Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You

Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You
Dexter Guff is a life strategist, thought-leader, global authority on entrepreneurship, and kind of an idiot.

Money Lost in Memoriam with George Basil
Oct 9 • 23 min
It’s Dexter’s birthday and it’s a big one. In celebration, he pays tribute to all the money he’s lost in the past year. Then Dex does a special interview with his personal doctor and spiritual advisor, Dr. Neil Boyce-Hemstock.
Thought Shot: Dreams
Oct 4 • 6 min
It’s a Friday Thought Shot. This time, it’s all about dreams and what they all really mean.
Poking Holes in Dexter with Grant Lawrence
Sep 18 • 28 min
Inspired by the iconic air horn sound, Dexter searches for his own signature sound. Then Canadian author Grant Lawrence confronts Dex about a Guff Bump gone bad, as well as a few inconsistencies in past episodes.
The Power of a Little Bit Later
Sep 11 • 15 min
Dex, along with his 82 IQ, tells the story about standing up for his keynote at a conference in Columbus. Then Dexter takes you through a Thought Release about rejecting the Power of Now.
Be a Macro-Microdoser
Sep 4 • 13 min
While still in the afterglow of his trip to Orlando, Dexter gets some troubling news on the meaning of the word “Guff.” Then he opens your mind with a Thought Release about what you should be microdosing.
On the Ground at Podcast Movement 2019
Aug 28 • 20 min
Dex is podcasting from the middle of Podcast Movement 2019, and his mic has never been more live. Listen as he gets a chance to talk to fans, podcasters, and even the people who design the booths.
Orlando Dreams
Aug 21 • 14 min
Back from Podcast Movement conference, Dexter tells you all about his big successes and near misses in Orlando. Then he follows it up with a classic Thought Release about the power of dreams.
Thought Shot: Guff Duffel
Aug 16 • 6 min
It’s a Friday Thought Shot. This time, Dex sends you into the weekend with some wisdom about what to keep in your bag at all times.
Podcast Movement: Orlando
Aug 14 • 12 min
Dex recounts his journey of self-discovery before describing what to expect from his trip to Podcast Movement 2019: the Mecca for Podtrepreneurs.
Thought Shot: Manifesting Your Past
Aug 7 • 5 min
Another midweek Thought Shot, and this time Dex is teaching the importance of re-inventing yourself through manifesting your past. Join Dexter next week for a new full episode.
Thought Shot: Picking Brains
Jul 31 • 7 min
It’s a rare midweek Thought Shot. This time around, Dexter teaches you how to deal with people who want to pick your brain.
Thought Shot: Negative Affirmations
Jul 26 • 6 min
Here comes a Friday Thought Shot. This time, Dex flips the script on the whole “positive affirmations” idea.
More 1-800 Calls with You
Jul 24 • 20 min
You’ll want to put headphones up to your pregnant belly for this one. Cries for help, missed opportunities, and business ideas pop up as Dexter plays some calls from listeners on his 1-800 line, 1-800-JOY-DEXTER.
Thought Shot: Guff Gut
Jul 19 • 10 min
It’s a Friday Thought Shot, and it’s all about how to get the body you’ve always dreamed of by Guffing your gut.
Thrive Spiral
Jul 17 • 17 min
Dexter helps you get up-sucked into a thrive spiral and Tammy gets a Bumble Date. Then it’s time to hear an ad for Dexter Ruff’s Tiny Dog Houses for Dogs before Dex shares a thought release on DeGox (D.Guff-style detox).
Thought Shot: Marie Kondo
Jul 12 • 6 min
It’s time for a Friday Thought Shot. This week, it’s all about spring cleaning with Marie Kondo, and Dexter’s competitor: Guff Your Stuff.
Manufacturing Your Authentic Self
Jul 10 • 21 min
Dexter suffers the fallout of last week’s drunk episode but teaches us there is nothing that we can learn from our mistakes. And he’s right back in top form with his new business venture, Dexter Ruff’s Tiny Dog Houses. Finally in the Thought Release,…
Thought Shot: Elevator Pitch
Jul 5 • 5 min
Get ready for another Friday Thought Shot. This week Dex lays down the formula for the perfect elevator pitch.
Bop Hop
Jul 3 • 18 min
After the disastrous opening of Chin’s Italian Restaurant, Dex is all alone in studio with a bottle of bourbon and he plays one of the lost songs from his early days in a ska band.
Thought Shot: New Endings
Jun 28 • 5 min
It’s time for a Friday Thought Shot. This week, it’s all about new endings and how they’re more important that new beginnings.
Guff Huffing with Lauren Ash
Jun 26 • 27 min
Things are getting down to the wire with the opening of Chin’s Italian Restaurant, but Dexter teaches us all how to breathe through it with his breathing technique, Guff Huffing. Then Dex gets personal and interviews his former high school sweetheart,…
Thought Shot: Networking
Jun 21 • 3 min
It’s another Friday Thought Shot. This time, Dexter brings the Thought Palace to a conference while rubbing shoulders.
Vision Boarding with Leslie Seiler
Jun 19 • 30 min
Hear the new ad for Dex’s restaurant, Chin’s Italian, before Dex takes you through his history of dance. Then vision boarding expert Dr. Theresa Beasley stops by for an interview with D.Guff.
Thought Shot: Starting Your Own Conference
Jun 14 • 6 min
It’s another Friday Thought Shot. If you’re not getting invited to any conferences, Dexter has the solution.
Astrology is Science with Lauren Ash
Jun 12 • 27 min
Dex tells your about financially pleasuring yourself, gives an update on Chin’s Italian Restaurant, and leads you through a thought release on how to be the hero in the movie of your life. Finally, astrology expert Nancy Newman reveals some secrets of the…
Thought Shot: Talking Yoga
Jun 7 • 5 min
It’s another Friday Thought Shot. Want to quiet your mind? Dexter says no way, namaste.
Wedding Speeches with David C. Baker
Jun 5 • 30 min
Dexter shares the heartwarming stories of the first Dexter Guff Junior Community College Night School Online for Everyone graduates, and then gives you some tips to make the ultimate wedding speech. Finally, David C. Baker joins Dex to talk about what it…
Thought Shot: Your Personal Brand
May 31 • 5 min
It’s time for another Friday Thought Shot. This time Dexter has some insights to help you develop your personal brand.
Morning Rituals with Celeste Barber
May 29 • 30 min
Dexter draws inspiration from the Beyonce documentary to start three new businesses and to tell you his morning ritual. Then Instagram queen Celeste Barber joins Dexter to talk about Australian people, famous people, and famous Australian people.
Thought Shot: Leadership
May 24 • 4 min
It’s a Friday Thought Shot. Listen as Dexter shares a classic Thought Release about knowing when to be a true leader.
Unethical Business Ventures with Enrico Colantoni
May 22 • 27 min
After Dexter receives a message about an overdue legal bill, he teaches you how to disrupt the signature industry with your “signature” signature. Then actor Enrico Colantoni sits down with Dex to talk about his acting career and their new joint venture.
Thought Shot: You Should Be Living in a Bubble
May 17 • 4 min
It’s a Friday Thought Shot. Listen as Dexter shares a classic Thought Release about living in a bubble.
Dreaming the Dreams You Dream About Dreaming with Dr. Justin Shubert
May 15 • 27 min
We start with a touching eulogy for Tammy’s horse, Clover, followed by Dexter’s dreamy Thought Release. Finally, Dex goes one-on-one with psychotherapist Dr. Justin Shubert to see what makes D.Guff tick.
Hypnosis with Albert Howell
May 8 • 29 min
Dexter describes self-actualizing himself in the shower and then offers a learning experience in the back of an UberX after a pitch meeting disaster. Finally, Dr. Nathan Langedyk helps Dexter unlock his deepest desires through hypnosis.
1-800 Calls with You the Listener
May 1 • 25 min
Dex has an update about his Junior Community College’s new mascot, the Bats, and then tells you what he keeps in his “Guffle bag.” (Hint: Packable Apple Box.) Then Dex dispenses advice for callers to the new hotline, 1-800-JOY-DEXTER.
Manifesting Your Past with Gary Anthony Williams
Apr 24 • 29 min
Hear the first commercial for the Dexter Guff Junior Community College Night School Online for Everyone (DGJCCNSOE) and then let Dexter help you focus on the past you always wish you had. And author and personal friend Russell Durant joins Dexter to talk…
Picking Brains with The Plumber
Apr 17 • 24 min
Dexter introduces his new 1-800 number (1-800-JOY-DEXTER) where you can leave a message if you want some advice from D.Guff. Then Dex dissects the idea of having your brain picked over coffee. And finally, an event years in the making: Dexter confronts…
Negative Affirmations with LaMonica Garrett
Apr 10 • 30 min
Great news. Dexter’s online night school is licensed and ready to open its doors. Later, Dex helps you understand that positive affirmations just don’t work, and then he’s joined by LaMonica Garrett to talk about his evolution from Slamball player to…
People Should Get Divorced with Carolyn Taylor
Apr 3 • 27 min
Dexter is feeling great after his groin surgery, and he’s ready to help you get into shape using the Guff Gut Challenge™. Then Anne Tingle-Gold-Stein (Carolyn Taylor of Baroness Von Sketch Show) helps Dexter navigate the world of divorce.
Deep Bro with Jordan Harbinger
Mar 27 • 31 min
Dexter shares the secrets of cold calling to book guests, and then he lets you in on the hottest new trend: checkbook reveal parties. Finally, fellow thinkfluencer Jordan Harbinger joins Dex to share what it takes to make it in the thought leader space.
Reclaiming Your Past with Kevin Nealon
Mar 20 • 25 min
Dexter shares an intimate story about a part of his body getting reattached and then turns lemons into lemonade at his chia seed facility. Finally, comedy legend Kevin Nealon sits down with Dex to tell hiking stories.
Guff Your Stuff with Ron Tite
Mar 13 • 25 min
Dex lets you in on the problems he’s having trying to secure his web domain and then spends a few minutes taking Marie Kondo down a few notches. Finally, content marketing expert and speaker Ron Tite matches wits with Dex.
The Pro Athlete’s Way with Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Mar 6 • 22 min
Bad news about Dexter’s chia seed investment after a pipe bursts at the storage facility. Then Dexter helps you with your elevator pitches by finding the metaphorical elevators in your life before he sits down with sports life skills trainer Trip Best.
Distance Healing with Aurora Browne
Feb 26 • 22 min
Dexter is back on the investment train, going all in on chia seeds. He answers your questions in the first edition of Dexter’s Mail Sack. Finally, he chats face-to-face with a distance healer. Featuring Aurora Browne from Baroness von Sketch Show.
New Endings with Catherine Reitman
Feb 20 • 22 min
After hitting rock bottom (a basement in Bakersfield), your favorite thought leader is back with some thoughts on new beginnings - who needs ‘em! Then Catherine Reitman from Workin’ Moms stops by to tell Dexter all about her huge Netflix deal.
Trailer: Dexter Guff Is Smarter Than You
Feb 8 • 2 min
He’s back and publishing weekly! Buckle up and get ready to have your life changed… maybe for the better.
Missing Dexter Guff
Nov 10, 2017 • 18 min
After an interview with the author of the book “How to Monetize Your Vacation” goes horribly wrong, Dexter disappears. Documentarian (and Guffhead) Craig Simpson steps in to take the case.
Live from Innovation Now
Nov 3, 2017 • 19 min
Dexter does a special on-location episode from the Innovation Now conference in Pittsburgh. He is joined by various conference attendees including Steve Jobs and Heather Hamilton. Plus, Dexter finally sits down with his thought leader crush, Sharon Doyle.
Quitting and Hiring
Oct 27, 2017 • 19 min
Dexter’s long-time producer, Tammy, announces she is leaving the company for another job. In light of this news, Dexter give a Thought Release about “transitions” and his feature interview is with America’s best corporate recruiter, Zeb Cooper (George…
Everyone Needs An Executive Assistant
Oct 20, 2017 • 22 min
The theme for this episode is all an elaborate ploy by Dexter to interview the executive assistant of the woman he has fallen for, Sharon Doyle. During this interview Dexter obtains information about Sharon’s likes, dislikes and most importantly the name…
Train Your Brain To Face Your Enemies
Oct 13, 2017 • 24 min
During this episode, Dexter decides to face some personal and professional enemies head on: Dex confronts the man who claims “Guff Pills” gave him kidney stones. While on a roll, he attempts to reconcile a long standing/self imposed feud with the man now…
Why Everyone Should Start A Conference
Oct 6, 2017 • 19 min
Dexter explains why starting a conference will give you instant credibility. He interviews conference organizer Heather Hamilton to learn about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of throwing a killer event. He also confides in Heather about his frustrations over his…
How To Lead Other People’s Kids
Sep 29, 2017 • 19 min
When Dexter’s producer Tammy is forced to bring her delinquent son Conner to work, Dex shifts the focus of the episode and intervenes in this troubled teens life. After an intense one on one with Conner, the two decide to go into business with each other.…
Creating Your Own Bubble
Sep 22, 2017 • 23 min
Dexter explains how to create a “Personal Bubble” around oneself to block out any unwanted influence. He interviews world famous “Bubbleprenuer” Russell Durant and learns why it’s important to block out negative people, including family. Dexter also…
Why Meditation Makes You Weak
Sep 15, 2017 • 25 min
Former meditation guru turned ‘busy brain’ evangelist, Nancy Newman joins Dexter to talk about the benefits of having a full mind. Dexter launches ‘Hot Guff Talking Yoga’ and he gives his Twitter followers tips on upping their selfie game.
You Don’t Exist Without a Personal Brand
Sep 8, 2017 • 18 min
Personal branding expert Steve Jobs joins Dexter to talk about how to create global envy with your public persona. Dexter gives a “Thought Release” on how a strong personal brand will help you succeed in any career. And he answers questions posed to him…