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Petticoat Rule
Galvanizing Women in Musical Creativity
Sparkle Pony Episode
Oct 9 • 77 min
Vocalist Valentina Raffaelli and bassist Molly Hebert-Wilson from the Philadelphia-based folk band Sparkle Pony stop by the Petticoat Rule studio to share their many motivating strategies for overcoming one's inner critic while inspiring us with their…
Melanie Stangl Episode
Sep 25 • 62 min
Music journalist Melanie Stangl joins Petticoat Rule, sharing many inspirational productivity and writing tips while discussing her journey to reporting for the entertainment industry. We hear her own music as well, and hear her speak on her priority of…
Phat Man Dee Episode
Sep 12 • 76 min
Jazz chanteuse and cultural icon Phat Man Dee joins Petticoat Rule to talk about activism through music, respecting history through your creations, and learning to embrace your uniqueness. We hear all about her path to her weirdness, the many influences…
Ladyfest Episode
Sep 10 • 72 min
Ladyfest Pittsburgh organizers Steph Flati and Jen Sabol stop by the Petticoat Rule studio to talk about their experiences putting together the weekend-long festival celebrating under-represented musicians. We also hear about their bands The Lopez and…
Kiki from The Buckle Downs Episode
Sep 10 • 75 min
Powerhouse vocalist Kiki Brown from The Buckle Downs joins Petticoat Rule to talk about how she balances her many roles including musician, mother, on-the-job problem-solver, vocal coach, soon-to-be wife, and black woman in the genre of rock and roll.…
Molly Alphabet Episode
Sep 4 • 60 min
Country singer-songwriter Molly Alphabet joins Petticoat Rule to talk about her experiences as a woman playing Western music in the North. We hear about Groundhog Day, writing for film, growing up in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of East Lawrenceville,…