Garden Grove Friends Church Sermons

Garden Grove Friends Church Sermons
Garden Grove Friends is a healthy Christ-centered church seeking to bring the Kingdom of God to Garden Grove!

God Doesn’t Disappoint Like a Big Mac
Oct 6 • 45 min
Acts 1:1-8
Power in a Witness
Sep 29 • 46 min
Unity Over Selfishness
Sep 22 • 37 min
John 17
John 14
Sep 15 • 47 min
John 14
Spirit-Filled Obedience
Sep 8 • 30 min
John 14:15-31Jesus promises His presence to His people through His Spirit so that we may be lead into obedience. Are we too fast-paced so that we no longer know how to let the Spirit guide us there?
Heaven Minded & Kingdom Focused
Sep 1 • 41 min
John 14:1-14As He prepares to return to the Father, Jesus casts a vision for His followers to live with eternity in mind while remaining focused on the work of the Kingdom.
Love Culture
Aug 25 • 42 min
John 13
Servanthood As Second Nature
Aug 18 • 40 min
John 13:1-20Jesus’ act of washing the disciples’ feet serves as a model for all His people to make servanthood their second nature. Our service is born like His, out of a confidence in our purpose and position as His followers.
Kingdom Over Self
Aug 11 • 45 min
John 12:20-50Jesus challenges His followers to value His Kingdom over themselves. Are we prepared to make sacrifices so that we can live that out?
Long Haul Faith
Aug 4 • 42 min
John 16:16-33Jesus has overcome the world and as His people we live victoriously in Him. Yet, life still throws struggle and trouble our way. We can cultivate faith that endures for the long haul through being rooted in His promises …
Costly Offerings
Jul 28 • 46 min
John 12:1-11Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha provides a class example for His followers about prioritizing the right things in the right way. Not only that, but it shows us how service detached from the Savior can lead to disaster for His p…
Dead Things Come Alive
Jul 21 • 51 min
John 11:1-44Jesus is the Resurrection & the Life, but not just for eternity. His resurrection power can bring what sin has destroyed in our lives back to life. Do we have the faith to see Him accomplish it?
Not Fooled by Filters
Jul 14 • 47 min
John 10:22-42Jesus isn’t fooled by the filters we try and throw on our lives. Do our actions prove us to be someone different than we label ourselves? We can live authentically as His people through works that are the fruit of our id…
The Bigger Story
Jun 30 • 41 min
John 9:1-41God is ALWAYS writing a bigger story in our lives, even through our pain and troubles. Jesus calls us to subject our pain to His story so that we can live with purpose and create opportunities to proclaim Him.
Who Is Really Free?
Jun 23 • 40 min
John 8:31-59Jesus opens our eyes to true freedom, which is only available through Him as the Truth. In the midst of a world that believes itself to be free, Christ’s followers can know and model true freedom in Him.
Mama Duck or Dog Walker?
Jun 16 • 38 min
John 8:12-30Jesus reveals His worldview which saw all areas of His identity and work rooted back in His Father. We don’t have to live our lives fragmented but can live with whole life integration in our Heavenly Father and what pleases Him…
Rivers of Living Water
Jun 2 • 34 min
John 7:25-52Our confused and curious culture needs to see rivers of living water flowing out of Jesus’ followers. We can leave behind dry river beds and experience the fullness of His Spirit.
Against the World, For the Good of the World
May 26 • 46 min
John 7:1-24Jesus shows us that sometimes to seek the good of the world, we have to stand against the world. How can we as His disciples balance living in His love for the world while remaining faithful to the truth of His teachings?
Persistent & Consistent
May 19 • 43 min
John 6:22-71
Compelled By His Love
May 12 • 31 min
2 Corinthians 5:14-15One of our Friends missionaries to Cambodia, Scott Sward, shares with us about how Christ’s love ought to compel us to no longer live for ourselves, but for the One who gave everything for us.
Spiritual Geese & A Puppet King
Apr 28 • 39 min
John 6:1-15Jesus is King. But sometimes we can claim Him as King while only wanting Him to support our authority and agenda.
Lifted Up To New Life
Apr 21 • 36 min
Easter Sermon - Romans 6:4-14
At the Pool Lookin’ for Power
Apr 14 • 34 min
John 5:1-18We all crave something powerful to be at work in our lives, but only God’s power through a relationship with Jesus can bring about the life change we’re searching for.
Take Him At His Word
Apr 7 • 34 min
John 4:46-54 / Genesis 22:1-18
Living Water & Broken Cisterns
Mar 24 • 43 min
John 4:1-26
A Love That Holds Nothing Back
Mar 10 • 37 min
John 3:9-21
Experience the Kingdom
Mar 4 • 46 min
John 3:1-8
A Faith Jesus Believes In
Feb 25 • 46 min
John 2:23-25
The Court of the Gentiles
Feb 18 • 43 min
John 2:13-22
New Wine
Feb 11 • 32 min
John 2:1-12