The Learn Swift Podcast

The Learn Swift Podcast
A weekly discussion with beginners to the Swift language.
31: Farewell
Aug 7 • 30 min
Sadly, this will be the last episode of Learn Swift. I want to thank everyone who has listened to the show, because it would not have been around if it wasn’t for you. I met a lot of great developers that I never would have had the pleasure of talking to…
30: Greg Szydlo Part II
Jul 31
On today’s episode I bring back Greg Szydlo. When Greg first came on the show he was in the early stages of developing his meal planning app and has since gone through several beta and release cycles. We talk about TestFlight, creating UI in code, and…
29: David Kopec – Assistant Professor @ Champlain College and Author of Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift
Jun 19
Today’s episode has special guest David Kopec, Author of Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift. David has been involved in the iOS community for a while and previously hosted a podcast called Consult that featured prominent community members like…
28: Joe Fabisevich – iOS Developer @ Twitter
Jun 12
On today’s installment of the Learn Swift Mentor Series I interview Joe Fabisevich. Joe recently became an iOS Developer at Twitter and spent the majority of the last decade doing contract iOS development. We talk about his experience contracting, his…
27: Kevin Potis – Brand Strategist
Jun 5
On today’s episode I interview Kevin Potis. Kevin is a Brand Strategist for a large media conglomerate and initially decided to learn Swift and iOS development to aid in a project he envisioned for work. We talk about his struggles six months in to…
26: Isaac Halvorson – iOS Developer @ CH Robinson
May 29
On today’s episode I interview Isaac Halvorson. Isaac is a junior iOS developer at CH Robinson that began his career there as a web developer with zero Swift experience. We discuss his transition from web to iOS, the struggles he faced being the only iOS…
25: Sam Jarman – iOS Developer @ BNZ
May 22
On today’s episode I interview Sam Jarman. Sam is an iOS developer at the Bank of New Zealand and it’s his first job writing production Swift code. We discuss his transition from Objective-C to Swift and compare and contrast the two languages. WWDC 2016…
24: Emmanuel Haroutunian – It’s Pronounced HARROW-TOON-YUN
May 15
On today’s episode I interview Emmanuel Haroutunian. After horribly butchering his name (it’s pronounced HARROW-TOON-YUN) we talk about resources that helped him land his first iOS developer job as well as common pitfalls we all face when learning new…
23: Sid Verma – Technical Support Engineer
May 8
On today’s episode I interview Sid Verma, a full-time Technical Support Engineer and CS Student who somehow also has time to work on his startup project Twine. We discuss his background, musings on Swift and iOS tutorials, and what it’s like growing a…
22: Me, Myself, & I Part II
May 1
Ladies and Gents, we are back! In this first episode of season 2 I catch you up with what I have been up to. I talk about the inventory application I worked on to aid in my annual inventory, two projects that I open-sourced, imposter syndrome, and my…
21: Marc Aupont – iOS Developer @ YouMap
Jan 16
On Today’s episode, I interview Marc Aupont (again!). When I first spoke with Marc in Episode 2, he was in the process of finding a job as an iOS developer. His job hunt ended in success and he is now employed as an iOS developer with YouMap. This will be…
20: David Okun – Developer Advocate @ IBM
Jan 8
On Today’s episode, I interview David Okun. David is a Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Services using Node and Swift. He recently released a tutorial titled Writing Reusable Frameworks on LinkedInLearning (formerly known as Lynda). He also recently…
19: Graeme Sheppard – High School Physics Teacher
Jan 1
On Today’s episode, I interview Graeme Sheppard. Graeme is a high school physics teacher in Thailand who has released numerous sticker packs and two apps on the app store. He is currently working on an app he calls “Working Class” to aid teachers in their…
18: Igor Kulman – Former Windows Phone Developer
Dec 18, 2017
On Today’s episode, I interview Igor Kulman. Igor is a former Windows Phone developer in Prague, who switched to iOS development after the death of the Windows Phone and is currently working on a native re-write of his organization’s Titanium-based app.…
17: Bashir Sentongo – CS Student @ University of Surrey
Dec 11, 2017
On today’s episode, I interview Bashir Sentongo. Bashir is a computer science student at the University of Surrey near London, and is learning Swift and iOS development in his free time. Bashir on Twitter @ryhan112 Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter…
16: Bart Jacobs – Author of Cocoacasts Part II
Dec 4, 2017
On today’s episode, we continue with Part II of the Bart Jacobs interview. Last week we discussed Bart’s background and the 4 Swift patterns he swears by, which include name spacing in Swift, dependency injection, value types, and MVVM. In this episode,…
15: Bart Jacobs – Author of Cocoacasts Part I
Nov 27, 2017
On today’s episode, I interview Bart Jacobs. Bart is the author of the Cocoacasts blog as well as several Swift and iOS tutorial books such as Mastering MVVM with Swift and Mastring Core Data with Swift. Andy Matuschak’s talk on value types Cocoacasts…
14: Josiah Mory – Customer Support Representative
Nov 20, 2017
On today’s episode, I interview Josiah Mory. Josiah does customer support for a startup and started learning Swift shortly after Swift 3 was released. He put out a fantasy baseball drafting app back in February and hopes to become a professional iOS…
13: Mark Fransen – Craft Brewery Bartender
Nov 14, 2017
Apologies for my voice in this episode! I was just getting over a cold and my voice was just coming back at the time of the recording. On today’s episode, I interview Mark Fransen. Mark is a bartender at a craft brewery in downtown LA and holds peer-lab…
12: Asma Merchant – C# Developer
Nov 6, 2017
On today’s episode, I interview Asma Merchant. Asma is a professional C# developer who took an interest in Swift and iOS development. She currently has her first app, “My Pain Tracker” in the App Store. Email Asma Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter…
11: Rob Royce – CS Student
Oct 30, 2017
Due to the continued technical issues of my podcast hosting solution, I will be moving my weekly release date to Monday nights (US Central Time) due to difficulties trying to continue playing catch-up. Starting this week I will be migrating to a different…
10: Mike Charland – Developer in Test
Oct 20, 2017
Mike on Twitter – @mike_ch_1 Carol Dweck: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
9: Richard de Borja – Computational Cancer Researcher
Oct 12, 2017
Richard on Twitter – @rdeborja Richard on Instagram – @rdeborja Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
8: Me, Myself, & I – Inventory Manager
Oct 9, 2017
On today’s episode, I interview…myself! Due to technical issues with the recording and publishing platform I use for the show, I was unable to record or publish any episodes last week, so in the interest of getting a show out I discuss my background and…
7: Patrick McCrory – Interaction Designer
Sep 28, 2017
Email Patrick Casper Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
6: Greg Szydlo – Reporting Manager
Sep 24, 2017
JTAppleCalendar Fiverr Animating With Autolayout Sean Allen on YouTube Greg on Twitter – @boywithaxe Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
5: Terry Torres – Colonial Tour Guide
Sep 15, 2017
Terry’s Portfolio Site Terry’s GitHub Terry on Twitter – @terrytorres Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
4: David Miller – Freelance Web Scraper
Sep 7, 2017
David’s Portfolio Site Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
3: Jay Mutzafi – Web Developer
Aug 31, 2017
Mark Moeykens’ YouTube Channel Sean Allen’s YouTube Channel Free Lynda Access with Library Card Dribbble Jay on Twitter – @jaymutzafi Paradox Apps (Jay’s App Website) Learn Swift Portland Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
2: Marc Aupont – System Administrator
Aug 24, 2017
Email Marc – DigiMark Technical Solutions Marc on Twitter – @digimarktech Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351
1: Victoria Heric – Digital Producer
Aug 17, 2017
Dinomyte on the App Store (iPad Only) Midsummer Dream Digital Victoria on Twitter – @VictoriaHeric Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @steven_0351