Hurry Slowly

Hurry Slowly
How to be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down
010: Sigrid Veasey: The Science of Sleep - Hurry Slowly
Dec 12 • 36 min
Scientist Sigrid Veasey on why sleep loss is the silent creativity killer, what to do about middle-of-the-night anxiety, and why you need a “sleep vacation.”
009: Tyler Cowen – The Quiet Dangers of Complacency - Hurry Slowly
Dec 5 • 43 min
Economist Tyler Cowen on how technology is making us more complacent and less willing to take the risks that drive self-transformation and serendipity.
008: Wendy MacNaughton – Activating Your Empathy Muscle - Hurry Slowly
Nov 28 • 31 min
Graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton on listening, empathy, and the many benefits of shutting up and taking the spotlight off yourself.
007: Scott Belsky – Quick Decisions vs Wise Decisions - Hurry Slowly
Nov 21 • 35 min
Entrepreneur and investor Scott Belsky on the speed of decision-making. When should you be bold? When should you trust your gut? And when should you let it marinade?
006: Ann Friedman – The News Is Not Good - Hurry Slowly
Nov 14 • 30 min
Journalist Ann Friedman on staying sane in the face of a relentlessly negative news cycle and why you don’t need to process everything in “real time.”
005: Austin Kleon – Pencil vs Computer - Hurry Slowly
Nov 7 • 45 min
Artist Austin Kleon on when to use analog tools vs digital tools in your creative process, and why constraints (and slowness!) can super-charge your creativity.
004: Kim Chambers – Calculated Risk, Stretch Goals, and Sharks - Hurry Slowly
Oct 31 • 45 min
Marathon swimmer Kim Chambers shares her remarkable story of overcoming adversity and becoming an elite athlete in her mid-30s. We discuss risk-taking, stepping outside your comfort zone, and the calm that lives on the other side of fear. Plus, sharks!
003: Craig Mod – I Want My Attention Back! - Hurry Slowly
Oct 24 • 45 min
Designer and technologist Craig Mod on how you can break free from the shackles of “attention slavery” and regain control over your powers of concentration. Plus, why sharing pithy thoughts on social media shuts down your creativity and how meditation can…
002: Florence Williams – This Is Your Brain on Nature - Hurry Slowly
Oct 17 • 37 min
Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix, on how spending more time in the natural world can sharpen your memory, increase your creativity, lower your stress levels, and even counteract negative thought loops. Plus, the science of awe, the Japanese art…
001: Jason Fried – Whose Schedule Are You On? - Hurry Slowly
Oct 9 • 55 min
Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried on the expectation of immediate response, how to set boundaries and put “hard edges” in your day, why shared calendars are an evil invention that steals your time, and tons of other insights on finding a slow and…
Hurry Slowly Trailer - Hurry Slowly
Aug 15 • 4 min
How to be more productive by slowing down