episode 23 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth sits down with Shree Nation to discuss how to choose your friends wisely. Other topics include the Trump administration separating families, is materialism good or bad, and the concept of depression. They also…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 22 - The College Conundrum (w/ Seeb Official, Leanify TV, & Domonero)
Jun 10
In episode 22 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth discusses the college conundrum with Seeb Official, Leanify TV, and Domonero. Specifically, they talk about their experiences in college so far. Other topics include the political culture on the internet, and…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 21 - The Joys Of Content Creation (w/ Zyan)
May 17
In episode 21 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth discusses content creation with guest, Zyan. Specific topics include why both of them create content, as well as finding a purpose of content creating and managing your time. This episode was more of an open…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 20 - What’s The Deal With Food (w/ Arneezy619, Moriarty, & Pinch Of Stardust)
Apr 19
In the 20th episode of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth discusses food from a variety of perspectives, such as diets, desserts, and more. What's the deal with food, you may ask? Only one way to find out! Returning guests include Arneezy619 and Moriarty from…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 19 - Philosophy Of Technology. (w/ Trace Thompson of Opinion Overload Podcast)
Feb 25
In episode 19 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth is joined by Trace Thompson, one of the hosts from the Opinion Overload Podcast. They discuss briefly the philosophy of technology. Other topics include the "Black Mirror" analysis and transhumanism. Bonus…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 18 - One Year Podcast Anniversary! (w/ Dinklyy & Biimiiki)
Feb 1
In episode 18 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth celebrates his one-year anniversary of the podcast. Joined by Dinklyy and Biimiiki, they discuss their New Year's, mental health awareness, YouTube's monetization changes, and Twitch's video producer tools.…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 17 - Creators And The Decentralized Web. (w/ Relevant Source Podcast)
Dec 20, 2017
In episode 17 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth is joined by Antwand and Francisco from the Relevant Source Podcast. They discuss updates on net neutrality 2017, the YouTube adpocalypse,'s suspension, as a new platform for creators, the value…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 16 - Traditional Exposition! (w/ Bash TDA & Burst SMG)
Nov 25, 2017
In episode 16 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth is joined again by Burst SMG from Episode 3, as well as Bash TDA as they discuss holiday traditions. This episode's topics include Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Bonus topic includes birthdays. Read…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 15 - Existence With A Side Of Knowledge! (w/ Jeromy Dickey of TPWTFaces)
Oct 31, 2017
In episode 15 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth talks about existence and knowledge with Jeromy Dickey, the host of "The Podcast With A Thousand Faces." Bonus topic includes the existence of video games. Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 14 - Put Yourself In The YouTube Viewer’s Shoes (w/ Riccool & Robot Gamer Plays)
Oct 16, 2017
In episode 14 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth talks about YouTube viewers with Riccool and Robot Gamer Plays. Specifically, they go over the YouTube algorithm, what turns off viewers, and finding your target audience. Bonus topic includes games with bad…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 13 - The Gaming Philosophy Odyssey! (w/ Sibernethy & ChristovonHool)
Oct 3, 2017
In episode 13 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth talks about gaming philosophy with special guests Sibernethy and ChristovonHool. Topics covered include the pre-Internet era, retro games, and present-day games. For the bonus topic, they go over their most…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 12 - “Gamescom 2017” Discussion/Thoughts! (w/ Natwood, Saturjay, & Arron Board)
Sep 10, 2017
In the 12th episode of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth is joined by three guests: Ninja Natwood, Saturjay, and Arron Board, as they discuss Gamescom 2017. Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 11 - How To Get Started As A Livestreamer And More (w/ GiibbyPlays & Arneezy619)
Aug 28, 2017
In episode 11 of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth talks about livestreaming with special guests GiibbyPlays and Arneezy619. Specifically, they go over starting out, different streaming platforms, games that are trending on those platforms, and thoughts on…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 10 - Aussies, Funny Moments, Pet Peeves, YT Goals 2017 (w/ ItzJumble & Micstar)
Aug 8, 2017
In episode 10 of Moral's Podcast, Moral and special guests ItzJumble and Micstar talk about Australian stereotypes, embarrassing moments, pet peeves, and YouTube goals for 2017. Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 9 - LPers & Vloggers, Viners, Memes, Net Neutrality (w/ Catmeleon & HeyItsMatt)
Jul 31, 2017
In the ninth episode of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth, along with guests Catmeleon and HeyItsMatt, discuss similarities between let's players and vloggers in terms of content creation, the Viner invasion on YouTube, overused memes, and net neutrality. Read…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 8 - Approaches To Editing, Free Software, Cores, Facecams (w/ Swift & War)
Jul 10, 2017
In the eighth episode of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth, along with special guests Swift (SwiftBrownSteed) and War (Vnecks&Vcards), discuss their different approaches to editing videos, free recording and editing software to use as a content creator, more…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 7 - Starting YT, Hero Movies, Fav Games, Other Life (w/ Moriarty & Orphan Oli)
Jun 27, 2017
In the 7th installment of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth introduces two guests: Moriarty from CryMorGaming, and Orphan Oli. They talk about growing a small YouTube channel, networking with other creators, super hero movies, favorite games, and other life in…
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 6 - Game Characters, Game Design, Programming, Is Tech A Distraction (w/ Rixzle)
Jun 8, 2017
In the sixth episode of Moral's Podcast, Moral Truth and guest Rixzle discuss what makes a good video game character, is game design an art, programming video games, and thoughts of technology as a distraction from the real world. Read more »
Moral’s Podcast Ep. 5 - Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Social Network Review! (w/ grampaglasses)
Apr 28, 2017
In episode 5 of the podcast, Moral Truth is joined again with grampaglasses as they talk about more movies. They go over a couple of good classics: Citizen Kane (1941) and Casablanca (1942). Later on, they talk about a bonus movie: The Social Network…