The Godfather Minute

The Godfather Minute
Alex and Andy Robinson analyze The Godfather, one minute at a time.
15: A Good Lawyer
Nov 19 • 36 min
TOM and KAY meet each other. MICHAEL talks to KAY about TOM’s background and role in the family business.
14: A Scary Guy
Nov 12 • 35 min
DON CORLEONE watches MICHAEL through the window. DON CORLEONE agrees to see LUCA. KAY observes LUCA practicing his speech.
13: The Boa Constrictor Method
Nov 5 • 31 min
NAZORINE asks DON CORLEONE for a favor and DON CORLEONE grants it. DON CORLEONE assigns the job.
12: Luug The Swede
Oct 29 • 27 min
LUCA BRASI practices his speech. SONNY, PAULIE and CLEMENZA harass the FBI agents. SONNY breaks an FBI camera, then pays for it. NAZORINE explains his problem.
11: Paulie Small Bills
Oct 22 • 37 min
PAULIE fantasizes about robbing the bride and groom of their wedding gifts. PAULIE’S FRIEND throws him two sandwiches. The PHOTOGRAPHER takes a picture of DON BARZINI, who takes the film and destroys it. TOM HAGEN goes back to work.
10: More Wine, More Bonasera
Oct 15 • 30 min
DON CORLEONE welcomes DON BARZINI. PAULIE GATTO brings CLEMENZA more wine, tries to complement him, but it backfires. SONNY CORLEONE and his wife SANDRA CORLEONE disagree about who should be watched.
9: Orange You Glad You’re Not Tessio?
Oct 8 • 40 min
DON CORLEONE refuses to take the picture without MICHAEL CORLEONE. Wedding guests interact and dance. The FBI arrives. SALVATORE TESSIO takes an orange.
8: Stuck In A Broom Closet With You
Oct 1 • 45 min
DON CORLEONE gives justice to BONASERA. DON CORLEONE tells TOM HAGEN to give this job to PETER CLEMENZA and provides some guidance on how to do it. The wedding scene begins.
7: The Decaf Don
Sep 24 • 26 min
DON CORLEONE is insulted by BONASERA’s offer and finishes his lecture. BONASERA calls him “Godfather” and kisses his ring. DON CORLEONE tells him that he may have him do a service for him someday.
6: Sei, Sei, Sei
Sep 17 • 28 min
DON CORLEONE points out that the American system had served BONASERA well until now, then he continues his lecture about friendship and respect. BONASERA offers DON CORLEONE money. DON CORLEONE puts down the cat.
5: And The Godfather Is…Macaulay Culkin! :0
Sep 10 • 38 min
BONASERA whispers in DON CORLEONE’S ear that he wants his daughter’s attackers killed. DON CORLEONE says he can’t do it, then begins his lecture about friendship and respect.
4: Suspended Sentence!
Sep 3 • 30 min
BONASERA decided to go to DON CORLEONE for justice.
3: Why Did I Weep? (Don’t answer that!)
Aug 27 • 28 min
BONASERA laments the attack on his daughter.
2: I Believe In America
Aug 20 • 20 min
AMERIGO BONASERA believes in America. But he’s having second thoughts…
1: Family, Fonts and Free Soda Pop
Aug 13 • 57 min
PARAMOUNT shows off its iconic mountain. The cash cow GODFATHER logo and font are introduced to the world.…